Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Danny/Steve
Rating: PG (for now)
Anything from having to pull a fakeout makeout to keep from getting caught to them having to do a full on elaborate imaginary relationship, this is one of the best fanfic tropes out there when it comes to cheesy crime shows! Double bonus for everyone being all 'Come on, what's the big deal? You already act like an old married couple anyway.' (from hf0kinkmeme on livejournal)
Words: 551
Disclaimer: I don't own this series, you'd know it I did ;)
Summary: Danny and Steve are given a case and are designated as the undercover agents to pose as the gay couple that moves in down the street.

Undercover What? Chapter 1

Danny Williams could not believe his luck. First his ex-wife tells him that Stan and she were going to be taking Grace to another of Hawaii's islands for a vacation on his weekend visit. Second someone puts a nice sized scratch in the rear fender of his Camaro. Third he finds out that both his partner Steve and he were going undercover as a gay couple. Resting his head in the palms of his hands, Danny could only imagine what flack he'd get from the rest of the Police Force and his ex-wife, especially her, if they found out which he knew in only a matter of time they would.

Groaning he stood from his desk and stretched deciding that shooting a couple of rounds for practice might calm him down. Loosening his tie, he removes his gun from his desk's drawer and shoves it into his holster on his belt. It's only minutes before he's at the shooting range picking up a box of bullets for his gun, a pair of ear plugs, and over the head earmuffs. Slipping the earplugs and earmuffs on, Danny quickly loads his gun and takes aim.

Taking a stance he felt comfortable in, he lets off a full clip into the paper man at the end of the row. Pressing the button to bring the picture closer, he inspects his shooting and finds it satisfactory. Now that he's let off a load of steam he returns the leftover bullets and the over the head earmuffs while throwing out his ear plugs and the paper man. Double checking the safety is on his gun; he slides it back into its holster on his belt and makes his way back to the office to replace it in his desk drawer.

Sitting back down at his desk he pulls out the file he had shoved haphazardly into a drawer before his shooting practice, he pulls out the records and photos. This case the team was assigned to was the reason both Steve and he were going to live as a gay couple. Don't get him wrong, he wasn't against gay couples or anyone who was gay. His problem was that he had to play Steve's boyfriend and with Steve's attitude and actions, he'd be the "dominant" one or the pitcher in the relationship while everyone would assume Danny was the "submissive" or the catcher.

Shaking his head of the thoughts he looked over the list of evidence and the accompanying files, it listed that five bodies had been found with discriminating notes about their sexual preferences. All of the bodies had been confirmed to be beaten to death with both the offenders hand and some sort of blunt object such as a baseball bat or club. Local area police looked into the victim's home life and past and found that all of the targets were in fact gay or lesbian.

Glancing at the clock, Danny returned the photos and information to their designated folder and grabbed his car keys. It was time to head to the little hole in the wall of an apartment he rented and start packing for the new case; he had a feeling this was going to be a long one even if it was solved in under a week.