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The moment the family sprung into action, there was a knock on the door.

"It's probably room service with my hamburger." Chris commented.

"I'll get it I'll get it!"Tracyflung herself out of the chair and headed straight to the door.

"Oh no you won't. " Shirley said through gritted teeth as she ploppedTracy right back into her seat. "Oh-uh-Laurie, will you get that?"

Because Laurie was in the shower, Danny brought himself over to the door, dragging along a chair. He scooted it up to the door and peered through the peephole. "Is this room service with Chris's hamburger?" He demanded to know.

A strained voice interrupted. "It's Rueben Kincaid."


Danny broke out into a wide grin. "Say no more." He unlatched the hook to the door, and opened the door a crack. "Come in." He ordered in a hoarse whisper.

"Why are we whispering?" Rueben asked, bringing his face close to Danny's.

"It's a secret."

"Are you gonna open the door any wider, or do you expect me to get through that crack?" Rueben indicated the door.

"I can't-" Danny was interrupted.

"Danny, who are you talking to?" Shirley demanded to know.

Danny slammed the door on Mr. Kincaid, accidentally trapping his hand between the door and the wall. "Ow…" Mr. Kincaid hissed, struggling to break his hand free. "If you'd just get off the door for a second….so I could get my hand out….ow…"

"Danny, I said, "Who are you talking to?"

"Oh- uh…." Danny eyed Rueben's hand and his eyes widened- "Nobody."

"All right, well when you're done talking to nobody will you please get dressed?"

"Sure, mom." Danny rolled his eyes and opened the door again, now that his mom wasn't looking. Rueben yanked his hand out and cradled it in his arms.

"Ow." Rueben stumbled in, muttering a few undistinguishable curses under his breath, still examining his hand.

"Danny. Please get dressed." Shirley repeated.

Danny hustled Rueben into the bathroom, shoving him in and slamming the door. "Stay right here. I'll be back." He announced.

He was only two steps away from the bathroom door when he heard an ear piercing shriek. "MOM! MOM!" Laurie dashed out of the bathroom covered in only a towel. "There's a strange man in the bathroom!"

Shirley dropped her scissors and rushed towards Laurie. "What are you talking about?" She demanded to know, in a worried tone.

Rueben emerged from the bathroom sheepishly.

"He's not that strange."Tracysaid, tilting her head to study him. "He looks kinda like Mr. Kincaid."

Shirley gasped and faced Rueben angrily. "RUEBEN WHAT ARE YOU-"

"It's- It's not what it looks like!" Rueben protested, averting his eyes from Laurie.

"What DOES it look like?" Chris piped up.

"It better not be-"

"It is- I mean it isn't." Rueben took a deep breath and smiled. "Why don't you ask Danny?"


"I'm getting dressed mom." Danny replied. "Just like you said."

"Let me rephrase that question: what was RUEBEN doing in the bathroom of our hotel room?"

"Oh, yeah, that." Danny said uncomfortably. He paused. "I didn't know Laurie was in there, mom-"

"Danny WHAT is Rueben doing here?"

"He's..he's um.." Danny looked over to Rueben for help. Of course, Rueben was never very for good advice. "He's standing."

"You KNOW what I mean."

Danny looked down at his feet, ashamed. "I kind of…asked him to come over." He said hesitantly.

"You kind of asked him to come over or you DID?" Shirley demanded.

Laurie felt she had to interrupt. "Well, you know how much I hate to interrupt a good cat fight, but, well, I'm gonna go get dressed. See ya." She turned and headed back to the resumed the argument. "I had to call Rueben, mom." Danny explained. " I mean, you told me you're in love, right?"

Shirley nodded slowly, looking confused. "I don't understand."

"Well, you don't know anything about love, Mom! How do we know you're prepared for a relationship? How do we know your boyfriend is nice? How do we know he's not a…..rat fink or something?"

Shirley's stern frown melted into a tiny smile. " Thanks for looking out for me, Danny, but I'll be okay. I think I know what I'm doing. And besides, Laurie's very good at advice."

Rueben laughed. "You're taking love advice from an eighth grader?"

"High school!" Laurie corrected from the bathroom.

"Still." Rueben pointed out.

"Yeah, well, when was the last time YOU had a date?" Laurie emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a blue knit dress, her arms crossed.

"Well…." Rueben considered.

"Exactly." She was triumphant.

Shirley started, and said, "You didn't tell me you broke up with Bonnie Klein….klein…."

"Shmit." Rueben said. "It was Bonnie Kleinshmit." He sighed and closed his eyes, as if recalling good memories. "At least right before we broke up we had great…" He eyed the children in the room, and Shirley's raised eyebrow. Keith and Laurie shared a knowing look.

"We had a great dinner." Rueben corrected himself.

"Did you have meatballs?"Tracy asked eagerly.

At that moment, there was a rap on the door, and Rueben was relieved.

"Oh." Shirley said, flustered. "I guess that's Walter. It's too late for you to leave now, Rueben. I supposed you can stay, but Danny, you are in a lot of trouble."

Danny nodded. "Figures." He muttered under his breath.

"Well, are you ready to meet my boyfriend?" Shirley asked as she reached the door and had her hand on the knob.

Her kids nodded encouragingly, besides Danny who mumbled an unenthusiastic "yeah"

"And you'll promise to be good?"

They all nodded.

"And you'll be polite-Oh Tracy, the lollipop is still stuck in your hair." Shirley sighed, rushing over to comb it out.

"Mom." Laurie giggled. "You're keeping Walter waiting. You know you're putting it off. Open the door already!"

"Hello Walter." She greeted him.

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