Rikki was walking down the deserted street trying to stop the shaking that seemed to be going through her whole body she stared straight ahead but didn't see anything expect the horrible night all the things that had happened she wished she hadn't gone to that stupid party hadn't gone off alone all she wanted was to get away from all the noise her and Emma had another fight not surprising seeing as they always argue so she had gone upstairs to be alone she didn't know someone would follow her she kept walking when she started to hear a car driving she started walking faster when she scolded herself don't be such a baby your on the sidewalk by a street cars drive on the street all the time just stay unnoticed

Zane was driving down the road he couldn't believe what a long day it had been he couldn't wait to get home and just pass out as he was driving he saw a lone female figure walking at first he didn't pay attention it's not like he has never seen girls walking but as he got closer he took in her appearance his eyes widened as he was Rikki her face was bruised her left eye swollen shut cheek swollen she was holding her shirt together because it was ripped all the way down the middle her skirt was torn halfway on the bottom she had some visible bruises on her thighs he couldn't deny what had happened it was obvious by her appearance as he got closer and started to pull over he saw her back rigidly straight from tension and she was visibly shaking he jumped out of his car and ran towards her calling out her name when she heard his voice she stopped but didn't turn around

"Rikki hey are you ok what happened" asked Zane franticly mentally calming himself down at the fear in her eyes she didn't answer him he stepped towards her putting his arm around her she stiffened again at the touch then relaxed a little looking at him confused

"Come on I will give you a ride" said Zane trying to lead her to the car

"No I can walk" said Rikki quietly it sounded more like a whisper

Zane was so shocked at how her voice sounded so small

"Rikki let me take you to the hospital" said Zane at that word she visibly paled and jerked back then winced at the movement

"No I'm fine" she said

"Rikki you need a doctor" said Zane stepping closer he could see the tears come to her eyes as she shook her head

"no I just want to go home" said Rikki brokenly all night on her way to get out of that party as fast as possible every time she saw someone even someone she knew or heard a voice she got scared and wanted to run but for some reason standing here with Zane his arm around her shoulders looking into his eyes she felt safe she didn't understand it didn't want to but she felt safe

"Rikki please you don't have to stay or even tell them what happened" said Zane

"No I can't" said Rikki

"you have to your arm looks broken your cheek might be to and maybe your cheek but more importantly you need certain meds to prevent…anything" said Zane not wanting to say the words std's or pregnancy he didn't want to scare her he could tell she understood by the comprehension in her eyes "just let me take you then I will take you home"

Rikki knew he was right but she didn't want anyone to know she didn't even want Zane to know why did this happen to her why did he pick her she didn't dress seductively she didn't bother him was she wrong did she ask for this why did she go off alone why didn't she lock the door behind her Rikki took a deep breath and looked up at Zane the concern in his eyes made her feel a little better she looked back down biting her lip nervously and winced in pain from the cut on her lower lip she slowly nodded her head and let Zane lead her to his car and open the passenger side for her

Zane slid into the driver side and started the car he looked over at her he could tell she was in pain she was still holding her shirt together witch probably made the pain in her wrist worse the bruises on her thighs were getting darker along with all the other bruises he reached into the back seat and pulled out his zip up jacket he handed it to her and looked away as she put it on he caught a small glimpse of black and blue on her breast and tried to restrain himself from tracking down the sick son of a bitch who did this to her made her feel so vulnerable he started driving to the nearest hospital he figured if she wanted this under wraps he would go to the one his dad worked at he may be a plastic surgeon but he would be able to help it would take some begging but once his dad saw her he was pretty sure he would do anything he could to help.

They arrived at the hospital Zane called his dad and he was meeting them in a room so he slipped Rikki through the hospital a way no one would see her he helped her walk a little that's when he saw the slight limp in her right leg and the major swelling on the heel of her right foot and ankle they were only waiting for about five minutes when his dad came storming in he looked pits probably because he had no idea what was going on and his work was being interrupted

"dad calm down" said Zane motioning towards Rikki on the hospital bed

"what the hell Zane" said Harrison

"I just need you to check her out and fix her up so I can take her home" said Zane

"Zane she was beaten maybe more if those bruises on her legs are right you have to report this" said Harrison

"she won't talk to the police or anyone who will report it if you call them then she will end up going home without medical attention" said Zane

Harrison rubbed a hand across his face " Zane damn it what douse she need what happened" asked Harrison giving in he thought she should be admitted and the police notified but he knew what happened when someone didn't get treated after getting hurt so badly

"her wrist looks broken her eye is swollen shut her cheek is swollen her ankle is pretty messed up to and…and" said Zane

"spit it out and what" asked Harrison

"whatever you give rape victims" said Zane quietly looking back to Rikki

Harrison let out a breath looking to the young girl on the hospital bed she couldn't help but feel sympathetic but he also knew in these situations she would need counseling and help or she would never come back from this but he also knew if he called the cops she could get any number of std's from not getting antibiotics now or even fall pregnant so he agreed and walked out to get what he needed telling Zane to get her into a gown

Zane helped Rikki back on the bed after helping her put the gown on he called Nate he was going to pick her up clothes he didn't even have to explain which shows how strange his friend is he looked to Rikki and finally got up the nerve to say what he has to

"Rikki I know you must be going through a lot my dad is going to take care of you without telling anyone but there is one thing I don't think you would be comfortable with him doing" said Zane

"what" asked Rikki confused

"a rape examine" said Zane in a rush her eyes widened and she made a move to get up Zane gently put his hand up to stop her "wait I don't mean to hand over to the cops or report it I think you should do that but there are other things they check for in those exams" Zane was trying to keep calm with telling her what his dad told him to when he convinced her to come to the hospital this wasn't one of the reasons he didn't even know it was a risk

"like what" asked Rikki eyeing him suspiciously

"well my dad said when something like this happens they check for…..tearing" said Zane awkwardly

Rikki looked away not wanting to think or even talk bout this

"no I don't want him…" she broke off with a sob just thinking about a man touching her there

"it doesn't have to be him my dad said he can get his friend she is a women she will be discreet she won't tell anyone either" said quickly to reassure her Rikki just nodded her head just wanting to get it all over with

"ok I'll tell him and this will be good if you ever change your mind" said Zane

"what do you mean" said Rikki

"well if you ever want to report it will be there on file apparently it won't be under your name so if this guy douse this to another girl or you change your mind all you have to do is tell me or my dad" said Zane Rikki just swallowed and looked away

"I don't want anyone to know I won't change my mind" said Rikki brokenly

Zane didn't get a chance to talk to her anymore because his dad came in and got everything going then his friend Dr. Abigail Williams came to do the rape kit Rikki asked him to stay so he sat there holding her hand till it was all over he helped her change into the clothes he had brought for her without looking at her in any way that would make her uncomfortable once she was dressed they got back into his car he looked over at Rikki again only now she had a red cast on her wrist a boot on her left a wrap around her ribs a bandage on her other arm to cover the stitches she had to get and a piece of gauze on the small cut on her swollen cheek his said to ice her face to make the swelling go down and she was lucky her eye socket and cheek bone weren't broken Zane took a deep breath and drove out of the hospital parking lot

"so is your dad home" asked Zane

"no he had to go on a business trip" said Rikki

"when will he be back" asked Zane he didn't want her to be alone

"I don't know it depends could be 2 weeks to a month" said Rikki

"Rikki I don't think you should be alone you need to be monitored till your face heels make sure nothing happens come to my house my dad said it would be ok" said Zane

"I don't know" said Rikki

"please my place is private I'll tell your friends you went on the trip with your dad no one will see you till your better no one will bother you there just let me be there for you Rikki I want to help" said Zane

"I don't need help I can take care of myself" said Rikki

"hey Rikki you don't need to take care of yourself especially at a time like this don't try to do it alone let me be there for you everybody needs somebody" said Zane

"do you" asked Rikki

"even me" said Zane he was stopped at a red light so he looked over at her trying to be supportive he grabbed her good hand reassuringly she took a deep breath and said ok

"I just need to grab my things I'll stay till my dad gets back" said Rikki

"ok" said Zane driving towards her house

a/n: ok new story I read a few stories about rape on here and I don't like how the character is always going through it alone so I made this showing you don't have to be alone your friends your family will always be there to help pick up the pieces even someone who is not a close friend could be an amazing help for you anybody you feel safe or comfortable talking to can help you it is true not all girls report a rape but an examine gives you the choice to change your mind believe it or not you have to give consent to release a rape kit I can only imagine what rape would do to someone but it's happening more and more it's not just something on TV or movies or in books so watch out for your friends or even girls you don't know be careful at night or at parties watch out for yourself and remember if this happens to you don't be afraid because who you choose to tell is up to you or even if you don't tell anyone at all that's up to you but no one should go through it alone everybody needs somebody