Forbidden Siren - Deceived

'Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.'

Oscar Wilde.

All the time, he saved her over the first few days of the Shibito attack. But when he needed saving… She failed him.

Tamon was now a special type of Shibito, one that was mostly Shibito, but with more human abilities, speech etc. Tamon could not fight the urge to kill people, and right now he was hunting Yoriko. But to make things even easier for Tamon. Yoriko was also hunting him. The last time she saw him was when he was Shibito, he looked exactly like a human but he wasn't. Tamon had admitted that he loved her and that they would always be together in their hearts. One beating, One not.

Kyoya Suda was now with Yoriko, seeing as he had no one else to be with. Everyone else was no longer human.