Forbidden Siren - Deceived

'Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.'

Oscar Wilde.

"So you remember me, huh?" Tamon joked. His look of death never disappeared even though his tone of voice was happy and surprised.

"Your not human," Yoriko told him, her voice shook with fear.

"True, but also untrue." Tamon told her, he tried to act wise, "You see, I'm a Halfling."

Kyoya took the shot gun from Yoriko's hands and pointed it towards Tamon.

Tamon put his hands up in defence, "Hang on there." Tamon said smiling, "I'm here to help."

"You'll be doing more help by dying!" Kyoya yelled and almost pulled the trigger as Tamon started to get into a attacking position, but Yoriko stepped in the way of them both

"Don't fight," She warned them both, then she gestured slightly towards the bodies starting to get up slowly, "We need to get somewhere safe. Please explain on the way."

Kyoya and Tamon nodded and quickly got in the car.

"I'm driving," Kyoya told Tamon sternly, they glared at each other, "One. I don't trust you, and Two. You could kill us at any moment."

Tamon sighed but nodded, "Go to a hotel or something then. You two must sleep."

Kyoya thought about it and nodded, "As long as she's safe…I don't really care." He shrugged.

Yoriko quickly looked behind herself and fought a scream, "Hurry! Their coming!"

Tamon and Kyoya looked behind themselves and saw majority of the regenerating Shibito getting up.

They came to the car and got in quickly. They got in and didn't bother about seat belts until they were far away from the Shibito.

Tamon didn't take his eyes off from Yoriko as she stared at the now-Shibito Tamon in her car. She was mostly scared but also fairly fascinated about him.

"You okay?" He asked her quietly, finally smiling slightly, but the smile seemed wrong to when he was human, "You seem…afraid, even though you know I won't hurt you…"

Yoriko actually didn't know if Tamon wouldn't hurt her or not, but she just shrugged and smiled, "Sorry, just cold," She lied easily, "The weather has always done this to me,"

Tamon hugged her awkwardly but when Yoriko hugged him back it felt perfect again, like the Shibito attack never happened and they were just having another one of those teacher-student-romance again.

Kyoya coughed awkwardly, "What about here…?" He asked.

"This'll be fine, Suda." Tamon replied half-heartedly.

The car pulled in and they double checked for Shibito before they ran in.