Hey guys, I was reading a novel today and an idea suddenly popped into my head like most idea's do, totally unexpected. I got totally super excited to write it, so excited that I did not, and don't plan to, write a layout for it. I'm just going to write and see what comes of it. But anyway, I'm thinking of making it just a one-shot but tell me what you think, whether I should continue or stop where it ends. And, I'm going to assume everyone reading this fanfic has read the MI series so I won't waste space by explaining all of the tools like "stele", at least I'll try not to. If you don't know any of these terms, I suggest you go to Barnes and Noble and buy the best three books on the face of the Earth, City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass. But, I'm getting off topic.

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"It's so dirty here!" My best friend and parabatai Rachel exclaimed, wrinkling her nose a

the intense clouds of smog coming from the backs of buses and cars.

"No kidding." I mumbled, glaring at one bus in particular that was spewing black fog from its back. "Why anyone would want these stupid contraptions in their life is beyond me."

"Well, if they didn't make their cities so dang big, they wouldn't need them at all." Rachel flipped her brown hair over her shoulder and took a tie from around her wrist, putting her thick hair up into a perfectly careless up-do.

I nodded my head in agreement. We'd only been in the famous New York City for a day but I could already tell it was a place of much smog. I didn't dislike the place though, as Rachel seemed to. Sure, it might have some negatives but what place doesn't? I know Idris, my home, is far from perfect.

New York though, wow, it was something else. Beautiful buildings climbed the sky for miles, so high you had to stretch your neck all the way back just to see the top. And it had some amazing parks. I absolutely loved it here.

I jumped back from a person about to bump into me, something I'd been doing since we'd gotten here. It wasn't the pedestrians fault, I was glamoured and they couldn't see me, even if they tried. Good thing, too, since most of what I was carrying wouldn't exactly be welcomed in a crowded place like this.

I had two daggers slipped into the sheathe on my hips, their blades sharp and deadly. Along with those, my stele held it's usual place, secured safely so I wouldn't loose it. I had on two thigh sheathes, in either one you could find a seraph blade just itching to be used. Along with all that gear, I was dressed in my usual uniform. My shadow hunting uniform. And I was ready to kill some demons.

Rachel and I had heard of a hit somewhere on these streets and our sensors confirmed a demon had recently been here.

I tapped my hand restlessly to my thigh, scanning the area for any suspicious signs of my prey. I always got like this when we went hunting. Restless, jumpy, excited. All bunched up together somewhere deep in my stomach, waiting to be released on some big, stupid demon.

And I had skills, too. I was quick, agile, strong, and all around talented. It surprised most people to see me fight so well because of my appearance. Wild red hair that fell in curls past my shoulders, shockingly bright green eyes, and short. Very short. All around pretty small.

My dad, Valentine, says it's because I have some angel blood in me, more than the usual shadow hunter. It makes me special, allows me to create new runes and be an amazing warrior.

Like my brother, Jonathon. We were alike but also complete opposites. Because, where as I came from heaven, Jonathon came from hell. He was a demon. My demon brother. While out mother was pregnant, Valentine had fed her demon essence and Jonathon was the result, just like I was the result when he'd fed her angel essence while carrying me.

I was exactly like my mother, or so I was told. I've never met her. She died just after I was born while fighting a demon.

But my father had brought me up well enough. Trained me hard and introduced me to runes well before I was ready. It's made me tough. Made me the shadow hunter I am. And I wouldn't change anything. Not even my fathers "circle".

The circle was a group of shadow hunters who tired to rid the world of downworlders and destroy the Clave. Rachel's parents were apart of it and my father was the leader.

My father and I didn't always see eye to eye but I was loyal and didn't abandon him, going out of missions like the one we were on right now.

"You ready ladies?" My brother Jonathon came up beside me, glamoured like Rachel and I and dressed similarly to myself. His hair was pale blonde, nearly white, and his black eyes were cool and calculating, cruel really. The spitting image of our father.

"Definently." I said, a smile pulling at the sides of my mouth. I sank into the shadows of the alley behind us, turning with my sensor to track down the demons. The other two followed close behind, Jonathon obviously not thrilled with me leading the way.

We ran across the little floor soundlessly, thanks to the fresh runes we applied before coming out.

Jonathon took the lead from me, his long strides quickly over-powering mine. We come to the end of the alley and head left, going deeper into the city.

Suddenly, from behind a building I see the obvious tail of a demon sliding behind a building. My heart starts pumping in anticipation and I quicken my pace, passing Jonathon.

I turn the corner sharply and smack into a large, hard . . . something. I'm thrown back onto my butt with the force and make a little gasp of surprise. I can feel the stinging on the top of my legs and my behind from the rough gravel.

I purse my lips and turn my head, glaring lethally at whatever I'd run into. My scowl quickly slipped off my face when I saw who it was.

A boy, maybe a year or two older than me, stood before me. His hair was golden and curled slightly at the edges, falling across his forehead softly. His tawny amber eyes were sharp in comparison, staring right through me as if, by looking hard enough, he could find out my inner most secrets. His jaw was strong and his nose straight. His muscles were lean but noticeable, impressive even for a shadow hunter which he obviously was, dressed in the black uniform with the burning smell of newly applied marks.

He was scrutinizing me the same way I was him. He flashed a wicked grin and kneeled down as if I was a five year old who'd fallen off their bike. "Want me to kiss your boo boo?" He questioned mockingly.

My eyes narrowed. "Go ahead, kiss my ass." I said, standing up in one graceful movement so I was now taller than him.

He raised an eye brow and I was immediately jealous. I had never learned how to do that. "With pleasure." He said.

Rachel suddenly stopped running at my side. Breathing a little heavy and Jonathon was at my other side, watching the stranger with interest.

"Who are you?" Jonathon asked, folding his arms over his chest to show off his bulging muscles.

The stranger smiled innocently. "An attractive man looking for a demon." He gave Jonathon and once-over. "Have I found one?"

Jonathon growled, pretty much confirming the strangers suspicions.

"Jace! You can't just go running off so far ahead!" I heard a girl yelling from somewhere down the alley. When she came into view she stopped hard and looked at the four of us, Rachel, Jonathon, and I facing the boy- Jace - as if preparing for a fight.

The girl was undeniably beautiful with her long, silky black hair, clear complexion, and dark eyes. She was tall too. "Who are they?" She asked Jace, not taking her eyes off of us. A second after she asked, another boy rounded the corner, and stopped, looking confusedly between us and Jace.

Jace shrugged leisurely, eyeing Jonathon. "Some other shadow hunters who obviously don't know who's turf this is."

"I know who's it's going to be." Jonathon replied.

I rolled my eyes. "You two are unbelievable. You're acting like a couple of gorilla's fighting over some territory." I said.

Jace raised an eye brow, turning his attention back to me. "Gorilla's?"

I nodded slowly. "You know, mammal, hairy, ape. Kinda like you." I explained.

Jace smiled and I nearly swooned. His smile was winning, he even had an endearing little chip in one of his white teeth. "You know, Red, I might actually like you."

My heart sped up it pace but I ignored it, trying to act normal. "To bad I don't like you. Maybe if you'd stay out of my way when I'm going after demons that can change." I looked at him from head to toe, wrinkling my nose and meeting those gold eyes again. "Doubt it though."

Jace laughed. "It's official, I do like you." He announced.

I sighed, exasperated, or at least tried to make it sound that way. "The feeling is mutual. Hope you don't expect me to be nice to you. It's not really my thing."

Jace flashed another quick grin. "Wouldn't change that for the world, Sweetheart."

I turned on him, eyes flashing. "Call me that one more time and I'll show you just how mean I can be." I growled.

He smiled, challengingly. "Sweetheart." He drawled it out slowly.

Quick as lightening, I bent down, swinging my leg out and turning, successfully tripping him and making him fall to the ground. He landed on his butt, a quick look of shock flashing over his perfect features. I bent down, resting my hands on my knees and jutted my bottom lip out, "Want me to kiss you boo boo?" I asked.

Jace jumped up even quicker than I had and tackled me. I landed on my back, my eyes wide with surprise. His legs rested on the outside of either of my sides and he had my arms pinned over my head. "I'll only let you if you give me your name." He drawled in a way I knew sent most girls wild since Rachel was practically drooling, her eyes gliding all over him. The girl with the black hair seemed unaffected by him though, if not a little annoyed.

I raised my chin and told him my name. "Clarissa Morgenstern."

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