Rikki got up late the next morning alone in bed she looked around for Zane but couldn't find him then she saw a note with her name on it.


had to run out for a bit something my dad needs done at the office probaly going to be a few hours i will try to be quik just make yourself at home and relax till i get back breakfast is in the kitchen call me if you need anything


She made her way down stairs slowly trying not to trip with the boot still on her leg when she reached the bottom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and cringed she looked a real mess her eye and cheek weren't swollen anymore but they were an ugly disturbing shade of purple she was wearing baggy pj bottoms and a big t-shirt of Zane's. What must Zane think everytime he looks at me wait why do i care do i like zane no no way impossible...but...no i am just gratefull thats all thought went into the kitchen still wondering what she was feeling when there was a loud knock on the door at first she jumped then scolded herself for the weakness she looked at the time suprised to see it was 2:39 Zane must have left a while ago. She walked slowly to the door and only opened it a crack so the person wouldn't see the bruises on her face. She was suprised to see an angry looking Emma, Cleo,Lewis, and an annoyed disinterested Ash

"what...what are you guys doing her"asked Rikki

"we need to talk i will not let you spread these lies about Jarred" yelled Emma

"I am not lieing" yelled Rikki

Emma huffed impatiently and barged past Rikki followed by the others causing Rikki to lose balance on her boot and lewis and grab her before she fell over everyone was staring in shock at her appearance the bruises on her face the boot the red cast on her wrist

"Oh my god Rikki what happened" asked Cleo alarmed

Rikki stayed silent what was the point in doing this if they were just going to call her a lier

"what do you think happened" yelled Rikki getting annoyed by the silence and staring

"i can't beleive this...i can't beleive you would take this lie so far as to hurt yourself" said Emma

"i didn't hurt myself and i didn't lie" yelled Rikki

"Rikki come on i knoe Jarred would never do something like this he loves me please just get over yorself you kissed him and he rejected you" said Emma

"he raped me Emma" said Rikki she had to blink rapidly to stop from crying

"i am not stupid" said Emma

"Rikki please just tell us the truth" said Cleo skepticly she didn't know what to beleive anymore

"i am telling the truth i went to be alone at the party after our fight and he followed me into a room and he raped me zane found me walking home after and he wasn't drunk" said Rikki tearfully trying to keep it all together

"why would he rape you he has me he loves me. He wouldn't even have to rape someone like you" said Emma cuttingly

"what is that suppose to mean" asked Rikki shakenly

"you know exactly what it means no one can take what givin freely" said Emma

"Emma" said Cleo shocked

"are you calling me a slut" yelled Rikki

"I am calling you what you are" yelled Emma

"i can't beleive you are doing this to me you guys are suppose to be my best friends and not that its any of your buisness but before that night i was a virgin" yelled Rikki

Cleo, and Lewis didin't know what to think any more was she telling the truth Ash looked at her sadly he didn't know what to say he defiantly beleived her Jarred was a bastard
"you are such a lier" yelled Emma

Rikki was crying now she couldn't do this right now it was all to much she hoped Zane would be back soon she realy needed him to be here right now it scared her to admit it ever sence the party even the thought of a guy made her sick but she just trusted Zane she didn't know why didn't understand it but she knew if it wasn't for him she never would have made it through this week then she remembered he said she could call him if she needed anything did that include him while she was deep in thought on the subject she heard the door slam and the person of her thoughts was standing looking angrily at Emma and everyone

"what the hell is going on here i can hear screaming from outside" yelled Zane

"this is none of your buisness Zane" said Emma

"it is my buisness Emma. Rikki has been through enough without all of you making it worse" said Zane moving over to a crying Rikki who was releived to see him and leaned in to the arm he placed around her

"she hasn't been through anything she is just a lier" said Emma

Cleo and Lewis looked confused and guilty

"oh wake up Emma your boyfriend is a rapist and a bastard" said Zane with disdain

"he is not" yelled Emma

"yea he is now all of you get the hell out of my house" yelled Zane

" no not untill she tells the truth" said Emma crossing her arms over her chest

" no now and don't come back her don't even so much as call her untill you have accepted the truth" said Zane ushering them all out the door

Zane came back inside to find Rikki crying on the couch he sat down next to her pulling her into his arms and holding her untill she fell asleep from all the crying he took her upstairs and layed her down he looked down at her tenderly. What was her going to do how could he make her friends see the truth she was never going to be able move on if they kept calling her a lier Zane sighed deeply he would protect her for as long as she would let him on that thought he stretched out next to her just watching her sleep peacefully.

*later that day*

Zane was sitting in the kitchen when he saw Rikki come in nervously wringin her hands

"i've changed my mind" said Rikki softly

Zane was confused as to what she meant changed her mind about what he was preparing for a fight because if she meant she wanted to go home alone that wasn't happening

"about what" asked Zane

Rikki was silent for a bit thinking it over one more time before coming to the same decision

"i want to press charges and i will see a counsler" said Rikki

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