The Dating Game!

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John, Rai, Rie, and Nitro have been dating for over a year now and things are looking better for the couples. Rie has been getting back to her normal self again and her sister couldn't help but to smile about that. That is all she wanted was to have her sister back from where ever her mind had her. John has been treating Rai like she was a queen in his eyes and knowing John that is what she was to him. Nitro couldn't be happier with Riley. She was the one girl that understood him in ways that no one else could. Melina never understood his passion or why he works out as hard as he does, but Riley has always gotten it. She never questioned him on things or why she didn't go out with him as much. He loved everything about her and he wouldn't change anything about her.

Melina on the other handed never understood what he saw in her. Riley was her cousin yes, but she was nothing compared to her. Melina was everything that Riley wasn't. She wasn't about to lose her man to her cousin that wasn't anything more than a little pawn. And of course Melina was going to do anything and everything to get him to understand that she is the only one for him even if it is going to hurt her cousin. In the mind of Melina that was going to be easier said than done, but when it comes to Rie, Rai is the one who gets overprotective when she knows that someone is trying to hurt her sister and when it is one of their family things get rough and hard for them.

The dating game that the girls are in is something more than love, but the game is going to be a lot much worse when they find out about their cousin involvement with them trying to get hurt. When they do find out that she is involve with everything that is going to happen you better believe that things are going to go down fast and hard.