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WARNING: This chapter is HELLA "M"- so, if that's not your thing, just pretend the story ended after last chapter.

Cal had crawled into Gillian's bed clad only in his boxer briefs, and she had chosen to wear a set of matching silk pajamas that looked incredibly adorable and somehow sexy on her. They'd laughed and giggled until they'd fallen asleep, Cal's arm wrapped around Gillian's waist, her back snuggled up against her chest. She'd shivered at the contact and swiveled her hips a little bit, and he'd chuckled and then stilled her with his hand on her abdomen.

"Tomorrow, love." He'd breathed into her hair.

Gillian had laughed and then moaned a little before she sighed contentedly and drifted off to sleep, Cal not far behind her in finding his own slumber.

Gillian's eyes fluttered open and she glanced at the clock that read 6:30am. Grinning, ran her hand along Cal's forearm, his hand still holding her tightly. She pressed herself into him, and practically purred his name, "Cal?" She said, and she laughed when she heard him groan. "Cal?" She repeated, her hips pushing backward.

Cal inhaled sharply, feeling his erection against Gillian—he pulled her tighter to him, "Mm, yes love?" He said, propping his elbow on his pillow and resting his head on his hand so that he could see her face properly. The light was flooding in the window through small cracks in the blinds—there were shadows on her face, but he could see her clearly.

She turned her head slightly, allowing him better access to her features—she wanted him to be able to read her for this. She looked at the clock and looked back at him—he followed suit and looked at her questioningly, one eyebrow rising.

She smiled at him, "It's tomorrow, Cal." She said, "I'm completely sober," He watched her face and knew she was no longer under the influence of alcohol, "And," She continued, reaching her hand behind her even though it was at an awkward angle, "I still want," She said, her eyes heavy with desire, "This." She finished, as she wrapped her hand around his cock.

Cal grinned at her and then shut his eyes tightly, groaning at the sensation.

"Am I telling the truth?" She asked, affecting an innocent tone.

Cal's eyes flickered open, and his eyes searched her face, "Yes, darling, you absolutely are." He said.

"Mm, good." She said, giving him one squeeze before returning her hand in front of her. "I just thought you'd like to know."

Cal pressed himself into her and she nearly shuddered at the sensation, "Yes," he said, "I would." His fingertips caressed her stomach and he dropped his head down onto the pillow next to her. "And, for the record, love, I still want it, too." He said, his hands moving up to caress the underside of her breast through her pajamas.

"I'm glad," Gillian said, and Cal could hear her smile, even though he could no longer see her face. "Now," She said, as she situated herself against him, "We have at least another two hours to sleep—so," She said, nestling her head into the pillow, "I'm going back to sleep."

Cal smiled in the semi-dark as he closed his eyes next to Gillian—as her breathing steadied, indicating she'd fallen back into her slumber, Cal buried his face in her hair, inhaling her scent, and drifted off to sleep himself.

Cal awoke two hours later with a smile and an erection. His hand was still draped across Gillian's abdomen, and he tightened his grip slightly, and pulled her back into him, nuzzling his face in the back of her hair. She made what he could only describe as a lovely, sexy sound and snuggled back into him. He placed a kiss to the back of her neck and then let his hand travel further down her abdomen.

Gillian Foster, on mornings after she had been drinking, was a particularly heavy sleeper.

Her pajama top had ridden up, and Cal could feel the warmth of her flesh under his fingertips as they traveled downward. When he reached the waistband of her pajama pants, he felt a sense of exhilaration course through his veins. He had been waiting years for this—and there would be no going back. Delicately, he slipped his fingers inside the waistband, and he gasped when he felt the heat of her.

With a light groan of approval, he touched her—his fingers ghosting over her clit—once, twice, three times, and Cal felt Gillian begin to respond in her sleep, leaning her weight against him and pushing herself into his hand. He grinned and continued his ministrations until he felt Gillian begin to get slick. Then, with a smile, he changed his position so that he was no longer behind her.

His movement caused Gillian, who had rested herself upon him, to roll onto her back. Cal smiled, positioned at her side, on his knees, his erection painfully obvious through his boxer briefs.

If Cal had any doubts about Gillian's state of slumber, they were alleviated when she, still on her back, turned her head to the side, her mouth open, and murmured slightly. Cal leaned in to her face and saw that her muscles were at rest—she was definitely still sleeping.

Smiling, Cal hooked his thumbs under the waistband of her pajama pants, and pulled them down her legs, taking her underwear with them. He eased them out from her weight, pulled them off her legs and dropped them next to the bed.

Cal turned attention to the body that lay before him—even just half naked he found her absolutely breathtaking. He felt what little blood wasn't there already travel to his groin as his eyes ran up the expanse of her legs, long and lean, and landed on that beautiful juncture between her thighs. The shadows from the early morning light pouring into the window framed her perfectly and he couldn't help but breathe out, "Lovely," as he inched closer to her on the bed.

As if anticipating his next move, Gillian shifted again in her sleep, bringing her left leg up slightly and burrowing the left side of her face further into the pillow.

Cal licked his lips in anticipation as he situated himself in the area she had made. He ran his hand up Gillian's leg, reveling in the warmth and softness of her skin, and he didn't realize that he was holding his breath until he brought his face nearer to her. Anticipation of the realization of fifteen years worth of fantasies flooded his system and he released the hot breath he had been holding onto her most sensitive part.

Cal grasped the underside of her left knee with his right hand and pulled it up slightly, so he could have better access to her. With a slow, almost tentative dip of his head that seemed to almost pay homage to the fact that he was going to taste her for the first time, Cal leant further into Gillian.

Inhaling sharply, he ran his tongue up her length. He felt her shift in her sleep and make a little noise, smiling against her; he did it again, enjoying the sensation of her heat and moisture against his tongue. The third time, he could finally taste her on his tongue and he groaned involuntarily, and moved in for a fourth. At the end of the fourth lick, he paused to pay attention, specifically, to her clit.

He swirled his tongue around it, enjoying the way the bud hardened against his mouth. He heard Gillian gasp lightly in her sleep, and he flicked his tongue over it again. Cal then sucked it gently into his mouth, applying light pressure with his tongue and he felt Gillian gasp, and he saw her head shoot up from the pillow—she was finally awake.

Gillian gasped again as Cal's tongue continued its work, and her head lolled backwards toward the pillow.

Cal smiled against her, and licked up her length another time, enjoying the added moisture her conscious brain had allowed—"Morning, darling." He said, his mouth still pressed against her.

Gillian's voice was low and throaty from sleep and arousal when she moaned and said—"Yes, it is. Good morning, Cal." The tenor of her voice caused Cal's cock to twitch.

Gillian propped herself up on her elbows so she could look down at Cal, who was lapping at her—smiling, he paused, "What?"

She laughed and shook her head, "Nothing." She said, "Just watching."

"Oh," Cal said, his voice gravelly, "Then, by all means," He flicked his tongue over her clit and she gasped, "Pay attention." He said, his eyes dark with arousal as his right hand caressed the inside of her thigh and his mouth closed around her.

Gillian closed her eyes and groaned, her head falling back, still propped up with her elbows. Cal continued his work, but kept his eyes on her face—her reactions, the way her face contorted in pleasure fueling his own desire.

He thoroughly enjoyed giving oral sex—but giving it to Gillian was a whole new sort of pleasure that he'd yet to experience. He loved getting to know what her body liked and what it liked more. She was incredibly responsive and vocal and downright enthusiastic and as his tongue worked on her, he couldn't imagine a damn thing sexier than that particular moment.

He was proven wrong a moment later, when he positioned his finger at her entrance and her eyes flew open to meet his as his fingertip pressed inside. Her mouth hung open slightly, and Cal's eyes squeezed shut tightly as he felt his groin tighten in an almost painful fashion. She moaned as he slid his full finger into her, keeping his mouth on her clit, his tongue dancing. He nearly shuddered at the warmth and tightness that encased his finger—as he withdrew his finger and slipped it back in, she made a noise in the back of his throat and Cal breathed out against her, "Bloody hell, Gillian."

Gillian smiled and her hand found it's way to his head. She tangled her fingers in her hair and held him to her—"God, Cal," She said, "Don't stop!"

Hearing his name come from her lips husky with arousal as his mouth worked on her drove him wild, and he withdrew his finger and slipped another inside of her, so he was working with two—he pumped them in and out of her, his tongue continuing its attention to her clit.

Cal alternated between long and slow strokes and hard and fast strokes, seeing which ones Gillian liked better. He was unsurprised to find that she responded well to each of them-curling her fingers in his hair, bucking her hips wildly.

Cal could tell she was getting close, and he relished the moisture that he felt on his fingers as they slid in and out of her. She made the most delicious noises from the back of her throat, and when he curled his fingers upward inside of her feeling the spongy tissue he knew to be her g-spot, she looked at him, her eyes heavy and wild with desire.

"You're so fucking hot," he breathed against her, unable to help himself, but allowing his tongue to get immediately back to work.

Gillian smiled to herself, enjoying the fact that Cal felt the need to pause in order to communicate verbally with her—the raw, husky sound of his voice turned her on, and she watched as he worked his tongue against her clit with his fingers buried deep inside of her.

She could tell he was enjoying himself, and the thought caused the beginning of her orgasm to assault her.

"Fuck," She breathed out, and Cal made a noise of appreciation against her as he worked his fingers and tongue in unison expertly.

Finally, Gillian felt the weight of her orgasm surge forth and she cried out. Cal watched as her head dropped to the pillow and she cried out, her back arching off the bed. She whispered, "Cal," As he continued sucking lightly on her clit, enjoying the feel of her muscles contracting around his fingers. Cal rode the orgasm out with her, groaning against her.

Cal watched as shudders racked her body—little aftershocks one right after the other, until she finally stilled on the bed. Cal continued to lazily lick her clit, keeping his fingers inside, enjoying the warmth, as he elicited little involuntarily shudders.

He was forced to amend himself yet again—that was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Eventually, Gillian lifted her head off the pillow and looked at him—his mouth still on her. She smiled at him, a huge smile that made Cal's heart start a little. Smiling back at her, he withdrew his finger and watched as her eyes fluttered closed and then open again at the loss. He then withdrew his mouth from her, and held her gaze as he brought his fingers to his lips and slipped them in his mouth. He moaned at the taste of her, and Gillian watched as his eyes darkened.

Gillian opened her mouth into a little 'o' as she watched Cal clean her taste off his fingers. She felt another rush of desire flood through her as she watched Cal withdraw his fingers from his mouth and with a gaze of appreciation and a little moan state, "Lovely."

She smiled at him as he crawled up her body, resting his weight on his arm placed beside her—leaning his head down, he pressed his lips against hers and she responded by thrusting her tongue hungrily into his mouth. Cal groaned against her mouth as their tongues swirled together and as Gillian tasted herself on his tongue.

Their kiss deepened, and his hand slid its way up to her breast where he teased the left nipple, finding it already hard. She sighed against him and slid her hand down his chest, finding his cock rock hard.

She smiled and pulled away, "That was the best wake up call I've ever had," She said as her grip tightened around him, "So, thank you for that."

Cal smiled at her and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. He was overcome suddenly with emotion as he recalled their conversation from the night previous and how Alec had never really troubled with that sort of gratification for her—"It was my absolute pleasure, love." He said, looking her straight in the eyes and adopting a tone that would allow her to know—in case she didn't already—just how particularly much he'd enjoyed the experience.

"Mmm," She said, understanding and appreciating his meaning. Her eyes flicked down to his groin, where his cock strained against his briefs, "Then this," she said, licking her lips, "Will be mine."

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