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Chapter 1: Introduction

Untold ages ago, an egg was born in the vast abyss of nothingness, and from this egg emerged the god of our world, Arceus.

Using his powers of creation, Arceus filled the expanse with stars and planets, and created his first children, the Legendary Pokémon. Exhausted of his power, Arceus went into a deep sleep.

The other Legendaries filled our world with life, and for several millenniums, our world flourished.

Eventually though, two of the Legendaries got into conflict with each other, and it escalated to the point where the rest soon took sides. Thus began the War of Legends, in which our world was used as the battlefield.

Our world was ravaged by this cataclysm, and the humans who ruled it at the time were driven to extinction, leaving only the Pokémon left.

The war grew intense enough to awaken Arceus from his sleep, and he stepped in to put a stop to it. He cast a spell that prevented the Legendaries from even directly engaging in battle with each other. The war subsided and the world recovered.

Two Legendaries, Darkrai and Cresselia, however, could not put aside their hatred for each other. They found a way around Arceus' law, though, by building up their own armies to clash in their stead.

Thus Crescent Moon and Nightmare, light and dark, were formed, and the two sides fought for centuries, and still fight to this very day.

Below the text of the War of Legends was a smaller one, a prophecy that was given by Cresselia fourteen years ago.

When pure blood has been spilt,

And light shines through the storm,

Aura will end our conflict at last…

The young Buizel tore his eyes away from the writing on the cavern wall and focused on the ground. His mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. "Aura will end our conflict…" Is that really me? They all say it is, but how? How can it be me?

"There you are, Leon!" A voice snapped the Buizel, Leon, out of his thoughts. He turned and saw a Charmeleon at the entrance. "I should've known you'd be here."

Leon's face visibly brightened as he saw his best friend and partner. "Draik! You know me all too well."

"No kidding! We do this every day! You come here to mope, I find you, bring Mr. Sunshine back and we go on our way!" Draik teased as Leon walked over to him. "C'mon, Lysa and Murtag are waiting for us."

"Right." Leon nodded, and the two Pokémon left the cave in the mountainside. As they emerged, Leon turned to the right, looking at the huge castle that stood before them. The castle was rather old-fashioned, with stone walls and leafy vines draped over its surface, but nonetheless, it was the home of the Pokémon army of Crescent Moon, and was considered the safest place in the world.

"So what's your problem, buddy? You're always looking at that prophecy, what's wrong?" The Charmeleon asked him, stopping and turning to look at the Buizel.

Leon looked away and subconsciously touched a small white crystal embedded in his chest. Every Pokémon in Crescent Moon had one, as they were teleportation gems created from Cresselia's power to help them get from place to place. "I don't feel like talking about it."

Draik refused to back down at his friend's unsocial behavior. "You'll tell me right now. Does this have to do with you being the "aura" in the prophecy?"

Leon looked back at him. "Do you really think it's me?"

"I don't know any other Buizel that uses aura. Do you?" Draik asked, rolling his eyes.

"Just because my father was a Lucario doesn't mean-"

"HEY!" Leon was cut off as he heard a loud, high voice. He turned and saw a Clefairy running towards them, with a Marill behind her trying to keep up.

"Lysa!" Draik greeted, the conversation pushed aside for now.

Lysa smiled brightly at him. The Marill with her caught up too, panting heavily. "Lysa, stop going… ahead… like that."

"Murtag," Lysa sighed. "How do you expect us to become a three-star team if you run out of energy so quickly?"

"Speaking of three-star, how's your legend attack coming along?" Leon asked her.

"Oh, you mean Crush Claw?" Lysa asked. "It's fine. I'll be able to pull off a Beta soon enough."

"That's great." Leon smiled. In Crescent Moon and Nightmare, Pokémon were partnered in teams of two. The Pokémon in a team increased rank together, and said rank was described through stars, from one-star to five-star. Leon and Draik were partners at three-stars, while Lysa and Murtag were a two-star team.

Teams gained stars through their legend attacks. Every Pokémon alive had a completely unique legend attack, and only on a few occasions shared it with someone else. Legend attacks had three levels: alpha, beta, and omega. Most Pokémon don't make it past alpha, but those in Crescent Moon and Nightmare learned how and are ranked through them. If a team was one-star, they could only do alpha attacks, teams at three-stars could pull off beta, but only five-star teams could perform omega. Alpha level attacks were standard and normally, fairly weak attacks, beta level ones were stronger, and omegas were the most powerful, capable of decimating villages or small armies in a single shot.

"So, when's your little brother coming?" Draik asked Murtag.

"Oh, Merty? He's coming in two days. I'll get to show him around the castle." Murtag answered.

"Won't that be fun?" The Charmeleon smiled.

"Yes, but I hope he won't be caught up in what's coming." Lysa said. "I heard that Crescent Moon is arranging another assault on Nightmare, soon. It has something to go with how some of their members are attacking and killing innocents that have no business in our fight."

Draik snorted disdainfully. "Nightmare is low like that, Lysa. I wouldn't put anything past them. Right Leon?"

"Yeah, right." Leon answered quietly, looking away towards the forest that surrounded the castle and mountainside. Draik noticed, but chose not to say anything.

"Don't worry Lysa, we can handle anything Nightmare throws at us! We're the good guys, remember?" Murtag assured his partner.

The other three Pokémon continued talking happily with each other, but Leon continued to look towards the woods, imagining the castle on the other end of the forest that was so much like their own, but tainted with darkness.

~Desol Village~

The Pokémon of Desol went about their normal lives. The adults conversed and bought food, and the children ran around, playing with each other. As such, no one paid any attention to the two Pichus that had just entered the village.

The Pichus were twins, and looked near identical to each other, and both had a dark purple gem embedded in their chest. One, however, was male, while the other was female, and the only other difference between their appearances were the blood-red bandanas they wore tied around their ears. The boy wore his on his left ear and the girl had hers on the right one. Currently, the male Pichu was looking observantly around the village, while his sister was glancing around excitedly.

The boy caught sight of the group of playing kid Pokémon and pointed towards them. "Right, sister, do you see those Pokémon over there? They are our age, yet they are so different."

His sister, Right, looked where he was pointing. "They remind me of us when we were really little, wouldn't you agree, Left?"

Her brother, Left, nodded, then smiled. It wasn't a normal smile though, it was an unnerving smirk that was far too wide and revealed that the mind behind it wasn't exactly stable. "It doesn't matter, though. They all must fall to serve our purpose. We will kill them, and when Crescent Moon sends teams to see, we will kill them too."

"All to create tension and hatred between the two sides, brother?" Right asked.

"Of course." Left turned to his twin and grabbed her hands, as though to dance, and they pointed two of their joined hands towards the playing children. "Shall we make the blood flow?"

"Let's." The group of young Pokémon did not suspect anything; they were all close together now. Such easy targets…

The twins charged their electricity, and then released it in a large attack. "Thunder Arrow Beta!"

~OC Template~

Name: (Self-explanatory, pick a name, you don't need a last name)

Species: (Pokémon species, no legendaries and your evolutionary level should be fitting of your rank)

Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless)

Alliance: (Crescent Moon or Nightmare)

Rank: (Two-stars to five-stars. In order to have a bigger role, the characters should be around the three-star rank, and we can fit in more three-stars than five-stars, though good ones are always welcome)

Legend Attack: (The name and a brief description of the attack. Names usually follow the pattern of "element related word-attack appearance word" or vice versa)

Partnered with: (All Pokémon are in teams of two. Create two if you want them partnered together, or specify who you want. If you don't, we will pick)

History/Personality: (How they came to join whichever side they chose and their personality. The more detailed, the better!)

Thoughts on main characters: (View on Leon, Draik, Right and Left)

Other: (Appearances, special abilities, etc.)


Name: Leon

Species: Buizel

Gender: Male

Alliance: Crescent Moon

Rank: Three-Star

Legend Attack: Water Aura (A blast of aura-infused water)

Partnered with: Draik

History/Personality: When Leon was born, Cresselia gave a prophecy that foretold the end of the war between Crescent Moon and Nightmare. Since he exhibited the ability to use aura and aura attacks, he was seen as the "aura" from the prophecy. All his life, he was trained for his "destiny" and treated differently from everyone else, inciting mixed reactions from other Pokémon. He has a small circle of friends that like him for himself, not his status. Leon is very modest and at times, insecure. He is well-trained in battle and easily one of the best of his level, but he lacks self-esteem and the ability to connect with Pokémon outside of his group. Nonetheless, he has a strong sense of morality and believes in redemption. He is the only one who doesn't believe that he is part of the prophecy.

Thoughts on Draik: "He's my best friend; I can always count on him. Though he gets in my business way too often…"

Thoughts on Right and Left: "They're creepy, and there's something seriously wrong with them. Is this really what Nightmare is like?"

Other: The small fins on his arms are white, and he can use aura.

Name: Draik

Species: Charmeleon

Gender: Male

Alliance: Crescent Moon

Rank: Three-Star

Legend Attack: Fire Storm (Shoots a tornado of fire from his mouth and tail)

Partnered with: Leon

History/Personality: Draik has been best friends with Leon for as long as he could remember. When Leon was old enough to join Crescent Moon, Draik came and partnered with him. He is much more carefree and light-hearted in comparison, but he has an equally strong moral mindset. He believes Nightmare is pure evil and is naturally suspicious of those he thinks are strange or dangerous, but he can easily become sympathetic for others. He also believes in redemption, and secretly, perhaps even more so than Leon. He is just as good a fighter as his partner, and is lethal in combat. He never backs down from a fight.

Thoughts on Leon: "He really needs to get some confidence. I think it'd be cool to be part of a prophecy. Oh well, I'll just have to help him, I guess."

Thoughts on Right and Left: "There's no way they're naturally like this. It's horrible. If I find out who made them this way…"

Other: His tail flame is a golden color.

Name: Right and Left

Species: Pichus

Gender: Female (Right) and Male (Left)

Alliance: Nightmare

Rank: Three-Star

Legend Attack: Thunder Arrow (A bolt of electricity shaped like an arrow)

Partnered with: Each other

History/Personality: Abandoned a few days after their birth, the twins were discovered by Pokémon from Nightmare and raised by some of them with kindness for the first two years of their lives. These happy years were shattered when they were taken by more ruthless, bloodthirsty members to be molded into fighters. They were beaten, traumatized, and forced to kill until they finally snapped. The two killed the Pokémon who trained them, and their attitudes and mannerisms frightened those around them. While they are both psychotic and dangerous, Left is more analytical and Right is more emotional. They enjoy nothing more than causing pain, both physically and mentally. Though a good portion of their sanity has long since left them, they seem to have their own ulterior motives for their seemingly unpredictable actions.

Thoughts on Leon: "You're kind of nice, but I would love to hear how you sound when screaming!" (Right) "A water-type? I wonder how bloody your body would be after a Thunder Arrow?" (Left)

Thoughts on Draik: "Heheh, you are… nice. No one has been nice to us in such a long while…" (Right) "You would treat us differently? Why? Why, when you know what we could do to you?" (Left)

Thoughts on each other: "My big brother and playmate. We are always together, never apart." (Right) "My little sister and playmate. I couldn't live without her." (Left)

Other: Right wears a red bandana on her right ear, while Left wears a red bandana on his left ear.