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Spoilers: 4x07

Amelia had wondered around the hospital for a few minutes, giving Addie some time to process her thoughts. Once she figured the red head had had enough time, she headed to the ambulance bay—Addison's refuge since Amelia could remember.

"Hey, Stranger," the brunette called.

Addison quickly turned her head and gave a weak smile, "Hey."

Amelia made her way to the bench and sat beside her friend, "Remember when you and Derek made me wait and sit at the bay when I spent the summer with you?"

Addison smiled softly at the memory, "It was the only way to make sure you stayed out of trouble."

Amelia laughed, "I never could understand why you found it so fascinating here."

Addison shrugged, "I like being outside, I like how the night air wakes me up, I like watching the people."

Amelia raised an eyebrow, "The people?"

Addison nodded then tilted her head to two teenagers, holding hands, "In my mind, their parents won't let them be together and they have to sneak out to fulfill their love."

"Always the hopeless romantic, Addie," Amelia laughed.

Addison sighed, "I guess so."

A few moments passed in silence as Amelia contemplated what to say next. She had never really been good at talking or giving advice. Usually she could listen, but starting the conversation was never her strong suit. Worse, Addison was known to be a talker. If she was being silent… Amelia coughed, "So, what's up?"

Addison leaned back against the bench, "Nothing."

Amelia glared, "I've known you for over fifteen years. Something's up. Spill."

Addison looked at Amelia and tilted her head, "I keep thinking about Diane."

Amelia furrowed her brows, "Diane Birchman?" Addison nodded slowly. Amelia continued to look puzzled, "What made you think of her?"

Addison shrugged, "She was robbed."

Amelia looked confused, "No she wasn't."

Addison nodded her head and looked at Amelia, "She moved back to New York a few months after she left. She told her father what was what, told him to keep his money and started a new life for herself. A few weeks after she opened her own salon she was robbed. The guy held the place up with a gun, then, just to add insult to injury, cut her hair and kicked in her face…" Addison paused, "He broke her cheek bone."

Amelia swallowed, "I didn't know that."

Addison stared off, "Yeah." This was killing her. Charlotte was Diane Birchman all over again. Addison hadn't kept it a secret for Diane though, she'd called the police and by the time they should up Diane had left. Addison hadn't seen her since and the guilt still clung to her.


Addison blinked and shook her head, "Yes?"

Amelia reached over and grabbed Addison's hand, "It'll be alright."

Addison gave a weary smile, "Yeah, it will be." If only she believed it.

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