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Jenny: I don't think that's the point. I think the point is… 'He got lost on the road of life'.

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RDF1: You try to explain what happen…

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RDF1: Case in point: Turbo the Snail!

Jenny smacks RDF1.

Jenny: Whatever. The point is, you got caught up in life: school, work, and school that you forgot about this WAY longer than you should have.

RDF1: …

PyroDragoon: You're not gonna contradict her? You do have reigning authority, don't you?

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(Flash of light blinds everyone)

RedDragonForce 1 turns to see himself at age 39.


(Flash of light blinds everyone)

RDF1 looks around to see that his future self had disappeared.

LR: It's like he was never there…

RDF1 smacks himself in frustration.

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(Chapter Begin)


Davis and the others were quiet as the portal closed behind them, Patamon and Gatomon back to their original forms, Gatomon as one being again. Davis himself took a few minutes to collect his thoughts before turning to the others.

"Guys, I know that was just about the scariest thing we've encountered yet, but it's still not over," explained Davis, "Before you protest, I'm freaking out worse than anyone right now because of what just happened. The only reason I'm handling it is because A) it's over, and B) Myotismon will arguably be worse if we don't get our heads together."

"How can you just 'handle' that? Not only did we just face down a Demon Lord, but one that beat us without breaking a sweat," said Yolei, "You're right, that was a Technicality. You don't just GET Four Celestial Digimon to show up alongside a Giant Robotic Bunny that easily!"

"Yolei's right, we gotta get stronger!" added Cody, still shivering a bit, "We can't rely on Technicalities or last minute saves."

'Hey, think we can get a link going tonight?' thought Davis to Ken.

'Maybe, if we've done it enough times, which we've probably have,' replied Ken, 'though, it's only going to be the one time. No one mind is supposed to be that connected to five others, at least not for long anyways.'

"Guys, let's head home. We need to get some sleep if we're gonna train tomorrow," suggested TK.

With Jim still there, and oblivious to what happened, they headed home, except for TK who made his own way home, given that his parents knew about the Digimon. With some form of excuse to their parents, the kids were home safe and sound. Everyone fell into a fitful sleep, before something else entered his or her mind.


Everyone appeared in a camp area, a small fire going with six logs around it. TK, Kari, Cody, and Yolei saw Davis and Ken already sitting on two of the logs, and they had little choice other than join the two of them.

"Hey guys," said Davis, "No, you're not going crazy. We actually had to do something similar to this before after one of our worse encounters in the Digital World. We gathered around and share stories with each other to life our spirits. We're here till morning whenever the first of us wakes up. So, whenever you guys are ready…"

And so, the six of them shared stories of their past, some funny, some interesting, and some even depressing. All in all, everyone felt better by the end of it, and everyone was a lot closer because of it. Now, if only they could be ready for what's next.

(Recap End)

When Davis woke up that morning, he felt a powerful energy already here in the Real World, despite knowing that BWGmon was due soon enough. With the foreboding that came with it, he sent an email to Matt to meet up with Tai tomorrow in the Digital World. Matt sent a reply stating that it would make things tight for New Years Eve, but he could manage it. With that done, he and Veemon headed out to meet up with the others.

While the Digidestined got updated about Oikawa or so he thought, Oikawa himself was relaxing in a cottage outside the city. He could only smirk at the bickering his two 'creations' were doing outside; however, luckily his new 'guard dog' was a lot more serious.

"Will there be anything else, master?" asked the 'guard dog'.

"Not at the moment, just be on standby. He is coming soon after all," replied Oikawa.

"Yes master," nodded the 'guard dog', moving away to his hiding place.

Yet it didn't take long, less than an hour actually, before his 'visitor' decided to make an entrance. Blowing open one of the walls is about as straightforward entrance as one could get.

"Well, well, I've been waiting, BlackWarGreymon," said Oikawa as he exited with his two 'creations'.

"Yes, I have waited long enough, now Azulongmon's final mission for me will be completed. So, unless you two want to be destroyed, stand aside!"

"Like we're going to take orders from you!" said Arukenimon, as she and Mummymon changed into their Digimon forms.

"Stand aside. I have a friend that wants to meet him," ordered Oikawa calmly.

"But, boss," protested Mummymon.

"This is not your fight. You still have use to me, so don't waste it now," replied Oikawa in an angry voice, causing them to flinch before all three moved out of the way.

BlackWarGreymon was certainly surprised to see someone he never expected. The Digidestined would have their hands full if he didn't take this threat out now!

"Terra Destroyer!"

"SHADOW WOLF CLAW!" countered ShadowMetalGarurumon, launching a freezing power blast that canceled out BWGmon's Terra Destroyer.

Both Mega Digimon took the skies and crossed blows in quick succession with their speed making them look like blurs across the sky.

"Black Tornado!" called out BWGmon.

"Shadow Wolf Barrage!" countered SMGmon, freezing BWGmon in place, "Now, mistress!"

"With pleasure," said Arukenimon, taking two hairs from her head, "SPIRIT NEEDLE FUSION!"

BWGmon was able to free himself, but he wasn't fast enough to dodge the spirit needle for long before both he and SMGmon were brought together into a new form, one that was power incarnate and without honor. This was something no one would forget for a long, long time.



CS Digivolve to…



"NO!" shouted a new voice, as Tai, Matt, Agumon, and Gabumon rushed in, Agumon getting their attention, "What have you done Arukenimon!"

"I've just sealed your fate!" replied Arukenimon, "DarkOmegamon, I want you to obliterate them. Leave nothing left!"

"Davis didn't mention this…" said a shocked Matt.

"As you command, Mistress," said DarkOmegamon, bringing out his cannon from his SMGmon arm, "Desolation Cannon!"

(A few minutes earlier in the Digital World)

Tai and Matt met up with Agumon and Gabumon when they called them into the Digital World, Kari opening the portal for them before meeting up with Yolei.

"What's going on, Agumon? Why does this place look like a war zone?" asked Tai.

"A war zone called BLACKWARGREYMON," replied Agumon.

"When Azulongmon gave us one of his Digicores, he lowered the protection between the worlds," added Gabumon.

"With that barrier weakened, then BWGmon would have little to no trouble crossing between worlds, right?" asked Matt.

"Yep, and we got a big one right here," said Gabumon, "We need to get there before the Human World becomes another war zone."


"What are we waiting for, we gotta stop him," said Tai, "And we can't hold back either. He IS a mega after all."

"Right with you, Tai," said Matt, as they headed into portal, "Good thing Davis told us… about… this…"

He, Tai, Agumon, and Gabumon raced through the portal, only to see BWGmon and what looked like a Control Spire version of MetalGarurumon merging together.

"NO! What have you done, Arukenimon!?" called out Agumon.

"I've just sealed your fate!" replied Arukenimon, "DarkOmegamon, I want you to obliterate them. Leave nothing left!"

"Davis didn't mention this…" said a shocked Matt.

"As you command, Mistress," said DarkOmegamon, bringing out his cannon from his SMGmon arm, "Desolation Cannon!"

All four of them barely managed to move out of the way as the attack flew by, taking out dozens of trees behind them.

"Somehow I doubt that THIS is what Davis OR Ken ever imagined would happen," replied Tai.

Both of their Digivices activated and Agumon and Gabumon glowed with power.




"We got to get this guy away from the surface. He has too much power to risk ANY collateral damage," said WarGreymon as the two of them took to the sky, DarkOmegamon following them.

A message got their attention before they could attempt to pursue Oikawa. It was from TK and it said that the others got them covered and they should try to close the portal.

"Well, that left us with little to do," remarked Tai.

"Kinda get the feeling we don't really do that much any more?" replied Matt, "I mean there was the World Tour, but that was everyone."

"You said it, bro," finished Tai, as they pulled out their Digivices.


Meanwhile, in the sky, it was all WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon could do to keep DarkOmegamon occupied. Every time they tried to attack, the Fused Mega-Level Control Spire Digimon was either too fast or was able to deflect everything they sent at him.


"This isn't working," said WarGreymon.

"What else can we do?" asked MetalGarurumon, "I mean, it's not like we can fuse too, right?"

As if someone slapped them on the heads, they realized the answer.

'It's the only way we can match him,' they thought, before sending a message to Tai and Matt.

After getting the portal closed, they looked up to where the Digimon were fighting only to have their Digivices go off.

"They really want to do that?" asked Tai.

"It won't last long, but it may give them the edge," replied Matt, "Let's do it, partner!"

Both of them held their Digivices up and a beam of light shot out of both of them. The beams collided in mid-air and exploded in data rings above WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

Not even a few seconds later two beams of light shot above WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon and exploded into rings of data. Knowing what to do, both of them looked to each other and nodded, before moving in sync.





Omnimon appeared above the rings of data, which exploded beneath him, giving him a badass entrance.

"DarkOmegamon, you will not destroy the Digidestined as long as we have the strength to stop you," declared Omnimon.

"We'll just see about that," countered DarkOmegamon, bring out his oblivion sword.

"Supreme Cannon!"

"Desolation Cannon!"

The shockwaves from the ensuing explosion knocked both Fused Megas back a few football fields.

"This isn't gonna be easy," said Omnimon in WarGreymon's voice.

"No mon ever said it would be," replied Omnimon in MetalGarurumon's voice.

Omnimon brought out his transcendent sword and jumped back in the air to meet DarkOmegamon head on, clashing sword against sword. With each clash, both Fused Megas were throwing more power into their attacks, the clashes themselves getting stronger.

It took a little while, but Tai and Matt were able to meet up with Davis and Ken.

"Okay guys, what's going on," said Matt.

"You tell us!" countered Ken, "Why is there a Control Spire Omnimon here?"

"His name is DarkOmegamon," replied Tai, "Arukenimon forced BWGmon to fuse with a control spire MetalGarurumon named ShadowMetalGarurumon. DarkOmegamon was the result."

"DarkOmegamon?" asked Davis, "Why that and not DarkOmnimon?"

Tai and Matt looked at each other, as this was the first time this was brought up; however, they did know the reason nonetheless.

"Well, we kinda asked Gennai a few years back that very same question," explained Tai, "He said Omnimon's name is Omegamon, just that when translated to Japanese, it came out Omnimon and the name just stuck. Not much to really work with."

"That's somehow crazier than any other translation issue I've seen before," stated Davis.

"Ditto," nodded Ken.


"So, you know what happened to Oikawa?" asked Matt.

"His future is already decided. Ken did some awesome hacking," informed Davis, "You really wouldn't believe all the firewalls he had to get through to do it…"

"Don't spoil it," replied Ken, glaring at Davis a bit, "And don't over-glorify it. But yes, it was difficult. Oikawa won't be heading to the Digital World from the Heighten View Terrace portal he wants to use."

"Good, now we can concentrate on DarkOmegamon," responded Tai.


"DARK DESPERADO BLASTERS!" shouted a new voice getting the attention of both Megas.

A shower of bullets flew down from above announcing the entrance of Paildramon.

"SPINNING STING STRIKE!" followed up Paildramon, drilling himself into DarkOmegamon.

However, DarkOmegamon's armor was too tough to get through, snapping both his blades before bringing up his Sword.

"Oblivion Sword!" shouted Dark Omegamon, bringing his sword down on Paildramon.

Thinking quickly, Paildramon moved out of the way, narrowly avoiding deletion, or worse de-fusion. Unfortunately, the sword sliced through his blasters, preventing him from using them as well.

'Well, crap, we're out of weapons,' thought Paildramon in ExVeemon's voice.

'Fortunately we didn't need them anymore,' replied Paildramon in Stingmon's voice.

Paildramon Mega-Digivolve to…


"Positron Laser!"

"Desolation Cannon!"

The ensuing explosion sent all three Digimon back, leaving a mountain of smoke in its wake.

"Okay, no more cannon collisions," said Omnimon.

"Well, considering he's not gonna stop and we have no intentions on taking that much power head on, we're gonna minimize the damage as much as possible," replied Imperialdramon, changing into his fighter mode.

"Well, we still gotta take him down without destroy BWGmon. There is still more for him to do, right?" asked Omnimon.

"More than you know, my friend. More than you know," replied Imperialdramon, bringing out his sword.

"Let's go," said Omnimon, getting back up.

Across the lake, DarkOmegamon also got up and took to the skies again. Utilizing their swords, Omnimon and Imperialdramon were able to keep up with DarkOmegamon and prevent him from using his Desolation Cannon. Using his cape, DarkOmegamon avoided both swords and got behind them, bringing up his cannon.

"Imperialdramon!" said Omnimon, moving him out of the way.

"Oblivion Sword!" shouted DarkOmegamon, surprising both of them and slicing Omnimon in half by switching to his sword at the last second.

"Omnimon!" called out Imperialdramon, bringing around his sword and knocking back DarkOmegamon.

"We're fine, Imperialdramon," said WarGreymon.

"Let's take him down," added MetalGarurumon.

"Right!" replied Imperialdramon.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon flew towards DarkOmegamon, dodging Desolation Cannon shots as they grabbed their respective Control Spire Counterparts.

"NOW!" they cried together.

"SPLENDOR BLADE!" yelled Imperialdramon, slicing DarkOmegamon not unlike DarkOmegamon just did to Omnimon.

As DarkOmegamon separated back into BWGmon and SMGmon, Imperialdramon withdrew his blade and held up his cannon to the Control Spire Mega.

"Positron Laser!"

With a point blank strike, after MetalGarurumon moved out of the way, the Control Spire Mega was obliterated.

"Thanks for that," said BWGmon, his energy drained from the fight even after the fusion wore off.

"We weren't going to let a friend of ours be used like that," replied WarGreymon.

BWGmon looked at him a bit strangely before nodding.

"So, I take it you understand my mission here?" asked BWGmon.

"Yeah, but it won't work. And you shouldn't push yourself to do so," replied Imperialdramon, "Oikawa's fate has already been decided. It's complicated to explain, but just understand that the only difference is that you live this way."

"And how do you know this?" asked BWGmon, "I doubt any of the Sovereigns saw this day as something that couldn't be changed, even with Time Travel. And I think we can all agree that they would know what to change if they could for the right reasons."

"This has nothing to do with the Sovereigns," said Imperialdramon, as they landed, "The reason we know goes far beyond that."

"We know someone who explained it to us," said Veemon, as Imperialdramon separated and WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon reverted back to Agumon and Gabumon, "But it's not something we're supposed to repeat."

"Yeah, it's not something that can easily be understood," added Wormmon, "Unless you are open-minded, not unlike Davis and Ken."

"Thank you," informed BWGmon, "I think I do understand. It's not that I know what you're talking about, but I can guess at it. The Sovereigns also told me about time travel, especially when regarding you four. Because of your knowledge of certain events of a later time, you were able to change them in the past in order to have the future we are heading to now instead of what we might have gone to before. I may not understand the ends and outs of it, but I know that changing something in the past can affect the present, and thus the future. Am I correct?"


"Better than we could explain time travel, that's for sure," said Veemon.

"It also saves us the headache of explaining it, cause it's sure a doozy," commented Wormmon, "Even just thinking about it makes Ken's head hurt, and he's a genius."

'HEY!' replied Ken, slightly upset.

'What? It's true, isn't it?' countered Davis.

Veemon and Wormmon heard a mental sigh, before they both rolled their eyes. Some things would never change.

"So, what was that about?" asked Gabumon.

"Mental link," replied Veemon and Wormmon together, and Gabumon wisely stopped before speaking again.

BWGmon took to the air again, but no one stopped him, as they knew what would happen now. He would either return to the Digital World or once again attempt to stop Oikawa. Either way, they were glad he was no longer searching for destruction, or the ultimate fight.

All four of them made their way back to their partners.

Davis and Ken met up with Tai and Matt and informed them of what happened.

"So, we're NOT stopping Oikawa before he takes the kids to the Digital World?" asked Tai.

"We already have, didn't we tell you that earlier," replied Davis.

"You said you did some hacking," countered Matt, "That doesn't explain how Oikawa is prevented from returning to the Digital World."

"(Sigh) Okay, let me explain it this way," said Ken, "Do you remember the cards that were used to get you guys back to the Heighten View Terrace Portal back when Myotismon was invading?"

"Yeah, I kept the Agumon card for a while," replied Tai, "I returned it to Gennai during the same time we gave up our crests to strengthen the barrier. He said it would add it with the others for the Terrace portal. The ten cards are the password for the portal. Using the Agumon card instead of the Gomamon card would take you to another world, not the Digital World OR the Human World."

"Well, I hacked into the network where the ten cards were stored and destroyed the Gomamon card," said Ken, in no uncertain terms so they could understand what happened, "Okay, maybe not destroy, just removed it temporarily until after the New Year."

"And Gennai is okay with this?" asked Matt.

"Seriously? We haven't even met the guy once since returning to the past and you think he would just 'let' me do that, no questions asked?" asked Ken, with a raised eyebrow.

"You mean you broke the law?" asked Tai, shocked.

Davis and Ken both rolled their eyes at this.

"Get over it. We know what we're doing," replied Davis, "Besides, last time it took BWGmon's sacrifice to remove that card."

Tai groaned, bring a hand up to his head, "Fine, let's just get some sleep. Our folks will start worrying if we don't."

"Sure thing," said the others, and everyone recovered their Digimon and returned to their homes, either curious about or looking forward to the next day.

The next day, it seemed as if one of the girls Oikawa gave the Dark Spores to was accelerating it's growth, so they changed their focus to her as to make sure Oikawa wasn't going to take her without them knowing and/or stopping him before then.

That morning, Davis went with DemiVeemon to update Cody's Grandfather on the situation at hand, hoping he could be of help, just as the last time.

"Greetings Davis, so good of you to join us," said Chikara as they all sat down at the table, "By the way, Cody, your friend is free to sit with us as well."

"Wait, you know!?" said a surprised Cody, "Davis, why did you tell him?"

"He did nothing of the sort," said Chikara, "Unfortunately, I believe I've always been painfully aware of your adventures. This relates to your father as well."

"My father?" blinked Cody, this was new, "But, you already told me everything I asked you about my father."

"Yes, but this I kept secret because I thought I could forget that you are exactly as he was when he was your age, but over time I came to realize you will be your father's son, even if he wasn't here to raise you himself."

"You see, Cody," said Davis, "Tai and the others weren't the first Digidestined, or rather Chosen Kids. There were others; many others that defended the Digital World just like we do."


"So your saying my Dad was one of them?" asked Cody.

"Yep, Matt and TK's dad was apart of this group too, even though they fell out of contact some point before your father was killed. Several years ago, a Digimon not unlike Apocalymon awoke and distorted the very dimensions, all of the worlds, not just the Digital World. The previous team managed to stop him, but the price was the Digital World and the Real World being out of sync with each other. So, unfortunately, your father and his friends decided to not return to the Digital World. It would be too much to ask for them to constantly return and give up on their lives just to defend it. You can probably tell that Tai and the others' journey had changed them in more ways than one. Particularly with TK, given what happened. He had nearly a year taken away from him because of the Digital World, and what with Devimon and Piedmon among others being whom he faced, it changed him, almost scarring him."

"Well, that explains 'Angry TK' then," mused Cody.

"That's him alright," sighed Davis, "It's never pretty. He almost got Patamon to Dark Digivolve one time, but Tai managed to pull him back."

"Cody, is everything okay?" asked Fumiko, entering the room, "I heard something about the Digital World."

"Wait, you knew as well?" asked Cody, shocked that his mother knew about the Digital World as well.

"This is news to me, Fumiko," added Chikara.


"I'm sorry," replied Fumiko, bowing her head a little, before raising it again, "Hiroki mentioned it while we were dating. I thought it was some fantasy he had made up when he was a kid, and we were telling each other about our past at the time. I may not have believed him, but I knew that he believed it and never held it against him. And then there was Oikawa."

"Oikawa!?" exclaimed Davis and Cody at the same time.

"Yeah, they were best friends growing up, so logically, I let them spend time together, even if I felt it was a little creepy being around him," admitted Fumiko, "There was even one time I overheard them talking about heading to the Digital World. I left it alone, but it bugged me to this day that your father would associate himself with someone like Oikawa."

"Don't worry about it," said Davis, "We'll keep an eye out on Oikawa and let you know if anything happens. Let's go Cody."

"Sure thing Davis," replied Cody.

"Not without me, you're not," spoke up Chikara, "I'm coming with you. We'll head over to the Dojo for a training session."

"Go on ahead Cody, you can take over for Yolei while we get the rest of the equipment," added Davis.

"Sure thing, Davis," replied Cody.

"Armadillomon, is it?" asked Fumiko.

"What is it, Ms. Hida?" asked Armadillomon.

"If Cody doesn't get back safe and sound, I'll personally hold you responsible, okay," replied Fumiko, giving a stern look.

"Yes ma'am!" replied Armadillomon, before heading out after Cody.

"Ms. Hida," said Davis, "Everything will be alright. Cody isn't alone, just like Hiroki wasn't alone back then."

"You're not reassuring me, young man," countered Fumiko, frowning.

"Sorry," apologized Davis, rubbing the back of his head.

Fumiko sighed, before letting them go. She headed outside to see Cody and Armadillomon head up the street.

"Please, let him be safe, Hiroki," wished Fumiko under her breath.

Davis didn't go after Cody; instead he reconvened with Ken and updated him on what happened with Cody's family.

"I must say I never expected both of them to know about that time. I mean, the only way we know of it was because of him," said Ken.

"Well, that was arguably the weirdest adventure we went through, and I'm not even talking about the time travel either," replied Davis.

"True. Although, he did warn us that there are some things even we aren't supposed to know about that time, which is why he pulled us back before we could enter that final battle."

"We, he IS supposed to know, right? I mean, he's been around over 900 years, right?"

"Yeah, and that box of his. It really follows the simple pocket dimension logic many other devices follow, not unlike the D-Terminals."

"True, but given what's happening tomorrow, I think it's high time we reveal who we're facing."

"It is closing in on that time. So much has changed, what else will happen considering what happened to lead up to this point?"

"We'll face it together, all of us," finished Ken.

Davis smiled at that. He couldn't argue against such a statement.


The next day, Ken was following Noriko when she confronted him at the park.

"You do realize stalking is against the law, Ken Ichijouji," said Noriko, sneering at her once idol.

"True, but you have yet to report me. That says something, does it not?" countered Ken, a small smirk on his face.

"It's only because you aren't worth it. You no longer mean anything to me," informed Noriko.

"Not according to a friend of yours," replied Ken, his smirk growing, "You DO recall, right? 'But, you have friends AND all the popularity you had before. Why can't we get the same?' was the question. It's something that I took a long time to find the answer to, despite already having one when I was asked."


"Yeah, I remember," grumbled Noriko, "But it doesn't matter any more. This knowledge, I can't believe you'd choose friends with this power. It's so intoxicating!"

"And that's what I thought at first, and continued thinking that for years. You'd be surprised how endearing it is when you have the right friends," replied Ken smoothly, before giving her a slight glare "Besides, you're still new to that power and knowledge. Don't get ahead of yourself; otherwise, you might not like the result."

"I already told you, I don't care what you say anymore," countered Noriko as she turned away from him, "I used to idolize you, now I realize how pathetic you really are!"

"Low blow, girl," said Davis, as he, Veemon, Cody, and Armadillomon caught up with them, "I've known Ken long enough that he now has the best of both worlds because of the right friends to balance out the fame. It really can get to your head if you're not careful."

'Really, you're bringing this up NOW?' queried Ken.

'Just let it go, besides you know I've been saving that one for a couple of years now,' replied Davis.


"Yeah, whatever… AGH!" brushed off Noriko before feeling a pain in her head, "My head!"

"Oh great, not now!" said Cody.

'Speaking of "not now",' called out Davis, 'Why DID your seeds never sprout?'

Noriko's eyes went blank as a flower sprouted from her head and bloomed in a few seconds.

'That is one secret I take to the grave,' informed Ken, before shutting Davis out.

"Fine then," said Davis, before concentrating on who just arrived, "Be that way."

"Oikawa! Get away from her!" shouted Cody.

"Not likely! Not when she is soooooo willing to give me her life force," countered Oikawa, placing his hand over the flower and the energy from Noriko passed into Oikawa.

"Wait…" said Noriko, "This doesn't feel right. Something's wrong…"

As much as Noriko now wanted to, she couldn't find the strength fight against this guy. After he was done, he tossed her over to the Digidestined, Cody catching her.

'What is the feeling, this warm…?' thought Noriko, as she felt faint.

"Take care of her," said Cody, handing off Noriko to Ken as he approached Oikawa, "HOW DARE YOU! You were my father's friend! You both talked about the Digital World together! You both went there together! Seeing you now, after everything you two went through, he would be so disappointed with you! You don't deserve to be called his friend after that!"

'Went to the Digital World Together?' thought Oikawa, 'that makes no sense. We never went to the Digital World. We only talked about it…'

Unfortunately, a darker presence took over him, radiating an evil glow of violet.

'Yep, that's what we needed,' smirked Davis.

'No turning back now, especially if he's prepared for us,' added Ken.

"CODY!" shouted a multitude of new voices.

Everyone turned to see TK, Yolei, Kari, their Digimon, and Chikara Hida joining them.

"Sorry I'm late, Cody. These old bones aren't strong as they once were," informed Chikara, before turning to Oikawa and spoke directly to him, "Yukio, it has been a while, hasn't it?"

"Mr.… Chikara?" wondered Yukio.

"Yes, you do remember me, don't you?" continued Chikara, "All those years ago you and Hiroki were Digidestined, and I never suspected. You and Hiroki were the best of friends, and you always had adventures to recount. I always thought you were only speaking of Video Games and I lost my temper, forbidding you from ever playing them again. Thing was, you had already finished your adventures and were returned to our world with your memory of it left as just that, a memory. You had always planned on returning to the Digital World one day; however, it was unfortunate that Hiroki passed away while on duty before you were able to do so. I know the Yukio I knew years ago wouldn't do this, so something must have happened to change you as such. You were so passionate, yet it turned into an obsession so dark that it's twisted you so much that you're using children to meet your goals. Hiroki would be so disappointed in you."

Oikawa's eyes suddenly changed to that of sadness and remorse.

"You miss him more than I do, don't you?" asked Oikawa, before the Dark Presence took over completely.

The Dark Presence used the power of the Dark Flower to try and attack Chikara, but Paildramon Mega-Digivolved in record time and shielded Chikara in his Passenger Area. Unfortunately, the power was enough to knock Imperialdramon back to Veemon and Wormmon in the process.

"You can't stop me. NO ONE CAN! Miracles be damned!" shouted Oikawa as he ran off.

"Yep, that is definitive proof," said Davis, as he approached Veemon, "Guys, you remember that I said I would inform you of who we're facing as it comes up. Well, this is our final battle staring right at us, or I should say, our final battle for this year. I already said that this evil is trying to return to the Digital World, but it's more than that. He's the one evil that refused to die, to give up on his dream. And his dream, is a total nightmare for both worlds."

"Hey, cut the preamble and just tell us who it is already!" said Yolei, fed up with beating around the bush.

"His name, Yolei," said Ken, in a grave voice, "Is Myotismon."

Everyone got a scared look on their face at that, but none more so than Kari and Gatomon. They were the ones that had the most traumatic experience with him, especially Gatomon. They lost Wizardmon to that Vampire.

"But we destroyed him four years ago. VenomMyotismon was destroyed!" said TK. He never wanted to see that nightmare again, "You were there, remember!"

"All to well," replied Davis in a serious voice that got their attention, "But he survived, weakened as we was. Now, we got to defeat him once and for all. Tomorrow, on New Year's Day at 5:00p.m., we meet at Heighten View Terrace to stop him. Once and for all this time!"

"Wait, should we go after him now! Before he has a chance to use the portal?" asked Kari. She wanted this nightmare over with, for good. She didn't want that Vampire alive any longer than necessary, the Evil, Murdering, Dictator that he was, "I mean, wouldn't that make sense, now that we know what he's going to do?"

"There are forces at work here that go above even the Sovereigns here, Kari," explained Ken, "Remember, we're from Eight years in the future. A lot of events have happened in that time, one of which Davis and I experienced first hand that showed us what we needed to do tomorrow, should we ever have to repeat the event. And now, that the one-in-a-billion chance has now happened, we need to work accordingly, unless we risk the very fabric of reality itself."


"That is some heavy stuff," commented Cody, a little shocked himself.

"A fixed point, you say?" asked Chikara, catching everyone off guard.

"Wait, you know about fixed points?" asked Davis and Ken together.

"I met a man a few years ago, and he helped out with a few minor inconveniences at the time. Not to mention, he prevented an international incident at that. Anyways, he told me that there was no international incident at that point in history and it was to always stay that way. He said it was a fixed point, and that it shouldn't be changed. Someone did indeed try to, but we were able to stop him. The only downside was that Hiroki had to die. Your father was a very dedicated man to those he cared for. Giving his life for the sake of others, he would do it time and again to protect them. I'm sorry for keeping this for you, but he asked me not to speak of him."

"Wait!" said Ken, "That man, he was THAT man?"

"With a blue box?" added Davis.

"Yes, an old English Police Box from Britain. Why?" asked Chikara.


Later on, that night, every Digidestined in the world got an invite to the Digital World. It took nearly an hour, but everyone managed to get there. Everyone was wondering what it was about, but the answer soon came when lights turned on, revealing a stage. Matt and the Teenage Wolves were on there, with their instruments ready to play.



"AND TONIGHT'S OPENING HIT," called out Sora as she too joined Tai and Matt on stage, "I GOT A FEELING THAT TONIGHT'S GOING TO BE A GOOD NIGHT!"

"I got a feeling", by The Black Eyed Peas

(Music Begins)

Matt: I got a feeling…

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

I got a feeling…

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

I got a feeling… WOO HOO!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Matt: I got a feeling… WOO HOO!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Tonight's the night…

Let's live it up…

I got my money…

Let's spend it up…

Got out and smash it…

Like 'Oh My God'…

Jump off that sofa…

Let's get, get off…

Sora: I know that we'll have a ball

If we get down and go out

And just lose it all

I feel stressed out

I wanna let it go

Lets go way out, spaced out

And losing all control

Matt and Tai: Fill up my cup…

Mazel tov…

Look at her dancing…

Just take it… OFF…

Lets paint the town…

We'll shut it down…

Let's burn the roof…

Sora: And then we'll to it again

Matt: Let's do it

Let's do it

Let's do it, Let's do it

And do it

And do it

Matt, Tai, and Sora: Let's live it up

Matt: And do it

And do it, do it, do it

Let's do it

Let's do it

Cause I gotta feeling… WOO HOO

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

I gotta feeling… WOO HOO

Matt, Tai, and Sora: That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night


Tai: HEY!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: LET'S LIVE IT UP!

Sora: Live it up!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: I GOT MY MONEY!

Matt: Pay!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: LET'S SPEND IT UP!

Tai: Let's spend it up!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: GO OUT AND SMASH IT!

Sora: Smash it!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: LIKE 'OH MY GOD'!

Tai: Like 'OH MY GOD'!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: JUMP OFF THAT SOFA!

Matt: Come on!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: LET'S GET, GET OFF!


Sora: Drank!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: MAZEL TOF!

Tai and Sora: Le Heim!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: LOOK AT HER DANCING!


Matt, Tai, and Sora: JUST TAKE IT… OFF!


Tai: Paint the town!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: WE'LL SHUT IT DOWN!

Matt: Shut it down!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: Let's burn the roof!


Matt, Tai, and Sora: And then we'll do it again!

Matt: Let's do it! Let's do it! Let's do it! (Tai: Let's do it!) Let's do it! And do it! (Tai: Do it!) And do it!

Matt, Tai, and Sora: Let's live it up

Matt: And do it! (Tai: Do it!) And do it! (Tai: Do it!) And do it! (Hey!) Do it! (Hey!) Do it! (And do it!) Let's do it! (And do it!) Let's do it! (And do it!) Let's do it (Hey!), do it (Hey!), do it (Hey!), do it (Hey!)!

Matt and Tai: HERE WE COME












Matt, and Sora: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! (Tai: Do it!) Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday! (Do it!)

Tai and Sora: Get, get, get, get, get with us; you know what we say (Matt: Say!)! Party everyday; p-p-p-party everyday!

Matt: And I'm feeling… WOO HOO

Matt, Tai, and Sora: That tonight's gonna be a good night!

That tonight's gonna be a good night!

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night!

Matt: And I'm feeling… WOO HOO

Matt, Tai, and Sora: That tonight's gonna be a good night!

That tonight's gonna be a good night!

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night!


(Music ends)

It didn't even take a minute for the crowd to get into the song, and by the mid-point, everyone was singing it! That song was just the start though. After Tai and Sora left the stage, Matt and his band started playing up some big hits to keep the crowd going for the next ten-fifteen minutes, while the next big number was set up. Whenever the Band members needed a few moments to recover from constant playing, the DJ was able to bring up a song that kept the part going until the band was ready again. Then, all of the Japanese Digidestined got on stage, ready for their next big number.

"Twelve Pains of Christmas", from Twisted Christmas Album

(Music Starts)

Group: The first thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me… Is finding a Christmas Tree! The second thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Matt: Rigging up the lights…

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The Third thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Ken: Hangovers…

Matt: Rigging up the lights!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The fourth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Joe: Sending Christmas cards…

Ken: Hangovers…

Matt: Rigging up the lights!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The fifth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me… FIVE MONTHS OF BILLS!

Joe: Sending Christmas cards…

Ken: Hangovers…

Matt: Rigging up the lights!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The sixth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Sora: Facing my In-Laws…


Joe: Oh, I HATE those Christmas cards…

Ken: Hangovers…

Matt: Rigging up these LIGHTS!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The seventh thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Tai: The Salvation Army…

Sora: Facing my In-Laws…


Joe: Sending Christmas cards…

Ken: Oh Jeez…

Matt: I'm trying to rig up these LIGHTS!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The eighth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Cody: I want a Transformer for Christmas…

Tai: Charities… And what do you mean, 'your In-Laws'!?


Joe: Uh… Making out these cards…

Ken: Would you just get me a beer, huh?

Matt: What!? We have NO extension cords!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The ninth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

TK: Finding parking spaces…

Cody: Daddy, I want some candy!


Sora: Facing my In-Laws…


Joe: Writing out those Christmas cards…

Ken: Hangovers…

Matt: Now why the hell are they blinking!?

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The tenth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Yolei: Batteries not included…?

TK: No parking spaces…

Cody: Buy me something!

Tai: Get a JOB, ya bum!

Sora: Oh, facing my In-Laws…


Joe: Yo HO! Sending Christmas cards…

Ken: Oh Jeez, look at this…

Matt: One light goes out; THEY ALL GO OUT!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The eleventh thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Izzy: Stale TV Specials…

Yolei: Batteries not included…

TK: No parking spaces…

Cody: Mommy, I gotta go-go bathroom!

Tai: Charities!

Sora: She's a witch; I hate her…


Joe: Oh, I don't even KNOW half these people…

Ken: Who's got the toilet paper, huh?

Matt: Get a flashlight; I blew a fuse!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree! The twelfth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me…

Davis and Kari: Singing Christmas Carols…

Izzy: Stale TV Specials…

Yolei: Batteries not included…

TK: No parking!?

Cody: (Crying)

Tai: Charities…

Sora: Gotta make them dinner…


Joe: I'm not SENDING them this year, THAT'S IT!

Ken: Shut up YOU!

Matt: Fine, you're so smart! YOU RIG UP THE LIGHTS!

Group: And finding a Christmas Tree!

(Music Ends)

The whole group was confused at first, but then nearly a third of the way through, they started laughing, and couldn't stop for five minutes after the song was over. Luckily the DJ was able to play another song a two to keep the music going while this was happening. This gave the Digidestined time to clear out, except for Tai and Sora again.

"Alright, let's keep this party going! If your not a believer after this song, I don't know what's wrong with you!" called out Tai.

"I'm a Believer", from Smash Mouth Album

(Music Starts)

Tai: I thought 'Love' was only true in Fairy Tales

Meant for someone else but not for me

Love was out to get me…

That's the way it seemed…

Disappointment haunted all my dreams…


Band members: I SAW her face!

Tai: Now I'm a Believer!

Band members: I SAW her face!

Tai: And not a trace!

Band members: No, NOT a trace!

Tai: Of doubt in my mind!

Band members: In MY mind!

Tai: I'm in LOOOOOVE!


Tai: I'm a believer; I couldn't leave her if I tried!

Sora: I thought Love was more or less a given thing!

But the more I gave, the less I got, OH YEAH!

Band members: Oh yeah!

Tai and Sora: What's the use in trying?

Band members: Doo do, do DOO!

Tai and Sora: All you get is pain!

Band members: Doo do, do DOO!

Tai and Sora: When I wanted Sunshine, I got RAIN!


Just then, Matt jumped out between them from the background, giving a startling entrance.

Matt: Sorry I'm late!


Tai, Sora, and Matt: Now I'm a Believer!

Matt: Not a trace!

Tai, Sora, and Matt: Of doubt in my mind!

Matt: I'm in LOVE!


Matt: I'm a believer; I couldn't leave her if I tried!

Then I saw her FACE!

Tai, Sora, and Matt: Now I'm a Believer!

Matt: Whoa, not a TRACE!

Tai, Sora, and Matt: Of doubt in my mind!

Tai and Sora: I'm in LOOOOOVE!

Matt: Sing it homies!

Crowd: I'm a believer!

Tai and Sora: I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe!

Matt: This is my favorite part!

Crowd: I'm a believer!




Girls: I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe! I believe!

Guys: I'm a believer!



(Music Ends)

The crowd's cheers proved just how big it hit that song has been around the world. Tai and Sora left the stage, giving Matt and his band the cue for the next song, which was Move Along. Soon after, the DJ picked up again so the Teenage Wolves could rest for their next big song, a few more players joining them for their next number.

Kari was nervous; this was bigger than anything she ever did in music class, but she was determined to do this. Her song was coming up, and she wasn't gonna let it go unheard. Originally, Yolei was gonna join her, but for some reason, Kari said there was already someone ready to sing with her. No one knew who she was talking about, not even Davis or Ken. The Digimon were just as clueless because they knew every single active Chosen Kid that was there and the closest girl to Kari was Yolei. Not even Sora or Mimi was closer to her, yet she said she had someone in mind for the duet. A few minutes later, Kari was on stage, in a very special dress. No one knew how, not even Tai, she was able to keep this dress hidden. It was an exact replica to Princess Serenity's Dress from Sailor Moon. It was a little mind-blowing that Kari had such an outfit hidden away. It was a gem among the clothes even Celebrities had.

"This next song transcends time and space, where love is never forgotten, even, if not especially, when a picture is worth 'A Thousand Words'," said Kari, as she brought the mike off its stand.

"A Thousand Words", International Version from Final Fantasy X-2

(Music Starts)

Kari: I know that your hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me…

Your words were like a dream, but dreams could never fool me… Not that easily…

I acted so distant then, didn't say goodbye before you left…

But I was listening; you'll fight your battles far from me… far too easily…

"Save your tears, cause I'll come back," I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door…

Kari started glowing, her white dress amplifying it even more so.

Kari: But still I swore… to hide the pain when I turn back the pages…

Shouting might been the answer… what if I cried out my eyes and begged you not to depart…

The glow shined ever brighter, making her indistinguishable from her Power of Light.

Kari: But now, I'm not afraid to say…

The light died down, showing a different girl entirely, still wearing the same dress. It wasn't anyone that was recognizable by anyone there, minus Davis, Ken, Veemon, and Wormmon. The girl had long red hair, falling to her upper back, giving her face the look of beauty incomparable (at least to a certain individual).


'Rika!?' wondered the four of them, 'What's she doing here!?'

Rika: What's in MY heart!

Rika/Kari: Cause a thousand words… call out through the ages

They'll fly to you, even though I can't see… I know their REACHING you…

Rika: Suspended on Silver Wings!

Rika/Kari: Oh a thousand words… one thousand embraces…

Will cradle you… making all of your weariness seem far away!

Rika: They'll hold you for EVER!

The music went into an interlude, while the Power of Light died down completely, revealing Kari and Rika side by side as they sung their song of love, that traversed through time and space to their loved ones.


Rika: Oh a thousand words…

Kari: A thousand words…

Rika: Have never been spoken…

Kari: Ohhhhhh…

Rika: They'll fly to you; they'll carry you home…

Kari: Car-ry YOU home!

Rika: And back in-TO my arms…

Kari: Suspended on Silver Wings…


Kari: And a thousand words…

Rika: Ohhhhh…

Kari: Call out through the ages…


Kari: They'll cradle you…

Rika: Oh yeah…

Kari: Turning all of the lonely years seem ONLY days…

Rika: Only days…


One more bright flash of light cleared the area of any clouds, allowing a beautiful moon to shine on the night's festivities. Also, during the flash, no one, except for the Time Travels, noticed Rika disappearing back to her quadrant during the flash of light.

Kari: Oh, a THOUSAND words…

(Music ends)

Utter silence followed the end of the song; everyone was in awe of Kari's performance. No one could form words, it was that amazing. Kari herself was exhausted; her powers of light were drained, even if she didn't do that much with them (or so she thought).

'You don't think…?' asked Davis.

'Crossover point from two people dressed exactly alike, singing the same song causing a slight barrier collapse between quadrants allowing Kari's power of light to reach into the Southern Quadrant and bring Rika here for a short time?' offered Ken.

'I was gonna say, Rika was doing a concert that provided a space for Kari's Power of Light to bridge, bringing her to Kari's place temporarily; however, you explained it better and with less of headache trying to think it through…' replied Davis.

'I think both works, given how we described it,' informed Ken.

'You're not making me feel better.'

It took some time for the DJ to realize he was supposed to be covering this part of the party, so he quickly got a couple of songs playing while the Teenage Wolves managed to get themselves together from that one-of-a-kind performance from Kari Kamiya.

They had one more big performance to make, and with Davis no less.

Davis got up on stage, ready to sing his heart out, not unlike Kari did not ten minutes ago. Davis spoke into the mike, getting everyone's attention.

"Now, I know everyone either knows me, or have heard about me through the others," said Davis, as Ken, Tai, TK, Cody, Izzy, and Joe gathered at the sides. "While I know it sounds like I'm bragging, and I actually kinda am, I just wanted to do this song, because it fits part of who I was, am, and always will be. DAISUKE MOTOMIYA, Digital World: REMEMBER THE NAME!"

"Remember the Name", by Fort Minor

(Music begins)

Davis: Let's GO!

For those of you who knows what we're all about… It's like this YO…

Guys: This is Ten percent Luck, Twenty percent Skill, Fifteen percent concentrated Power of Will, Five percent Pleasure, Fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

Davis: He doesn't need his name up in lights…

He just wants to be heard, whether it's the beat of the mike…

He feels so unlike everyone else, alone; despite the fact that some think that they know him…

But forget them

He knows the code! It's not about the salary; it's all about reality and making some noise!

Makin' the story; makin' sure his clique stays UP

That means wen he puts it down Tak's pickin' it up! Let's go!

Who the heck is he anyway?

He never really talks much…

Never concerned with status, but still leaving them star struck

Humbled through opportunities given to him despite the fact

That many misjudge him because he makes a living from writing raps

Put it together himself, now the picture connects

Never asking for someone's help, to get some respect

He's only focused on what he wrote; his will is beyond reach

And now when it all unfolds, the skill of an artist

It's just twenty percent skill

Eighty percent fear

Be one hundred percent clear

Cause Ryu is ill

Who would've thought that he'd be the one to set the west in flames?

And I heard him wrecking with The Crystal Method, "Name Of The Game"

Came back dropped Megadef, took em to church

I like Bleach man, why you have the stupidest verse?

This dude is the truth, now everybody giving him guest spots

His stock is through the roof I heard he messing with S. Dot!

Guys: This is Ten percent Luck, Twenty percent Skill, Fifteen percent concentrated Power of Will, Five percent Pleasure, Fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

Davis: They call him Ryu The Sick

And he's spitting fire with Mike

Got him out the dryer he's hot

Found him in Fort Minor with Tak

Been a freaking annihilist porcupine

He's a prick; he's a jock

The type woman want to be with, and rappers hope he get shot

Eight years in the makin, patiently waiting to blow

Now the record with Shinoda's taking over the globe

He's got a partner in crime; his stuff is equally dope

You wont believe the kind of stuff that comes out of this kid's throat

He's not your everyday on the block

He knows how to work with what he's got

Makin his way to the top

People think it's a common owners name

People keep asking him was it given at birth

Or does it stand for an acronym?

No he's living proof; Got him rocking the booth

He'll get you buzzing quicker than a shot of vodka with juice

Him and his crew are known around as one of the best

Dedicated to what they doing give a hundred percent

Nobody really knows how or why he works so hard

It seems like he's never got time

Because he writes every note and he writes every line

And I've seen him at work when that light goes on in his mind

It's like a design is written in his head every time

Before he even touches a key or speaks in a rhyme

And those mother-flippers he runs with, those kids that he signed?

Ridiculous, without even trying, how do they do it?!

Guys: This is Ten percent Luck, Twenty percent Skill, Fifteen percent concentrated Power of Will, Five percent Pleasure, Fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

Crowd: This is Ten percent Luck, Twenty percent Skill, Fifteen percent concentrated Power of Will, Five percent Pleasure, Fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name!


Everyone joined in for the last refrain, leaving the Digital World with a permanent impression of Davis Motomiya.

With the cheers dying down, the DJ took over for the last two songs; making sure everyone was singing them by the end of it, taking them into the New Year, at least for Japan. The older kids that had significant others shared a New Years kiss with the end of the Countdown, while the others shared hugs and cheers. With the party dying down, everyone slowly, but surely made their way back to the Human World.


After everyone had left, Davis and Ken were back in Ken's base for one more talk.

"So, think we're ready?" asked Ken.

"As much as we'll ever be. Given the fact that these past two weeks have been one heck of a ride from DNA Digivolution to World Tours to the Daemon Corps. It really feels like it shouldn't end tomorrow, but it will."

"We've now entered into the Fixed Point countdown. The final hours are upon us. If we mess this up, it's goodbye Worlds!"

Both of them looked at each other, resolute in their determination to finish this fight against Myotismon, once and for all!

(Chapter End)


That was mentally exhausting. My brain can only handle songs SOOOO much!

No OCs because I'm THAT exhausted. Let's just get this over with.


AN1: I could have used DNA, but I did use this for a fusion during the World Tour, so it can still fit, right?

AN2: A Black WAR Greymon Zone! LOLZ! (Sorry, no offense! -_-')

AN3: Not gonna lie, the older kids just DON'T really do much after the first half. Again, World Tour is EVERYONE, so yeah…

AN4: I know you wanted more detail, but cut me some slack; I'm gearing up for the final fight. Not to mention, this is something I worked out VERY early; details do escape me from time to time! Not to mention, this battle is JUST getting started!

AN5: Double reference at once! (Pokemon reference unintentional) But yeah, translation issues can get VERY tricky. Especially when you're censoring anything even remotely for 15-year-olds or higher that's in the original that the companies dubbing them into their language edit out anything above Friendship or Platonic love.

AN6: Yeah, this trick gets explained in more detail later in the chapter (no spoilers from this note! HA! HA!)

AN7: This is the best Explanation I can come up with for all Time Travel basics. If you know the complexities of Time Travel, great for you! If you don't, trust the ones that already know: you will break your brain understanding it! Seriously, going mentally crazy (to an extent) is a necessary side effect of understanding this level of scientific terms!

AN8&9: Best theory I can give, is that for each group of Chosen Kids we see/hear about (AKA Each Season), I've tried to put it all together in one sort of MEGA History for the Digital World. It hasn't been easy! Hopefully enough people will be interested and I can put a little side note or something in the next chapter to explain it or something.

AN10: Yeah, the whole 'Bigger on the inside'/'Smaller on the outside' babble we hear at least ONCE per season. Seriously, if I ever got aboard the TARDIS, I'd be like 'Okay, after the initial 'pocket dimension' observation, where's the impressive/totally insane to understand part of the tour?' No lie!

AN11: Yeah, given eight PLUS years of thinking about it, and Ken never really losing THAT much on brains in the long run, he can totally pull it off!

AN12: This is something of a minor theory, but it does have a few explanations. The most common being that his seed was meant to produce other seeds rather than bloom itself. I've got a couple others, but this is the simplest.

AN13&14: Personally, I'd say a good ol' fashioned Doctor Who adventure took place for these events. My basis on this particular theory is this: Doctor traveled a couple places with Davis and Ken along for the ride (Digimon included) and they were able to witness the events of the 'Original' Digidestined that had – but not limited to – Hiroki, Yukio, and Hiroaki as part of the team. Look up the names if you need to know who they are. Also, at a completely different time (Before or after the adventure(s) with Davis and Ken) he witnessed the event that took the life of Hiroki, possibly even going so far as to taking the shot just to keep the Fixed Point in place. You are quite free to disagree with me on Cody's dad regardless the circumstances. But ask yourself this: how would Cody handle seeing his father with Oikawa AND keep the secret of the Digital World from him, despite eventually learning of his desire to go there himself?

AN15: We ALL know it's Takato, at least as far as I'm concerned. This is also a slight preview into Takato's fic that will come after this. So, consider my next Digimon fic a Spiritual Sequel, though it has next to nothing to do with this one all the same.

AN16: I'm actually leaving this open-ended for you guys. In different worlds, different events happen that allowed these two in particular to fall in love with different people. Now, these two specific versions are singing to Takato and Davis respectively, but if you have a different pairing in mind, don't feel like I'm limiting this song to just a specific pairing. This is for all the Digimon fans that like various pairing with Rika AND Kari! Consider this my gift to make up for the MAJOR gap in updating.

AN17: This song was on a whim at the last second. As you can see, I carefully edited it to fit the younger crowd without sounding offensive, or using foul language. This IS rated for a reason, not to mention there are CHILDREN present! Also, I give special credit to the YuGiOh Abridged Team for 'Mother-Flipping', for I was at a loss with that one for a few minutes until I randomly thought of that. So, yeah, don't own, just giving credit where credit is due!

AN18: The songs were especially chosen for various reasons. The first was because: I couldn't resist starting up with anything else! There is no other song I'd rather start a party with (if there is, it's a close second at best). Some songs were for humor. The rest were for Characterization more so than anything else. Don't worry; Jun smacked Matt one after making the connection that she was Dragon, before being explained why it could potentially fit her so well. Kari's was, well, already explained from before! Same with Davis's, plus the other half is in the story itself.

ONE MORE THING: As for the couples: Taiora, Junato, Kenlei (Ken/Yolei), and FINALLY Daikari. Yep, Davis finally let go and shared a kiss with Kari in this timeline. It was sweet; trust me. ;)

The other Chosen kids were pretty much random for the most part, so have fun choosing potential couples of the World Wide Digidestined!

That's it!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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