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Chapter One

It's that Time Again

Rachel Berry briskly walked down the halls of William McKinley High School. After all she was a woman on a mission. Stopping in front of the bulletin board she turned and brushed back a chunk of her raven hair from her face. Immediately her eyes frantically began scanning the board for-'Ahah! There it was! Just the notice she had been looking for!' she thought as she seized the announcement and turned on her heels.

Again with the first part of her mission now firmly in hand she made her way to the auditorium door. Silently she praised herself for coming into school so early. Couldn't do for her to arrive late. Not today. She wanted the edge of being the first to sign up. 'There! There it was!' she thought upon the sight of it-a pink sign up sheet taped to the door beckoning her. The wooden pencil dangling there. It too taped to a cord of red yarn and tied. She stood in front of the door and let out a shaky sigh. This was what she loved she deemed. She loved the butterflies in her stomach. The tingly feeling of anticipation. The itch she would feel to be on the stage again. 'Ah!' she thought elated. 'I simply can not wait!'

Caught up in the moment her heart alight and a flutter Rachel did not notice Quinn, Santana's, and Brittney's arrival. "ahem" Quinn cleared her throat and Santana impatiently tapped her foot while Brittney rested one elbow on Santana's shoulder. Rachel made no move to apologize but she did move aside for the other girls. As Quinn scrawled her name right underneath Rachel's she spoke coldly to the other girl. "You know this isn't going to be like last time." she informed. Now done signing her name. She looked straight into Rachel's brown eyes. "You won't get the lead." she told her before all three all girls walked past her one by one bumping into her shoulder.

Rachel kept her arms rigid and pointed straight down as her knuckles turned white and she bit her lower lip. Quinn was just jealous she reminded herself as she watched Fabray and the others walk away. After all she had Finn now and Quinn didn't.

As if on cue she felt a soft kiss on her left cheek. Finn had appeared at just the right moment. Rachel smiled letting her boyfriends open display of affection warm her and replace all the awful hurt feelings Quinn had stirred up inside her.

Finn smiled and draped an arm over her shoulder. "So is that time again?" he asked already knowing the answer. Rachel nodded and he kissed the top of her head. Chuckling and shaking his head he looked down at her again. "You already all signed up?" he asked once again pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"Finn" Rachel started. "You know I already did." Finn smiled.

"Your right. I did. But why don't you tell me what I don't know. What're they doing this year?" he asked.

"Beauty and the Beast" She told him blushing. Finn probably did not know this but as a child she'd practically wore out her VHS of it.

Finn nodded and Rachel stared up at him. "You going to sign up?" she asked trying to sound casual about it. Of course Finn would see right through her but she did her best to keep him in the dark just the same. Finn looked at Rachel doubtfully. "I don't know. Beauty and the Beast isn't exactly macho, Rachel." he relayed. Rachel swallowed hard.

"Your right." she said again feigning a certain lack of concern.

"You know Rachel. Your not as good as an actress as you think you are." he told her.

Rachel sighed. "I know Finn. It's just I- Well I really hoped you would. It wouldn't feel right if I were Belle and you weren't my Prince." she confessed blushing.

Finn kissed the top of her head again. "Well" he said. "If it means that much to you." and with that Rachel beamed and tip toed up to kiss Finn on his cheek.

Finn blushed at being so gushed over. He lightly pushed Rachel back a little and Rachel held back a chuckle. He took a few steps forward and wrote down his name just four lines down from Rachel. Rachel stood behind and happily watched him. She just knew this play was going to be great for them. She could already see them their in the spotlight her kiss in the end transforming him from the hideous beast to perfect prince within. She sighed at her little romantic fantasy and let Finn drape his arm around her shoulder once again and he escorted her to class. Where he kissed her at the door before taking leave and heading to his first class.

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