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Mackay continues to amaze me more and more the longer I know her.

I'm mean, just that she waited for me this whole time is amazing. Plus I honestly expected her to be way more pissed off at me about this than she was.

I should buy her something.

No no no, then she'd get all weird on me and somehow distort my buying her stuff to mean some strange something… I don't even know. That shouldn't matter I should be able to by my girlfriend something just because I want to. If that bothers her then that's not my fault. But then again what'd the purpose be in buying her something if she doesn't get excited about it?

I spend way too much time arguing with myself. In general. About everything serious and trivial. Not that this is trivial, just in comparison to all the other shit I argue with myself about.

Actually I'm just going to buy her something regardless. She deserves something after all. She deserves so much right now.

It's probably obvious how much I've been worrying about this day. I guess I didn't expect it to go so smoothly, not necessarily that I thought she wouldn't forgive me or that she'd met someone else or anything. I just didn't expect it'd be easy to the point of me just showing up and her getting over everything within about five minutes.

I assumed I'd at least have to explain where I'd been to her. She didn't even make me tell her that.

That's some serious trust right there.

I shifted to get out of bed but was slung back in. For a minute there I had forgotten where I was and that this was a normal bed not an air bed. Which you'd expect would be much easier to get used to than this. I walked into the kitchen area of the one room motel room I had slept in. It wasn't bad. I've slept in much worse.

She probably expects me to explain everything today though which'll be a drag. Where to start? I ran the events of the past seven months through my head in attempt to find a slightly normalish coherent way of telling her. Well, back in April I came to a realization. We all were fucking idiots for letting things go on the way they had been going on for the past few years. We've basically blinded ourselves to all the illegal activity going on in our own households despite all the lives they've ruined and whatnot. So I went to put a stop to it by finding the one guy who could potentially fix things. Remember that one kid who witnessed you know a little over a year ago? Yeah he's the one I went to find. But-.

I shut myself up before my thoughts started sounding even more like some cheap law TV show summary. Is having to shut your own thoughts up a sign of insanity?

Hopefully she wouldn't ask. I guess I'll figure out what to say if she does. I've always been good at thinking on my feet.

Now to buy her something.


"No don't go! Wait!" I threw the towel on the ground. Chad (and yes that Chad; don't be looking at me that way, Alexa's the one who ditched him) stopped and turned around looking me over from head to toe.

"I have to go to class" he whined


"If I don't that professor said he'd fail me. I can't afford that!"

"But wouldn't you rather stay here with me?" I replied coyly "Today's my day off…Who knows what can happen on my day off?" Yeah that's right I'm not in college like everyone else. I gave up on that it just wasn't doing it for me. Halfway through freshman year I decided to drop and be a yoga instructor instead. It's worked great for me too I love the freedom and everyone at the studio appreciates what I do there. In college no one took me seriously, at the studio they probably couldn't function without me! For real I don't even know how they managed before I came to work there.

Chad looked pained. He was so easily tempted. I can convince him to skip class, court back when he had to go for parking tickets and almost anything really.

That's also cause he's a rich kid and knows not much'll happen if he does skip these things. Someone always is there to bail him out of trouble. And we can get into a lot of trouble together.

He's so adorable when he can't make up his mind though.

I sighed "Go ahead."

"I really don't want to anymore"

"Go on I don't mind" I laughed at him "Choosin' the rat race over me I see how it is! You're an awful boyfriend!"

He's not really my boyfriend either. I don't know what he is really. I guess more of a friend… with benefits. That was a super productive party though. We met both Chad and R.J. Who'd of thought we'd all keep in touch? Especially after how we trashed their house after. But everyone was so drunk I don't even think anyone remembers it was us who did that, except me. And maybe Zach but who knows what happened to him.

I watched as he walked out the door without even saying a proper goodbye. Geez I guess his Nana never taught him good manners. I chuckled to myself.

Oookay what to do today? I suppose I could go to the mall. I've been needing new yoga pants.

Chad's apartment was gorgeous. The interior was sleek with granite counters and gray tiled floors. He's so spoiled. He'd never make it in my family. Only child, I scoffed.

I pulled over a gray cashmere jacket, caught a taxi, and headed out to the Macy's.

I love living in the city. We all grew up outside of the actual city in the suburb areas. Well Zach and Alexa actually had multiple houses all over the place. It's amazing how many rich friends I have come to think of it. Annoying too.

I tipped the guy and headed towards the elevators. It was crammed as usual.

"Aahh!" I yelled as some guy holding a huge flower bouquet thing with all kinds of crazy embellishment slammed into me without even saying anything"

"Hey asshole!" I yelled obnoxiously (living in the actual city toughens you a bit).

He turned around to face me "Kylie?"

Oh. My. God. No way is that "Zach!" I screamed excitedly "Wow you're back! Ohmigosh I'd hug you but you've got that huge bouquet thing! Wait is that for Mackay? Wow I can't believe your back! Why didn't you call and tell me?"

"Wow yeah nice seeing you too! I came back yesterday actually-"

"WHAT! You came back yesterday and didn't even tell me! That's even worse! This is so crazy I was just yesterday talking about you to Mackay!" I deepened my voice to imitate her. "She was all 'yeah I'm so over him' and I was like 'But-"

"Wait she said that?"

"Yeah. Because of- Oh fudge I guess I shouldn't've told you that. My bad. But hey if you're not gonna give her those flowers now I'll sooo take them off your hands!" I half joked.

"That's strange because I just saw her last night and-"

"WHAT! You saw her last night and she said nothing to me about it! I'm gonna have to call that one"

He ran his fingers over his head stressed "Can we let each other finish a sentence?"

"Well maybe if you'd called and given us the heads up! Hey! Lets go back to Chad's apartment and talk! There's so much to catch up on!"

He paused trying to place where he'd heard that name before. Recognition flooded his face "WHAT! Chad's apartment! You don't mean that Chad as in the one whose place we -"

So he did remember. Knew it. I so called it.

"Yes that Chad. Now come on!"

"Hell no! I can't go to Chad's apartment why would we go there? You're not friends with him now are you?"

"Sorta. Sorta more than that."


"Stop yelling. People are staring" I whispered glancing around.

"People always stare!" he replied not lowering his voice "Just ignore them like I have to!"

Wait a minute what's he talking about? Ugh oh gosh. I swear he always does this. I'll say something completely normal and he'll misinterpret and get all weird and sensitive on me. It's so annoying. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one he does that to too, just to spite me.

"Whatever! Let's just go to Chad's house"

'Shit! Please tell me you're not friends with that…" he struggled trying to think of a name bad enough to call R.J. "with that… with Raoul Jean or whatever that idiot's name was"

The level of disgust in his voice when he said that name was almost hilarious. Raoul… Jean…. idiot? Relatively tame name calling for Zach. I expected so much worse considering Mackay's dating the guy now…Oh man I'll bet he doesn't know!

Oh snap he is going to flip out.

"Ummmm" I chose my words carefully "R.J.'s… around…. I mean you know how it is…. Its ah umm a pretty small town you know? We bump into people a lot here… People like maybe R.J. perhaps… potentially umm"

He looked at me like I was the idiot. "New York City is a small town?" he echoed slowly "Damn. Things must be worse than I thought. You guys must be really good friends with him."

I watched as he mentally processed this and his level of freaked outness built. His good eye widened, "She hooked up with him didn't she?"

I snickered internally. Well, she did alot more than that, dear I wanted to say. "Ummm in way she umm you know ummm"

He looked progressively more and more worried. "You know what Kylie? Take the flowers. I'm going to go have a talk with Mackay"

He walked out of the building. Dramatically. Actually he stomped out. Or rather he stormed out. Or whatever is the most dramatic way to say he left, that is what he did.

Ohhh crap Mackay is in trouble now. Which means I'm in major trouble when she finds out it was me who told him.

Whatever they're problem not mine. My problem is finding new sexy yet comfortable yoga pants.

Who am I kidding of course it's my problem. Mackay's going to kill me. Slaughter me more specifically.


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