Okay. Let me explain you. The original ending of this fic is SAD, HORRIBLE, TRAGIC. And I know you won't like lol si I decided to write another one also. Actually, they're not "endigs" but like a second part with a few chapters each. I'm changing this fic status to "complete" and writing FIRST, the sad/dark ending...and as I soon as I finish it, I'm writing the "happy ending".

Here is the link for the first one, named "Locked in darkness" (.net/s/6676024/1/) and the other one, in hiatus until finish L.I.D, "There's light out there" (.net/s/6676020/1/).

This notebook I brought here in my little bag the first day I came, has a divisor to use in three subjects for school...people like my sisters, usually divides it in chemistry, physics and biology...or also spanish, english and french, but I use the first part to write my diary, and the other two as options. Yes, sometimes we can sit and imagine how could things go "if...", so, in the middle section of this notebook will be named "Darkness is in here", and the third one "Light is out there".

You'll see both possible options going trough my mind. Weird, I know, but we're talking abou me...do not expect anything convencional. Nor now, nor yesterday, nor never.

Sincerily, Freebie.