Demon lands

As I walked through the portal, I snapped back to reality, well my reality, I held my head as it felt as though a thousand needles were jammed in it. "Damn what happen?" As I looked around, I had a good idea of where I was. "Oh no, no, No, NO!" I didn't want to believe it, but I was back home. Not my home in Virginia but my home in the demon world. I tried to walk back, but was stopped by one of the armored knights. It pushed me forward and told me to walk, I held out my demon arm, and focused my energy on it. However it started to move on its own, and was pulled behind my back, it was painful to say the least. I was unable to do much there so I just did what the knight asked of me. We walked to what looked like a boat, I looked over the docks to see an ocean of darkness. I gulped as the knight pushed me onto the boat, when I got on the boat, my weapons were taken from me, and they put chains on me. Felt like the slave times all over again, anyways when I got on the boat, I was put in a small cage, and placed under the ship, and when I mean under the ship, I mean that the cage was held up by a chain, and there was no base of the ship, meaning if I tried to escape, I would just fall into the infinite void that was the ocean. I sighed and sat down, I couldn't do much so I just sat there, I started to wonder how everyone else was doing, lucky for me, Chachamaru gave me a link, I closed my eyes and could see everything Cha-cha could. I am glad she allowed me to create a link with her.

Everyone seemed down, Mark was getting patched up, Evangeline was looking threw a bunch of books, and Sammy, Negi, Asuna and the rest were, well they were training. The looks made me think they were preparing for war. "That stupid, stupid baka! When I get my hands on him for leaving us I will..." Sammy punched the wall and shattered the whole wall. "He can't leave his friends like this, I can't forgive him for doing that."

"Would you guys please stop destroying my house, with Ko gone I don't have a repair man anymore." Evangeline said, as she continued to read. Chachamaru went over to the wall and started to fix it, she managed to at least put the wall back up. Sammy seemed genially worried for me, I blushed a bit but wonder if it had anything to do with being her training partner. I saw Mark as he got up, he was holding his side, I can say he is one tough S.O.B even with wounds like that, he can still get up and walk around.

"Sitting here getting lazy won't help anyone, Evangeline I am going to use your training room." Mark walked to the basement and touched the orb and was sent to her resort. Evangeline took her glasses off and got up.

"I can't find any spells that can get us to the demon world. Let alone to Ko's location, the books here are useless, the only book I can think of working would be necronomicons transitions, however that book has been lost for years." Everyone looked depressed, but Negi soon spoke up.

"Um actually, I think I know where that book is. We found something like that when we went under the library, there are allot of books that most of the students don't know of. It may be a long shot, but it's the only clue we have." Evangeline sighed and crossed her arms.

"Not like we have much of a choice, fine, boya, take Sammy, Asuna, and whoever else you want and retrieve that book. It seems to be the only chance we have to get to the demon world." Negi nodded, and got a few girls to go with him. I wanted to see if they got the book, however Cha-cha didn't go with him. I opened my eyes to see we were close to what looked like an island.

"Alright you lowlifes! Time to die, err, I mean time for you to try and survive." When that was said, all the cages opened and dropped all of the prisoners onto the island. "We will give you all a 5 minute head start, now get going!" The demon shouted as he shot his gun in the air. Everyone started to run for the woods. I had no weapons, and my demon arm was not responding, so I booked it to the woods too.

"For once I am glad my gym teacher forced me to run those laps around the track."I said as I made it to the woods, and took cover behind a tree. The hunter demons started to shoot at us, they killed a demon that ran passed me. I saw his dead body hit the floor, and had a bad thought. I ran to him, grabbed his dead body, and used it as a shield as I ran deeper into the woods. "I am a bad man, I am sorry, demon who I don't know, I will make sure you get a proper burial when we get to safe lan-" Before I could finish that sentence they shot the tree behind me, I ducked under the shot as it missed me. "Oh crap!" I threw the demon's body into the open, and the hunters shot him and destroyed his body. Talk about a game on survival they literally blew his whole body up. I kept running, and eventually took shelter in a cave. This was crazy, I didn't have my weapons, or powers if I died here, I would be a terrible demon hunter. I looked around for something, there was nothing, so I looked to my demon arm. I couldn't feel its energy, whoever these guys were, they knew about me. There was no time for self pity, so I grabbed a rock, and used my claws to waddle it. Anything was better than nothing, and thanks to all my training making a weapon wouldn't kill me. It took me a few hours, or so, it was hard to keep track of time in this world, but I made a small kunai out of a rock, and who said I wasn't a handyman. I grabbed the handle, and slowly exited the cave, as I looked around I noticed the landscape changed, the trees looked more dead now. That would make hiding even more tedious, I made a full scan of my area and ran for it. Suddenly a shot was made, I could sense it, when I did, I suddenly stopped. The bullet hit the ground to the side of me, the first thought in my mind was someone has bad aim, but I saw the bullet and knew, the person who shot it missed me on purpose.

"I am still surprise you can dodge my shots Ko." That voice, I knew it from almost anywhere. That sniper from Mahura, Mana Tatsumiya. "What a surprise running into you here."

"I should ask the same thing, after you tried to kill me at Mahura, I didn't think I would ever run into you again." She smiled as she held her sniper over her shoulder. "Anyways if your here, does that mean they captured you too."

"Actually..." At that second, Mana put a handgun to my head. "I'm here strictly to capture, or kill all the demons they set free here. They are offering allot of money for the person who can bag the most."

"So I'm what, a trophy for you? That sick." I put my hands up as she cocked the gun. "Why kill me? I didn't do anything to you, I don't have any beef with you."

"True, but it's not about me or you, it's about the money I can earn doing this. I know you're a good person Ko, I read on your profile the school has on record. Once I found out it was fake I did want to kill you. That arm you got is part of a powerful F.G. demon, it killed your parents, ironically it killed people I cared for. I never came close to hurting it, but you, you managed to take its arm, I don't know how, why, or even care, your now a demon, and all demons must die." I could feel the pressure, it was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and then she pulled the gun away from my head and laughed a bit.

"You should have seen your face, I got you good." I was about 5 seconds to saying hello to my father, when she said that. I was tempted to kill her, but she was at an advantage over me, my only weapon was a rock kunai, and she had guns in places I couldn't take my eyes away from. "I am here to kill the demons they released, but I won't kill you, at least not now." She grabbed her hand gun and shot to the side, she killed a demon that was spying on us. "Your a prize worth waiting for Ko, we will meet again, hopefully when you have your weapons again." She jumped off a cliff and ran away, I must have been really lucky for the fact she didn't kill me when she had the chance. I sat down and started to wonder what I was doing here, last I remember my sister had her knights take me to the demon world, but that doesn't explain why I am here. I got up and walked passed a tree and saw it, a huge mansion my demon families mansion. But why put me through this game?

"Found one!" I looked in front of me and heard a gun fire, I dodged the bullet and threw the rock kunai into the direction the shot came from, I hit something, and ran to my target. I saw a demon hunter on the ground with my rock kunai threw his leg. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled the kunai out of his leg, then I took his gun and knocked him out.

"This should sufficed for now." I said as I examined the gun, only 10 shots, not really good for surviving but it will have to do. I had to reach the mansion it was my only chance of surviving, and hopefully returning to my friends. I decided to move on into the darkness, as I pushed through the trees, I could see the terrain changing in front of my eyes. Demon lands tended to grow faster than lands in the human world. The trees would grow food on its own, faster too, it would only take a few hours what it would normally take years. I grabbed an apple from the tree, it looked more like a red peeper then an apple, but that's just how apples look in the demon world. I quickly ate it and started to run through the woods. I finally got out of the woods only to see a large body of lava between me and the mansion. No way I could swim threw that, it would burn my bones to dust. I looked around and saw a lava golem, it was the only thing that could move threw lava in the area. The only problem was, you would have to make a contract with one in order to get it to listen to you. I let out a deep sigh, and walked over to the golem, it just stood there in the lava waiting patiently for someone or something. "Hay Golem! Mind giving me a ride!" The Golem just stood there like a statue, ether it was ignoring me, or it didn't hear me, ether way it was being rude. I rubbed the back of my head, and looked at it. "Guess I got to do this the hard way." I walked a back a bit to get a running start, and ran to the golem, I jumped off the edge and tried to grab the golem, however I missed it by a few inches and fell to the lava, I didn't want to die, so I quickly tried to grab the golem, it was hard to move when Gravity makes you its bitch. I struggled for a bit but finally grabbed onto the golem, I was so close to the lava, my cloths already felt as if they were burning. "Damn it, why is my little sister doing this to me? It's not like I left her alone on purpose, my job just requires me to travel allot, and I couldn't put her in danger because of me." I started to climb the golem, the bursts of lava at my feet did raddled me some, but I managed to make it to the top of the golem. I looked around to see another demon hunter with his back turned to me, he was looking at the castle. It was the perfect opportunity for me to jump him, I gripped my stone kunai and slowly started to walk to him, as I got behind him, he swung his sword at me, luckily I was able to block it with the kunai, before he had a chance to grab me I jumped back and got some distance.

"So your that demon bitches brother, I am so glad to be the one to kill you." The demon hunter gripped his sword and looked to me, it was hard to see much of him because of his long cape, it covered his whole left side, I could only see his face and his right arm, he looked old, he had gray hair, it was messy as if he hadn't done anything with it for years, his hair covered his eyes, so I didn't know if he was locked onto me, the thing I noticed though about him was his sword, it looked allot like mine, the black blade with white dots on it, the shine it gave off, even the waves in the blade.

"That looks like mine." He held the sword in front of him, as the shine and glow on it turned white. Ether he was telling me it was mine, or he had an exact copy of my sword.

"If this sword looks familiar to you then you too must have one of the 12 constellations blades." Constellation blades? So my sword was special, it also was not the only one. "Was the sword destroyed? Or do you not know how to use it to its full potential, seeing as its not with you now. The fact that a demon like yourself was even able to touch a sword like this is interesting, I would love to see what you can do with one. Grab your sword, and let us fight like the warriors we are." I wish I had my sword, but the bounty hunters took it from me. "I take it you don't know how to summon your sword to you yet, a shame." The bounty hunter took his stance and locked onto me. "If I kill you the sword will come to me, that way you can see it once again before you die." The old man charged me, he was so fast that I had a hard time tracking him, he swung his sword, and clashed with my stone kunai. As our weapons linked, our eyes met, I could see the hatred in his eyes, it was clear to me he wanted to kill me. I kicked him off and jumped back.

"Not bad for an old man." I taunted, which in hindsight probably wasn't the best idea, as he charged me again, swinging his sword, it got harder to block all of his strikes, as he managed to cut me up. I staggered back, only to have my blood drip onto the golems head, I haven't seen this much of my blood sense I still had my normal arm. It got harder to stay up, and my vision got blurrier, it was strange, but could it be that my demon arm was the reason I could stay on my feet even after getting wounded this much? I didn't know it would be this hard to fight without it.

"What's the matter? Don't tell me that's the best you got? I heard stories of the mighty Koyo Tahu, last male of the Tahu clan, last demon hunter in that clan. You killed thousands of demons, and even more arch demons. You even did the impossible and killed F.G's and S.F.G demons, don't tell me those stories were all made up. You don't seem more then a child to me, weak and pathetic, just like the Queen demon bitch." I knew he was talking about my sister, he started to make me angry, he could look down on me all he wanted, but when he went on about my sister, I couldn't stand for it. I summoned all the strength I had and stood up, the pain I felt was nothing compared to the pain from the insults to my sister.

"How dare you talk about my sister like that." I could feel the aura around me flare up, though my demon arm was no longer working for me, I had to fight, I had to prove to him that I wasn't weak, and that he shouldn't talk bad about my sister. "I will make you pay for talking about my sister like that!" I charged the man with weapon in hand, and prepared to strike, I aimed for his heart, jumped into the air and prepared to impale him. Well someone was impaled but it wasn't him, he raised his blade and pointed at me, his blade ran right threw my chest. I coughed up some blood, as more dripped down his blade, the old man looked disappointed and threw me off his blade.

"Nothing more than a child, to think you could beat me, you would have a better chance of leaving this place." my vision got blurry again as, it also got very cold, I don't want to die like this, this would be the worse way to die, I didn't even see my sister yet. As my eyelids got heavier, I heard something falling from the sky, I tried to look at it but my strength was failing me.

"YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU BAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I know that voice it was Sammy's she crashed into the golem's head, causing it to stagger. She got up and quickly walked over to me and grabbed my collar. "Were do you get off leaving us like that you idiot!" She shaking me like a rag doll was not really helping my situation. "Why are you laying there like your dead?" Sam soon looked at her hand, the blood snapped her to reality, she looked surprised then at the old man. "Did you do this to my friend?" The old man nodded and drew his blade.

"I don't take pleasure in fighting a fema-" Before he could finished his sentence Sam punched him in the face. The surprise look the old man had was priceless, he regained his composure and took a defensive stance, and started to block Sam's attack, but he was unable to block her onslaught of attacks. I started to open my eyes to see Evangeline and the others over top me, but Evangeline mounted me and but my neck while her hand was on my wound. It closed up nicely, I woke up and pushed her off me.

"I'm fine now no need to take any more of my blood you know." She got mad and slapped me, I looked at her to see the tears in her eyes, she then grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a kiss. She even used her tongue to play with mine, as she pulled away a trail of saliva fallowed.

"Idiot, why did you leave me? Trying to kill me is one thing, but leaving me? You must have lost your goddamn mind. You do it again and I will do more to you then kill you." She really looked like a demon when she said that, don't know what scared me more, her or Sammy, who was going toe to toe with that swordsman bare handed. She dodged his slash attack, rushed the guy and punched him in the chin, she pushed her whole body up with it, and pushed him high into the sky, only thing she was missing was saying shoyukin. The old man flew away, and Sammy brushed the dust off her hands.

"That's that, now then back to..." Sammy looked a bit annoyed when she saw Evangeline mounted on top of me in nothing more than a tank top dress. To say she got pissed would be an understatement. "Ko why do you have a 13 year old girl on top of you like that? Are you some sort of pervert or a pedophile?" Both of those words really hurt me, and I didn't know what to say to calm her down.

"Wait a second, I'm not a pedophile, she is over 100 years old." Sammy cracked her knuckles a bit and walked to me.

"So your into old hags then?" Evangeline stood up and glared at Sammy.

"Who are you calling an old Hag you damn wolf." Evangeline had dark energy flowing threw her hands, as she was ready to fight. Sammy's ears and tail came out, and her eyes changed too, I think I also saw her suddenly grow fangs. I felt I needed to stop them before they both ended up doing something stupid.

"Hay ladies calm down, no need to fight right?" They both glared at me, and for once I felt scared. I really hope they don't kill each other here.

Hello everyone, sorry I have been gone for so long, but things came up, had to focus for school, and cristmas, my birthday, stuff like that, also for the fact my internet is crap so uploading has become difficult. anyways, here is the next chapter of Final Grander hope you all like it.