Moon Scars



My feet are swollen and my back hurts all the time. I'm so ready for my pregnancy to be over and even though there are only a couple weeks left until my due date, every day seems to just drag on and it feels like forever.

"Carlie, can you hand me that?" I asked her as she came into the room. I dropped a serving spoon on the ground when I was putting the dishes away, and my large stomach makes it hard to bend over.

"Sure. Momma, why don't you let me finish?" She said then took the cup I was holding and gently scooted me out of the way.

"I'm not helpless." I complained.

"Yeah, but dad would be pissed at me if I'm sitting around while you're doing the dishes."

"Well he doesn't have to know…and don't say pissed." I scolded her but she just rolled her eyes.

Jacob walked through the back door and grabbed a few cookies off the counter. "I knew I smelled cookies. Really Bella, you need to go into catering or something, these are amazing." He said with a full mouth.

"Those are actually for Carlie's school bake sale." I said while pulling two cookies out of his hands.

"Ok, I'll buy them. How much?" He asked me and when I didn't answer him, he turned to Carlie. "How much Shorty?"

"A hundred bucks." She said without hesitation.

"What? That's ridiculous….No they're not. Really, how much?"

"Well we're selling them for fifty cents each, but for you the price is a hundred bucks for the batch." She said humorlessly.

"Oh really, why's that?" He asked in mock offense.

"Because you're trying to buy them before anyone else gets a chance to even see them. Let's say you wait until the actual sale opens, and some other guy comes around and wants to buy the whole batch as well. So now the two of you are standing there wanting these delicious cookies but don't want to share. The only logical thing to do is start a bidding war and because these are the best cookies ever, who knows how high they might actually go for. So I think a hundred buck is a fair deal." She said convincingly and completely serious.

"Damn Bella, have you been letting her go with you to court or something. I think she's going to be an even better lawyer than you when she's older." Jacob said with a chuckle.

"No, she's just a natural." I said with a proud smile. "Hey, where's Tony, I thought you guys were hanging out over at your house?" I asked looking out to our combined backyard, but not seeing him.

"Oh he's helping Vanessa with the party favors."

"Ugh, I said she didn't have to do those." I said frustrated. I hated how everyone thought I was helpless just because I was about to pop.

"Yeah well she wanted to, and Tony wanted to help her." He said with a smirk that made me want to punch him. "Besides, Alice is doing everything else, so what difference does it make?"

"The difference is that Alice just found out that she's pregnant, and with this being her first pregnancy, she's probably going to be tired a lot. So I told her that I was going to handle most of it."

"And I bet she said no." Jacob said like a smart ass.

"So? It's my kid's birthday, so she doesn't have a choice in the matter!" I yelled at him.

"Wow. A little hormonal are we?" I glared at him. "Don't worry, I won't take it personally." He said, so I just snapped. I picked up a cookie and chucked it at his head. He ducked and it missed him, so he stood up and looked back at me with a scowl. "You just wasted a perfectly good cookie, I would have paid real money for that."

"Ugh! Go away." I said in more of a growl.

"Ok, Ok." He said with a smile, then quickly grabbed two more cookies and ran out the back door.

"AND SEND TONY HOME TOO!" I yelled after him.

Five minutes later, Tony came through the back door looking at me a little fearful. I raised my eyebrows at him waiting for him to confess the cause of his guilty expression.

"Ok, here it goes, I was sitting with Will and he wanted to make mud pies, but I told him that it wasn't a good idea, but he wouldn't listen to me." He said in a rush.

"So you sat there and made mud pies with him? I thought you were supposed to be helping with the party favors?" I said looking at his mud covered pants.

"Mom, I tried telling him no, but he said that it was Ok." Tony said louder, as if I wasn't listening to him.

"Honey, you are turning five in two days, and William just turned four. You're older, so why are you listening to something he tells you when you know that it's not right?" Though Tony and Will were almost a year apart, they were inseparable, but sometimes they fought as if they were brothers instead of cousins.

I stared into his green eyes waiting for an answer, and I almost laughed at the way his hair stuck up in all different directions.

"Mom, it was just one of those things." He said finally with an expression that was exactly like Edward's.

It was funny the way Carlie and Tony had opposite coloring. Carlie had Edward's bronze hair color but my brown eyes, and Tony had my brown hair but Edward's green eyes. They both however, have Edward's face, which couldn't have been more perfect.

"Uh…yeah" Vanessa came through the door, probably after seeing the mess William was in, and wanted to make sure that I knew Tony was a mess too.

"How bad is Will?" I asked trying to hold back my laughter.

"Ugh!" She said then turned back and headed home. Vanessa and Jake had two kids, I guess they scrapped the plans for waiting because soon after Tony was born, they found out she was pregnant. They named him William after Jake's dad and it was rightfully so because he looked like a mini Jake, except he had the Mason green eyes just like Edward and Vanessa, and now Tony. Their daughter Sarah Elizabeth was named after their mom's and she's two, brown hair and brown eyes, but cute as a button.

Tony was born four months after Edward and I got married. He was stubborn and came two weeks late, and I swore back then that I was never going to get pregnant again. We named him after his daddy of course, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Jr. but we call him Tony, which just felt right. He was turning five in two days, so we were busy with all the party plans.

And Carlie was now twelve…twelve. It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone by, it seems like only yesterday I was meeting Edward up on that magical meadow for secret rendezvous, and yet it also felt like a lifetime ago. Time was funny like that, moving so quickly but a moment can seem to last forever.

And here I am, thirty years old and pregnant again, and yet again, I swear this is the last time. Being this pregnant is just too hard especially when I have to put my career on hold during the forced maternity leave, which strangely starts before I even have the baby.

A few weeks after our honeymoon, Edward had to testify at the trial to bring Aro to justice for the horrible things he did. I was worried about him, because he had to speak in detail about the abuse he endured, and the complete lack of care on Aro's part. But Edward handled it amazingly and Aro was sentenced to seven years in prison, though after six months, he was beaten to death by fellow inmates. They may have been rapists, thieves, and murderers, but child abusers and those who contributed to such heinous acts, were appalling to them and punishable by death in their eyes. It was a horrible way to die, but let's just say none of us were crying from the news.

But something good did come from the trial, I became pleasantly acquainted with Carlisle's lawyer Charlotte Peters, and after going back to school to get my law degree, we opened up our own practice as partners. I'm just glad that she has it together enough to run things while I'm out with this pregnancy.

Edward still owned and worked for the company Anthony started and left for him, but he also still composed and wrote music too. He was pretty busy with it all, but he never had any issues with taking time off whenever he wanted to, or when he just needed a break. His mind never skipped again, and he retained his full memory as well as both personalities, though now I didn't even notice the difference anymore.

A few years ago, Edward went down to Oregon, and bought his grandfather's vineyard back. He said it was in his family for a long time, built and grown from the ground up by his great-great-grandfather, and he just didn't feel right about a stranger owning it. We didn't move there, Edward just hired people to care for everything, but it was a beautiful place to vacation at.

We never heard from Edward and Vanessa's mom again. I'd like to think that Lizzy was still out there somewhere but with her being sick the way that she was, it was doubtful that she's still alive, but I guess we'll never know.

Two days later all the party guests started arriving in the early afternoon, dressed in black capes and false fanged teeth. It was nowhere near Halloween, but much to our chagrin, Tony grew up listening to Jacob's stories about vampires and instead of being terrified the way Carlie was, he absolutely loved them. So we were having a vampire themed birthday party, complete with coffins and tons of cherry flavored fake blood.

"Ugh, whoever said kid's parties are fun, were seriously demented." Rose said while chasing after her twins. They were three year old girls, Sophia and Madeline, and they had Emmet completely wrapped around their fingers. He just kept giving them more and more candy, and Rose was now dealing with the consequences.

This had to be one of the least organized parties that we have ever had for any of our kids, but it was simply because Alice had been very sick from her pregnancy. Her and Jasper never really talked about wanting kids before, but six months ago, they found out Alice had a problem with her hormone balance and the doctors told her she'd probably never have kids. Alice just nodded completely unfazed, and now here she was pregnant and wasn't shocked or even surprised in the least. She must have dreamed it, so she never once worried.

"Bella, do you want me to help you with anything?" Heidi asked as she brought in some kids that needed to wash their hands.

"No, I think I got it under control, thanks though." I told her as I took the cake out of the fridge and strategically placed five candles on top.

Heidi's husband Demetri took over as partner in Edward's company when his father Marcus died, and we've actually been really good friends since. But I always did like Heidi, I just hated her because she was with my husband, even if he didn't remember being my husband at the time.

I lit the candles on the Dracula cake, and we all sang happy birthday to a very rosy cheeked Tony. He blew out the candles quickly and was relieved to have the attention off of him when the crowd dispersed again. He was kind of like me when it came to having everyone looking at him, it was just an uneasy feeling for him, unlike his sister who was a social butterfly.

As everyone was enjoying cake and ice cream, the sound of Edward's piano started playing sweetly in the background. Carlie was a natural, just like Edward, and she never missed an opportunity to play for a crowd.

Four hours and one huge mess later, the party finally died down and the last of the guests left. Carlisle and Esme stayed for a few more hours to help clean up, but they still had a three hour car ride ahead of them so they left as well. Bree was living in California going to UCLA, so she didn't make it to the party, but she called and sent her love.

"You need to sit down." Edward said quietly in my ear as he wrapped his arms around me from behind, and rubbed my stomach tenderly.

"I hate sitting." I said quietly while my eyes closed as Edward kissed my neck.

"Yeah but your feet are swollen, and I'm offering you my services." His cool breath on my face sent electric waves down my spine.

"Oh yeah, and what kind of services are those?" I asked after spinning around and locking my arms behind his neck.

"The foot massaging kind." He said with a smirk.

"Ok." The slight disappointment was obvious in my voice.

"You are still so freaking horny all the time." He laughed at me knowing that I'd much prefer his other services.

"Yeah I am." I said pathetically. "Do you think I'll ever grow out of it?" I asked with a sly smile.

"God, I hope not." He flashed his crooked smile that I loved so much, before scooping me up and carrying me upstairs.

Our baby was born a week later; an eight pound seven ounce baby girl we named Mackenzie Marie Cullen. Mackenzie after Edward's grandmother and Marie is my middle name, which was also my grandmother's name. She was a chubby baby who had the sweetest disposition, and like her sister before her, she favored Edward above anyone else, but I wasn't complaining.

I truly felt our family was complete, but even more importantly , I felt like our lives couldn't have been happier. Sometimes when I think about the amazing way everything turned out, I just can't help but look back at it all and know that it was all worth it. Every heartache, every tear ,and every agonizing horrible year that went by when we were apart.

I used to believe that everyone in life was only allowed to have so much happiness, before their good fortune ran out. And after losing Edward the way that I did, that belief was reaffirmed in my mind until the day when the magic of the meadow brought him back to me permanently. Now I believe in miracles, and a power greater than anything I could possible fathom. Call it Faith, or maybe it's even simpler than that, maybe it's just the cliché belief that 'love concurs all'. But whatever the case, I know in the depths of my soul that Edward and I will be together through the test of time.

And if for some reason, some unforeseen force should come threaten our heavenly peaceful existence, Alice's dream premonitions will warn us what to watch out for.

The End

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