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Jo put her arm around my shoulders and steered me towards her bedroom.

"We need to talk," She said as soon as her door was shut.

"How much did you hear?"

"All of it," Jo answered unapologetically.

"What would you like to know then?"

"I want to know what your plan is to stop it!"

"The wedding?"

"YES! You have to have thought of something right?" Jo cried. I looked at her as I formulated my answer

"Yes, but I don't think you'll like it."

"Why? Does it involve kidnapping her because I want to be very clear about something? I have no problem with getting rid of 'Rissa' in any way shape or form that doesn't involve murder of course."

"No. I'm going to prove all my critics wrong and put on the best performance of my life. I will watch the man of my dreams marry the woman of his." Jo's face fell after revealing my master plan.

"You don't even want to try?" Jo asked sadly. I paused for moment, the sadness in her voice catching me off guard.

"It's not that I don't want to try, it's just that…it hurts."

"It hurts?" Jo asked concerned as she began pulling down the sheets on her bed. "How?"

"Think about it this way. Had this been Kendall, and he was marrying someone else. You get invited to the wedding and before the wedding even happens you kiss Kendall. But at the end of the day when he says I love you, it's not to you. Would you still try to stop the wedding?" I could see Jo taking in what I said and trying to put herself in my shoes. I could see her eyes light up at every argument she tried to come up with until finally they just glossed over with tears as she admitted what I had been feeling.

"I would never try to get in the way of Kendall's happiness." Jo answered trying to sniffle away the tears.

"Exactly, as much as I've dreamed about how I would stop the wedding and get Logan back, I know that it just can't happen when he's already happy. Don't get me wrong, since I found out he was getting married not one day has gone by when I haven't thought about winning him back. When I haven't dreamed of the many "Speak now or forever hold your peaces" I interrupted. Or Logan seeking me out and admitting he's madly in love and wants me back. Just so many scenarios that I now know will never happen. Logan loves Clarissa, they are getting married in the morning, and I can't do anything about it."

Jo looked beside herself as she climbed into her side of the bed. "I guess you're right, you're a better woman than me. I don't think I could ever go to Kendall's wedding to another woman and put on a happy face."

As much as it pained me to hear the defeat in her voice, I smiled and fought to keep my tears from coming to the surface. "At least I'll have my best friend there to keep me sane." Jo gave me a half smile before turning off her bedside lamp and uttering a quiet "Goodnight Camille."

As if on cue, I fell into a restless sleep filled with those dreams I told Jo about earlier. Multiple snippets of different situations filled my subconscious beginning with Logan dragging me by the hand out of the church pew and kissing me for everyone to see, to me barging up to the alter and punching Clarissa square in the mouth, to Logan finding me as I walked into the church and spilling his feelings to me; all these scenarios ending with the same result, Logan and I living happily ever after. It wasn't until towards the end that they took a turn for the worst.

One in particular where I stand up in the middle of the vows, everyone is staring at me waiting to see what's going to happen. I'm opening my mouth to speak, to plead to Logan not to marry this girl because I was the one who loved him. But my voice wasn't on my side in this dream; instead I let out an inaudible squeak and ran straight for the doors. I'm gasping for air on the church steps when all of a sudden the doors burst open and I look into the church just in time to see the minister proclaim them husband and wife. He instructs them to kiss and my voice decides to come back just as I'm crying. I see Logan throw me a look of pity before taking Clarissa in his arms and kissing her for his world to see.

That's where the dream ends as Jo's alarm clock is bringing me back to reality. Jo is groaning as she reaches over to put an end to the sleep disrupter. She sighs as she stays in place in the bed.

"I guess today's the day right?" She whispers to me.

"I guess so," I sigh as I roll myself out of bed. We both make our way to the kitchen and start putting together a quick breakfast. Almost like magic Kendall and James emerge from the guest bedroom as soon as the coffee is done brewing.

"Ah, nice of you boys to join us," Jo joked as Kendall hobbled over to her in his half asleep state. He bent over to give her a quick kiss before making a beeline for the coffee pot.

James just sat down at the table and began fussing with his bed head. Kendall poured himself a cup of coffee as well as one for James. He placed it in front of him and walked back over to where Jo and I stood waiting for the toast to be done.

"Have you guys heard from Carlos?" Jo asked as she placed two more slices of bread into the toaster.

"He just texted us, he should be here in half an hour with James' and my tux, he just has to take Steph to pick up her dress from the tailor, and then they'll be on their way here."

"Okay then James here's your breakfast, eat quickly and then take your shower." Jo said tossing him the two pieces of bread onto a napkin and handing it to James.

"Bossy" James gasped while trying to look scandalized but failing when a yawn escaped his lips.

"We don't need another New Years incident like last year, now just do as I say," Jo explained.

"Why? What happened last year?" I asked.

"Well," Kendall started to explain

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" James shouted before shoving the piece of toast in his mouth. We all watched as he hurriedly ate his breakfast and sprinted to the bathroom.

"So is someone going to tell me what happened last year?" I asked once again.

"WE DO NOT SPEAK OF IT!" James yelled through the door before the running water could drown him out.

"Touchy touchy" I laughed before taking his seat. "Alright so what's the game plan?"

"The limo will be here to take us to the church at 10:30, the ceremony starts at 11, after that we have to go take pictures with the rest of the wedding party at some park, and then the reception starts at 2 and then when it ends; we can all leave this nightmare." Jo said

"Sounds awesome," I deadpanned. She gave me a concerned look and I smiled for her benefit. I know I said I wouldn't do anything to stop the wedding but I never said I was going to enjoy it. We finished the time until the limo arrived by avoiding the elephant in the room. A few minutes before the limo was due to arrive Carlos arrived with his girlfriend. More small talk took place and I was grateful to see that both Carlos and Stephanie knew better than to mention the wedding reminding yet again what wonderful friends I have here.

The limo beeped 3 times announcing its arrival and everyone hurried out the door pilling into its elongated back seat. James, who was the last to get into the car, spotted the bottle of chilling champagne and offered everyone a toast before the ceremony.

"Isn't it a little early for champagne?" Kendall asked.

"It's just a little to calm everyone's' nerves." James reasoned popping the top off and pouring himself a glass.

"Sure why not, we might as well have a little fun before this funeral right?" Stephanie joked grabbing a glass for herself.

"That's the spirit!" I said following suit with Stephanie. Soon the bottle was near empty as the eight of us held our glasses up for the toast. "So what are we toasting again?"

"Good point…" James sighed before downing his glass. I couldn't help but laugh at that before taking a sip of my own glass.

We arrived at the church to see dozens of people spilling into the entrance. Because the guys and Jo were in the wedding party that left Steph and me to fend for ourselves. We locked arms and squeezed our way through what looked to be Clarissa's entire family trying to snap photos before the ceremony. The pews were filling up rather quickly so we rushed to find a seat on the groom's designated side of the church. We found one right in the middle and quickly took them. I ended up getting the seat at the very end of our pew and was grateful that I wouldn't have to sit next to one of Logan's relatives that he never introduced me to. I could feel myself going down a bad path with that train of thought. I shook myself of the thought and told myself to focus on the positive; Logan is happy, and that's what really matters. If he's happy then I should be happy, even if his happiness doesn't involve me.

During my internal pep talk the church seemed to have filled to the brim as everyone wished for the ceremony to begin. The doors to the minister's chambers opened up and a few men walked out, including Logan himself. I felt the world fall away and the only thing that now existed was him. I drank in the sight of him in his tux with the pale pink tie and his mesmerizing timid smile. I could see him getting nervous as soon as he turned his attention to the crowd of people in the church pews waiting to watch him get married, or rather almost everyone waiting for him to get married.

I could vaguely feel Stephanie grabbing my hand for support as the organist began the wedding march. I tore myself away from Logan's excited face to watch my friend's walking down the aisle in pairs. First Carlos and someone I recognized as Clarissa's sister, then James with a woman I didn't remember from the night before. Then Jo and Kendall walking arm and arm up to the altar, I felt a small pang of jealousy as I watched them giggling to each other over some unheard joke between them.

All at once everyone stood up as the organist switched up the wedding march specifically for the Bride's entrance. She walked into the room wearing what looked to be the poufy dress known to man. Her veil beautifully hid her smug face as she walked terribly slowly up to the altar.

Okay so maybe I'm being mean but I think I'm allowed that now. She finally made it up to the altar, her dad took her hand and placed it in Logan's before walking away to sit down. Glancing at my watch I began the countdown until this heartbreaking day was over. Just a few hours I told myself. Tomorrow I would be spending my last day here and then heading back to New York and getting back to my life without Logan. It'll be just like he never even existed.

I couldn't bring myself to give the wedding my full attention; instead I just drifted off to the many day dreams of Logan and me running off together. About halfway through those day dreams weren't helping and I could feel my resolve dissolving with each word the minister spoke floating its way into my head. Everybody seemed to be engrossed in the proceedings and I saw the opportunity to escape. So I took it. I excused myself when no one was looking and bolted like there was no tomorrow.

I don't think anyone saw my theatrics but I ran anyway. As soon as my feet hit cement the heels were off and I was running as far as I could. People like to say you can't run from your problems but I can sure as hell try.

No one noticed the girl leaving the church in the middle of the ceremony. No one noticed the fake smiles plastered on half of the wedding party and no one sure as hell noticed Logan's faltering smile as the ceremony dragged on and on.

"Before we get to the vows, if there is anyone present who believes that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." The minister spoke to the entire congregation.

Logan looked out into the assembled crowd of his loved ones, drinking in their stony expressions and the strength of the minister's words. There was a part of him hoping that someone would stand up and speak the words that the voice in his head seemed to be shouting for the past 12 hours. No one stood up, no one spoke, every one held their peace. His heart sank when he realized that he had been hoping Camille would pop up out of nowhere and object. His heart sank even further when he couldn't find her anywhere in the pews.

His eyes continued to scan the entire church for those warm chestnut eyes that he used to picture in his mind for hours on end. The minister spoke again calling for them to recite their vows. Clarissa went first, grabbing Logan's hands forcefully in her own. He watched as her lips moved but he couldn't hear the words she was saying. He didn't want to.

"Stop" he whispered to her trying to pull his hands out of hers. She wasn't picking up on the hint. "Please just stop."

"WHAT LOGAN!" She screamed out to the whole congregation causing a scene. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"I just…think that…we're…not…" Logan stammered out in another whisper.

"We're not what Logan?" She seethed.

"We're not...ready…for this. I'm not ready for this." He stated only to be rewarded with a hard slap across the face.

"Never speak to me again Logan Mitchell!" Clarissa shrieked as she ran off down the aisle; her entire family spilling out into the aisle to follow her.

"Sorry folks, doesn't look like there's going to be a wedding. The reception will still be on if you all want to head on over now, it'd be a shame to let all that free food go to waste." Logan announced to the confused guests. He didn't stick around long enough to explain before taking refuge in the minister's chambers where he got ready earlier that morning.

"Logan, we need to talk to you. Now." Kendall said opening the door to find Logan sitting solemnly in a chair that sat in the corner of the room. Kendall led the mini parade of friends that came to check up on Logan.

"What happened?" Carlos asked.

"Have you seen Camille?" Logan asked in response.

"Um no, she kind of left during the middle of the ceremony," Stephanie admitted. Everyone's faces turned on her. "I thought she was going to the bathroom but she never came back. Sorry" She defended.

"I'll try to call her and find out where she is." Jo offered stepping out of the room. Stephanie followed behind to let the guys have some alone time.

"Dude, what's going on? Not that we aren't happy to see you call off the wedding but what happened?" James asked.

Logan was taken aback at James' confession, but didn't let that stop him from not explaining himself. "I need to talk to Camille."

"Still in love with her aren't you?" Kendall asked rhetorically.

"And when did you have this moment of clarity?" James asked but still didn't get an answer.

"Look I have to do something guys, I'll meet you all at the reception." Logan said heading for the back entrance.

"Wait you're still going to the reception?" Carlos piped in.

"Yes" Logan answered before walking out the door.

Logan made the short walk to the park that was located just behind the church. It once belonged to the catholic school that used to be there but after it was closed down the park became a public area for the people of that small town. He took a seat on one of the benches to clear his head. After half an hour children and their parents began swarming the park and ruined his peaceful thinking area. He began the journey back.

He grabbed his belongings from the minister's chambers and walked back into the church expecting to see it empty. It wasn't. In one of the middle pews there was a girl who Logan recognized as Camille. She hadn't seen him yet and Logan couldn't understand how. The pounding of his heart was so loud at the moment he was surprised that he could hear his own incoherent thoughts.

He gradually made his way over to the pew she was in and she still hadn't detected his presence. Her head was hung low as if in prayer. He sat down beside her and watched as the creak of the wood startle her out of her reverie.

I'm sitting alone in the church waiting for Jo to come pick me up; after she called me frantic about where I had disappeared to. I told her to give me a little alone time before picking me up at the church. I came back just in time that everyone had already left for the party and I could sulk in solitary. I glanced at the clock on my phone and figured that my half hour was up and Jo would be calling any minute now to say she was here. I think I reached that state of numbness where it doesn't hurt anymore and I think I'm alright with that. I'll get over it eventually anyway, I hope. I hear the bench creak and I look up to see Logan sitting next to me, still in his tux from the wedding.

"Logan what are you still doing here?" I ask still clearly petrified at his sudden appearance. He doesn't answer me; instead he leans towards me and kisses me as if it's the most natural thing for a married man to do with someone who he isn't married to. But I'm not that kind of girl so I push him off and demand an explanation.

"Logan, you can't just do that to me! You're married; married for an hour no less!" I start ranting.

"Camille!" He cries out to stop me from launching a full scale attack. "I'm not married." He admits flashing his ring less hands in my face. I grab them and see for my own two eyes that indeed there is no shiny wedding band on either of his ring fingers. And now I can feel myself getting happy again.

"But why?" I ask trying not to get too far ahead of myself.

"I wasn't happy." He sees me and knows that his answer confuses me. "You know, Clarissa never once asked me if I was happy. And you did. It's then that I realized that I may have been wrong."

"May have?" he ignores my chide and continues explaining.

"Then during the ceremony I found myself wishing for you to come in and steal me away. But when I saw that you weren't even there, I knew that I was moments away from the biggest mistake of my life and I couldn't let that happen. So I stopped the wedding. Clarissa smacked me and ran out. And now here we are."

"She smacked you?"

"Yeah, but it wasn't as much fun as when you do it."

I take this as a challenge and raise my hand to strike, he sees it and reacts immediately grabbing my wrist and pulling me into him for another kiss.

The sound of the slamming chamber doors jar us out of it as the minister informs us that our friends were waiting. Logan takes me by the hand as he thanks the guy and pulls me towards the exit laughing to himself.

We made it outside to see we had an audience. Jo, Kendall, Stephanie, Carlos and James were waiting on the sidewalk as we exited the church. They looked like they wanted to ask questions but our smiles were answer enough I guess as they pushed us towards the cars.

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