Ok. I know I sad I have no time and I'm very busy these days, and it's true! And I also know I said my next fanfic will be Paige centric...and it will, but I'm really busy and I just wanted to publish/upload something, and since I have this fic in a folder since 2 or 3 months ago (and it's almost finished) I decided to publish, just to feel I'm writing...

Thank you all for the support. I hope you like this fic (it is 100% dark, you're forewarned)


Here I'll write how and why did I get here, and what happened until the last day in this place.

If you are going to read this, I need to tell you that if you're sensitive or something, you should close this notebook and go to pick something else to read, like Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter or Bambi.

Why am I giving you this advice? Easy: you won't find any light in this memories and events, nothing but darkness...you will not find love, you will not find nothing but broken hearts and sore souls. You'll know how and what is the reality here, you will read mention of words like "drugs, alcohol, hate, lesbianism, selfinjury, death, fear, pain, nighmares, abortion, money, rape, sex..."; but I think you won't see any details of those simple words...except drugs, sex and a lover that its only reason to have a relationship with me, is to help me and him to don't get crazy...or more than we already are...

You'll see through my eyes.

This is sickness, this is pain...this is a mistake; this is the story of what should never had happened...how a rebel but good (or that's what I thought I was) girl, got involved in a hell and infernal chaos in wich didn't belong...until she belonged.

You, little stalker, who's reading what you shouldn't since privacity exist, don't keep reading if you think this is going to make you throw up...I don't think it will, by the way, but you never know when you're going to find an obsesive religious guy or a naïve person who reads sex and freaks out. If you think you can handle a seventeen years old being trapped in a mental institution just because, just because nobody believed her when she said things weren't the way they seemed, keep reading...under your own risk. And please, don't tell my sisters or grandmother this diary exist...I don't want they to know how much I'm missing them and how much I'm suffering.

Sincerily, Freebe.