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Sheppard: What the hell did you put in her drink?

Lorne: Nothin…

Sheppard: Well, whatever it was, I want some. That seems useful!

Lorne: Yes, Sir!

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"Major?" Sheppard asked quietly, hoping against hope for a response. "You there?"

He listened as a deep, ragged breath was taken before an answer came, "Yes, Sir." Another deep breath was heard. "I'm still here."

"Good." Sheppard said, thinking back to how they managed to get into this situation.

They had been visiting a supposedly friendly planet, checking up on them, seeing if they needed medical assistance, that sort of thing.

Rodney had insisted he had a big project going and had to stay and watch it, so Sheppard had asked Lorne if he wanted to come along. Never one to pass up an opportunity like that, Lorne had accepted.

Sheppard wondered now if that was such a good idea.

They hadn't even made it to the village before arrows began raining down on them, forcing them back the way they had come.


"Run!" He shouted as they tried to avoid the arrows. He saw one graze Ronon but the big man seemed alright so he left it alone.

Teyla managed to get one in her arm, but she didn't seem to be bleeding too badly, so he left her alone as well.

Suddenly, Wraith blasters began adding to the arrows heading their way. Teyla didn't quite manage to get out of the way in time and a lucky shot had her falling to the ground. Ronon picked her up and easily slung her over his left shoulder, continuing to fire randomly at where he believed their attackers to be.

So far, only he and Lorne were unscathed. Which was weird, seeing as it was him being shot at.

"Damn Murphy." He thought as he saw Lorne catch a stray arrow in his gut. He stumbled, but kept going.

The Wraith blasters began firing more and more, seemingly at him. He thought he saw one of their attackers and took the shot. Unfortunately, it put him out into the open enough that a good shot managed to stun him. He fought the stunner's effects as long as he could, but in the end he collapsed on the ground, his world going black.


"Colonel?" Lorne's pain-filled voice came from beside him, interrupting his thoughts.


"I, um, I don't think I'm going to last much longer."

"No!" He shouted into the darkness. "You will stay with me for as long as it takes for them to find us! Do you understand me?"

No answer came.

"I asked you a question, Major!"

"Yes, Sir." Lorne grunted.

Quickly trying to remember what all he had in his pockets, Sheppard remembered he had a small pack of matches there. Finding it, he lit one, holding it out towards where he thought Lorne to be.

The light showed him what he'd hope to not find. Blood.

Lorne's face was pale, his eyes half open and glazed over. The arrow he'd taken had been ripped out, leaving a gaping hole. Thankfully, it wasn't bleeding too badly. But Lorne had still lost too much blood. Infection would start in soon, if it hadn't already, and then they'd be in big trouble.

The match went out, but Sheppard didn't bother lighting another. It would just use up their already dwindling supply of air.


Sheppard awoke to darkness. Grunting, he tried to shake off the stunner's effects. He thought he was alone until he heard a small groan from near him.

"Hello?" He called out.

"Colonel?" Major Lorne's voice carried back to him.


"Yes, Sir. Glad to see, well, hear, that you're awake. Beginning to get lonely in here." Lorne's dry humor wasn't lost on Sheppard.

"And where exactly is 'here'?" He asked.

"I wish I knew. I woke up a few minutes ago."

"You alright?"

"Sort of."

"What's that mean?"

"It means that I'm probably not going to last long." Lorne was like Sheppard, he downsized his injuries. If he was downsizing them now, or even if he was telling the truth, he was screwed.

"Shit." He muttered.

"My thoughts exactly, Sir." Lorne said before a cough came. The cough turned into a coughing fit, but all Sheppard could do was lay there.

"We're underground?" He asked when the fit subsided.

"Buried alive would be my guess." Lorne answered.



"Lorne?" He called out. It was quiet, a little too quiet. And with the space they were in being about the size of a small car, as far as he could tell, he was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic.

No answer came.

"Lorne?" He tried again.

Still no answer.

Sheppard gave up; Lorne was probably either dead or unconscious. But Sheppard couldn't bring himself to see which. He didn't think he could stand being buried alive with a dead body next to him, even if it was his former second in command.

It was slowly becoming harder to breathe, the air stuffier. Sheppard knew he had only minutes of air left. Closing his eyes, he relaxed. He knew there wasn't anything he could do, but he just hoped that Atlantis could survive without the two of them.


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