Disclamier: I dont own any wrestlers only characters I own is Riley. Rai is owned by Tosha (arayth3darkpr1nc3ss)

Finding The One

Rai and her sister Rie have been traveling with their cousin Melina every since they lost their parents in a bar car wreck. Now that they are grown up they understand what happened and how things change really fast between them. Rai became more open while Rie shut everyone out of what she was feeling. The girls use to be so opened with everyone around them but losing their parents just change them so much that it was hard to explain to anyone. While Melina and Rie were getting their bags Rai was looking around for Nitro since he decided that he was going to travel with them. Nitro walked up with two guys that he worked with. Rai couldn't take her eyes off of the guy with huge muscles.

"Hey Rai. These are my friends John Cena and Randy Orton."

"Hi." She replied sweetly

John smiled and gave his nod to her

Randy was smirked "So your Melina's cousin?"

"Well Im one of her cousins I do have a little sister."

"Really? Nitro you lefted that out man." Randy stated

"I had a good reason too Orton."

John laughed "Burn Randy."

"Bite me Cena."

As they were arguing Melina and Riley walked up with their bags. Nitro smiled and took the girls bags kissing Melina and Rie on the cheeks. Rie watched the guys aruge of something retarded. Rai bit her lip trying to keep her eyes to herself but that was just to hard for her to do.

"Boys stop acting like children." Melina said

"Cena started it."

"No you did."

"Guys chill out before you scare my cousin away." Melina said pointing at Rie

"Im not scared of two over grown apes fighting I just want to get the hell out of here okay." Rie snapped before walking out of the door.

"Moody?" John said

"No she is just dealing with the lost of our parents a lot harder than me." Rai said before following her sister out

"Nice work guys." Nitro replied

They groaned "Sorry."

Melina just shook her head and went out to the car where she found Rie with her headphones on and Rai trying to get to talk which wasn't working. Melina got into the car with a sigh as the guys got into the car. They drove to the hotel with no one talking.