Final Grander: F.G.

To think I would be attending a school, I was always homed schooled, but I guess it couldn't hurt to actually go to school. I wonder how the students would treat me? Would they make fun of me because of my arm? Or the fact I am not a native to Japan? I am from Africa, and I don't seem to fit in well. My name is Koyo Tahu, and I am now attending Mahora academy. Well to be accurate its a sister school located in Mahora. The normal school is only for girls, but this one allows boys, to bad I'm one of the few male students here. I came to this school to investigate the F.G. In this area, they have started to attack students here, normally the students in Mahora academy could handle it, but the demons started to move farther east of the academy, and started to attack the nearby schools, So I am here to deal with them, while acting like a normal student.

When I walked into the school, I noticed the aura was mostly calm, but I could sense small essence of Demons. I walked to the dorms and went to my room, as I knocked on the door, I heard footsteps coming closer and closer. As the door opened, I was met by a girl with long pink hair, that dropped to her back, she had green eyes, and she was wearing the Mahora academy uniform. "Um hi, my name is Koyo Tahu, and I am booked in this room so can I com-" The girl slammed the door in my face, not the best first impression but still it was uncalled for. Soon I could hear arguing and more foot steps coming closer, the door opened again to revile another girl, she had green hair, with two long strands going down to her back. "Hi, sorry about my roommate, I'm Rina, Rina Lavasa, and that girl is Mu Cusurono." Rina was nice, she helped me with my bags, and helped me settle me in. Because both beds were taken they gave me the couch, it was OK, because I was used to sleeping on worse. Mu, seemed irritated and mad at me, I didn't know why because I didn't do anything to upset her. She soon started to talk to me, but she spoke to me in a irritated voice. "Hay boy, so tell me, why is someone like you coming to this school? This isn't an easy school you know."

Her voice seemed to crack the wind, it was like a viper spitting acid, and yet the way her glasses were covering her blue eyes, made me want to listen, even though she scared me. "Well you see, I was homed schooled for the past 8 years, and my mom thought it be better for me if I came here."

She looked at me with an evil stare, soon the air started to feel heavy to me, I decided to go take a shower to calm my head. As I went to the shower, I felt my left arm pulsating. I quickly ran into the bathroom, started the water, and took my shirt off. I looked at the mirror and looked at my arm. I took the bandages off, and took the seal off for a second. My arm soon started to change. It first turned black, then a red like armor started to grow out of my skin and wrapped itself around my arm. "Man I hate this thing." I soon got into the shower and cleaned myself off. After I finished, I grabbed some knifes out of my bag, and began to stab them into my arm. I didn't feel any pain, but blood started to flow down. After it got bloody enough, the spikes went away and my arm started to turn back to normal. When that happened, I quickly wrapped it up and put the seal on, so it wouldn't awaken when it wanted to. I walked out with a towel on my head, and nothing but my pants on. At that second I forgot I had two female roommates. "Oh crap!"

They soon screamed, and Mu started to hit me with a pillow and called me a pervert, then ran me out of the room. They had to let me back in eventually because I now lived there, but I was stuck out there for a while, so I decided to look around. Classes were out so I decided to pay a visit to Mahora academy. I managed to get a white tee shirt on before I entered the gates, I doubt those girls would want to see me half naked coming into there school. As I walked to the gates, I could feel a chill hitting me from the school. I could sense something, but it wasn't a Grand Fure, (G.F. Demon), it felt like a regular demon. I started to think negatively as I opened the gate and ran in. "I hope the students are OK?" As I ran in I was stopped by a girl, she looked like a serious person, she had her hair in a pony tail on the left side of her head, and she held a sword in her hands, it was a full tang sword, so I could tell she it skilled with quick pinpoint attacks, as I put my guard up, she gripped her sword and looked mad at me. "Who are you? And why are you here?

She was mad at me, she looked at me like I was some sort of monster. I didn't say much, I guess that was the reason she started to attack me. I had no choice, I was to ether run, or fight, and to see as I was never the one to run, I decide to fight, I used my left arm to block her sword attack. "What the...So I was right, your not human are you."

"Your kind of jumping the gun aren't you, I mean your not fully human ether." She didn't seem to like that comment, as she kicked me away, and charged me again. The only way for me to live was to remove my seal and fight back, but I didn't what to kill her. She quickly got behind me and swung her sword at my back, it cut my shirt some, but I managed to dodge the blow, but just barely. "Can you at least tell me why your attacking me?"

She aimed her sword at me. "I am here to protect this school from any creatures that may cause any harm to my fellow students, and ojou-sama."

"OK so if I'm such a bad demon as you say, why are you the one attacking me, when I haven't done anything since I got here, I just wanted to speak to the dean that's all." I said, she soon looked calmed and a little shocked some. She then bowed to me. "I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to attack you. Its just strange demons have been appearing lately, and your aura feels like there's."

"Well your half right. I am half demon." I smiled some, and she blushed and bowed again. "Again I am sorry mister."

"My name is Koyo Tahu, I am a demon slayer just like you, but my difference is, I hunt and kill a special bread of demons called F.G.'s, but before all that can you tell me your name."

She looked at me and bowed again. It was kind of getting annoying to me seeing her bow all the time, because for me it didn't indicate respect, but survive and loyalty, and she wasn't ether to me, she wasn't my slave. "My name is Setsuna, Sakurazaki Setsuna."

"You don't need to be so formal, and could you stop the bowing, it means something different in this country then it does in mine."

To see another like me, it was interesting, I soon found myself wondering, how much fun I could have at this school.