Hey all. So this is a modern AU maiko story that takes place in New York.

I doubt I'll continue my other story. I'm planning on making this a long story but before I go invest alot of work in it I figured I'll just post what I have so for and see if anyone likes it. I tried to keep the characters modern names pretty obvious. The only one that might not be obvious just because he's not a main character is R.J. he is Rouen Jian.

I plan on writing this from all the characters viewpoints in the story. So hope you enjoy :D


God I'm an idiot. A desperate idiot. An embarrassment to all women. Just standing here freezing my ass off in the middle of the park with probably the last of all people I should be with right now.


Also known as the guy who left me way back when over a melodramatic email half of which I had no idea what he was going on about. He's been gone for the past seven months.

At first I was so furious at him for just up and leaving that I never thought about what would happen when he came back. Somehow I always knew that he would eventually. It's ironic really that I'd see him again today.

It was about 10:00 in the evening and my friend, or rather our friend, Kylie and I had just gotten off from this martial arts class we were both doing. We'd both already mastered a style of martial arts from when we were younger (her wing chun me kind of a mix with a focus on weapons) but now that we were in college we figured we'd take a simple class to make sure our skills don't fall off.

She had just mentioned Zach comletely randomly too. She had droned on and on about missing him and what a cute couple me'd been when he was here. She lamented that our old little group had finally completely dissipated after threatening to do so for quiet some time. We were the only ones left now that he'd gone off to wherever and Alexa had gone off to law school. We've all moved on, I told her, he moved on from me when he left and since I met R.J., I'd finally moved on from him.

In a way R.J. was almost a godsend. Naturally what R.J. and I had never even came close to what I had with Zach but even so it was nice. R.J is a great guy who truly cares about me and isn't that what really matters in a relationship? At least he wouldn't leave me out of no where when things are seemingly great with only an email as an explanation.

But then maybe I'm just bitter off Zach. Jerk.

I met R.J. at a party back when Zach and I were still going out. I laughed to myself thinking about what Zach would say if he knew I was dating R.J. nowadays. He'd flip out. It'd be hilarious I'll bet. He wrote him off as some horny idiot who was getting in the way. He told me he wasn't jealous or threatened but deep down we all knew he was. Definetly. After all R.J was pretty hot and he seemed to like me from the beginning. Which is the main thing I like about him, that he's so enamored with me. My mother always told me to date a guy who care's more about me than I care about him so I won't get my heart broken. R.J. fits that bill to the tee.

Then she, Kylie, got all depressed about it, our little posse's demise I mean. I swear that girl is too nostalgic for her own good. Or too idealistic. So she went to her house all mopey and I headed back to mine taking a shortcut through the park when I saw… Zach of course.

So now here we were me looking up at him skeptically him attempting to explain his absence.

"You have to understand, things were a bit… crazy back then. I should have told you more but that's in the past now"

"Really? You think that's all you need to say to get me to come running back?"

"Just trust me on this one,"

"Things have changed while you've been gone… you're gonna need to give me more than that" It's true a lot had changed. Fact is, I've met someone else. Someone without all the baggage and drama. Someone my family actually approves of.

He sighed "I came back for you though? Isn't that worth something?"

I scoffed "Gee Zach it must've been really hard for you to catch a flight here from wherever you were! That's a true sign of love!"

But that's not me acting like an idiot. That's me standing my ground being strong and firm.

I started being an idiot about five minutes later when the cold got to me and we decided to sit on a bench, and got closer and closer until we wound up making out in the middle of the park.

Hence where I am now. Curse my lack of cold weather tolerance.

"God I missed you" Zach said softly holding me.

"What am I doing here" I whispered. I don't think he heard me. At least if he did he didn't show any sign of it. His lips were pressed against my neck as we sat on the bench overlooking the pseudo creek we used to play in as kids. It seemed all of our most memorable moments happened here.

I pressed into him giving up my inhibitions. After all I had always hoped we'd wind up here like this. Intertwined on this park bench. Even so there was that lingering sense of guilt.

I'd almost forget how much better he was than R.J. Everything about the two was so different. I mean it's true they looked similar in a way. But when R.J kissed me I felt so little. It was fast and meaningless. Though I've been with R.J. for such a short amount of time he was familiar, we almost had our own rhythm down, and he's predictable. He's the exact type my parents have always wanted for me, he sticks to society's rules and comes from a wealthy powerful family.

Right now, with Zach a million suppressed feeling, hopes and memories seemed to come out of nowhere. It wasn't smooth, we weren't perfectly matched or any of that crap they write about in romance novels. Mentally I was freaking out. If anyone saw us here who knows what would happen. Then I remember when I was a young teenager like 13 or so wasting time in class with this exact fantasy in my brain.

Well now it's fulfilled and I'm still not happy.

Okay that's not true I am happy. I'm elated right now I felt my heart beating in all the wrong places, my ears, my toes, my lips. His arm traced the small of my back as I leaned on his chest. "Welcome home" I said into his ear.

God I'm an idiot.

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