To all my readers,

First up I would like to apologize for not updating for a while, I do intend of finishing these stories but at the moment my life is a bit hectic and unable to write so I am going to place the stories on Hiatus for a couple more months.

Second I have lost my USB stick in which I had the next chapters to all my stories written and was about to send off to my beta readers but I lost it so I am trying to find it which I haven't had any luck doing so now I have to re-write them.

I also have a FaceBook page, Slytherinhawkins105 all you need to do is hit like and I'll post there to keep you updated.

Promise I'll start writing again soon, Reviews and PM messages I am getting is totally awesome and makes me feel good knowing you guys are still out there waiting patiently for me and I will not let you down and have those stories completed soon

Cheers :)