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A Devils Heart



As Ariel was being rushed to the emergency room, bleeding from his mouth, nose, and ears, signs of internal bleeding as his body followed into shock. Angelea couldn't help but panic and cry out for answers on what was happening to her friend and close companion. She couldn't believe it was her doing that caused him such suffering, she couldn't figure out how it was her, she was confused, lost, and terrified with the thought of losing Ariel. Angelea held Ariel's hand as she rushed with him to a private room to be worked on and stabilized. Her panicked cries towards the medical team lead to her being grabbed from behind, her small hands yanked from Ariel's lifeless ones as she was led away so that the medics and nurses could work and not be distracted. Her protest was futile as she screamed and cried to Ariel's unconscious body, wanting to help and be there for him, but Brother David unwillingly lead her away from the room into the quiet hospital halls. He tried to calm her, hold her close into his arms as she sobbed into his shoulders, shaken. David tried to assure Angelea that it wasn't her fault, even though she protested that it was.

"It's not fair David, it's not fair!" Angelea cried in the crook of his warm neck as she held him.

"I know darling, I know… but it can't be helped, these things happen, you know this." David replied as he pulled away to look at Angelea while he brushed away her disheveled long silver-gold bangs from her wet, oval face. His thumb wiped away warm tears from her reddened cheek.

"You have to help him, they have to help him! He can't die, not like this, not by my hands! I can't live with myself if he did, oh God… please help him!" Angelea yammered in panic and worry.

David only held her closer, hugging her as he tried to calm her with words of comfort, stating that everyone is praying for Ariel's recovery.

After what seemed like an eternity of weeping and waiting for the news, a doctor came through the wide doors of the emergency room. His look was grim upon his wrinkled face, his posture solid as he walked towards Angelea and David who stood up from their seating arrangements in a private waiting room. Angelea dreaded the news, her heart sunk with anxiety as she knew what that look from the doctor meant. She began to quietly breath "No" repeatedly as she waited to hear those evil words as her body tensed up more.

"I'm sorry Sister… we couldn't stabilize him in time, the damage was too severe. Brother Ariel LeLoup… passed away. Fifteen minute ago." The doctor stated firmly with a hint of sadness, as he held Angelea's hand to comfort her through the hard news.

Angelea fell to the floor as her 'no's' turned into loud screams, David tried to catch her and hold her up. She felt her heart being stabbed by a dark, twisting knife that seemed to tear at her soul. She felt like she was dying inside. David tried to comfort Angelea in her hysterical cries but she pushed him away in protest, yelling.


The doctor only shook his head 'no' in disappointment, "I'm sorry, but we've tried. He's gone."

"NO, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME TO HIM, I HAVE TO SEE BROTHER ARIEL! I WON'T BELIEVE IT!" she gasped out in denial as she quickly, but clumsily, got up from the floor as she moved towards the direction of the emergency doors, pushing passed the doctor.

David tried to grab her but she yanked her arm away in such anger and determination. She had to see Brother Ariel, she didn't want to believe he was dead. She had to see him for herself to even consider the news from the doctor. David called out for her as he followed, the aged doctor only stood there helpless as he watched Angelea disappear through the doors with David following closely behind. Angelea cried out for Ariel as she went through the emergency rooms in panic. The doctors and nurses stood by idly in silence, some with their heads down in sadness, knowing what would come. Patients confused with the scene playing before them, some frightened, others already knowing the news minutes ago. David called out to Angelea as he rushed to her side trying to calm her denial. She only ignored him and continued to search for the room she was dragged away from earlier. Through tears, her body shaking, she found the room when she yanked the white thin curtains away. A white blood stained sheet was covering the entire body in respect to the passing. Angelea gasped at the scene as she covered her mouth, her heart felt the pain of familiar stabs of emptiness again, tears of denial coming down in full force. She slowly walked towards the bed, David behind her trying to comfort her and telling her to not pull away the sheet. Angelea ignored him as she pulled the bloody sheet away to reveal Ariel's limp, lifeless body. Angelea gasped again through broken silent sobs, she went to hold Ariel's hand into hers. It was becoming cold, the temperature of death.

She shook her head 'no' as she croaked out breathless words she could barely speak, "Oh God noo… Ariel… I'm sooo sorry, please… wake up…" she spoke quietly to him as she hugged Ariel in hopes that it will him wake him, as if he was pulling another terrible joke on her.

She continued to beg Ariel awake, apologizing for what she did to him and asking for his forgiveness, shaking his shoulders. David went to put his hand on Angelea's shoulders to stop her fruitless attempts, it was only making the situation worse with her denial, he tried to pull away but she yelled "NO!"

"Angelea… please… what's done is done. There is nothing you can do for him; he has passed into God's Kingdom. Be glad he does not have to suffer anymore. That he's in peace and glory with our Lord." David gently assured her, as he stood idly behind her in concern.

As soon as those words were said did Angelea slowly turned to look at Brother David with such surprised anger and disgust. "How can you say that!? I just lost my BEST FRIEND done by MY HANDS and you just want me to ACCEPT IT AND BE GLAD!? FOR WHAT!? THAT HE'S IN HEAVEN WITH GOD THANKS TO ME!? GET OUT! GET OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE DAVID! I HATE YOU!" she screamed as she pushed him away with such force, out towards the open area of the emergency room as she cried.

David, surprised, felt deep hurt from the words his pupil spit back at him. He just stood there as he watched Angelea return to the pale broken body of his former comrade. He walked away, leaving the cold, sanitized white rooms where death liked to loom. His thoughts of the matter, his concern and worry for his pupil's sanity, he knew this would break her in ways he didn't like to ponder. In all honesty, he lacked the feeling of what Angelea felt. He felt insensitive to the recent passing of Brother Ariel, recalling the many constant losses he experienced in the past through his service with the Order during many several years. Walking through the empty hallways of the hospital focusing with the memories that haunted him. The thoughts of his past, the people in and out of his life, he accepted death as much as he accepted life. Angelea was still new to the Society that she was surely accepted in after the last exam this morning, which lead to a great loss, for everyone. One of their best fighters' in the Miles Alatus Sodalicium (Winged Warrior Society) has been defeated by a girl who was still new to fighting. Considered inexperienced and weak in the eyes of others. Especially Brother Ariel's highly respected uncle, Brother Trystane Armstrong, the General of the Miles Alatus Sodalicium.

David was broken from his thoughts as he heard someone come towards him through the hallways of the hospital. 'Speak of the Devil,' David thought as a familiar and unwelcomed character came face to face with him. The hardened man in armor worn from battle, towered over David.

In a gruff, rigid voice the man spoke, "You've been summoned. I've been sent to retrieve you. Follow me." Brother Trystane stated flatly as he quickly turned form the direction he came, holding his sheathed great sword that was attached to his left side by a worn leather belt.

"Are you here to pay your respects to your nephew?" David asked sternly back in response.

Trystane stopped in his tracks and cocked his head to look at David over his scratched armored shoulder. "I'll see him at his funeral. Only then would he even come close to deserving my respect. Once I see him in the ground." He stated in a cold monotone.

Trystane quickly turned his head to look forward after finishing his words, and began to walk away to the place he was to lead David. David only nodded and followed quickly behind to Trystane's long strides down the empty white and blue halls, exiting the hospital and into the colorful courtyard. The day seemed dreary, the sun covered by gray clouds, it looked like it would rain. David heard whispers from superstitious nuns as he walked passed, "God is weeping," they exchanged to each other after hearing the news of their brother's passing to explain away the sudden change in the weather.

Trystane was always hard to please, with a cold and indifferent demeanor and a strict, conservative view of how things should be run in the Order and in the world. For once, something David and Ariel could agree on in which they detested this hardened man before him. He was always harsh, judging others with such abusive words and enforcing his opinions as if it were the words of God itself. Trystane was known to be lethal and brutal and quite capable in combat for his old age nearing in his fifties. Many aspired to be the 'Hand of God' as Brother Trystane was known among the Order—jokingly or seriously—however, many also feared him. The one man Brother Ariel feared. Brother Trystane was so cruel to Ariel, he constantly reminded his nephew on how he despised him, putting him down harshly for every mistake. The one thing David guessed that Trystane was ever capable of loving was his late younger sister Elizabeth Armstrong. Hard to believe Brother Trystane could ever love anything, since he seemed to lack a heart, which would be devoid of compassion and mercy if ever was one. Trystane viewed Brother Ariel LeLoup as an abomination in the eyes of God, born out of wedlock that he believed was begotten from rape of his sister, a bastard son to a cursed monster. Ariel's uncle would imply that his nephew should have been dead instead of his late sister, in which he blamed Ariel for being the cause of her death. The callous general never talked about the past and neither did Brother Ariel; but when Brother Trystane made any inkling to the past, these were the only words you would hear and no one dared question it. Those who did got a beating from the 'Hand of God' or his only nephew, Ariel. Only few knew the truth behind the broken family relations of Brother Trystane and Brother Ariel, David and Angelea being those privileged few besides the ones above the Order. They arrived to their final destination, Trystane opened one of the large intricately decorated wooden doors, and without a word, ushered David to enter in before him. The doors creaked closed behind them.

Angelea continue to weep over Ariel in quiet absence of others, only the sounds of her despair surrounded her. People in the emergency room left Angelea alone to grieve for her loss as they continued on with the days work in treating others who came and went. Many hours passed as Angelea wept until she couldn't weep no more, her head hurt from the headache caused by her crying and dehydration. She crawled up the bed to lie next to Ariel's now very cold body. She embraced him in a hug, smelling his scent mixed with death, trying to take it all in so that she wouldn't forget what he smelled like. She laid her head on his bare, bruised pale chest; his uniform ripped open from the medics doing earlier that day. His chest wet with the bodily fluids that came from her eyes, nose and mouth during her weeping earlier. She prayed under her breath as she fingered each individual bead from the rosary she held in her hand, a gift Ariel made for her that was given on her 23rd birthday years ago.

She prayed for Ariel, prayed for her soul, prayed to God and Ariel for forgiveness, even though she felt her prayers were not being listened to. She felt dead inside. Lost, alone, her world seem to fall apart around her. Her best friend that she confided in and trusted, grew up with in the orphanage; the memories of their times together all came rushing in like a wave of pain and despair, gone. He was gone. And the truth sank in like a sharp stab into her soul. She looked at Ariel's pale cleanly shaven face, remnants of their battle still present on his smooth features and chest. His strawberry blond hair splayed onto the flat white hospital pillow like a halo. Angelea's eyes teared up at the sight before her. With the hand that held her rosary, she covered her mouth and then her eyes in such grief and shame. A silent cry of the truth displayed before her by her own doing. She thought of singing to Ariel, one last time. He loved to hear her sing to him growing up when he was anxious, sad, or even upset about something. A song to say good-bye.

She prayed as she sang quietly in a broken strained voice to Ariel, "Do not fear… F-For your angel.. is heerre," she paused to silently sob. She pushed herself to continue in a quiet shaky voice, "T-t-to scare away those fears, scare a-away t-those fears… Your angel will take away your sorrows," she said in a hushed voice as shecaressed Ariel's high cheek bone, "And will take away your.. pain,"her voice cracked with those words, tears rolling down her cheek and landed on Ariel's stoic face. "D-doo not fear the.. darkness,"she croaked, as she lay her head on Ariel's broken chest again, "Because your angel will bring about the light… So do not fearand.. be at peace," she paused to take in a huge shaky breath, still praying for healing towards Ariel.

Her throat was raw, she didn't want to finish the song, it wouldn't make anything better like it normally would. David came to retrieve Angelea as he stood quietly behind her, resting a firm hand on her shoulder. He gently mentioned that the Order's head superiors wanted to see her. She nodded silently in acknowledgement; David helped Angelea slowly get up and off the hospital bed as he took her limp hands into his strong steady ones. Angelea had to say her last good-bye before she left. Tears began to well in her mismatched eyes as she looked at David with uncertainty and then back at Ariel. She had to finish the song as she continued to pray silently to herself. She strongly wanted him to come back; she didn't want to face the world without him in it. She stood to look at Ariel dispiritedly, unknowingly projected her energy at his limp body out of desperate hope that this was all just a bad dream. She would rather die than move on; the guilt of his death still tore at her being.

David tried to gently pull her away from the bed, "They are waiting Angelea…"

"…Wait." Angelea shakily gasped, not moving an inch. She stooped over and whispered under her breath, "Be at peace… because your little angel dwells inside your heart..."she finished, and kissed Ariel's thin pale lips, tears dripped from her cheeks onto Ariel's calm face; David looked away, hurt.

She slowly moved her face away and in that instant a sharp ragged gasp came from beneath her. The sound caught David's attention as he quickly looked towards the direction of Angelea and Ariel, eyes widened in disbelief as he came closer.

"A-angelea…" Ariel breathed out, his face contorted in confused desperation as he gasped for air into his once dead, flattened lungs, staring weakly towards Angelea as life began to fill him.

Angelea only stared at Ariel speechless, her mismatched eyes blinking in disbelief as it dawned on her what was happening before her. David slowly stepped away, while he gently tried to grab Angelea's slender arm and pull her away from the bed. Her breath was caught in her throat as she unconsciously followed David's pull. Ariel tried to lift his arms to touch Angelea's hand that held her rosaries as she dropped them to return the motion. The rosary fell onto the white floor in a 'clack.' She clasped his hand in disbelief, her heart bubbling up with warmth and hope as she began to breath very quickly. Ariel gave Angelea a weak smile as he gently gripped her hand.

"It… it's a miracle." She breathed out in tears.

A small smile began to show from her lips as she peered down towards her best friend who returned to her from death's clutches.

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