We come now to a scene which is both familiar yet essentially different. A wedding is taking place, not in a church but in the home of one of the most prominent wizards of all time for one of the closest friends to his heart.

The bride is not dressed in virginal white as in looking at her, one can see that this color does not fit the circumstances. Instead, she is dressed in a warm lavender gown, that sets off her chocolate hair and is loose enough to accommodate her growing belly. She is glowing, her lips curve in a happy smile, her eyes sparkle.

And as she walks down that short aisle, surrounded by close family and friends, she cannot take her eyes off the golden-haired groom who awaits her at the end. His eyes are also equally entranced, the silver deepening to steel gray with emotion. There is no hesitation in her footsteps as she approaches him, no painful memories to mar the occasion.

As Hermione's father places her hand in Draco's their world is complete, the present a bright reality and the future a beautiful stretch before them.

The End.

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