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(Chapter Begin)


With the cheers dying down, the DJ took over for the last two songs; making sure everyone was singing them by the end of it, taking them into the New Year, at least for Japan. The older kids that had significant others shared a New Years kiss with the end of the Countdown, while the others shared hugs and cheers. With the party dying down, everyone slowly, but surely made their way back to the Human World.

After everyone had left, Davis and Ken were back in Ken's base for one more talk.

"So, think we're ready?" asked Ken.

"As much as we'll ever be. Given the fact that these past two weeks have been one heck of a ride from DNA Digivolution to World Tours to the Daemon Corps. It really feels like it shouldn't end tomorrow, but it will."

"We've now entered into the Fixed Point countdown. The final hours are upon us. If we mess this up, it's goodbye Worlds!"

Both of them looked at each other, resolute in their determination to finish this fight against Myotismon, once and for all!

(Recap end)

The next day, BWG contacted WarGreymon and Tai, letting them know of Azulongmon's plan to balance the Destiny Stones, restoring his powers in spite of the Control Spires left. With the help of Ken's portals, the job was completed in a few hours, giving Azulongmon just enough time to secure the seal that Ken placed on the Heighten View Terrace Portal.


New Year's Day brought forth the final preparations for the battle ahead. Davis and Ken gathered the Digidestined and explained to them the plan going forward. Despite questions, everyone was in agreement with the plan, as it allowed for a back up in case things went south, and Myotismon got to the Digital World. Soon, everyone parted ways to be in position for when the remaining kids showed up at the Heighten View Terrace gate where Oikawa was gonna take them to the Digital World, or so they thought.

'This is gonna be boring until he shows up,' informed Davis.

'Yet, but when crap hits the fans, then what?' countered Ken.

'Then we counterstrike before he gets a chance to stop us,' replied Davis, 'and by "us"…'

'You mean the five of us, given that you have too much "will power" to be taken down by personal desires,' sighed Ken, rolling his eyes, before chuckling, 'you always this braggadocios?'

'No, usually I'm much worse,' smirked Davis, 'this is just a good day.'

Everyone watching them knew exactly what they were doing, since two other pairs were doing it also. Both talking about what would happen, and what COULD happen.

Soon enough, kids started gather on the bridge, the rebuilt one from four years ago when Garudamon battled Mammothmon; furthermore rebuilt from the battle EIGHT years ago between Greymon and Parrotmon. That bridge had history and seven people knew it well. After all of the kids arrived, it was getting close to five o'clock. A few minutes more passed when Oikawa showed up and double-checked to make sure all the kids were there. The seven new Digidestined moved first, with the other three behind them.


"Well, well," said Oikawa, "About time you showed up. Good thing I've already started entering the password. You won't be able to do a thing to stop us now."

"Oh yeah!" challenged Davis, before Arukenimon and Mummymon appeared before them, blocking them off from the kids.

"You're not going anywhere!" said Arukenimon.

"Like we care what you think you can do!" countered Kari, "We can take care of you guys easily!"

"Yeah!" agreed Yolei.

"Well, you're too late!" said Oikawa, "The final card is in place, and the gate is now OPEN!"

Oikawa and the kids all started glowing, the brightness blinded everyone in the area for a few moments, taking them to another world. When the light died down, Izzy, Joe, and Matt were the only three left.

"Aw man!" said Matt.

"It's not like we could've helped them at this point," replied Izzy.

"Let's find Tai and Sora," added Joe, "We need to hurry if we're gonna get to the portal in time."

The three of them raced off to find their teammates, hoping that they could get all six of them to the Digital World, including Noriko.

After the light died down the Digimon Digivolved to handle the two Ultimates barring their way to Oikawa, and Myotismon. The fighting eventually got the attention of Oikawa.

"What is going on here!? Where is the Digital World!?" demanded Oikawa.

"Hate to break it to you Oikawa, but you hold the one being that should never return to the Digital World," said Ken, "I'm sorry it had to be this way, but Myotismon can never be allowed back. It's too dangerous!"

"But then, what IS this world?" asked Oikawa.

"Unfortunately, I didn't notice the mistake we made until it was too late," said a voice not unfamiliar to three of the Digidestined, "We aren't IN the Digital World, but another one entire. I must say Ichijouji; I'm impressed. Not sure how you managed to prevent me from getting the right card, but it's quite a feat."

"I don't want or need any compliments from you, Vampire reject!" countered Ken.

"Nevertheless, you will never get out of here," continued Myotismon's voice, scaring the children, "The Digital World is now sealed off, and all that's left is darkness and despair!"

"Not as long as I'm here!" declared Kari, her light flashing brightly.

"Yeah, Light always balances Darkness. You can't defeat Light, because that Light is represented by Hope!" added TK, glowing orange.

"This fight was over before it began," said Davis, glowing with the Power of Miracles, "You can't beat us all! So just give up now and we won't be forced to humiliate you a third time!"

"Oh, you think you're clever do you," said Myotismon, before sending out a pulse of power, "But all your boasting won't save you now."

The pulse of power not only knocked the glow of out TK and Kari and stopped them from moving for a few minutes, it also triggered the Dark Flowers to bloom in the children. Giving himself a copy of Oikawa's body, he managed to absorb all the flowers before the Digidestined and Digimon could move again.

"Oh no!" said Yolei, "We're too late!"

"Yes, you are," said Myotismon, reconstructing his body into MaloMyotismon, "You are too late, and there is nothing you can do to stop me now!"

"He's ascended to his true form," said Gatomon, feeling fear around him for the first time in ages, "His power before is next to nothing compared to now!"

"We got to stop him, somehow," said Jun, "Davis, you got a plan?"

"Define plan…" started Davis, getting looks from everyone, except Ken, ExVeemon, and Stingmon, "This isn't something you can predict to the wire; besides, it's been nine years for Ken, and thirteen for me. We've done our best to prepare, but this is it, end game time!"

MaloMyotismon surprised them by grabbing onto Arukenimon.

"So sorry, my dear, but I have a better use for your power and you can't stay alive for that to happen," said MaloMyotismon.

"No, not that! Anything but that!" choked out Arukenimon.

"Yes, that and much more!" said MaloMyotismon, opening his left shoulder and devoured her.

"NO, not Arukenimon! YOU HEARTLESS FIEND! SNAKE BANDAGE!" cried out Mummymon in righteous furry over his loved one.

"Don't think so," replied MaloMyotismon, slashing through the bandages and energy beam, before opening up his right shoulder and devoured him too.

"Not good," said TK, some fear seeping into him, "I know we could handle them easily, but obliterating them without a second thought… That's a little intimidating."

"Not gonna argue with you on that one, TK," said Jun, having a slight tremble go through her arm.

"No…" said Kari, forcing back tears, "I won't be afraid. Gatomon and I have had enough of this! No more holding back. Gatomon GO GET HIM!"

"With pleasure," said Gatomon, glowing brightly.

Gatomon Digivolve to…

"Like I'm gonna let that happen!" countered MaloMyotismon, "Howling Blood!"

Opening up both shoulders, he released a gust of blood, knocking back Gatomon into the others and cutting off Kari's powers once more.

"That is just wrong," said Yolei, fear becoming evident in her voice.

"I think I want to go home now," said Cody, feeling much like the kid TK was in the first adventure.

"We can't give up. Without us, there's no hope!" urged TK.

"Unfortunately, he seems stronger than last time," said Ken, 'Of course, last time we fought MaloMyotismon, it was replicas…'

'No spoilers, dude,' replied Davis, still glowing with the Power of Miracles, "That won't stop us. We won't quit!"

Hearing that declaration reduced the fear in the others, if only a bit.

"BRING IT ON!" challenged Davis.

"Oh, I intend to," replied MaloMyotismon, smirking, "Of course, I'm not any old Myotismon, I got knowledge of your previous Myotismon as well."

This got their attention. Davis and Ken knew this Myotismon was smarter than the previous one, but his knowledge was greater than even they predicted.


"You see, before I left this World for the Digital one, I made one small wish. That should I fail, my knowledge of this battle be recorded and sent to my past self. That way, I can try again and win, countering any strategies that you might come up with. I just didn't expect you to receive the Power of Miracles. That Power is one that has been out of reach since the last war. But, that doesn't matter now. With my knowledge and new power, you have already sealed your own fate!"

"How so?" responded a curious Davis.

Suddenly, a dark, foreboding feeling ran through all the Digidestined as Davis suddenly felt pain like never before.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed out Davis like never before, his body literally become active with the Crimson Lighting from so long ago.

The Golden Power of Davis, along with the Spirit Needle and the Seal made by BlackExVeemon, exited Davis and was absorbed by Myotismon. The Shock Davis was experiencing was repressed for years with the help of his friends, but now it was coming all at once, tearing through every nerve and lighting them all up. Furthermore, Davis's body lost all color, as the Nightmare Claw was no longer held back by the powers of Light and Miracles, leaving Davis without both feeling and will power. Davis fell down, broken and defeated. ExVeemon wasn't feeling any better forcibly DeDigivolving into Chibimon. Even Ken and Stingmon felt the power drain as Stingmon DeDigivolved back into Wormmon.

"DAVIS!" shouted Kari, kneeling at his side, "Wake up! Please, wake up!"

"Davis! Not now, not after everything we went through. You've gotten through all this, you can't stop now!" added Jun, getting on his other side.

"How are we gonna win now?" asked Cody, "Davis was the strongest one of us, and he got taken down that easily."

"We're not gonna give in," said Ken, turning to MaloMyotismon, who was waiting for their next move, "We've gotten this far and we're gonna go all the way!"

Wormmon Digivolve to…

Stingmon… DNA Digivolve to…

"Not gonna happen! MENTAL ILLUSION!" replied MaloMyotismon, sending a blinding light throughout everyone.

Pain and Despair…

Those were the only things he was feeling at the moment. Everything lost its meaning, and nothing he could think of was worth it to go back. Not one thing, not his parents, not his sister, not his friends, not Ken, not Veemon, and not even Kari. Nothing was worth his effort to return. And even if he was aware of it, his friends were in no position TO help him out.



Meanwhile, each of the remaining six Digidestined was going through his or her own despair. Outside of Ken, last time the Digidestined had their greatest desires fulfilled, but this time, it was the opposite this time. All of them had their worst nightmare right in front of them.

Yolei had lived a life where she had never made any friends, and was all alone. No one liked her, no one bothered to get to know her and added to the fact that she was always being looked over by her parents and siblings, she now felt truly alone. Eventually, she turned bitter and turned against even those she should have and would have become friends with otherwise, often getting into fights.

Cody was in a world where his father was alive, but never had time for him, no matter what he tried, it was worse than losing him the first time. His school life wasn't much better. Because of his book smarts, he was able to excel a few grades ahead, which didn't help matters any as he often argued with the older kids, trying to prove how smart he was, even though he was just a kid. The arguments got so bad that he even started fighting with them.

TK had found himself in a world where his family was scattered to the four corners of the world, with no desire to see each other again. His father was in China, working around the clock as a news editor; his mother a book consultant for an Editing Firm in England; and his brother was a punk gangster in California, abandoned and orphaned while he was young when his parents separated. He found himself in Odaiba, having been abandoned shortly after birth himself and going to school whilst living at an Orphanage that was looked down upon. After years of torment, he had enough and decided to fight back, violently sometimes, and everyone that wasn't involved began to fear and/or hate him because of his attitude. If he couldn't have any semblance of Family, no one should lord it over him.

Kari's was worse, as she had nobody. She could only watch as her life was changed, as she never fully recovered from her illness at a young age and remained sick throughout her life. She never left home and eventually was admitted to a hospital. Everyone's life had changed because of it. Tai could barely concentrate in school and had to drop Soccer because of it, eventually losing his friendship with Sora. Things became worse as her once-other friends that she never met in this new life, separated even further, and nearly often got into fights, calling each other names, generally being antagonistic towards one another. Kari couldn't take it and broke down, with no clear recovery in sight.

Ken, having already felt his worst fears come to life once, thought he was able to handle it better this time. What he didn't expect though, was his family to be the ones to reject him all over again. In a world where his brother never died, yet he still received the Digivice, he always argued with his brother. Their Sibling Rivalry had grown to rival that of Tai and Matt's, always competing against each other, despite the fact that their parents always favored Sam over him. Even his ace in the hole, the fact that he was the Chosen Digidestined, not Sam, didn't even faze his parents; they still favored Sam. When he received the Dark Spore, he became mad with jealousy, turning all his negative emotions into becoming a true Digimon Emperor. A small part of him felt something was off, even as the world fell into Darkness with ease, as the fact that the Digidestined never returned to stop him, not even once. Something was wrong, and it wasn't good.

Jun woke up in an area of darkness, nothing to see for miles except for her own self.

'What's going on?' she thought, 'this isn't anything like what Davis and Ken described their hardest fight to be like.'

Shaking her head of her thoughts, she looked around a bit before the world revealed itself to her; two worlds actually, the Real and Digital ones, both in a darkened plane of existence. This WAS a nightmare, because this was never to happen. Darkness and Light were equals, always in balance, yet this clearly showed Darkness being the ultimate victor. She resolved to find Davis, because if anyone could stop this, then he was the only one could help her find the others. She felt herself being pulled into the real world, landing in Odaiba, Japan. She knew the area and headed straight for home, but couldn't find Davis anywhere. Her parents were there, but there was no indication that he ever existed. His room was turned into a storage room for extra stuff. This sent a feeling a dread down her spine. She HAD to get to the bottom of this.

Leaving her house, she went over to the Ishida Apartment, only to find that another family lived there. Leaving there, she went to the Kamiya's place to find Tai and/or Kari. If there was anyone who could help her outside of Davis or Matt, it was them. She managed to find Tai there, only looking like the depression train had hit him with a side of family loss by a truck from a different direction.

"Tai, is everything okay?" asked Jun.

"What are you doing here Jun?" replied Tai, his voice holding none of the warmth or friendliness it did from her world.

"I'm looking for Kari," replied Jun, skipping over the obvious denial of Davis's existence. She got nowhere with her parents and she didn't want a repeat, "Where is she?"

"Kari?" asked Tai, as if he was asked an obvious question, "She's where she always is… the Hospital."

"Oh," said Jun, surprised because she never remembered Kari ever needing medical attention outside of a flu shot or something similar, "Would it be okay if I visited her?"

"Sure, she's always up for visitors if she's not sleeping," replied Tai, a small smile appeared on his face.

"By the way," spoke up Jun, before she forgot, "Have you heard from Matt lately?"

"Who?" asked Tai, eyebrow raised.

"Uh… nevermind," said Jun quickly, before leaving in a hurry.

Now things were really getting bizarre. It was one thing for Matt to just not live at the apartment, but not even Tai knew him? Things were totally wrong now. She had to figure out what went wrong and FAST!

Kari was looking out her window wondering when she was gonna get over this illness and finally get back to her life, if there was a life to get back to, when her door opened.

"Kari," came a voice not unfamiliar, but she couldn't place it that easily, "Are you here?"

The figure peeked past the door and revealed herself to be Jun Motomiya, whom Kari found out was an only child in this world.

"Jun, what are you doing here?" asked Kari, "Shouldn't you be at school by now?"

"I thought I should come and visit you, since you look like you could use a friend," said Jun.

"Friend…?" said Kari, the word sounding foreign to her, "It's been so long since I heard that word. I had all but forgotten about friends. No one ever visits me here outside my family."

"Really?" asked Jun, before smiling, "Well, it sounds like you're overdue."

"By the way…" added Kari, "Do you… I'm sorry if I'm being rude, but didn't you have a younger brother…?"

Jun's eyes widened; this wasn't just another universe SHE was put into, Kari was here as well. Everything came rushing back to her: Her brother, her friends (Digidestined), the adventures she shared and heard about, and even their current battle against MaloMyotismon. This was all an Illusion, but even realizing what was wrong, this Illusion looked like it wasn't gonna break unless all of them were together, considering the Digidestined were all here to begin with, as well as being their strongest together. She also assumed that Ken was probably in the Digital World, given what she saw when she first got here.

"Kari, you know Davis?" asked Jun.

"Da… vis…?" said Kari, and as if a switch was turned on in HER head, she remembered everything, and suddenly, her inner light flared up, restoring her health back to full. She quickly jumped out of the bed and hugged Jun, "Thank you! MaloMyotismon stuck me in here in the past and since I never recovered from my illness, I slowly got worse as no one came to visit me. I could only watch snippets of visions that gave me information that my friends were no longer friends! You're the first one who's visited other than my family, and Tai in this world is just so wrong!"

Jun just held onto her as she cried out. Light had been restored, and now they had a chance to restore Light to both worlds.

Sneaking out of the hospital had been easy enough, given that they didn't want or need the hassle of getting discharged and they had no time to go through things the proper way because they had work fast. The next stop on their way to the Digital World was TK.


TK was walking to school, his mood always sour these days since no one understood him. His family was gone; they didn't need to rub it in. However, this day was different, for it was indeed a day where two people stopped him on the way to school. Two girls to be precise, and they looked like they knew him.

"Takeru!" said Kari, using her knowledge of this world at the fact that no one gave TK his nickname yet.

"Get out of my way," said TK, trying to move past them, "It's bad enough I get it at school; can't you people just leave me alone."

Jun felt like they would get nowhere if they tried the direct approach. According to Kari, in this world, every one of their friends was against each other, and they needed each of them to return to their world. She had to get him reveal something that only their TK knew.

"So, you have no hope, huh?" asked Jun, with an attitude not unlike Davis would use to get TK emotional.

"HOPE!?" exclaimed TK, "Hope isn't gonna get my family back together! Hope isn't gonna get my parents back together! It isn't gonna save my brother from a gang life!"

Jun's eyes widened at this: While this was exactly what they needed, it was also news Jun never should have to hear. Her best friend/boyfriend was in a gang, and worse still, it was something that she felt that she could do nothing about. Pushing that thought aside, she continued.

"You may not have your family, but you will always have your friends," said Jun, placing her hand on his shoulder, "No one should ever go through life without friends. The Matt I know would never allow it!"

"What would YOU know about Matt and Friendship…?" asked TK as suddenly, it came to him just who he was talking to, "Wait… Jun? Kari?"

"TK!" said Kari, hugging her friend, "Everything's going to be alright now. We're here for you, and you will never have to lose hope again. We need you, because the light inside of me, inside of everyone, is hope! YOUR HOPE!"

TK's eyes widened as his head was filled with his previous knowledge, remembering that it was Azulongmon who made that statement himself. He returned the hug, smiling for the first time in ages, crying tears of joy.

"Kari, I'm so glad you're here," said TK, releasing Kari from the hug, only to get another one from Jun, "Everything has turned so wrong. And it was MaloMyotismon that did this."

"I know, Davis doesn't even exist in this world," said Jun, releasing TK, "MaloMyotismon made it so he didn't exist and all this happen because of it!"

"It's more than that," countered TK, shaking his head, wiping his tears, "He made a point of intentionally breaking my family far apart in the worst way, breaking my spirit into pieces."

"That's what he did to me!" gasped Kari.

"I have a feeling he did that to the others as well, making their lives here the most personal hell he could make," replied TK, before leading the way to school, "We need to get Yolei and Cody before it's too late! The fighting here is getting so bad, they might send each other to the hospital this time if we can't stop it!"

The girls rushed behind him as he led the way to school, getting there in just a few minutes. When they got there, it was already looking bad. Cody and Yolei had just confronted each other in the hallway, Cody with his Kendo Stick to match Yolei's fists. Kari and TK acted instinctively, getting between them and facing their DNA partners.

"Yolei, stop this! This isn't you!" said Kari, trying to connect with her best female friend and DNA Partner.

"Cody, this is no way to behave!" added TK, trying to do the same with his metaphorical protégé.


"What would you know, orphan boy!" countered Cody.

"I know that this isn't you! You're grandfather would never allow such disrespectable behavior!" attempted TK.


Using his knowledge about Cody's technique, he sidestepped and grabbed him from behind, knocking out his Kendo Stick in the process. This surprised Cody, as no one, NO ONE, was supposed to know that counter maneuver. There was no one outside his family that knew that technique in the City… was there?

"Cody, I know it's hard to believe me, but the Cody I know had more honor, and friends than this," explained TK, using this hesitation to connect with him mentally, 'Your father died an Honorable Man, and you have made great strides in honoring his memory by becoming a strong young man that never lets his honor and honesty fall second to anything else. I KNOW Izzy and Joe taught you to be more RELIABLE than that.'

'TK…?' wondered Cody, as memories came back, of the true world where he belonged, and all the adventures he had with his friends. He relied on his knowledge and it served him well, but friendships were important and being right wasn't always the best thing, 'I'm so sorry! MaloMyotismon gave my father back, but he never paid attention to me, my grandfather died of grief two years ago and I always felt alone, even if I'm smarter than everyone my age.'


"Who are YOU to tell ME what to do!" demanded Yolei, "Your just some newbie to school that doesn't understand how things are around here!"

"I know a Yolei who valued her friends with Love and Sincerity! A Yolei who would vow to be truthful to those she knew!" countered Kari, getting the connection to finally stick, 'A Yolei who took no slack from her brothers and sisters! A Yolei who learned the value of Sincere Love to those she held close!'

Those words struck a cord within Yolei, as everything Kari just said was true, even if a part of her disagreed. Suddenly, memories appeared, of another life, a better life, and a life with friends, family, and love. Loving… KEN!

'Kari!' responded Yolei, getting her bearings back and hugging her best friend and DNA partner like she was the only lifeline between reality and insanity, 'Please help! Nothing makes sense here! Everything's gone horribly wrong!'

'It's going to be okay. We're gonna find Ken and we're gonna get back to Davis. Then, we'll obliterate every last bit of existence that makes up MaloMyotismon!' vowed Kari.

'Thank you, Kari,' replied Yolei, crying a bit.

"OKAY EVERYONE!" announced Jun, now that they got back the other two members of their team, "NOTHING TO SEE HERE! MOVE ALONG!"

Luckily, given the history of this school, the kids knew well enough to leave it alone and get back to class immediately.

"Jun, what's going on?" asked Cody, as everyone regrouped away from the other students.

"MaloMyotismon created this world, twisting everything in our personal histories to make us as miserable as possible. This would break our will to fight and eventually allow him enough time to break into the Digital World and corrupt it beyond redemption. The only thing he didn't count on was me. I remembered Davis and how the world should have been instead of falling for his altered history. Now, we got to get to the Digital World. Ken needs help and we've got an uphill battle ahead of us."

"Battle nothing," said TK, showing his angry side, making a fist and punching his other hand, "This is war. MaloMyotismon has gone too far. There is nothing left but his utter destruction!"

No one argued or questioned him, for he spoke what they all agreed on, and that was that MaloMyotismon was going down, no matter what!

Everyone headed to the computer lab and brought out their Digivices (which returned to them as they got their memories back) and headed to the Digital World.

They immediately headed to the only place where they knew Ken would be: His base. When they got there, it was different than they imagined, but given the time shifts, it was truly a sight to behold. His old base was now a tower, an impressive tower to be sure, and Ken's throne was right on top.

"Who dares trespass in MY Digital World!" announced the Digimon Emperor as he stood up from his throne, "No one is allowed here but me, the only Digidestined in the world!"

"That's where you're wrong," countered Jun, taking point. She started this journey to retrieve her friends, and she was gonna lead them to the end, "We're Digidestined too and this is NOT where you belong!"


Time seem to stop as they turned their heads to her in sheer shock at the reference she just made. Jun seem to realize what she just said had the courage to look apologetic.

"Sorry, guess I'm taking after my brother," said Jun.

"Well, I guess being headstrong DOES run in the family," replied the Digimon Emperor, throwing them off for a moment.

'How does he know about Davis?' they wondered as one.

"I am ALL POWERFUL! There is nothing you can do!" continued the Digimon Emperor, "NOW MY SLAVES, END THIS PATHETIC RABBLE ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

A gate opened up and revealed five Digimon, all under the influence of the Dark Spirals. Gatomon, Hagurumon, Patamon, Armadillomon, and Hawkmon walked towards them with the intent to kill; however, the humans just looked at each other before laughing, catching the Digimon and the Emperor off guard.

"Wow, does this ever want to end quickly!" smirked Yolei.

"Thanks for giving us our Digimon back, Ken!" added Kari.

"This is making things easy enough that we might be able to make it back to Davis in no time flat," chuckled TK.

"Looks like we get out of here in record time," finished Cody.

"Guys," said Jun, as everyone pulled out their Digivices, "DIGIVOLVE NOW!"

Five lights exited from the Digivices and hit the Digimon.

"One thing MaloMyotismon forgot was that when we're together, our power is greater than ever!" continued Jun, "Our Virtues work together and expand our influence in this world, as it is STILL a mental projection! Now, with ALL the virtues here, we will create the strongest Miracle EVER to bring back Davis and beat MaloMyotismon once and for all!"

'MaloMyotismon' thought Ken, 'who's that! I'm the Digimon Emperor, they should fear me, not have a reckless courage charge like…'

Wormmon appeared beside Ken, looking up at what the worst his friend could ever become, and glad things would never turn out this way again.

"Ken, wake up and defeat that Emperor once and for all!" said Wormmon, Digivolving into Stingmon, "You owe it to your friends! You owe it to Davis! You owe it your brother Sam!"

'My brother!? My brother always took attention away from my parents!' thought the Emperor, before another voice spoke up, 'NO! My brother and I were friends! We made up and I defeated my evil side. And I won't let it return, not EVER AGAIN!'

Ken gripped his head in pain, as he fought over who he was, and what he would be: Digidestined or Emperor, Good or Evil! Kindness was his strength and even in Darkness, it was strong enough to balance the light, and evil would never be able to handle it. Ken felt the emotions of his friends, as well as their virtues, as it helped him gather strength enough to banish the Digimon Emperor from his being, once and for all!


Ken's Emperor's clothes disappeared, as did his tower, lowing the two of them back down to ground level where the others were. The others joined him as their Digimon finished Digivolving to their Champion forms (or Ultimate for Gatomon).

"Ken, you okay!" said Jun, as Yolei hugged him for all he was worth.

"Yeah, thanks to you guys!" said Ken, "My darkness was tainted like no other. My brother never died, but that only made our rivalry worse. All my negative feelings swelled and formed into the Digimon Emperor, with little remorse and every evil intention known to man and mon-kind."

"It's over now, Ken," said Yolei, happy tears falling, "I love you! I love you so much and I will never let you go again!"

"I know, Yolei," replied Ken, bringing her back a bit, before kissing her with all his buried passion from so long without being with her. Pulling back, he added, "And I will always love you, no matter what."

"Good for you," huffed Kari, a little jealous that Yolei got her boyfriend even as she was still waiting for Davis to give her a straight answer. The kiss last night held very little passion and love, as she all but forced it on him with the Mistletoe and the new years' celebration that was going on, "Can we get out of here already?"

"That depends Kari," said Angewomon, "Is there something or someone to return to…?"

"You think we would go back for nothing," cried out Kari, insulted that HER partner would question her of all things, "How dare you, Angewomon! Our families, all of our friends, the other Digidestined! There's too many reasons to go back to stay here!"

"What's she asking is…" spoke up Jun, "Is what are you willing to do to return to HIM? In all the time Davis has been here in the past, he has always been by your side and changed history because of it. Davis is in a worse position than any of us because he has lost everything important to him. You have been with him since you got back from defeating the Dark Masters and have never once let a day go by where you didn't visit or talk to him. In this world, Davis views you as the one that will never let him go, because he saved you from Myotismon. You've got to prove to him you don't just love him because he saved you. Can you do that…?"

Kari thought back. Jun wasn't wrong; she was there with Davis every day and had often noticed that he didn't want himself to be the only person in her life. Moreover, she began to see another time, another life. One where she didn't even meet Davis until after her adventures, and never shared the bond they had in her life. They grew up as friends, but nothing more. He developed a crush on her and it caused more than one argument with TK and the others. Eventually everyone moved on with their lives, but Davis always held Kari in his heart, even as she married someone else and eventually had a child. She knew this was even further than when Davis and Ken travelled back from because she saw all their kids having fun and it was vastly different: Matt and Sora were together and Jun was no more than a fangirl to him. This may have been a good life, but she would never trade it for the life she has now. She was right before, she didn't want to know what happened between Davis and her other self, because it was something she herself now couldn't stand to see. It was more than just saving her that she loved him for. It was everything after that. All the ups and all the downs, she would never trade any of that away, because Davis meant everything to her. She spent more than enough time with him to know him back to front. The only person who probably knew him better was Ken, and that was because they had the other life as a foundation for this life.


Kari's light began flaring up brighter than ever, expanding over both worlds in this Illusion before shattering it utterly. They found themselves back in the previous world, where MaloMyotismon was looked ticked that they got out of it.


"We mean everything to each other," added TK, "We're a family, and our bond is stronger than any illusion!"

"No one messes with one of us without all the others pitching in and helping no matter what!" followed up Yolei.

"You have no honor and no shame. You are nothing but Evil and you have no place in this world any longer!" informed Cody.

"You can tear us down, but we will always get up!" said Jun, as all six of them glowed, "We won't ever stop! Not until you are gone, FOREVER!"

Cody glowed Purple and Grey, signifying his Knowledge and Reliability. Yolei glowed Pink and Green, acknowledging her Love and Sincerity. TK glowed Orange with Hope while Kari's White Light was as strong as ever. Ken glowed a mix of Pink and Black, given his acceptance with Kindness and Darkness. Jun herself glowed blue, with unwavering Loyalty to her friends and everyone that needed her.

Ankylomon DNA Digivolve to…


Aquilamon DNA Digivolve to…







Stingmon DNA Digivolve to…


Guardromon Digivolve to…



"Take him!" ordered Ken, and the seven Digimon charged at MaloMyotismon, giving the others time to get to Davis.

"Davis!" called out Kari, getting to him first and turning him over to his back, "Please come back to me! Forget everything that has happened to us in this life and the previous one! All I want to know right now is if you love me! If you truly love me, then nothing else matters! I saw what happened in the other timeline, and I don't want any part of it. You mean too much to me to let you go now! You didn't save me because you wanted me to fall for you; you wanted to save me so I could be safe! Safe from Evil, safe from Myotismon, and safe to grow up, as I should be, as the Digidestined and bearer of Light! You held no selfish thoughts coming after me, and I will always love you for YOU, not what you do! You are the most important person in my life now and forever and I will never let you go, because I love you too much!

"Please," finished Kari, shedding tears, "Davis!"

Kari lowered her lips to his in a kiss that shared all her love she just spilled out to him for everyone to hear.

Davis, in darkness, began to hear a voice call out to him. It was familiar, yet foreign. A voice he knew so well, yet it was nothing like he had ever heard before. Eventually he realized it was Kari's voice, and it was saying what he always wanted to hear, but it was also what he never wanted to hear. She learned about their previous life, and he felt dread in what she was to say next, but it shook him to the core to hear it all the same. Everything he had been feeling around Kari was being cleansed, not unlike a wave of Light bathing him in its warmth and glow. Every regret and doubt he ever had about him and Kari being together vanished as if it was never there. A new start was here and he was now, finally, ready to start over, and leave behind everything from the previous life and live a new one, with Kari by his side.

Everyone felt their Virtues flow from them into Davis as Kari pulled away, allowing him to glow all the colors, before he stopped glowing altogether. Something was wrong, and they suddenly remembered what it was… MaloMyotismon had stolen Davis's power of Miracles.

"Something wrong…?" asked MaloMyotismon, as he dodged, blocked, or countered every attack sent at him, "I thought you were going to take me down. Looks like your one short. Davis was your only shot and while I hold his power of Miracles, he won't be up and at 'em any time soon. THERE IS NO HOPE LEFT!"

"THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE!" roared TK, firmly believing in his virtue, which everyone had in some capacity.

Davis felt the power from his friends, yet there was something missing. His Power of Miracles was gone, and he wasn't gonna get it back from MaloMyotismon, the hold he had on it was too strong right now. There had to be something though… He had to have had some hope left.

'AH! That's it!' realized Davis, calming down and focusing on his inner strength, 'Last time, I may have gone to TK, but I would be lying if I said I always believed in Hope. If there was one thing I always wanted to prove was that there existed the Hopeless Miracle. To bring out through sheer willpower, in spite of the odds, the Miracle that was always meant to be!'

Davis suddenly felt the Nightmare Claw effects vanish, along with the Crimson Lighting! His power, which had been held back by Myotismon's attacks was now unleashed, as if a dam burst open and the floodgates were obliterated at the same time. Davis glowed golden, ever brighter as it enveloped him inside and out.


"Hate to say it," smirked Davis, getting their attention, "But that is a lie, even though it's very rare."

Kari let Davis get up, before Davis surprised her by pulling her into a kiss that sent her out of this world in delight. It was only a few seconds, but Kari felt like it lasted for hours, all of it spent in happy bliss.

"Thank you, Kari," said Davis, a warm smile on his face, "You brought me back from nothingness. You dispelled all my doubts and fears of us ever being together in this life by our own choices. I love you Kari; I always have and I always will, now and forever.

"As for you, TK," continued Davis, turning to him, "Hate to say it, but Hope isn't always necessarily present to bring forth a miracle. I've heard several arguments, and you're not alone, that many miracles often require hope; however, there is one Miracle beyond all of them, one that will take everything one has to bring forth."

His smirk only grew bigger as he turned to the beyond angry MaloMyotismon as Chibimon turned back into Veemon.

"Hey tall, evil, and SO GOING DOWN!" declared Davis, his body glowing golden inside and out with the Hopeless Miracle, "Sadly I got to say, you can go ahead and keep that power you took from me. It just so happens that I found another, this one stronger. Time to test drive this power and see where it takes me!"

Veemon Digivolve to…

EXVEEMON… DNA Digivolve to…


"Hey Ken, ready to take it to the highest level?" asked Davis, smirking towards his best friend now.

Ken caught on and returned the smirk, "If you think you're up for it!"





This was getting out of control. MaloMyotismon had victory all but assured and then this happened. Even with his power of Miracles, he knew, he KNEW, there was no matching up with the Hopeless Miracle, at least not without some backup, which he kinda had. Making a silent wish to match the strength of the Megas before him, he barely had time to brace himself before he faced a barrage of firepower.








He could withstand the hit, but he couldn't help but be thrown back by the sheer force of the attacks, and felt himself being knocked through a wall. When he got his bearings, he found himself in the Digital World. He smirked; his plan was now ready to enter its final step. That wish he made paid off, not the mention that the previous wish was also still in effect giving him one more time to do it correctly. He was more than aware he couldn't directly change history in the way that he wanted. Even he knew the laws of time and couldn't prevent a fixed time event from happening. He planned it out accordingly, but he failed to account Davis's sister, that 'loyal' brat (pun totally intended). Here in the Digital World, he was able to recover from his injuries a bit and was able to now enact his final plan.


Everyone headed through the wall, entering the Digital World.

"Uh-oh," said Kari, "We blasted him into the Digital World. How in Azulongmon's name did we do that!?"

'Actually, it's supposed to be Goldramon, but she doesn't know that yet, does she?' asked Ken.

'Let it go, man,' replied Davis, getting serious, 'let it go.'

"Don't know, but he won't stay here for long!" added TK.

"Stay focused guys," ordered Davis, "We still got the advantage…"

"Oh do you now," cut off MaloMyotismon, "For you see, this works into my favor. Hopeless Miracle or no, now that I'm in the Digital World, you can't stop the final phase of my plan! Now, tremble before the might of EVIL AND DARKNESS! SCREAMING DARKNESS!"

The waves of Darkness flooded their vision, threatening to send them flying. Everyone focused everything they had on their Virtues, creating a shield against the Darkness.

"Not bad, but you have no idea of my power!" boasted MaloMyotismon, "Take a look at the sky, your world is already falling before my darkness! This world will also fall in just a few moments more!"

"I don't think so," denied Davis, "You might want to look again! You're darkness doesn't look like it's covering our world!"

"WHAT!?" cried back an outraged MaloMyotismon, before looking up to see his Darkness losing its hold everywhere in the human world, "WHAT IS THIS TRICKERY!"

"It's called an army! An army of Digidestined who want to stop you just as much as we do!" replied Ken, as the Partner Digimon showed up at the cliffs surrounding the valley they were in, "We knew your plan! Darkness is what you use. We just have a better understanding of that Darkness, and the Light we balance it out with!"

"It's over, MaloMyotismon," added Davis, "You've lost!"

"I haven't lost anything! I still have the Power of Miracles," countered MaloMyotismon, "and with its power, I will end you! SCREAMING DARKNESS!"

"Give it up, Vampire Reject!" came a new voice, as the Darkness attack vanished with the appearance of the Digidestined coming through the natural gate that MaloMyotismon conveniently opened up for them to use, the one speaking turned out to be Tai, "You just don't know when to give up! We won't let you take ANY world! We'll always fight no matter what!"

"Good thing I can still do this!" countered MaloMyotismon, "Let's see you handle THIS! BLOOD RAIN!"

Several orbs of Darkness flew out his shoulders and struck every one of the Digivolved Digimon, knocking them back down. Suddenly, everyone heard voices from the broken dimension wall. It was the kids Oikawa had chosen, which in and of itself made them future Digidestined, and they finally recovered and made their way to the Digital World.

"No way, even with everyone together, he's still stronger than them," said one of the kids, "Guess even an army isn't enough to stop him…"

"HEY!" interrupted Ken, who was honestly expecting them to speak up any moment now, "NO DEPRESSING TALK! I DID NOT GIVE UP SPECIALY MADE DARK SPORES JUST SO YOU COULD GIVE UP ONCE THE FLOWER'S BEEN TAKEN!"

This got everyone's attention, even Davis, as he didn't know this.


"I've been going over everything the Dark Spores have given me over the months and since MaloMyotismon wanted to spread them around, I thought I make a few of my own," continued Ken, seeing as everyone was taking a timeout from the fight to hear his explanation, "The spores I gave you were specified to how you chose your path in life. Some will receive a boost in intelligence, while others will receive increased talents in sports and other activities. It doesn't matter WHO chose you, the fact that you believe is enough! If there was any dream you have ever had in your life, you have everything you need to achieve them; you just need the willpower to start down that path to fulfilling them!"

This inspired the kids to forget their doubts and crossover into the Digital World, each speaking their dream in turn. Noriko, who came with Sora, even had the same dream as Kari did.

'Noodle Empire here I come…' mentally added Davis, before getting a mental punch to the shoulder by Ken, 'Kay, shop first, then Empire later.'

"Stop it! Enough with the Hope!" screamed MaloMyotismon.

"NEVER! HOPE WILL NEVER DIE AS LONG AS THERE ARE THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN IT!" said TK, his glow increasing with everyone's hopes.

"And that Hope is the basis of the very LIGHT that will defeat you!" added Kari, her Light shining even brighter.

"NO! NOOO! NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" cried out MaloMyotismon in pain, "I won't go! SCREAMING DARKNESS!"

Darkness formed around MaloMyotismon as if to spread out to the Digidestined and the Digimon, only for it to disappear without even leaving his body.

"WHAT!?" screamed MaloMyotismon.

"I don't think you will be needing that Darkness where you are going," said a voice getting their attention to the sky now. Azulongmon descended, dispelling the darkness in the area, "In fact, the only thing you will be needing is a one-way ticket to oblivion!"

"What happened to letting us handle it?" asked Davis.

"Well, there is the fact that my power is restored, thank you WarGreymon for FINALLY getting around to that," replied Azulongmon, sending a glance at Agumon, "and the fact that you haven't gotten all your members yet… Kids, these are for you!"

Azulongmon glowed a bit before eggs appeared before the new kids; they picked up the eggs and received their Digivices as their eggs hatched, revealing their partner Digimon.

"I believe you can take it from here," finished Azulongmon, pulling back in the air a bit.

"I won't go alone!" declared MaloMyotismon, charging towards Davis.

"Yeah, don't think so," countered both Imperialdramons, getting in his way and blasting him back with Positron Lasers.

"Ready to end it guys?" smirked Davis.

The others just looked at him, giving him all the answer he needed.

"GO FOR IT!" ordered Davis, before adding, "By the way, I lied before: I'll be taking back my Power of Miracles now!"


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted MaloMyotismon as his body was laterally obliterated his body, leaving only his spirit left as the Power of Miracles returned to Davis.

"Just end it," groaned Davis.








All the attacks swirled together as it collided with the spirit form of Myotismon and it was disintegrated with nothing left to reformat. Myotismon was finally gone, once and for all.

"Great job, Chosen of Miracles," said Gennai, walking up while clapping as the Digimon reverted back to their usual forms, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, and the Bearer of Kindness and Darkness. I've got to say, you two have caused a lot of trouble around here, though you really couldn't have done a better job. Congratulations, this was a well fought victory."

"Thanks Gennai," replied Davis, walking up to him and shaking hands, "But I think you need to return something that belongs to Gatomon."

"Of course," replied Gennai, smirking at Davis's smart-aleck comment, "Here you go, Gatomon. A perfectly re-forged Chrome Digizoid Tail Ring, this one to go with your Dark Tail Ring."

"Thank you, Gennai," said Gatomon, before hesitating a bit, "Um… about Wizardmon…?"

"Resting at Primary Village. He should be back to his old self in a few months," replied Gennai, knowing how deep a bond those two shared, "I'll let you know when he's up to catching up with you."

"Thanks a lot!" smiled Gatomon, glad that her best friend would be back to normal soon.

No one noticed during this time that Cody had left the group to get to Oikawa and help him into the Digital World. By the time they noticed, Cody had almost gotten him to the barrier between the Wish World and the Digital World.

"Thank you, Cody," said Oikawa as he peered out the broken barrier two feet in front of them, "But I'm not sure my body will co-operate, even with the Wish World giving me strength."

"But it's right here!" argued Cody, "You're literally two feet from fulfilling your dream of returning to the Digital World."

"Unfortunately, he can't physically enter the Digital World," informed Gennai, as the group headed over, "At least, not anymore."

"Why not!?" protested Cody.

"Fixed Time," said Davis, approaching the two of them with Ken, "not unlike your father, as well as Matt and TK's dad. They are forbidden from re-entering the Digital World."

"Why is that?!" asked Cody, his hopes of helping out his father's best friend deteriorating with each answer.

"It has to do with their final battle all those years ago," replied Ken, "But, not even we know the full story…"

"Wait," said TK, "Matt and I finally remembered to ask our dad about it this morning. He said that to re-enter the Digital World after what happened would destroy the fragile balance that was created in the first place. Their adventures here awakened a Digimon that corrupted Time and Space for all Dimensions: Millenniummon. They won that battle, but the price was the separation of all worlds, and the Digital World paid an even steeper price with its time out of balance with the rest of the worlds. After we defeated the Dark Masters, Apocalymon appeared and managed to restore the time flow with the other worlds, but it was several centuries between the Two Digimon appearing."

"I remember that battle," said Oikawa, as Datirimon appeared, "and welcome back old friend. I have missed you so much!"

"I've missed you just as much, Yukio," replied Datirimon, before noticing his condition, "We got to heal you, and quick!"

"Actually, Davis willing, I think I'm up for one final journey," smirked Oikawa, even in his condition, "You up for one last adventure with me, Datirimon?"

Datirimon gained a big smile at this, for this was the personality his partner had when he was a kid. It was comforting to know he was able to return to that state in the end, "Always, Partner!"

"What do you mean, 'Davis willing'?" asked Davis, in an almost accusing tone.

"Well, if you don't mind," said Oikawa, absorbing the golden power enveloping Davis, reverting him back to the Power of Miracles he had before, his glow an aura, not unlike TK and Kari again, "I can use this Hopeless Miracle, as I have very little hope of living through this, or rather I have no hope, and using it to reinforce the protection of the Digital World and maybe even keep a permanent seal on the Dark Ocean to boot. Ready Datirimon?"

"Ready!" said Datirimon, glowing as well before they both disappeared in a golden glow and turned into a swarm of butterflies.

"That was something else," said Ken.

"Agreed," added Davis.

"And that looks like it wraps up everything. Well, except for you, Davis," spoke up Gennai, "The Power of Miracles…"

"I know, you want it back, right?" interrupted Davis.

"Keep it," said Azulongmon, as Gennai floated up into the air, "Think of it as a reward for everything that's happened, in both lifetimes."

"Thanks," said Davis, "I promise not abuse it!"

"We'll hold you to it!" shouted back Gennai as both of them disappeared.

"So, what was that again?" asked Tai.

"Let's just say my Soccer skills are gonna reach a whole new level," smiled Davis as they all made their way back to the Human World, as the portal to the Wish world closing for good.

After returning home to a tearful reunion with their parents, the Japanese Digidestined were ready for some rest, even IF they had to return to school soon. It didn't take too long for the other students to notice that Davis and Kari had quickly became an item, not that there was much surprise for everyone that had known them for the past few years. It was also apparent that Yolei had also found a love interest, as she also had a content look on her face. When TK was asked, all he said was that it was an interesting winter break. What TK didn't tell them was that he got to kiss Catherine, a French girl, under the mistletoe at their New Year's party. All in all, things were looking up for the Digidestined, even if two of them knew one more battle was to come.

Davis sighed, since returning to school after the New Year, things had drastically improved for him and the rest of the Digidestined. He and Kari were still going strong, as were Yolei and Ken as well; heck Matt and Jun were going steady and Tai and Sora were enjoying the numerous dates they were able to have. It looked as if they weren't gonna be needed to fight another battle for the Digital World for a long time, but he knew otherwise. Diaboromon was still out there; Davis found, going back through his old texts, the final text that Diaboromon sent him four years ago. Things weren't over, and with Myotismon now gone for good, Diaboromon was the only one who could fill the void this side of the barrier between worlds.

So, during the last summer, barely a week before school began, Diaboromon made his move, sending out billions of Kuramon into the real world, where his next form will come to fruition.

Having been held up in Soccer practice all day, since the High school wanted Davis to get in all the practice he could handle since he and Ken were going to be their star players the following year, he was the last to arrive at Izzy's apartment. He was thoroughly tired and was about ready to call upon his Power of Miracles, but remembered his promise to Azulongmon and decided to endure through it. When he got to the door, he knocked the specific knock that was to let Izzy know it was a Digidestined that was knocking.

"Digi, Digi," prompted Izzy from the other side.

"Mon, Mon," replied Davis, resisting the urge to make fun of the password.

The door opened and Davis could see all ten of the Digidestined that were in town. Sora, Mimi, and Joe weren't available at the time due to travel plans (the girls), and University Entrance exam scores. Izzy then pulled up a few pictures posted by Diaboromon from the net, in an effort to locate them using the Kuramon cloned from himself. One interesting photo was a recent picture of Matt and Sora leaving a recording studio together.


"Matt, what happened while that photo was taken?" asked Jun, getting a little bit mad, and Tai couldn't blame her, this was also new to him as well.

"Wow, I have no idea that got posted," said Matt, and upon seeing the looks, he quickly added, "That was back in February! Sora met up with me outside the Studio and we decided on shopping for Valentine's Day that night. The gifts we got for you two were inspired by each other."

Tai and Jun couldn't really argue that fact because they did indeed enjoy their Valentine's gifts, and ultimately let them off the hook. They eventually turned their attention back to Izzy, who wasn't done speaking yet.

"These emails and photographs were sent all across town, in literally every email box and incoming text message. We need to round up the Kuramon attached to these messages because they're entering the Real World," continued Izzy, "Tai, Matt, you two and Omnimon need to find the source of the Kuramon and put a stop to it. Everyone else needs to gather the Kuramon so we keep them from turning into MORE Diaboromon."

"Sounds good," said Tai, "Let's go Matt."

Izzy opened up a gate to the Internet and entered in his forever password: Prodigious. While that was going on, everyone else split off into pairs and searched for the Kuramon wherever they appeared.

Finding Kuramon wasn't too hard, unless you were Davis and Ken. For some reason, even though they followed the signals to all the Kuramon currently in their area, it STILL took them twenty minutes to find their first Kuramon.

'Why is this a thing?' asked Davis, as they moved to the train station to make their way to the next area to find the next batch of Kuramon to show up.

'Maybe because a certain group of Digital Gods likes to mess with us,' offered Ken, as they boarded after sending a few dozen Kuramon to Izzy via nearby computers. Seriously, anyone knowing Izzy could hack his computer if they were Tech-savvy enough with 'Prodigious' being his password for over four years.

Once aboard the Train, they couldn't help but notice people coming into town from the nearby cities (either heading home or going to work or something else, they didn't know or care really), and at the sound of emails and text messages popping up, they shot up from their seats, shouting at the people to NOT open them. Unfortunately, it was too late and ANOTHER dozen Kuramon popped up. One was launching itself right at a nearby child, forcing Veemon to cut it off and knock it back. Fortunately it didn't Digivolve due to the immediate threat on its life; unfortunately, the train stopped and opened, allowing it to flee from the area, in spite of its brothers capture.

Needless to say, things didn't get better with Izzy's reaction or the news that TK and Kari were heading into the Internet after Tai and Matt, who were confronting Diaboromon on the Internet.

"Whoa! Are they showing a rerun of that fight from four years ago?" asked a bystander.

"Wonder why they're showing it now? Something not right here…" replied one of their friends.

'You don't know the half of it,' sighed Davis as they walked by, 'Of course, how they know Digimon names is beyond me, since we never had the government actually announce the Digital World yet. Heck, Gennai and Azulongmon are still organizing things on their side before they can officially allow any NON-Digidestined in yet.'

"You think it would be a Million Diaboromon being shown if it was the same fight," added another bystander, "I mean, Omnimon WAS fighting an army of Diaboromon, right?"

"This IS live!" said Davis, getting their attention, "Can't go into details, but this fight is all new!"

'Great Davis, now you've done it…' informed Ken, his eye twitching, grabbing onto Davis and pushing him away from the crowd before the scene got any bigger, 'Let's keep moving.'

Unfortunately, the battle got more intense as Angewomon and Angemon joined the fight. Davis contacted Yolei to see if she and Cody could combine their powers with Kari and TK to give them a power boost. It managed to work and Omnimon managed to obliterate Diaboromon.

'And now the hard part,' deadpanned Ken as literally a billion+ Kuramon entered the Real World from the Internet, shutting down all access points as they left, leaving some of the Digidestined's strongest members secluded from the rest of the team.

"Guess who's here!" shouted a voice, startling Izzy out of his concentration. Jun fell out of her seat as well from the sudden noise.

They turned to see Mimi enter Izzy's apartment, perky as if she didn't just get off a VERY long flight from NYC. The two wondered if Mimi was even aware of such a thing called Jetlag.

"Oh, it's only you," said Izzy, slightly disinterested now.

"And I came ALL the way from New York by plane instead of the Digital World out of respect for Gennai and Azulongmon," frowned Mimi, "Some courtesy and respect isn't too much to ask for."

"Hi Mimi," deadpanned Izzy, "How are you?"

"Just fine, thank you," smiled a renewed perky Mimi.

"It's been a while," said Jun, in less of a deadpan than Izzy, but still slightly put off, "How have you been?"

"Pretty good," said Mimi, before sighing, "I just wish Michael would ask me out already!"

This got Izzy's attention, but stayed quiet. It wasn't a secret that he had a crush on Mimi, but it wasn't like everyone knew about it. Davis and Ken might, but it wasn't as strong as Tai and Sora and even if they knew, they didn't care and wanted Izzy and Mimi to work it out between themselves.

"Really," said Jun, sneaking a side-glance over at Izzy, "Tell me more!"

"Well, it's like this…" started Mimi, completely forgetting Izzy there.


Meanwhile, everyone else was heading to the harbor where the Kuramon were gathering, each in his or her own way. Things didn't get better when the blackout hit. Luckily, Yolei and Cody made it to the Harbor before it got too bad. Yolei got out her cell phone and called Davis to update him about what's going on, all the while using her Computer to record the events in front of her.

"Davis, you better get here quick. The Kuramon have all gathered!" said Yolei.

"Working on it! Traffic's got us taking some side routes but we're getting there," replied Davis over the phone.

"Well, you better hurry before…" started Yolei before the Billion+ Kuramon took to the sky and formed an Egg, "Uh-oh, too late. They've already started!"

"Digivolve now! Try and hold him off. We'll get there ASAP!"

"Understood," finished Yolei, before turning to Cody, "We're the first line of Defense!"

Cody nodded and they brought out their Digivices.

While Jun was keeping Mimi busy, Izzy received an email from Yolei about the egg.

"Yeah, I know," replied Izzy, typing and speaking at the same time. "It's over ten times bigger than Parrotmon's egg from eight years ago."

"Looks bigger to me," said Mimi, watching from the window, having stopped when the egg appeared, "And it looks like Diaboromon isn't gonna be the one hatching from it."

"How can you tell?" asked Jun, right next to her.

"I don't know if you can tell, but every evil Digimon has an evil aura about them and this one's too strong to be made by Diaboromon. I think we're dealing with another VenomMyotismon incident, Izzy."

"You're not wrong," replied Izzy, getting a better analysis from Yolei's live transmission just before the egg hatched, "And here's the answer. I'm analyzing the Digimon now."

Before anyone could say anything, Shakkoumon and Silphymon charged into battle, making sure to leave enough momentum and speed to avoid this new Digimon's attacks.



The attacks were doing next to nothing against the Digimon's hide. Something wasn't right, but the battling Digidestined didn't know what it was.

"I can't get information on this new Digimon. It's like this is the first time it's been encountered," said Izzy, while getting a 'NO DATA' message on his computer.

Suddenly, a text box appeared with one word: Armageddemon.

With the name, Izzy was able to get the data he needed.

"This is worse that VenomMyotismon. Armageddemon has more power than Apocalymon did four years ago; heck, even MaloMyotismon wasn't this strong!"

"But, we can still win, right?" asked Jun, before the computer flashed and Izzy got dog piled by Kari and TK's return alongside Gatomon and Pata, "How did you get back?"

"Trust us, it wasn't easy," sighed Kari as she got up and went over to the window, "We've done our part, now it's up to our brothers, and Davis and Ken too."

"Destiny Destroyer!" shouted Armageddemon, not caring if he missed the two DNA-Digimon.

"It's all we can do just to stay alive," said Silphymon, using his small stature weave in and out of shots, making sure they don't hit anything but water.

"We need to hold him off, at least until…" replied Shakkoumon, when a bright light shot out of nowhere, revealing to be Omnimon.

Tai and Matt landed from where the portal opened over one side of the harbor.

"OKAY OMNIMON!" shouted Tai.

"TIME FOR ROUND TWO!" added Matt.

The cheers from the crowds that had gathered helped Omnimon recover some strength he used up in the previous battle.


Omnimon focused on Armageddemon, trying to think of a strategy he could use to take him out. Unfortunately, it wasn't gonna be easy if he turned out to be stronger than Apocalymon.

Meanwhile, Davis and Ken were rushing to the harbor as best as they could, taking what streets were empty. Davis got another call from Yolei updating him.

"Davis, you better be right around the corner. Armageddemon is here and our Digimon can't do a thing against him. Omnimon MIGHT be able to buy some time, but I don't think it'll be enough without Imperialdramon helping out!" informed Yolei.

"Right, we're getting closer. We'll step it up and be there in a few minutes!" replied Davis, stopping to catch his breath.

"Davis, if we keep stopping like this, you won't ever catch up to me!" taunted Ken, who was slightly winded.

All it did was earn a chuckle from Davis.

"Sorry Ken," said Davis, "just wanted to see how far I could go since my limiter was removed. Guess I haven't fully recovered my strength from Practice today."

"Oh, really," smirked Ken, "THEN STOP HOLDING BACK!"

"Hey, I'm all for that. I just got one question," said Davis, turning to him, before beginning to glow with a golden aura from the Power of Miracles, "Can you keep up?"

Ken's smirk didn't disappear as he glowed with the power of Kindness, "Can the fastest fictional critters be a Road Runner, a Mexican Rodent, and/or a Blue Hedgehog?"

Both took a few seconds to grin like idiots while chuckling, before taking off at even greater speeds than before, determined to get to the harbor in record time.

Things weren't looking good. Omnimon could barely avoid the Destiny Destroyers sent his way while counter-firing with Supreme Cannon shots. Eventually he got a few hits off to stun Armageddemon for a few seconds, giving Omnimon the time to really let loose a barrage of shots, all direct hits on Armageddemon.

"That should do it," said Omnimon, before the smoke cleared revealing minimal damage done to the thick outer hide, "or not. Guess I got to get up close and PERSONAL!"

Omnimon then charged in, avoiding shots with better precision and managed to get close range and plunged his sword deep through the forehead.

"APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD!" called out Agumon, before continuing as Gabumon, "OR TAKE ORALLY FOR BEST EFFECT!"


A few Supreme Cannon shots didn't do anything on the inside as Armageddemon absorbed the power to let loose a tripled powered 'Destiny Destroyer' at point blank, sending Omnimon to another island.

"OMNIMON! NO!" cried out Tai and Matt.

Omnimon's cape was disintegrated from the blast, and when he tried to stand, both his arms broke off and he fell unconscious.

A ripple effect went through the city, being felt by every Digidestined. Even the new kids were watching, knowing they couldn't do much, but rely on Davis and the others. If anyone was gonna figure a way out of this, it would be them.

Davis and Ken, feeling the ripple, increased their speed even more, finally getting to the harbor.

'Damnit,' swore Davis, 'all that extra speed and we didn't really get here any faster. It was only enough to not need bikes.'

'Well, that is still an accomplishment,' replied Ken, before getting serious, 'We can't hold back. If this guy can take down Omnimon, then there's no way we can mess around with this guy.'

'Really?' smirked Davis, 'Cause my plan was to annihilate him with everything we got! Sound good?'

Ken smirked back at him in response. Even when they're greatest battle yet was before them, Davis still had the courage to be light-hearted. It was beneficial in keeping the fear down, or gone really; however, it could get annoying. They both stood from behind the crowd and called out to their partner Digimon.



Considering their distance to the crowd to be a whopping two feet, it was no surprise that the crowd parted from them, giving them a clear path to the edge of the harbor where they could get the best view.

"GO GET 'EM!" shouted a random bystander.

"Hey, it's Davis and Ken, the leaders of the Digidestined!" added another bystander.

"Wait, I thought he was Kari's boyfriend," said a girl Davis recognized from School.

"Yeah, and the leader of the best army in two worlds that defends them!" added her friend.

Ken and Davis mentally rolled their eyes at that. It was no secret and Davis and Kari were dating now. Ever since the battle with MaloMyotismon, everyone learned about the Digital World, and with celebrities all over the world informing them about him being the leader, it was only natural that he became a celebrity himself. Of course, he made a point to hold a press conference to clear away any doubts, questions, and misgivings about what the Digidestined were. He also made a point to make all the Militaries aware that the Digidestined fight for everyone, not just any one power, derailing any plans they may have wanted to make with these Digital Monsters and their Partners. Things had died down after a few weeks, but everyone at school still held him in high regard. Those that knew him from the Myotismon/Odaiba Fog Incident gave him even higher praise for everything he went though. Sometimes it was good to be this well known, like now when you need to actually get to a battle to decide the fate of the world.

Davis and Ken got to the edge and Veemon and Wormmon jumped up from their place on a stack of boards and Digivolved.










While Imperialdramon got into battle, a voice caught the attention of Tai and Matt.

"GUYS! I FINALLY MADE IT!" shouted Sora over the sounds of battle.

"SORA!" called back Tai and Matt as Sora got close.

The three of them shared a hug before turning their attention towards the battle.


Imperialdramon was analyzing Armageddemon while firing a barrage of Positron Lasers in machine gun fashion. They may not remember the battle too well, but that didn't stop them from avoiding as many attacks as possible.

'Let's cut around to the back to add in a Giga Crusher before changing forms,' suggested Veemon.

'Sounds good,' replied Wormmon.

"GIGA CRUSHER!" shouted Imperialdramon, managing to do just that with a split second to spare before Armageddemon turned around.

"FULL SCALE ATTACK!" countered Armageddemon, blocking the powerful attack as he moved to a different part of the harbor, "DESTINY DESTROYER!"

Executing a 'Barrel Roll', they barely managed to avoid getting hit by that last attack, only for another one to slam right in their face.




Heading up into the sky, he focused all his power into a single shot, flying down he got in close and by passed Armageddemon, getting him off balance.


The resulting explosion had nearly all the onlookers turn away from the shockwaves and the winds. Even as the explosion died down, Armageddemon emerged and focused his power.


Having used most of his energy in one shot, he couldn't move in time and received the full brunt of the attack. After the smoke cleared, it was very apparent who was in better condition, despite battling two DNA Megas. Imperialdramon was looking worse for wear.


"Okay, this is so wrong. Our strongest attack and it did JACK!" exclaimed Davis.

"We can beat him. There's no way we're gonna lose here and now!" added Ken.

"How are they gonna beat him now? Not even Omnimon AND Imperialdramon fighting back to back could stop him," spoke up another kid nearby.

'There has to be a way to go to the next level, there's just gotta!' urged Ken.

'I think I got an idea,' replied Davis, 'remember how my Power of Miracles responded to our friends. What if we got the WHOLE city involved?'

'Will it be enough though?' asked Ken.

'If it isn't, then Armageddemon has truly earned his victory,' replied Davis solemnly, before clearing his throat.


The response was immediate. Everyone immediately started cheering for the Digidestined, the ones that have defended them from MaloMyotismon and all other evil Digimon from the past. They were now asking for the people's help, and they were going to get it.

Omnimon felt the power of the people, giving him more strength than before. Agumon and Gabumon managed to pool their power together and focused it through the Omnimon body that was still standing.

"Imperialdramon, you better not waste this!" said Agumon.

"You've only got ONE shot, so make it count!" added Gabumon.

Agumon and Gabumon reverted back to the Rookie level, but the power and strength flowing through Omnimon's body was enough to transform it into a sword, which was sent to Imperialdramon.

'Here we go,' said Veemon, as Imperialdramon grabbed the sword with one hand.

'Time to two-shot this guy into oblivion!' added Wormmon, before grabbing the sword with two hands, the power following through every byte of their data being.



"This is it! The highest level we can obtain here! FINISH IT IMPERIALDRAMON!" declared Davis.

"OMNI SWORD!" shouted Imperialdramon, moving swiftly in front of Armageddemon and stabbing him, before opening up his chest cavity, "Eat this! SUPREME! GIGA! CRUSHER!"

The blast shot into Armageddemon's open mouth and it exploded inside of him, tearing apart Armageddemon's body from the inside out, returning him into the BILLION+ Kuramon that formed him in the first place.


Everyone took a second to register what Cody said before doing just that. Over 20 Digivice signals went first, connecting with the Omni Sword, followed by over a thousand cellphone signals.

Deep in the background, as if it was echoing through time itself, the sound of a whistle, followed by a harmonica, filled the air. The Omni Sword glowed as all the Kuramon flash up to it and back into the cellphones. From there, Izzy managed to trap as much of them back where they came from, before deleting the entire site they were at, erasing them from history. The Kuramon left on his computer were trapped as well, unable to escape.


"Well, that takes care of that," said Davis, falling to the ground and leaning against a bound group of wood, "What's next? A morning run throughout the city?"

"I was thinking maybe heading out across the countryside before doing some tree climbing at the nearest forest," replied Ken, smirking at him.

Both of them laughed for a few minutes before sighing and relaxed, eventually falling asleep where they were in seconds flat. Imperialdramon separated back into Veemon and Wormmon, both of whom fell into their laps, asleep as well on contact. No one bothered them, for they had earned some sleep.

Cody and Yolei weren't doing much better, Cody lying against Yolei's shoulder while she worked on the computer with Izzy, Hawkmon and Armadillomon also catching a nap.

Somehow, Sora was still feeling a bit energetic while Tai and Matt were exhausted, Agumon and Gabumon already sawing logs.


Meanwhile, back in Izzy apartment, Izzy was busy typing away at the computer, working with Yolei, while TK, Kari, Jun, and Mimi caught up with each other, given the months since they saw each other.

Several minutes later, Izzy finished up and turned to them, "Hey guys, we've finished up, and I think the new guys have earned their visit to 'that place'."

"Wow, really? About time, I'd say," replied Mimi, "That was on my list of places to visit, so this is gonna be good!"

"Wow, I haven't been there in years," said Kari, getting excited.

"Wait, you guys have a secret hangout? How come this is the first I'm hearing about it?" asked Jun, a little insulted.

"Well, it's not like we're supposed to turn it over. It's special to us, and to Gennai. We've kept it secret for four years because there was really no reason to share it, since the risk that came with it," explained TK, "Heck, I doubt Davis and Ken even remember about it since our other selves probably only took them the once."

"I've already sent an email to Yolei to get her group at the harbor to head over there. It's our turn now," finished Izzy, before grabbing the keys so he could get back in after they left.

Jun sighed, but cooperated anyways. They left Izzy apartment, unaware as Izzy's computer slammed the door shut on a Kuramon attempting to escape.

After waking everyone up, Yolei informed Tai, Sora, Matt, and Joe about Izzy's email. They all smiled, glad that they were finally going to go back there. They left Izzy in charge of when they visited 'that place', mainly because he took the most pride in its upkeep. Following the older kids, the younger ones were a bit confused, even Davis and Ken.

'So, what's up with this 'that place', again Ken?' asked Davis.

'Don't know. You'd think I'd remember 'that place'. Oh well, we'll probably feel stupid when we get there,' replied Ken.

Several minutes later, they met up with Izzy's group and all thirteen of them headed to a secluded island just a ways beyond the harbor. It only took a few more minutes before everyone got a look at 'that place'. Eight of them had smiles on their face, the other five at looks of shock on their face, as well as a bit of awe.


'I don't know, I mean, you have your 'secret place' in the Digital World, so that's an excuse, but I should have remembered something like this!'


'How do YOU know about my 'secret spot'?' demanded Davis.

'Seriously, you didn't think I couldn't detect your Digivice Signal all those months ago, ALONE of all things. I left you alone because you were by yourself, but since it was an area I never visited or took over, I figured you might have used it in OUR past. Never figured you'd use it again while I was Emperor.'

'That was before I knew you came back,' replied Davis, 'and thanks for not intruding on me.'

'No prob,' shrugged Ken.

Everyone took the rest of the day to hang out in 'that place', which turned out to be the cable car from four years ago when the Digidestined returned to the human world, given to them by Gennai from SEVERAL years ago when he first arrived in the Digital World. Things really do come full circle, at least in some respects.

All in all, things were looking up. Sure, Davis and Ken were still aware of a few events they were still needed for, but it would still be some time before they had to leave again. One thing that Davis would be smiling about is meeting a younger Tai than when he first met them, at least last time they first met. Time travel and time tenses, they still gave him a headache if he tried to work it out.

But, Davis still smiled, life was still good, even better now that he and Kari were together from a decision of the heart, instead of the head. Tai and Sora were going strong and it looked like Matt and Jun weren't going to break up any time soon. The future still had a bright outcome, and that's all there it to it…

(Chapter End)

(Story End)

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