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Cheers and yelling could be heard from an area in the Rukongai, a large crowd surrounding two people. Both men fought furiously, swinging the swords they had. People screamed at them, all cheering, all grinning at the fight they were witnessing.

Three people stood on top a building, gazing at them.

Red eyes blinked out of boredom.

"Look, another fight." The person drawled, a deep sigh leaving her mouth, sitting on the side of the building with her legs dangling over the side.

"Boring." One of them said, waving her hands with a sigh. "Why can't there be any stronger fighters here?"

"Because they are all just weak." The last said, standing straight with a tired look on her face. "Why can't we just go to another part of the Rukongai? Perhaps one that is quiet."

"'Cause in the quieter parts of the Rukongai is too quiet!" The one sitting on the side of the building snapped, the one in charge of the trio, grinning widely. "Fights are fun, aren't they?"

"Not really." The one standing with their head tilted said, blinking several times. "It hurts when you get cut, ne?"

"So? That's just the thrill of the fight!"

"Can't you two be more quiet?" The tired one asked, rubbing her head.

"Just take a damn nap, then!"

One of them had black spiky hair that reached her shoulders, pointing in every direction. Her name is Hisako Riko, having dark red eyes. The one who was tired had short red hair, her name is Chiharu Kaori. She had brown eyes, always lazy and tired. The one who seemed quiet had long blonde hair. Her name is Shigeko Kayo. She had blue eyes, really shy towards other people she never met.

They stared at the fight with boredom written on their faces. Riko rolled her eyes. She's seen better fights than this. What was said next sent the three into silence.

"...Isn't today the graduation ceremony?" Kaori asked, looking tiredly at the other woman.

They all jumped and turned, jumping off the building and sprinting down the dirt roads, their eyes wide. Yep, that's right. These three, are new graduates of the shinigami academy. They had been given several days off the academy before graduation and were allowed to go back to the Rukongai. These three, never having a home before, decided to travel the Rukongai. It was a good thing they weren't that far from the Seireitei.

They ran down the streets, seeing other students running towards the Seireitei, as well.

"Why didn't you two tell me what today is!" Riko yelled, glaring at the other two.

"You didn't ask us." Kaori responded, a yawn escaping her mouth as she gazed at the Seireitei. "It's your own fault for not knowing. Don't blame us."

"DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU?" Riko yelled, glaring at the tired woman.

"You won't."

"You arrogant...!" Riko growled, still running as fast as she could.

"Do you think we'll be late?" Kayo asked, running alongside the tired woman. "If we do, do you think they might punish us?" She asked, furrowing her eyebrows worriedly.

"Don't worry! If they do, they'll die by my hand!" Riko yelled, grinning widely as she narrowed her eyes, snickering darkly. "Hurry up! If we are late, it's going to be a pain in the ass!"

"Do you need to yell?" Kaori asked, rolling her eyes as she sighed.



They made it, thankfully, and by the end of the ceremony all the students were walking out of the hall, heading for the noticeboard the teachers had put up. The three women walked beside each other, blinking curiously.

"Didn't we let the school decide for us which division we go to?" Kaori asked, her hands in her pockets, stopping to stare at her friends curiously.

"Yeah." Riko said, shrugging lightly. "So what? It won't matter."

"If I happen to remember, you always got into fights. And which division is it that gets into most fights?" Kaori asked, delicately raising an eyebrow, only to pause and yawn loudly.

Both Riko and Kayo frowned before narrowing their eyes in concentration. Kayo smiled brightly.

"It's the eleventh!" Kayo said, feeling the tired woman pat her head.

"Right." Kaori said, giving a lazy smile.

"I really doubt they'd send a woman to the eleventh division." Riko said, a blank look on her face with her hands on her hips, giving a frown. "Look. I'll show you."

After walking towards the noticeboards, a lot of the students looking at it, some jumping for joy and others cursing loudly. After most of the students started leaving, the three walked up to the board. Riko frowned and tried looking for her name.

There were a total of thirteen boards on the wall, each one representing the thirteen divisions of the Gotei thirteen.

Kayo stared at the board in front of her, looking for her name. Once she found it she smiled brightly and jumped, clapping her hands together. She ran towards Kaori, seeing her staring blankly at a board.

"I got into the tenth division!" Kayo yelled, jumping and hugging her friend with a bright smile.

"Good." Kaori said, patting the woman's head. "I'm in the sixth division."

They heard sputtering, both turning their heads and raising their eyebrows, seeing Riko standing in front of one board, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Kaori and Kayo tilted their heads, walking towards their friend curiously, seeing her stare at one board intently. When they both saw what board she was looking at, and when they saw her name on said board, they covered their mouths and smiled widely, their shoulders shaking from trying to keep their laughter in.

It was no use.

They started laughing out loud, gaining other students' attention.

Riko stared at the board with wide eyes, ignoring the two she was going to beat up later. She stared at her name intently, like it was going to disappear, and slowly started looking up, staring at the division written on top the board.

Eleventh division.

Her eye twitched.

"You gotta... BE KIDDING ME!"


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