Yeah, Yeah, Nothing Belongs To Me...

The first time that Angel had seen her was merely days into his newest assignment. He'd been busy trying to get a lay of the land so to speak, trying to familiarize himself with the town, the people, his assignment... so when he finally found some free time, he was more than happy to treat himself to a feast at the small all-night diner just down the road from the rental house he'd been set up with that he'd been eyeing since he first strolled into this small nowhere town. He hadn't been eating properly since before he'd come to Sunnydale as it were and had just been busying himself with the last of his unpacking and setting up his new place so was practically drooling as he sprinted over on through waiting for his order to be brought out to him. Though, soon he found something else that would cause similar reactions.

It was the first few hours of the night when he'd opened the glass door, a small dinging coming from the bell set on top of it as he stepped inside. He smiled at the two waitresses behind the large counter before finding his way to a table. He was already flipping through the menu before his butt had even had time to connect with the seat.

"And just how are you doing tonight?"

Angel tore his eyes off from the glossy page and looked up the older waitress who'd followed him over, her pen and paper were pulled out, ready to go. "Pretty good, and yourself?" he replied with.

"I'm doing just fine, thank you," she said sweetly. "What can I go ahead get you to drink, darlin'?"

His smile grew, the southern twang she had reminding him of two of his closest friends, Fred Burkle and Lindsey McDonald. "Uhh..." he drawled out, his eyes quickly looking over the drinks section of the menu. "Actually, just a cup of coffee would be fine. Regular. And, well, uhh... could I get a small glass of water, too?"

She smiled, "Sure, no problem. I'll be right back."

Angel nodded, going back to his menu, hoping to have a better idea, a cut down and better idea, on what he was going to be ordering by the time she returned.

As she was setting him up, there was a cough heard from across the room, coming from the only other customer in the place, grabbing the attention of the three other room occupants. "You doing alright over there, Mister Giles?" she called out over her shoulder.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, yes," a British voice answered. "Do excuse me, I seem to still have this cold."

"You've had that cough for weeks now, Rupert, you should go have it checked out. All these late nights sure aren't helping either, you know."

He coughed a few more times. "Excuse me. And I do believe you're right," he said with a sigh, his hands holding up some papers while he shook his head before returning to them, a small smile on his face.

"Well, if you need anything, you just holler alright?" she told him before turning her attention back to Angel. "Same goes for you," she said with a smile and wink. "You think you're ready to order yet or do you still need some time?"

Angel took a breath. "I think we're good to go," he joked, and continued to as he warned her she would be needing that pen and how he'd be working the cooks in the back with this one, making her laugh.

"You weren't kiddin', were you?" she said after he'd finished telling her his order. "Somebody been starving you or somethin'?" she teased.

He laughed. "Just myself. Busy. Just moved to town and all."

"Oh, well I didn't think I'd seen you around before. Believe me, I think I would have remembered that pretty face of yours if I had. Let me go get this to the boys, I'll see if I can't go ahead and bring some of this out to you. Can't have you all passing out from starvation on me or something."

His laughter followed her as she walked away and he thanked her when she quickly returned with 'quick little nothings' and gave a rough estimate on how long it should take before he got some 'real food' coming out. For a few minutes, they made small talk then she excused herself again. And just as he watched her pass by the door on her way, it opened, with the ringing, and in she stepped. Or, rather, her head ducked in, looking from side to side without really seeing anything and then she stepped in.

Angel didn't know why, but the small wave she gave to this Rupert Giles was the cutest thing he'd ever seen.

He hadn't even got a good look at her, her face yet at this point, her body on the other hand... well... but he was already drawn to her. Besides the whole body thing. But it didn't hurt. Toe up, she was wear tall black boots, the heel was a good three to four inches and on the thicker side, reaching about two inches below her knees, between there and the bottom to the very short skirt of her dress showing her black stalkings, then onto the flimsy excuse of a dress, which was also black, and almost see through... not that it really needed to be, it didn't leave much to the imagination as they say and the barely there triangle cuts covering her breasts were doing one hell of a job in other areas where covering her failed, like shaping and displaying, wonderfully, it was short, cut low and had the thinest straps he'd ever seen so on the upper half of her body there was plenty of skin to be shown, and what skin it was, even if a little pale. He could make out two separate club stamps on the hand facing him, one was black while the other was some strange shade of green, she had on silver and black bracelets, a jumble of them, different kinds, different designs and shapes, two rings on the one hand he could see and chipped away red nail polish. Her blonde hair had streaks of pink and blue in it, or, more like just sprayed on bits more than streaks, it wasn't looking it's best but not too bad, just reaching her shoulders. And it stood in the way of seeing her face until she turned, though when she did it just about knocked the wind right out of him. He could then see a black and silver bat designed choker around her neck as well as a long but thin and barely able to make out silver chain, whatever was hanging from it he couldn't make out, and the pendant was almost tangled up in her hair anyway, not surprising, she had on more make up then one might need, in the 'goth trend' or whatever kids called it these days, dark lips, dark eyes, caked on, though he found her breathtakingly beautiful despite it. And she was obviously a little intoxicated. He knew she could only be seventeen or possibly eighteen, but she'd obviously been getting pissed somewhere.

Behind her, three same-aged kids gathered, two females and one male. The male wasn't 'dressed up' with them though was clearly part of their little gang, the girls were pretty decked out as the blonde though. There was a redhead, who seemed a little shy upon the Mister Giles being pointed out to her, a little out of place even with the whole get up. Then there was dark haired wild child who was clearly at home with it all, hell, maybe even holding back as it were.

Over the rim of his cup, Angel watched as they made their way to a nearby table, taking their seats, though the brunette had some trouble, falling out of her chair and laughing loudly at it before finally make it. The two other women and this Giles guy had all questioned if she was alright which she'd waved off.

Angel tore his eyes away from the group, looking over to the other three trying to read them. It was obviously familiar, he could see that. The waitress he didn't know yet looked plenty annoyed by their arrival, the one he did had a very small hint of annoyance as well but happy to see them too, maybe even a little worried about them, which the man certainly was. He obviously cared for these young kids.

Turning his head back to the group, more importantly the blonde, he nearly choked as he found her staring back, her green eyes popping against the dark raccoon-like circles and underneath this light. Their gazes held for what seemed like an eternity, then her eyes narrowed some and her face scrunched up slightly. Then she smiled, just enough, the corner of her bottom lip becoming captured by some of her pearly white teeth. And it was like that smile, that look in her eyes... it was like she was telling him she somehow knew who he was. Like she knew everything there was to know about him. Before he could... even think to breath again, she looked away, toward the unfamiliar waitress who'd, no doubt, begrudgingly came over to take their order. She spoke first, softly, and he couldn't make a single thing out but he was sure it sounded like heaven, her voice. As she spoke, she carefully avoided eye contact with the waitress, and him too, and her fingers played with her hair, the pointer and middle finger of one hand pretending to be a flat iron or something as it continued to press through over and over.

As the woman walked away, she turned her head, meeting his eyes once more. She gave a look that seemed to ask 'What?' but that was all, a second later she looked away again, began interacting with her small group.

Soon, the first few plates were being brought out to him, with his own waitress giving him looks to make it clear she'd been watching his not very subtle staring, but she spoke nothing about it. When the plates kept coming, he found himself being stared at in return by not only her, but her obviously amused friends as well, making him blush a little.

"Big night," the dark haired girl called out to him, amused, and he wasn't sure if it was a statement so much or a question so just nodded anyway and heard her laugh some more. "Eat up!"

Which, he did. Happily. It was one hell of a meal... plus one hell of an excuse to be able to continue sitting here and staring at the young girl.

As their group was being handed their own plates, Angel watched as the British man got up, his eyes trained on them, looking more and more nervous once he began walking toward them. He even cleaned his small glasses twice before reaching them. "Hello," the Brit greeted softly, his head nodding forward slightly.

The group all replied with their own greetings.

"You weren't at school today," he said to the blonde.

She swallowed, looking down at her plate. Angel did his best to read her lips since he knew he'd be straining to hear her. Something about being sick, which they could make out was a lie, was said.

"Well, I, uh..."

"I wasn't at school today either," the brunette cut in, a huge, drunken grin on her face as she chewed happily on some strips of bacon.

The red haired girl rolled her eyes. "You dropped out last year, Faith."

Faith, it seemed, laughed. "Just pointing it out."

"Well, uh, yes, I suppose then you weren't," this Mister Giles stutter out. "I, well, I do hope you are feeling better and I see you all tomorrow... or, well today... as it" And after a few more words, he left. The blonde seemed troubled after their talk, but as if sensing he'd noticed and figured her and the situation out, she covered it up.

Throughout the meal, their eyes met several times, though it was almost always in a quite passing despite his best efforts to keep her locked in on him. When he finally finished his gigantic meal, he sipped his coffee slowly and looked over the bill. When he finished with it as well, he sighed, sat there for several minutes before standing. This, she paid attention to, he could tell, though she was doing her best either not to or not to be obvious about it. It made him smile. Throwing down a massive tip, he headed to the counter to pay for it all. Then, on impulse, he asked to have a cheesecake sent over to the group before leaving. He got another look from his waitress and a small shake of the head though she was smiling wickedly his way the whole time. He paid for it as well then gave one last long look at the back of her blonde head, then headed to his current home.