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Summary: A young woman's demon problems interests Dante but also, something else interests him. Something he's not sure of, but is willing to figure it out as well as figure out who she is. Lucifer is after her and Vergil is hired to personally retrieve her which he too, has the same feelings as Dante gets when around her. What is going on, why does this strange human girl have such an effect on them and as well, the fallen angels. A secret hidden that will change the future for both good and evil and all three play a part in it. (It's a WIP and I'll leave it at that)

Author's Note: Edited the chapters recently, my writing have improved to match the recent chapter update. Hopefully you will come to love this story far better than my first attempt, enjoy~! Reviews are always welcomed~ :3 Characters: OC's, Dante, Vergil, Nero, Kyrie, Trish, and Lady (?) Pairings: Will leave it a mystery for you to find out yourself.

A Devils Heart


All Souls Night

The day was creeping into darkness as Hallows Eve took flight bringing forth little humans taking forms of ghouls and monsters and pretty princesses with cowboys saving the day. The 'Devil May Cry' Agency was still while everything outside was bustling with children and adults dressed up for the holiday scaring others in their wake and collecting sweets instead of souls as creatures of the night normally would. It was almost nightfall and no one had called in for Dante's awesome talent in his demon-slaying, where every daemon and devil knows and fears; or at least, that's how Dante sees it. Balancing in his chair, his over-sized black boots that zipped up the front were lazily propped up comfortably on his desk. He twirled his Ebony gun with his open-finger leather gloved hand, his right index-finger fitted behind the trigger; of course, the safety was on. He set the gun down on the desk to his left, next to a picture of his mother. The gun laid quietly next to its twin Ivory for the moment, that is, until it needed to be used again in shedding some devil blood. As usual, Dante wore a black leather vest that double buckled over his chest snugly, but his bottom half was clad in black leather pants to match his vest, which settled at the top of his hips. He also wore around his broad neck a striking gold pendant containing a twinkling ruby in the middle of it. His mother had left it to him as a keepsake. His white, un-kept hair covered his ice blue eyes like always. His expression was bored as he glanced over at Trish, who was wearing a silver embroidered black corset that barely covered her stomach, showing it off. Her tight black leather pants complimented her sleek legs; a big double silver buckle black belt was fitted around her wide hips, her black leather knee-high heel boots covering her calves. A black ribbon choker was tied around her neck and black leather arm guard buckled up her left arm. Her long platinum blond hair hanging low at her waist as she sat on the couch reading her girly magazines, a name given to them by Dante.

'What is it with women and their damn magazines' he thought as he eyed Trish, the woman who painfully resembled his late mother.

Trish didn't see Dante's stare, her attention focused closely on reading an interesting article in today's gossip and fashion. Besides the fact of amusing her, reading these magazines only interested her by understanding the social constructs of female humans in today's society, and therefore was her excuse in occasionally reading them.

Dante sighed, annoyance flitting across his face. "Damn it! Where the hell are the demons today!? Aren't they supposed to be wrecking havoc on people tonight? It's their goddamn holiday today! They should be out there causing trouble and my job to kick their asses for doing it!" yelled Dante, frustrated, as he slammed his head on his desk in defeat.

"Maybe you killed all of them… or their probably taking an actual holiday as you said, it is their holiday…" Trish exclaimed with an amusing smile, her cold blue eyes never adverted away from the magazine as she flipped another page.

"Was that your failed attempt at trying to be a smart-ass? Cause I forgot to laugh." Dante said in a sarcastic tone, his head still flat on his desk, then under his breath muttering, "Bitch" as he smirked, trying to start something to amuse him out of his boredom.

"What was that… Dante?" She said in a low growl as she looked up from her magazine with a glare, her sharp ears not missing the words but asked the question as a challenge for redemption.

"…Nothing…" he replied as he lifted his head to eye Trish, his usual smirk plastered on his face in amusement.

"Yeah that's what I thought…" Trish said quietly back as she returned her attentions to the Vogue magazine, she was in no mood for Dante's childish games and left it at that.

Dante snorted back in reply as he focused on the round clock on the far left side wall, the small hand pointing to the six and the longer hand at thirty-five. Six-thirty-five p.m., Dante sighed at this, returning to his brooding as he grabbed one of his guns and began to take it apart for cleaning. He pulled one of the desk drawers open to retrieve the gun cleaning tools from its contents and laid it gently on top of the wide desk. Then all of a sudden, someone was knocking at the door; the sound got Trish and Dante's attention as he looked up at the worn red wooden door across from him. He got up from his chair to walk towards it, cracking his neck to loosen the stiffness, the result of laying his head uncomfortably on his desk from earlier. He had a feeling they were trick or treater's coming to beg for candy. Dante didn't mind Halloween; it was his favorite holiday of the year, which he considered to be Christmas then the crazy holiday that landed on the twenty-fifth of December. He was glad to have bought a ton of bags filled with candy specifically for this occasion. It wasn't going to be too much trouble handing out candy to rambunctious kids high on sugar, whatever was left he could eat it, everybody wins without him breaking a sweat. The kids will come and go, but he really wanted to get out, especially on all souls night. It's the night where the veil between this and the other-world is at its thinnest and usually at its strongest for spirits of many kinds to be able to roam the earth.

"Why are you bothering in giving sweets to humans dressed up pretending to be something ridiculous and outrageous? What their wearing is a lie, humans pretending to be something they're not I'll never understand." Trish said, laying the magazine down, forgotten- as she raised a hand to her temple as if the very thought gave her a headache.

Trish didn't understand why Dante would bother giving sweets to annoying little brats playing dress up. And the part in giving them candy for doing it seemed foolish, but that's the tradition of a human holiday she came to realize, to her horror. She just never liked it or understood why; humans are so strange she thought. Dante just looked at her with his amused smirk as he got to the door, a small round wooden table stood near it and atop it sat a large metal bowl filled with a variety of candy, untouched. He reached for the bowl taking his attention away from Trish while preparing himself for the costumed kids. Taking a breath he swung the door open, providing the large bowl to the children who happily said "Trick or Treat" in the usual high-pitched jingle. The children dressed as a skeleton, a princess, a character from some kids cartoon, a zombie and a bumble bee, while the parents were off at a distance near the street on watch, following them close behind, Dante observed.

Dante just smiled nervously, "I think I rather give you guys a treat than have a trick played on me," he said chidingly as he brought forth the bowl for the kids to greedily grab at the candy; "Here ya go ya little monsters," Dante chirped while the children were busy rummaging through the candy bowl and leaving once they were satisfied. Dante cupped his hand to assist in making his voice sound louder and yelled out at the children's back, "Eat lots of candy and raise some hell!" they giggled in reply when running to the next house, one commenting to another that Dante said a bad word—"hell".

Dante slammed the door behind him setting the candy bowl down on the table, the smile disappeared from his face as his brows furrowed in impatience. He wanted to get out and have some fun like everybody else excluding the tick or treating, anything than sitting around doing nothing all night in boredom passing out candy. Suddenly an idea crept into his mind that was brilliant, go out dressed up too for the occasion just for the hell of it, it would be fun. Hunt down some demons and be a part of the costume wearing for once, he did secretly buy a couple of items for the occasion out of curiosity, what could it hurt in doing this except demons being beaten to death by Dante. He quickly went to his messy room to his closet and pulled out the items he bought a couple days ago, still in their bags. Trish got up, getting ready to leave; she had her own things to do than sitting around doing nothing with Dante, but after hearing the commotion Dante was making in his room, she paused out of curiosity, waiting to see what Dante revealed.

"What are you doing?" she asked curiously as she crossed her arms, standing near the worn black leather couch waiting for a reply or for him to come out of the room.

Dante didn't say anything as he pulled out a worn, deep red trench coat and put it on over his vest. Then took the long wide crimson hat he bought that was made out of smooth yet fine material of suede and donned a black emotionless Italian masquerade mask that covered his face nicely. Intricate silver designs highlighted the mask from the sides, around the eye slits and forehead giving it a modern day renaissance-style appearance yet it kept its masculine features. Looking at himself in the long old silver mirror near his large closet, he was quite pleased at how he appeared; thinking he looked pretty cool and that this wasn't a bad idea. He strapped the light brown colored gun holster around his waste and made sure it was snug. The holster also provided a section to hold a larger weapon on his back, which buckled two large straps in the front of his chest. After he finished preparing for the evening outing, Dante returned to the main room where Trish was waiting. As soon as Trish saw Dante she was speechless and stared at him with wide eyes, uncrossing her arms. Dante went to his huge mahogany cabinet that contained his unique collection of weapons. He stood there deciding which weapon was better suited for his costume and his demon hunting.

"What the hell are you wearing Dante? Are you seriously going out looking like that? You look ridiculous with that mask and hat on, you're acting like a foolish human like everyone else tonight." she said judgmentally in a harsh tone of disgust.

Dante still skimmed through his unique weapon collection, pulling out a sword here, a gun there, putting each item back carefully and orderly, not satisfied with any as he heard Trish's rude protest that made him frown behind his mask.

"I'm wearing my usual attire with a mask and a hat as accessories and I don't give a damn on how I look to you or anyone else for that matter. …Don't you forget that I am human too and not just a devil; I don't give a shit if I look or act foolish, at least I'm gonna have fun while doing it." he barked in reply, feeling insulted. Dante didn't bother to look at her as he pulled out the weapon he thought befitting for the occasion, a wicked scythe. He held it admiringly remembering the fun times he had with it and concluded that it has been awhile since he last used it.

Trish sighed to his reply shaking her head with indifference. Dante didn't seem to take notice of Trish as he closed the large wooden glass door of the cabinet, his gentle blue eyes continued to observe the long black and dark purple scythe that glowed a blue white color. He made a couple of test swings before he was satisfied and placing it snugly behind his back, believing he chose the right weapon. He took long strides to his desk to grab his guns, quickly putting together Ebony with ease; removing the safety lock on both large weapons before holstering his twin guns behind his back under the long coat, and preceded to grab his keys which laid inside the front drawer of his desk. He was ready to conquer the night of souls.

Dante passed Trish without giving her a glance, muttering in a low tone, "I'll see you around." his footsteps seem to make an eerie sound as he opened the large door to the outside, a cold wind blew in making his coat blow behind him and his semi-long white loose hair shiver at the sides of his face.

"Yeah, whatever… raise some hell out there…" she replied in an uncaring monotone crossing her long pale arms across her well-endowed chest.

Dante just smirked underneath his mask as he made one last glance at her before leaving, "Heh, I will. Don't wait up for me," he said in a prideful tone.

He walked out into the darkness closing the door behind him, the harvest moon shining brightly yet mysteriously behind dark passing clouds against the star filled skies. Hallows Eve was still young, what a perfect time for devil killing he thought. Taking in a deep breath from the crisp air filling his lungs, he was beginning to feel the excitement as he hopped onto his large black motorbike that glimmered a shade of a deep and light violet effect. He needed to shed some devil blood to get his heart pumping back to life and to feel like he had some purpose again. Grinning at Trish, he proceeded to put the keys into the ignition and turned it to start; his fingerless gloved hands on the break while he kicked back the stand and revved his loud engine. Feeling confident to leave, he let go of the break and eased on the clutch and droved off into the dark and cold lively city of monsters and humans. Ready to take on the evening and hoped it would be an exciting one, leaving behind his boredom at the 'Devil May Cry' residence. It would be a perfect night to make a devil cry and Dante would make certain of that.