Alicolly: owo Haithere. So, recently I have been into Tuffcup. I am obsessed (and I mean obsessed) With How To Train Your Dragon. Mainly, Tuffnut. He is a god. MM. And I think Hiccup is adorable so...Whabam. I have decided to write a fic. I love the pairing, based on the few fics of them I have found. I have decided to make the number of fics much greater than it is.

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Hiccups p.o.v

Hiccup sighed as he sat at the long table in the dining hall. His father, and quite a few of the other vikings, had gone scouting. Toothless was out fishing, and Astrid was busy tending to her Nadder. He drank a bit of mead and grimaced. Why did all the other vikings seem to enjoy it? It was rather...nauseating. He sighed. He blinked when he heard a commotion.


"Make me, Dragon-breath!"

Tuffnut shoved her out of the way, smirking as she fell on her bottom. "There. I just made you. Thor, why are you such a bitch all the-?" he yelped as she tripped him and he fell flat on his back, a groan of slight pain coming from him. He opened an eye and glared as he saw her smirking down at him. He growled and tackled her, punching her in the face as she scratched and kicked at him. Hiccup rolled his eyes. This was normal. Every day at least three times a day.

An older viking threw his mug at them, hitting them both in the heads. "OW!"

"Serves ye right! Calm down ye two! Just go an' eat!"

They both grumbled before dropping into their regular seats, across from Hiccup, Snotlout and Fishlegs. Astrid usually sat by Ruffnut, but since she was gone her spot was left vacant. Immediately, they started eating. Hiccup didn't know which was more disgusting; Ruffnut shoving lamb down her throat, or Tuffnut slurping down mead noisily. "What are you lookin' at, dork?" Ruffnut smirked. Tuffnut grinned. They were still sorta mean to him, even after all the events that had taken place.

Hiccup just rolled his eyes and they went back to eating, completely ignoring the smaller viking. Hiccup sighed. He wasn't very hungry at the moment. Not after the slime-covered half-fish Toothless deemed important enough to share with him. His stomach churned. Ugh..that fish had been covered in dragon slime..and it was revolting. He pushed his food away, taking a drink of water. He looked up and looked around the room restlessly. It wasn't even nightfall and he was so bored he was even contemplating going to bed! He sighed and was about to stand up when he locked eyes with Tuffnut.

He would have looked away immediately, but the way Tuffnut was looking at him was different. The sensual look in the others slate Grey eyes caught Hiccup off guard, and he felt his cheeks warm up. He felt butterflies erupt in the pit of his stomach and looked away, biting his lip. What in Odin's beard was that? Never had he had that feeling before. Well, except in Astrid's case but..never at that magnitude.. She had never made him feel anything like that! He peeked up and Tuffnut was still looking at him, his long nimble fingers drumming over the mug as he took another swig. Once more, Hiccup looked away.

After a few more minutes of feeling Tuffnut's harsh stormy eyes on him, he suddenly stood, excusing himself from the table, saying he was tired. Snotlout agreed, as he did with everything, when Hiccup stated he was drowsy. Fishlegs said goodnight before going off on a rant abut his Gronkle's stats or something. Ruffnut completely ignored him, stuffing potatoes into her mouth, and Tuffnut.. Hiccup blushed and looked away, leaving the hall and heading out to his hut.

Tuffnut's p.o.v

He wasn't drunk. He stood up and swayed, grabbing the table. Okay maybe he was. He smirked and set off to follow the younger male. "Where are you going?" His twin snorted, looking up. He shrugged.

"Out for a walk i guess... need to clear m' head." He slurred, on purpose, and left, wobbling. He could hold his liquor better than that, but he didn't want anyone following. He saw his prey slip into his hut and started after him, his padded fur boots quieting his steps.

It was only to be expected that Tuffnut was gay. There were only two females his age on the island of Berk, one of which happened to be his sister, the other being a prudish bitch. He had always had his eye on Hiccup. The boy was small, and rather weak. He could get killed so easily. Which is why Tuffnut felt compelled to possess him. He was so easily controlled. So small. Someone of Tuffnut's stature could easily overpower him. His liquor-induced haze made it all seem so simple. Find Hiccup, seduce him, fuck him.

When he got to Hiccup's hut, he grinned. He looked upstairs to where he knew Hiccup's room was, and saw the candle go out. Quietly, he opened the door and snuck through the rather plain home. His footsteps were muffled by his boots once more. He gently pushed open the door and listened. Was Hiccup still awake? He heard soft snores and deemed it safe to sneak in. Tiptoeing over, he looked at the boys sleeping form and his features softened. For a moment he just stood there before he shook his head.

He pinned the other down, crawling on top of him and covering his mouth to muffle the inevitable scream. He saw Hiccup's eyes shoot open and him trying to scream. "Shuttup, dork." HE hissed into his ear, slowly removing the hand.

"T..tuff? What are you d-doing here..?" Hiccup's shocked voice filled the room. He squirmed, kicking and fighting. Tuffnut rolled his eyes and grabbed his arms pinning them above his head.

"I deal with my sis every day, pipsqueak, you really think you can fight me?" He smirked, and almost immediately, Hiccup stopped moving. Tuffnut smirked down at the boy's confused and slightly scared face.

"Wh..what do you want Tuff..?" HE whimpered. Oh that lovely blush was ever so cute. Tuffnut couldn't' help it. He grinned at the boy's distressed face.

"Why, I want you, Hicca." He smirked, teeth seeming to sparkle in the moonlight. He felt Hiccup tense beneath him and he smirked. "Don't worry. I wont be gentle." HE said, as if those words were supposed to comfort him. HE felt Hiccup start to struggle again and rolled his eyes.

This was only just beginning.

Alicolly: Okay. So, this WILL only be a one-shot. The next chappie contains the lemon, and I did this just in case someone got squeamish. Me myself and i personally LOVE the lemons and trust me, it will be long, good, and detailed. I won't need a review to post it but it would be appreciated. :3