Moon Scars

Description: Edward was a lost soul, a victim of abuse, and always getting into trouble; Bella was the good daughter of a police chief. What happens when their worlds collide? Follow the couple in their heart wrenching, intensely tumultuous love affair, as it twists and turns over a twelve year time period. ~This story will make you laugh, cry your eyes out, and hopefully leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a smile on your face. Most of Mrs. Meyer's original characters take part in this story and maintain their same personality as in the novel.

*Lemony encounters, All Human, Canon Pairings, Heartbreak, Loss, Renewed Love, and because this is a 'Twilight' story, a Happily Ever After ending.*

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all Twilight related characters and story lines.

Warning: Rated M for violence, language, and mature themes like kidnapping, sex, rape, drugs, and prostitution.

A/N: If you have already read this story, please note that though it says it is new, I have just re-uploaded it with some minor corrections but is completely the same story. I needed to make some grammar adjustments because I hated leaving them in there, and I will continue to redo any chapter I find necessary. Thanks.

PREFACE – Lost and Found

Elizabeth Mason was the most beautiful girl in Eugene Oregon; eyes a unique emerald green, and hair that her father lovingly compared to the color of the sunset. She lived a privileged life; her family owned a prosperous winery just outside the city limit. Lizzy, as her friends called her, was not only beautiful, but she was popular, smart and a talented musician and singer. She was daddy's little girl, the joy of her parent's life. She was sixteen with her whole life ahead of her; she dreamed about attending the Julliard School of performing arts, and she would have gotten in too, had her world not crashed in on her.

The winter was particularly brutal that year causing a huge loss in the grapes, and with the drop in the economy, people weren't buying the wine anyway. The winery had been in her family for five generations, but now they were closing down and completely bankrupt. They moved into a small apartment in town, but they tried to remain optimistic, at least they were together and healthy. But not even the health of the family could remain, Lizzy's mother contracted breast cancer but caught it too late and she died six months later. Her father spiraled down into a black hole of depression and slowly drifted into alcoholism, but Lizzy was still strong. She worked two jobs to pay the bills and still kept a 3.5 grade point average, all the while caring for her father.

Just when she thought things couldn't get tougher, she missed the bus home one evening because she had to work later than normal.

"Where the hell have you been?" Her dad said while slurring his words, he was drunk, as usual.

"I missed the bus." She told him quickly

"DON'T YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME!" He yelled at her.

"I'm not, I swear. And stop yelling at me!" She never raised her voice to her father before, but it had been building up inside her for so long, that it just exploded.

Her father responded to her back talk in a way that he never has before, he hit her across the face, and hard. She fell to the ground and just sat there in shock before looking up at him with betrayal in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." He said quietly and reached for her, but she was so upset that she got up and ran out of the house. She needed to get away, she needed to break free from her life and herself but most of all, she needed time to grieve the life she lost when her mother died.

She picked up her last pay check and bought a ticket on the midnight train, going anywhere.

It didn't matter where she was going, she just needed to get away and when the train stopped, she was in Seattle Washington. She thought about staying on the train until it took her further away, but the truth was that she loved her father and never planned on staying gone, she just needed to find herself again, and they both needed time to heal.

She had enough money for a couple nights in a cheap hotel, but it wasn't enough to sustain her, so she looked for a job but with the poor economy, no one was hiring. She wanted to go home, but she didn't even have enough money for the train ticket and wasn't about to call her dad; he didn't have enough money to get her back anyway. But there was one place that was willing to hire her, a shady strip club.

Dancing, looking, but there wasn't any touching, so Lizzy reluctantly took the job. She was tragically good at her work, and soon she found herself taking drugs and going much further than dancing and looking. Before she knew it, she was living the life as a full on prostitute and was completely addicted to drugs. She was six months pregnant before she even realized that there was a change in her body, and two months after that, her son was born premature and addicted to the drugs. She had screwed so many men for money and didn't always wear protection, so she had no idea who the father was; not that he'd help her anyway, most of the guys that bought her were low life scum. She was actually extremely lucky that getting pregnant was the worst thing that she got from all the unprotected sex.

Despite her addictions and her lack of stability, she loved her son and fought to keep him. She went to halfway houses and after three months of sobriety, she got custody of her son back. His name was Edward, named by the nurses who cared for him in the neo natal intensive care unit. Lizzy wasn't in the proper frame of mind to think of a name for the baby she was unprepared for.

To care for her new baby, she rented a tiny bedroom with a friend to help pay the rent, and got a job as a waitress. But soon reality hit again, and she couldn't afford her half of the rent plus the cost of day care, and still have enough money for diapers and even food, so once again, she turned to prostitution.

Even with her illegal life style, she managed to somehow make it another seven years without running into the police. She started helping a friend with a meth lab, and had some very dangerous clients with high expectations. Life was hard for Edward too, he never had enough to eat and his clothes were always too small and falling apart. But worse than that, Lizzy's on again–off again live in boyfriend, beat him on a regular basis and often burned him with his cigarettes.

He was eight years old when the police came and arrested his mother, forcing him into the child welfare system. He was placed in a foster home where the couple who was supposed to be caring for him, beat him and kept him locked in the closet for days at a time. After several months, he was put into a new foster home, where he endured sexual abuse for the first time and after that trauma, he didn't talk again for over a year after he was removed from that house. He built stone walls around himself as a way to survive, and after a while, it was almost like his whole body turned into cold emotionless stone.

But Edward was a survivor, and after a few more carless foster homes, he was brought to live with a family who had a beautiful home in the suburbs of Seattle. This family was everything that he never had, loving, caring, and attentive, but as they soon found out, the green eyed boy with hair like the sunset, was deeply broken. They tried to help him, they tried to make his life better and be the force that he needed to break free from the stone body that was forced upon him, but after two years without getting through to him, they gave up, and Edward was once again without a family.

Because he got into a lot of trouble while with that family, Edward was brought to the Seattle Home for Boys, which was basically an orphanage for troubled boys with nowhere else to go, and it was run like a prison including being physically and sexually abused by the guards. Edward lived there until he was fifteen, when he decided enough was enough, and he and a couple other boys found a way to escape. They lived on the streets for several months, panhandling for change and stealing from convenience stores. Somewhere along the way, Edward stole a guitar which he taught himself how to play and was a complete natural, so he often played and would sing on the streets for money as well. But one of the boys he formed a partnership with, had an idea to steal a car and the three boys went joy riding out of the city.

They were about three hours away from the city, not really sure where they were, when red and blue lights flashed behind them. The boy driving panicked and tried to out run the police officer, when he lost control of the car, and spun out before slamming right into a second police car that came onto the scene. The boy driving died on impact, and the boy in the passenger seat wasn't seriously injured so he got out and ran away. Edward was in the back seat and was pinned in the car, he had a broken leg and six broken ribs. The police officer was also injured, but the other policeman, who had been chasing them originally, called in an ambulance, and both Edward and the hurt police officer, were rushed to Forks Hospital.

Edward was in the hospital for two days before he was visited by the police man that tried to pull them over. He came in and sat next to the bed, and waited for Edward to wake up, then finally after three hours, Edward awoke and was subjected to questioning.

"I'm sure you don't recognize me, my name is Officer Swan, I'm the one who tried to pull you boys over before you took off." Edward just stared at him, without responding in any way.

"Well the other officer, the one that your buddy slammed into, he's now paralyzed from the waist down, and your buddy is dead. So you're in a whole heap of trouble kid, and I suggest you start explaining." Still, no answer. "Let's just start by telling me what your name is? Now there's no ID on you or on the kid in the morgue, and that car you were driving was reported stolen two days ago, so we can do this the easy way by you talking, or the hard way by turning you over to the Seattle correctional facility and letting them deal with you." He threatened.

Edward was at the point in his life, where he just didn't care what happened, actually he probably never did. He wasn't broken, but in fact he was never whole to start with so there was nowhere to go but down. As a child, he loved his mother despite her lack of stability, he took care of her and was extremely protective, but when she was arrested, he had nothing left to hold onto and no reason to keep going.

Officer Swan grew frustrated with the lack of response in Edward, so he had social services come in and take Edward to the closest foster home, until a more permanent placement could be found. His finger prints came back; and they learned his name and where he came from, so they decided that sending him to a local foster home was better than sending him back.

Edward would never forget the first time he went into Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's home; it was the largest residential house that he had ever seen. Dr. Cullen had a kind face but so did many others that he met before, and Mrs. Cullen was a live version of Joan Cleaver; they seemed to be too perfect. They insisted on being called Carlisle and Esme, but they'd be lucky if Edward called them anything at all. His plan was to be his normal horrible self, until this couple had enough of him and sent him away. The last thing Edward wanted was to actually develop feelings for these people, just to have them taken away from him the way his mother was.

Carlisle was the chief of staff at the local hospital, and Esme was a real-estate agent. They were high school sweethearts who were now in their late thirties. They tried for years to have children of their own, but after a while, they gave up and decided to adopt. They adopted a three year old first, named Bree, but then it was discovered that she had an older brother Riley, who they tried to adopt as well, but he died under the care of a horrible foster home. That's when Esme and Carlisle decided to adopt and foster older children and teens, because they were the ones who needed good homes the most.

Emmet was the first to be adopted, he was twelve when he came to be a Cullen; he was orphaned when he and his single father were attacked by a bear on a camping trip, resulting in his father losing his life. A year later, Alice was adopted by the Cullens; her mother was a mental patient who got pregnant by a therapist, and they put her in an orphanage where she lived until the Cullens came for her. She was also twelve when she became a Cullen permanently, but was a year younger than Emmet.

Emmet, Alice and Bree, all had dark hair and beautiful faces and could easily pass as biological siblings, and the Cullens were more than happy with their little family. A few years later when Emmet was fifteen and Alice was fourteen, Emmet's high school girlfriend Rosalie lost her parents in a tragic boating accident leaving her and her twin brother Jasper to become orphans themselves; so the Cullens took in the Hale twins as foster children. It was pretty much a full house, so they didn't plan on taking in any more kids, but when Officer Swan called Carlisle, he just couldn't turn this boy away.

Each of the kids needed time to adjust when they first came to live with the Cullens, and still had some problems, but all of them were happy and they merged into a real family. Edward however was a different story.

Edward did whatever he could to try and get his new foster family to hate him. He would sneak out at night, and steal things from their rooms, purposely spill things on their nice carpets and couches. He had no tact whatsoever, he would curse at them all daily and break things. He was put into the local public school with the other kids, Forks High, but he was even worse there. Every day he'd get into fights and wind up in detention. But the worse thing about the situation, was the fact that Edward was incredibly smart, he just didn't care enough to try.

All of Carlisle's friends told him to send Edward back, and all of Esme's friends told her that he was a danger to the rest of the family. Carlisle and Esme would spend entire nights trying to figure out what to do, but the harder Edward tried to pull away from them, the more they fought for him to stay. They wanted to save him, to make his life better, but they just didn't know how.

It wasn't until Edward crossed the line, did Esme and Carlisle have to make a decision. It was the middle of the night when the phone rang, so with Carlisle being an on call doctor, he answered quickly.


"Dr. Cullen, its Officer Swan."

"Well good evening Charlie, what can I do for you at this hour?" Carlisle asked.

"We just picked up Edward, we caught him driving off headed out of town in your Mercedes."

"What? Oh my God." Carlisle jumped out of bed and ran to his room to make sure Edward wasn't there, and sure enough, his room was empty. "Thank you Charlie, I'll be right down to pick him up."

"Not tonight Carlisle. I think it's best to keep him here overnight. Look, I'm going to call social services, I need to report this to them. I understand that you want to save this kid, but some kids aren't worth it. We've known each other for a long time now, and I know that if anyone can help him it's you, but it's been months and he still hasn't shown any signs of improvement and I honestly believe he never will." Charlie tried reasoning with him.

"Thanks for calling Charlie. Esme and I have much to talk about; I'll contact you first thing in the morning." Carlisle hung up the phone feeling completely defeated.

After another long night of discussion, Carlisle and Esme made a decision that would affect their family for the rest of their lives. The next morning Carlisle went first thing, down to the police station.

Charlie had Edward sitting on a bench in the lobby, waiting to learn his fate. Carlisle went to sit next to him and waited, but Edward wouldn't even acknowledge his presence, so finally Carlisle decided to speak.

"Edward, I'm very disappointed in you." Carlisle stated. "Esme and I have been trying to help you, find a way to get through to you, but we keep banging against this stone wall of yours. Help me son, help me-help you, tell me what you need?"

"I'm not your son." Edward said coldly. He never spoke much, but when he did, it was always short and bitter, so his words and tone now didn't shock or even offend Carlisle.

"No, but I'd like you to be. Esme and I were up all night discussing this, and we'd like nothing more than to adopt you permanently. What do you think?"

"Why would you want to do that?" Edward said full of surprise. He had expected to be sent back to the boy's home in Seattle, or even to be put in Juvenile Hall, not offered a forever home.

"Believe it or not, but we care about you. I know some of what you've been through in your short life, and I'd like to hear more, but only if you want to tell me. I want you to know without a doubt, that we will not give up on you, no matter how many times you fall; we'll always be there to pick you back up, because that's what families do. I know this is going to take time, but we have all the time in the world and I pray that someday, you will come to trust us, and even think of us as your family."

And for a reason that he didn't even understand himself, the fifteen year old damaged boy, agreed to be adopted by the Cullens. His mother Elizabeth had her rights to him permanently dissolved, so Edward Mason became Edward Cullen.

Carlisle was right, the road to becoming a full, whole person, would be a long one for Edward and for the next two years, though he stopped trying to run away and be a menace to the family, he remained quiet and guarded in the home. School wasn't much different; Edward didn't have any friends so his step siblings took it upon themselves to watch-out for him, but not even Emmet, the biggest Cullen kid, could stop the fights Edward was constantly getting in. Carlisle feared that Edward would always be alone and never respond to normal relationships, maybe something inside of him was missing, or maybe he just needed the right something, or someone, to make him whole.

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