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"That makes know sense at all. He sat next to you. Not the other way around." Naruto said leaning back on Hinata's bed. Hinata, who was sitting at the other end, nodded. "You humans are more complicated than I remember. Then again that was centeries ago."

"What was Naruto-kun?" She asked curiously, leaning against the wall and hugging her knees.

"When I was human," He replied nonchantly. "Life was much simplier then, girls weren't jumped just because they were prettier than someone."

"You were human?"

"Yeah, why is that shocking?"

"A-alittle..." Hinata said meekly. The room became quiet for a mintue. "N-Naruto-kun?"

"Yes Hinata-sama?"

"H-how old are you exactly."

Naruto sat up and scratched his head, thinking.

"Oh Kami, I must be about 160,017...? Or 160,018. One of the two."

He looks so young, like he should be walking around my school hanging ou with the football team or something...

"How did you become a genie."

"I won a contest in the mail."

Hinata stared at him blankly and he started laughing.

"I was kidding Hinata-sama!"

"O-oh, I-I knew that!" She stammered embressed. This only sent him into another laughing fit.

"You are just too cute Hinata-sama!"

Hinata went bright red. No one has ever called her cute before. Naruto smiled sweetly at her.

"But in all seriousness I sorta sold my soul...to a socressor."


By now his sweet smile faded and was replaced with a look of such pain and sadness Hinata's heart broke. What happened to this poor boy...?

"Her name was Kiyoko..." He whispered. "She was beautiful, sweet, kind, and,to my misfortune, the princess..."

"You were in love with her." Hinata said softly. Naruto nodded sadly.

"I was a pesent. Nothing. So I went to a soceressor by the name of Kyuubi. He turned me into a prince on one condition. If I couldn't win he heart in two days he would inpirsion me and force me to sevre as a slave to other humans for all of enternity, watching them each getting the one they love most in the world. Well as you can see I lost because I'm a cocky baka who was way too sure of himself."

"Your not a baka Naruto. You sacraficed yourself for the person you love. I-I find that very admirible. Romantic even." She blushed. He smirked and suddenly pinned her to the bed and got really close to her face.

"I only am if you want me to be Hinata-Tenshi..." He whispered seducivly, cenimeters away from her lips. Hinata never blushed harder in her life. Suddenly a huge smile spread across his face and he started laughing. He rolled off her and held his sides.

"For...forgive me Hinata-sama, it's just so cute when you get worked up like that. I couldn't help myself." He laughed and kissed her fore head. " I'm sorry Hinata-sama"

"I-its alright N-Naruto-kun..."

There was that word again. Cute. Why was it with that one little word, he could send her heart soaring? The to talked for a while then Hinata drirfted to sleep.

"Y-your so easy to talk to Naruto-kun." she yawned. "I wish you could come to school with me..."

Naruto smirked as she slept.

"Your wish is my comand..."

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