February Air

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Inspired by "February Air" (acoustic version) by Lights

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My arms get cold in February air.

She spun around and laughed, hair blowing wildly in the wind; disheveled, unkempt, bedraggled, and absolutely dazzling.

"Don't die on me now, Natsu!"

Ducking low, she scooped up an armful of snow and attempted to mold the pristine, airless substance into distinct shapes. She tossed one of the completed snowballs right at him. Caught unawares, the compacted wetness hit him right in the face, dripping down his chin like a frozen beard. Delighted with her throw, Lucy threw her head back and laughed again, clutching her sides. Her face was resplendent in all its radiant glory. Tears of mirth gathered at the corner of her eyes, and she sank down to the ground, unable to catch her breath, which came out in soft, airy puffs. He wondered at the potency of her charm. How could one small girl stop him in his tracks like that and keep his feet frozen, immobile, on the ground? Lucy Heartphilia was indeed a force to be reckoned with.

"I'm gonna get you back for that, Luce!" Breaking out of his reverie, he loomed over her, hands full of pure white fluffiness. Gasping for breath, she raised her hands in defense, begging him not to soak her outfit. She attempted to put on a serious demeanor, but was instantly overtaken by a fit of giggles when she noticed his hair streaked with snow.

Natsu grinned down at her, unable to refuse her irresistible laugh. She was lovely.

"Natsu, don't… don't do it…!" She threatened, grabbing at his ankle.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it, Lucy?" He taunted, letting the snow slowly sift through his fingers. In response, Lucy lunged at him from the ground, toppling the both of them over and effectively drenching the pair in an icy chill. She rolled on top of him, laughing, and he took the opportunity to clap a hand full of snow onto her head, grinning as she shrieked in surprise. Leaning down over him, she cheerfully ruffled his pink hair.

"You know Natsu, you've never going to get this back."

"Get what back?"

Childishly sticking her tongue out at him, she sprang up from his body (much to his disappointment) and ran off, hair flying in the wind. Natsu sat up and raised an arm to his neck. The brat had stolen his scarf.


He chased her around the guild entrance, laughing as she ran straight into a lamppost. He finally caught up to her, and cornered the girl by the guild doors.

"Give it back to me." He lunged at her, but she quickly stepped to the side, pulling the garment out of his reach.

"No, Natsu." Lucy pouted, hastily draping the scarf around her own neck. Once again, she had caught him off guard. He stared at her, transfixed at the way her large eyes seemed to brim with delight. Her trembling lips belied her contained urge to burst into laughter once more. Sighing in defeat, he let a hand fall to grasp the end of his scarf, and tugged gently.

"Don't get it dirty, you brat."

"I won't."


"It smells like you."

Lucy looked up at him, beaming. To demonstrate her point, she pulled the scarf around herself tighter, clutching its soft fabric. He snorted, and lightly flicked her hair. She made a satisfied noise, relishing her victory, and watched as he turned around, walking back toward Fairy Tail's hall. He was a little distance away from her when she shouted to his back.

"Natsuuuuu, wait for mee!"

Said fire mage stopped in his tracks without turning around, grinning as she slammed into his back, throwing her arms protectively around him.

"I said wait!" she whined. In response, he reached for her hand, and held it as they walked on together.


Please don't lose hold of me out there.

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