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Warning: This story contains abuse.

Summary: Harry is angry he is sick and tired of the way his family beats him and decides to take control of his own destiny. Evil/Dark Harry. Snape is tired of his spying rolls and when Harry gets taken by the Death Eaters he starts to see Harry in a different way and the two of them become fast friends perhaps even more. AU. Warning it contains Slash male/male if you don't like it don't read it.

Pairing: HP/SS

Harry was angry, no he was beyond angry he was furious, he hated everything, everything that they say he should do and say.

He was so sick of been the boy who lived, saving the wizarding world when he was just over a year old but what was he truly saving it from. A couple of years ago he could have answered that question but now he couldn't and to tell the truth he didn't care, not anymore because the more he cared the more he seemed to get hurt by those he cares about.

In his fourth year somehow his name ended up in the goblet of fire and Dumbledore basically accused him of doing it when he truly didn't and at that point Harry started to lose faith in the older wizard that he held in high regard. During that year Dumbledore left him to his own devices, not one ounce of help. While the other champions had their families for support once again Harry was left on his own, no one their to cheer him on, except maybe Hermione but now that he thought about it she just nagged at him about his school work.

Ron's jealously put a huge strain on their relationship and when Harry manage to rescue the egg and had all the attention he came crawling back and Harry welcomed the friendship back but now he had his doubts on that friendship, doubts that wont leave him alone.

It's like his doubts for Dumbledore were still rising and he believed less and less in the old wizard for when Cedric died he sent Harry back to the Dursley's and he never heard from him. Granted he did make an appearance for Harry's trail but for the rest of the year he basically ignored him and when he went to him for help he passed him onto Snape. But the ultimate betrayal and hurt just came recently and that was at the ministry of magic just after Bellatrix LeStrange murdered his godfather he still insisted that Harry go back to the Dursley and he will be in touch.

That was six weeks ago and he hasn't heard a single thing from him not even an owl or any owl for that matter. He hadn't received any copies of the daily prophet, not a single letter from Remus or anyone from the order, he has only received one letter from Ron and Hermione in the first week of the holidays but hasn't heard from them since. He sent Hedwig off with the letter and the next day when she returned she had no reply and ever since then he hadn't heard a word, he had sent a letter to Remus, another one to Ron and Hermione but still he hadn't heard a thing, once again Hedwig returned with nothing and it has been like this ever since, nothing.

Harry could here his so called relatives having there diner while watching some stupid television show and forgetting all about Harry been there.

Not that it use to bother Harry because Mrs Weasley would always send him some food but not this time, in fact he has not heard from the woman he once considered a surrogate mother.

It's been at least four days since he last any sort of food and even that was only a slice of bread and a over ripe banana but still it was something.

He was starting to hate his relatives like they hated him and for the first time in his life Harry he decided he was going to control his destiny, not Dumbledore or some stupid prophecy or Ron or Hermione or the order but him, Harry, he was going to control who and what he would become and the one thing he doesn't want anymore is to be the boy who lived, the saviour of the wizarding world, the hero.

Nope not anymore, he has had enough.

Harry was not happy that he has not heard from anyone especially he friends.

He was not happy that he hasn't had any news from the wizarding world at all.

He was not happy that his relatives kept him locked in his room only releasing him to their housework.

He hated the fact that his relatives think they could beat and taunt him.

He hated how everyone expected him to save them from a massive evil but he wasn't sure who the greater evil was anymore.

He hated Dumbledore for leaving him with his relatives knowing that he begged and begged the man to let him stay somewhere else because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his relatives.

He hated how Dumbledore and the order were manipulating him to do whatever they wanted him to do.

He also hated how Dumbledore wants to train him as a weapon against Voldemort but what happens when he defeats the wizard would he be able to live a normal life.

The answer is NO he would never be able to have that at all and that's the thing he hated most of all, the fame and everything that went a long with it.

But it was going to stop here and now.

As of this moment he was no longer the boy who lived or the saviour of the wizarding world he was now Harry James Potter, a man in control of his own life, doing what he wants to do and not giving a dam about anyone else and the first thing he was going to do was leave Privet Drive once and for all and never coming back here ever again.

Harry started to formulate a plan, a plan he would put into action once morning came.


"What newssss do you have from the minisssstry" Voldemort hissed

"Fudge is in an uproar over you showing up at the Ministry and Malfoy and some of the other's have been placed in Azkaban"

"Unfortunate indeed but that will teach them a lessssson . You did well my sssservant" Voldemort praised his follower.

"And how is young Mr Malfoy going Bellatrix?" Voldermort now turned to face her.

"Good my lord, upset at the fact that his father is in prison but he is strong"

"Yessss he issss sssstrong. Isssss he faithful Narssssssica?"

"He wants to follow you my lord, he is ready" Narcissa Malfoy replied

"Good bring him with you next time and I will bessssstow that honour on him asssss well assss an assssignment." Voldemort hissed then turning to another one of his follower's to address them.

"Sssseverussss what newsss do you bring me?"

"My lord" Severus started with a bow then continued on "It's seem Dumbledore has told everyone to leave Potter alone and let him grieve for his dog father and that he will check on the boy"

"And hassss he checked on Potter" Voldemort curiosity was now spiking

"No my lord, although he claims he has" Severus replied with simple facts

"Do you know how the boy is going?"

"No, no one knows as all contact has been forbidden"

"I see and what of Dumbledore movements?"

"Dumbledore is trying to gain support from all over Britain as well as from other magically creature's like Vampires and the werewolves colonies." Severus delivered the news to his master

"Any luck"

"Not yet, I have manage to talk the vampires out of it but he is claiming he has a way to help Potter bring you down"

"I need you to find out more for me Ssssseverusssss I can not have that fool Dumbledore think he hassssss the upper hand, he must be sssssstopped, it'ssssss time to put and end to Dumbledore and Harry Potter"


"Sssseverusss you are my trusssted advisssor and I have an extra misssson for you" Voldemort said then he dismissed the rest of the Death Eater's for he needed to talk to Severus alone.

"Anything for you my lord I am of your service"

"I will be giving the sssspawn of Malfoy the mark and then he will be given the misssssion to kill Dumbledore"

"My lord young Mr Malfoy will not be able to kill Dumbledore, Dumbledore if too powerful for the child"

"I know but my plan involvesss him failing for then we will kill him and send hissss remainsss to hisss father asssss a reminder of what happenssss when you fail me" Voldemort let out an evil laughed

Severus smirked at Voldemort plan; the ultimate revenge on Lucius Malfoy was to have his one and only heir killed for his failures.

Severus has seen what does happen to those who fail the dark lord and now it was Lucius Malfoy's turn as he failed to get the prophecy off Potter at the ministry as well as getting himself captured and sent to Azkaban prison had left the Dark Lord furious beyond belief and had sworn revenge against those who have failed him and awarded those who pleased him like himself and Bellatrix.

He made his way to the apparition point and apparated back to Spinner's end.


Harry woke the next morning ready to put is plan into action but first he needed to get a few things. He grabbed his wand that he had hidden in the loose floor boards. His Uncle believed that his wand was in his trunk under the stairs for when he got home he demanded that he place it in his trunk so he did or his Uncle thought he did when in fact Harry had a decoy wand and it was the decoy wand that he placed in his trunk making his uncle think it was his real one but instead he placed it in the floor boards under his bed in case he needed and now he does.

Harry thought about what he wanted to take with him last night but the only thing he came up with was his wand, he would leave everything else in his trunk under the stairs.

He waited for his Uncle to come in his room with his list of chores and like every other day he will go and start it until his Uncle left and then he will, he would not use magic for he did not want the ministry, Dumbledore or any order members know where he is

Harry was brought out of his musing by the sound of the locks been taken off and his Uncle Vernon entering the room.

"BOY" he said shoving a list of chores at Harry who tried not to flinch "Here your list of chores to be done by the time I get home as well as the ones you didn't get done yesterday you lazy freak and if they are not done when I get home there will be hell to pay boy" Vernon warned in a very threatening voice.

"Yes sir" Harry replied in a monotone voice but on the inside he was smirking at the fact that he will not be here by the time is Uncle gets home he is planning on been long gone from there in fact he is hoping he will be several hours away from Little Whinging.

After his Uncle left his room he quickly went about his personnel business checking he had he wand one more time and looking back at his room he saw Hedwig still locked in her cage.

He walked over to her cage, unlocked the cage of his beloved owl and reached and pats her feathers.

"Your free Hedwig, I can't take you with me and I can't leave you here or send you to someone I no longer trust or care for" Harry said trying to hold onto his emotions.

He knew last night he was going to set his beloved owl free and he knew it was going to be hard but he had to for what he was going to do he didn't need her.

"Goodbye Hedwig, I will miss you" Harry said walking over to the window holding Hedwig and with one final stroke of her snowy white feather's Harry released her and watch he fly off into the wind.

With a small sigh Harry headed down stairs without looking back at his room that he considered a prison cell he headed downstairs to cook the Dursley's their breakfast for the final time wishing he had a vial of the draught of the living dead so he could mix into with their breakfast.

Harry smirked at the idea, it didn't really concern him that he wanted his relative's dead, in fact with a flick of his wand and a certain spell he could kill them but then he will end up in Azkaban prison and he wasn't going to trade his prison at Little Whinging for the one in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean, no he had a plan and he was planning on sticking to it.

Breakfast was a noisy affair, his Uncle was going on about some new deal that was going to bring in heaps of money, his Aunt giving him the run down of what's happening in the neighbourhood and Dudley was bragging about some fight that his coming up, all in all it was nothing that Harry hasn't heard before and plans on never hearing again.

"Have a good day at the office dear" He heard his Aunt saying to his Uncle as he left the house.

Harry was relieved to see him going which meant it was time to put his plan into action.

"Well what are you waiting for Freak you have work to do, NOW MOVE IT" Petunia's screeched at him but this time Harry didn't scamper away.

"MOVE IT FREAK" She yelled


"Excuse me"

"I said NO, N O, NO" Harry replied sternly

"You better or you will be in so much trouble when your Uncle comes home" Petunia threatened

"I don't care, I am NOT your house elf or punching bag anymore" Harry said with a lot of malice in his voice

"How DARE you speak to me like that boy"

"I can speak to you however I please; YOU ARE nothing to be me"

"Of course we are something to you, we gave you a place to stay, food off our table, clothes" Petunia started to ramble

"Bullshit, you threw me in the cupboard and made me do EVERYTHING while you were busy been the neighbourhood gossip"


"NO how DARE YOU, you didn't give me food only scraps that Dudley didn't eat as well as his old clothes you NEVER spent anything on me"

"I could never starve my Dudder's he was a growing boy"

"Yeah right growing out more like it he will put a baby whale to shame"


Petunia slapped Harry so hard he fell backwards "DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK LIKE THAT ABOUT MY DUDLEY" she screamed at Harry

"I can say what I want"

"You wait to I tell your Uncle"

"Tell him for all I care the overgrown walrus" Harry said his voice full of venom


"I hate you and if I don't ever see you again it will be too soon" Harry whispered in deadly voice and walked out of the kitchen, collected his trunk before someone pushed him hard into the wall knocking him on the floor

"HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO MY MUM LIKE THAT POTTER" Dudley shouted while kicking Harry who had fallen to the ground but Harry wasn't going to take it anymore and wandlessly cast a stinging hex at Dudley with enough power to knock him back.

The stinging hex knocked Dudley crashing into the door way knocking him unconscious and Petunia comes running out to see what the entire racket is all about when she sees Dudley on the floor unconscious.

"DUDLEEEYY" Petunia screams out then turns to Harry who in the mean time gets up with a smirk on his face to see his Aunt fuss over Dudley so he quickly grabs his trunk shrinks it and leaves before his Aunt starts at him again.


Harry arrived in Knockturn Alley a couple of hours later. He originally was going to take the knight bus but decided against the last thing he wanted was Stanley Shunpike telling the Daily Prophet that Harry Potter went to Knockturn Alley; in fact he didn't want anybody to know where he was.

He made his way to the Knockturn Heads and booked a room using the name Elijah Hawkins that way no one can make the connection to Harry Potter.

After settling in and casting a clamour over his scar and cutting his hair to a military style Harry leaves his room in search of a few things he needs.


Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office with Minerva McGonagall having a cup tea waiting for the other heads of house to show up for a meeting that is usually held before the beginning of the school year.

"Any news on what he who must not be named is doing?" Minerva asked

"From the last report I received is that Voldemort is not pleased with Lucius Malfoy and has apparently decided to leave him in Azkaban prison for the time been. Other then gathering supporter's not much is happening at all"

"What supporter's Albus do you know?"

"From what I have gathered all his supporter's and he is trying to persuade other magical creatures but I don't know if he has succeeded or not"

"I hope not Albus, What about our side?"

"Not good I'm afraid. We have the order members, Remus is trying to persuade the werewolves but so is Greyback. I had a meeting with the Vampires hoping that they would join but once again we failed there but I'm not giving up hope of more supporters'"

"What about Potter Albus? How is he coping especially after Sirius Death?"

"He is grieving Minerva from my reports on young Harry he spends most of his time indoors occasionally coming outside."

"Will he be alright Albus? I know Potter considered Sirius like a father figured and they were close"

"Yes Minerva I do believe Harry will be alright in time. Once his grief has past he will move on and with the help of his friends I expect Harry will be back to his usual bright self once he is with his friends again"

"Do you plan on moving him then?"

"I do Minerva but not for a few weeks"

"The Weasley's then"

"Yes you are correct I am working with Arthur Weasley to make sure the wards are strong enough and I hope to have him to the burrow before the end of August until then I'm afraid he will have to stay where he is"

Their conversation was brought to a halt with both Professor Flickwick and Sprout entering Dumbledore's office followed moments later by the school's nurse Madam Pomfrey.

"Good afternoon Filius, Pomona and Poppy"




They all said together while taking a seat.

"I have tea and biscuits help your self and of course lemon drops"

"Now all we have to do is wait for Severus" Minerva said irritably

"Severus will be here. I know he was working on some potions when I fire called him this morning" Albus replied

Just as Albus finished speaking his fire place roared to life and the stoic Potion Master stepped through.

"Headmaster" Severus said sweeping over to his seat

"Ah Severus my boy glad you can make"

"Indeed let's get this over with some of us have more important things to do" Severus said annoyingly

"Relax my boy, this shouldn't take too long" Albus said with that annoying twinkle in his eye

Severus snorted and proceeded to recite the wolf bane potion in his head so he didn't have to listen to Albus' dribble about house rivalry, the new students arriving at the school and last and not least Harry bloody Potter Albus' favourite and his master's arch enemy and if there was anything going on with Harry he better listen because after the meeting Albus will stop him from leaving to ask if he has anything to report from the death eater's meeting and to give him something to pass on to the Dark Lord about Harry Potter.

"Well let's get started then shall we" Albus said more as a statement then a question "Minerva you may go first"

"Ok Albus, I will start off today with saying that O.W.L.S result have come in and many students did very well in their results and I'm in the process of getting the results out to the respective students along with there subject list plus books required for the sixth year students.

As for the first years all letters have been sent out already with quite a lot returning already with their acknowledgements. The muggle born names have been passed onto the ministry for them to organise with their school supplies and onto the platform.

As for my house of Gryffindor I have decided that I will give quidditch captain this year to Harry Potter who I might add will do a brilliant job leading the Gryffindor's to victory" Minerva said starting off sounding official but finishing up sounding a bit smug towards the end.

"Typical just what the golden boy needs more fame to bask in" Snape snorted

"Severus Potter is my choice to take over captaincy as I believe he is the best man for the job" Minerva defended her choice

"He not a man he's a boy and an arrogant one at that"

"Just because you see him as James' son Severus are you n..."

"Now, now Minerva and Severus" Albus interrupted them before a fight broke out between the two strong head of houses "Severus Minerva has the right to appoint whoever she feels to be the person to lead the Gryffindor quidditch team. Regardless whether it is Harry or not that is up to her" Albus said firmly looking at Severus daring him to open his mouth.

After a few seconds of staring at Severus, Albus shifted he gave back to Minerva to ask her a question

"Minerva you mentioned that O.W.L.S results have come in and you are sending them out have they gone out yet?"

"Not yet I have only sent the first year out I was sending the rest out by the end of the week"

"Excellent Minerva but I need a small favour from you"

"Anything Albus"

"I was wondering if you could give me Harry's letter"

"Potter's, but why Albus he will be waiting for his results just likes the rest of them"

"I know Minerva but I do require them"

"But Albus if you want to know Harry's result I could tell you"

"I have seen the results of all the students including young Harry's but I need his letter all the same"

"Alright Albus or though I don't agree with you but I will give it to you" Minerva said not happy about Albus' keeping Harry's results from him.

"Thank you Minerva" Albus said then looked across to Filius "Filius"

"The wards around the castle have been strengthened for the new school year. We have organised to have the students searched upon arrival to make sure that they are not bringing in any ban products or dark items.

As for Ravenclaw, I have given quidditch captain to Cho Chang"

"Excellent choice Filius and now that the wards have been strengthen that should make it more difficult for Death Eater's impetrate Hogwarts and safer for the students."

"To right Albus, I have charmed the wards that once all students and teacher's enter the ground on feast night the wards will only recognize them and no one else will be allowed at Hogwarts without your permission Albus"

"Excellent, well done Filius, well done indeed. Pomona"

"Well I have the necessary potion ingredients' growing in my own private greenhouse and they will be ready to harvest in about four weeks if Severus doesn't mind helping me.

When school returns I was hoping that I could arrange it that Neville Longbottom could spend more time in the greenhouse with me the boy has a natural ability with plants and I would like to encourage him in that"

"I'm surprise that boy can do anything productive other then blowing up cauldrons" Severus added in

"Maybe Severus if you weren't so hard on him he will be able to perform quiet well"

"And give a new way to blow up my lab I. Don't. Think. So" he said dangerously quiet

"Severus why are you so hard on your students"

"Because they are nothing but a bunch of dunderheads who do not appreciate what they are doing and one mistake while brewing a potion can be extremely dangerous"

"Fine whatever Severus all I know is that Neville is really good at Herbology and I refuse to get drawn into another argument with you Severus.

Anyway back to my report, my house of Hufflepuff have has no changes Terry Boots will remain as my quidditch captain.

"Good Pomona. Severus" Albus now re – directed the conversation towards the stoic man

"Potion have been brewed and passed onto the infirmary.

Draco Malfoy has been given the privilege of quidditch captain" Severus said as if he was bored out of his mind

"Short and sweet as always Severus" Albus said half smiling and his eyes twinkling like crazy

"I do not do sweet" Severus replied venomously

Albus just smiled at him before turn to Poppy and asking her for her report

"Well Severus has brewed all the potions and we are now stocked up for the beginning especially in calming draughts for the first years" Poppy replied

"Good all seems in order among our noble houses and now for going over some general order of business. For starters any student carrying any Weasley's products are to be confiscated immediately. Same rules apply about the forbidden forest, doing magic in the corridors and out after curfew.

As for Voldemort and his death eaters have been quiet since the ministry but I expect that once term is back up I suspect they will be tampering with the wards trying to get in or some how attack the school so I want all staff on the lookout for anything suspicious from anyone." Albus concluded

"Albus" Filius took the opportunity to ask a question that has been nagging at him for a little while "Who will be taking the DADA position this year?"

"Arh yes I'm glad you asked that, Severus" Albus said turning to his Potion Master

"Yes Albus"

"I would like to offer you the position of the DADA teacher this year if you would like" Albus asked his eyes twinkling like crazy

"No, Albus I'm a rather stick with Potions" Severus replied sternly apart from what rumours say around the school Severus did not want the DADA position at all he enjoyed his potions to much despite the students if he didn't have to have them he would love his job.

"Oh I rather surprise at that I always thought you wanted the job considering every year disagree with the choice I have made"

"Not every year headmaster just the levels of competency the ones you hire have"

"But Severus you know yourself how hard it is to get a good teacher for that position"

"And it's even harder to get a Potion professor"

"Not really I have Horace Slughorn lined up to take your job"

"WHAT, you basically telling me that you have my job filled and basically I AM the new defence against the dark arts teachers" Severus said who was very angry at the headmaster for basically telling him what he is doing

"I'm sorry Severus but this is the best course of action and you will teach the students DADA this year as it your knowledge surpasses anyone I could possibly get and in this time the students do need someone who can teach them what they need to know and with Horace as our Potion Professor the students will benefit greatly"

""Fine whatever" Severus said with a lot of malice in his voice hating the fact that Albus Dumbledore feels he has the right to control what he teaches and what he doesn't all because he does some spying for him.

Albus Dumbledore knew he had to pull a fast one on Severus Snape the man would not have budged if he asked him a couple of weeks ago and one of the main reason he wanted Severus as the DADA teacher was because of Harry he needed Harry trained by the best and Severus Snape was the best for Harry for he was the one to have the show down with Voldemort.

There was a few more issued that the heads of house had to discussed and after the meeting Albus wanted to catch Severus before he left.

He noticed that once he called the meeting to a close Severus made bee line for the floo so he called out to him.

"Severus, wait. I need a quick word with you" Albus said seeing the death glare that Severus sent to him that could get most first years in tears and he knew that Severus was annoyed with him.

Severus stopped and waited for the other's to leave for he knew that Albus Dumbledore will want to know if there was any news from Voldemort or the death eater for any imminent attacks on either the muggle world or the wizarding world or anything that regards Harry Potter.

After everyone left Albus sat behind his desk leaning forward resting his elbows on the desk and entwining his fingers and his eyes are twinkling mildly as he started to speak to Severus.

"I will keep this short Severus for I know you're a busy man" Albus started

"That would be a change" Severus replied sarcastically

"Now, now Severus" Albus said slightly amused at his Potion master now DADA Professor but now turned to been serious "I know your upset at what I did Severus but it was necessary especially in this time of war"

"Albus I really don't care for your sentiments at all and yes I am upset at you because you did not feel it necessary to discuss this with me at first but went behind my back" Severus said with a lot of malice

"And what would you have said then Severus if I did ask you first" Albus asked just satisfy his curiosity knowing what he would have said.

"I would have said no and to tell you to find a proper Defence against the Dark Arts teacher" Severus barked out

"And that's the reason why I did it behind your back and besides I also have another agenda for you to"

"And pray tell me what that is"

"Harry Potter"

"What the golden boy needs extra lesson" Severus remarked rather annoyed

"Yes, your knowledge of the spells, curses and hexes surpasses anyone I know and that is too valuable to waste down in the dungeons for I need you to teach the boy so he could defeat Voldemort"

"The boy is as arrogant as his father and bloody black who flaunts his fame and needs constant attention from everyone and I will refuse to teach the boy" Severus who was furious at the prospect at spending time with Harry Potter.

Albus knew that he could get Severus to teach Harry Potter it was just a matter of time before he will get his way for he needed Harry to be trained as a weapon against Voldemort if they were going to end this war anytime soon but for now he will let Severus has his way for when he collects Harry in a couple of weeks and moves him to the Burrow he will inform Harry of his lessons and tell Severus that he is doing them.

"No matter Severus i would like you to reconsider it but don't answer me now another time perhaps." Albus said holding his hand up to stop Severus from speaking.

"But what I would like to know my dear boy is any news from Voldemort or the death eaters" Albus said having a go at trying to break through Severus occlumency shields but as always he has them up and extremely strong which annoyed Albus a bit for Severus to have such strong occlumency skills, stronger then his but he figures that years of spying will only reinforce his shields.

Although Albus explicitly trusted Severus he just wanted to make sure Severus was telling him everything and to also put his own mind to rest that Severus wasn't suffering for the work he had to do for both Voldemort and the order of the phoenix.

"Nothing more has occurred since my last report" Severus replied sternly to Albus Dumbledore for he knew that Albus tried to access his mind but for all the years he did spying his mind shields were strong and what Albus didn't realize that he always knows when he tries to access his mine and its the same with Voldemort and that's one thing neither of them knew.

Severus often wondered how much does Albus really trust him for lately he has tried to access his mind and he was really annoying him to no end but he had to allow it just like he allowed Voldemort to access his mine for at times he is sure that both of them question his loyalty to them for he was playing spy for both of them, so for the time being he did his job reported what each needed to know and when the time comes he will reveal his true loyalty.

"Very well I will make my leave and make the final preparations for the new school year as well as the order" Albus said basically telling his potion master that the meeting was over for the time being.


"Albus" Severus said as a farewell and got and headed to the floo network and flood back to his own private dwellings to continue making his potions.


"The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches...born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the dark lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the power the dark lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

Harry re – read over and over again the prophecy he had heard in the ministry word for word and after doing countless hours of research on it he quickly learned that not all prophecies come true in fact most of them don't only some parts do. For example the part where it stated that he will mark his equal had came true for Harry knew that his power's are the same if not greater then what Voldemort is and with a glint in his eyes he knew exactly what he wanted.