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Part One.

Rachel Berry was born to be a star.

She knew this, she has always known this-especially since the tender age of one where she so beautifully bonded with Maria from West Side Story.

But this-this sudden unsatisfactory development-threatened everything she has ever dreamed of. It clawed at her insides and made her want to run home and cry and watch Funny Girl until Barbara could magically jump out of the screen and give her advice.

Because this was an atrocity of epic proportions. For the first time in her life she didn't know what to do with herself. She has always had a strong semblance of control in her life and it was starting to slip away into an oblivion. You might say she was being dramatic, which she proudly admitted to being dramatic because all great stars were, but in this situation she felt as if she was being nowhere near dramatic. She felt she was being what was called painstakingly honest when she observed that this current performance was horrible. It was. Mercedes Jones and Kurt Hummel were mediocre at best, almost seeming as if their hearts were not really in it, and Tina Cohen-Chang, which Rachel was pretty sure the girl's name was, was clumsily rolling around Artie Abrams in his chair while he attempted-and in Rachel's opinion strongly failing- to be the male lead and sing 'Rockin the Boat.' You might think her criticisms were nothin short of harsh, but she and her two dads went to a performance of Guys and Dolls at a local theater in Columbus for the Columbus School for the Deaf, and needless to say that this newly regrouped Glee Club could take some pointers.

This is ridiculous, Rachel thought to herself as Artie ran, well, wheeled himself knee first into the wall of the choir room with a grunt.

By the look on Mr. Schuester's face, she wasn't alone in her thinking.

"We suck," commented Rachel, unceremoniously dropping her hands. It honestly was the nicest thing that she could say about the recent performance.

"Ah, well, it-it'll get there," replied Mr. Schuester, and Rachel could see him struggling to put optimism on his face, "We just need to keep rehearsing."

Rachel brushed her hair away impatiently, "Mr. Schuester, do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to give the lead solo in 'Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat' to a boy in a wheelchair?"

She was well aware of Mercedes Jones giving her that look, and Kurt Hummel sniffing impatiently at her while swiping a finger through his product-lathered hair. She didn't care if they were unecessarily impatient with her, this whole thing was completely and utterly ridiculous. She wasn't going to apologize for stating her much needed opinion in the face of truth.

She sighed. This will not do.

She was honestly about to say this aloud when Artie piped, "I think Mr. Schue's using irony to enhance the performance."

She could see Mr. Schuester jumping in to agree, and she lost every thread of patience she had. This was not ironic! This was ridiculous!

"There's nothing ironic about show choir!"

She was aware of the condescending looks she was recieving, with Mr. Schuester struggling to come up with a reply to not anger her further, and possibly provide an optimistic outcome to the situation.

She didn't care.

She stood there, to see if anyone might possibly agree, before turning with her chin held up high and marching out of the room with a huff.

Part Two.

She couldn't say she was suprised when she felt Mr. Schuester sit next to her on the bleachers.

It was inevitable. She knew she was the best and most dedicated in there, she had no doubts concerning that, and with her perfectly executed diva storm out that she perfected over the years, she knew it wouldn't be long before he approached her about a possible male lead. What did the man honestly expect? A group of rag tag misfits to make it to the top with only five contenders and only one who was truly dedicated? Rachel certainly knew that that was not going to happen anytime soon. And she has read The Show Choir Handbook seven times, and knows for a fact that they needed at least twelve contenders from a school to compete. Well that didn't look too optimistic for New Directions any time soon. Glee Club was seen as the lowest of the low on the social heirachy chain, and people would be ashamed just talking to them. It was her first official year in the club, no thanks to that sexist Sandy Ryerson, but she observed and noticed that they really only talked and communicated within the confines of the club, and anything beyond was a slushy facial.

But Rachel didn't care about tags or being popular. She got slushied daily and held her head up high. She was better than them. She was smart and she had her voice, and that's all she needed to escape from being a Lima Loser. She knew that one day she would look back after her success on Broadway and just laugh if she was ever interviewed about being popular in high school.

But she would be lying if she said it didn't hurt a little. She wasn't lying to Mr. Schuester when she said she was tired of being laughed at. She was. She didn't care if she was popular, but she wanted for people to at least admire her for the talent she did possess. She wanted them to actually hear her singing voice, and not judge her based on her admittedly brutal honesty and obnoxiousness. Maybe if they could hear her sing, if they could just win, things could be different.

So she put herself on the line. She had to at least try.

"I need a male lead who can keep up with me vocally," stated Rachel, keeping her voice strong. Mr. Schuester sighed.

He looked a little lost. "Maybe I can coach Artie a little. I- "

Rachel swiftly interjected, "Look, Mr. Schue...I really appreciate what your trying to do. But if you can't give me what I need, then I'm sorry."

She breathed deeply, staring forlornly at the Cheerios performing their routine, Sue Sylvester shouting insults at them left and right.

Her gaze became hard.

Her voice became even stronger.

"I'm not gonna make a fool of myself."

Rachel could feel her teacher staring intensley at her, trying to determine her actions.

She sighed, "I can't keep wasting my time with Glee. It hurts too much."

Out of the corner of her eye she could see him staring down at the bleachers, his brows furrowed and looking contemplative. She couldn't help but feel a little sympathy for the man.

Thankfully, they were interrupted by a whistle blowing. She watched as Coach Tanaka said something about Principle Figgins, and Mr. Schue slowly standing up on the bleachers. He squinted in the sunlight before he looked back down at Rachel. He gestured towards the direction of the school and she nodded. He seemed to awkwardly pat her shoulder before beginning his trail back down the bleachers, his head bowed and obviously thinking. Rachel couldn't help but feel a little relief. She had informed him on what she needed and now all she really wanted to do is get to her next class without a slushie facial, preferably not apple.

She began her slow walk down the bleachers onto the track field surrounding the football stadium, walking with her arms crossed back towards the school.

She could hear the Cheerios panting and trying to perform the routine without a hitch.

"You think this is hard? Try sneaking into prison to see your father with a heroin balloon up your anus. That's hard!"

Part Three.

Will Schuester was having a very rough day. Scratch that, a very rough week.

His wife Terri was becoming a little more demanding, especially in wanting a dream house they couldn't afford, and his New Directions dream was slowly starting to shred.

He had to practically beg Figgins to even agree to let him take over. He knew that the club wasn't exactly popular, but he honestly thought he might have more to work with than just five kids. One of which who he didn't know what to do. Rachel Berry. The girl, while slightly egotistical and brash, was honestly the best he had. The others are good, they honestly had potential, but Rachel Berry knew everything there was to know about show choir, and she was damn good, he grudgingly admitted. Will honestly liked Artie, the boy genuinely did have talent, but he grudgingly admitted that he wasn't leading potential. Kurt Hummel had an outstanding voice, but he was more of a diva than Mercedes Jones and Rachel Berry combined, and that was not something he was prepared to handle.

He sighed in frustration as flipped through a test, once again only a sombrero drawn to the side of each question.

Where could he get a male lead?

And then it hit him.

Part Four.

Will Schuester finally had a plan. Although he was probably going to hell for it, it was worth it.

The last few days had been excruciatingly difficult. His efforts to talk to the football players had failed-failed being an understatement-and he honestly almost lost all hope.

His sign up list certainly hadn't worked out at all like planned.


Seymour Ass.


That, and many other colorful names had decorated the sign up sheet.

But that didn't matter now, because he had found what he was looking for, but now he just had to convince the boy.

Honestly, he hadn't expected Finn Hudson of all the guys to be able to sing. The tall and lanky quarter-back, who was nice, if not a little naive.

But he couldn't help but feel a little guilty as he observed the worried looking boy in front of him, fidgeting and asking if he did something wrong.

He pulled the little packet out. There's no going back now.

He slid the packet across his desk, 'The Chronic Lady' worded across the top.

He put on a firm face. "You want to tell me how long you've had a drug problem?"

He was going to hell.

The boy's eyes seem to expand out of their sockets. He fidgeted even more before trying to throw together a string of words.

"I don't even know who the chronic lady is," stammered Finn, his arms gesturing wildly towards the packet on the table.

Will crossed his arms, attempting to look intimidating. "Look-if it were up to me we wouldn't have bi-weekly locker checks- "

Finn's voice was borderline hysterical now. "But I've never seen that before, Mr. Schue. I swear, it's not mine! I'll pee in a cup!"

Will nearly slammed his forehead on his desk and groaned. This was ridiculous and going way too far in order to get the male lead they needed. It wasn't just that, Finn was also popular he knew, and maybe his influence could help influence others to join the club. He knew what he was pulling was risky, if he was found out then his job would be gone, as well as his already temperamental wife. But he knew he needed to do this. Finn Hudson might be their only chance at achieving anything this year in Glee Club, and it was gonna take a lot of work to get him in and keep him in. He knew that in order to do this, he might have to pull out the big guns, like threatening expulsion or having the boy believe there was no chance whatsoever for a football scholarship, which were ridiculously hard to get anyways in Lima.

He turned his attention back to Finn.

"I'll pee," exclaimed Finn, again looking borderline freaked out.

Will sighed. "Look, it wouldn't make any difference."

It was time to hit below the belt.

"Possession is eight-tenths of the law. I'm pretty sure that much pot is a felony. Yeah."

Finn was running his hands through his hair, looking on the verge of actually crying.

"Look, you'll get kicked out of school. You'll lose your football scholarship-"

Finn's head whipped up at his words, making Will feel even guiltier. "Wait, I- I had a football scholarship? To-to where?"

His voice sounded small, and almost hopeful. Shit, thought Will.

He swallowed and continued. "You could land in prison, son."

"Oh My God," muttered Finn, his eyes glancing around wildly, "Please, don't tell my mom." He was now gesturing his arms, pleading with Will.

Will sighed, it was time to act the fatherly figure and and make him choose.

He was so going to hell.

"Look, I see a lot of myself in you, Finn. I know what it's like to struggle to make good life choices."

And here's the finale.

"I just expected more out of you Finn, " said Will, forcing his voice to sound disappointed.

His heart clenched when Finn looked down with his brow furrowed, hurt on his face. He also looked conflicted, like he was trying to figure out how to approach the situation. Will couldn't blame the kid, he would be freaking out as well and wondering how to get himself out of the situation, especially one as large as this, in any possible way. That's why he was confident this would work.

He cleared his throat and Finn glanced up.

He said quietly, to add effect, "I'll give you two options."

Finn looked even more hopeless.

"I'm running detention now, so you can do six weeks after school," he said, trying not to smile, "But that's gonna go on your permanent record."

Finn actually looked somewhat hopeful now. He bit his lip and frowned slightly.

"What's the other option Mr. Schue?" Finn whispered.

That's when Will smiled, and gave him his other option.

To Will's offense, Finn looked slightly horrified.

"Gl-Glee club?" stuttered Finn, looking the opposite of hopeful now.

Will just nodded.

He sighed inwardly, wondering what it was going to take for the school to actually give them a chance. This is what they really needed. If they actually had the school behind them, then they could be unstoppable at competitions. He remembered a time when Glee was popular, and everyone wanted to be them but not everyone had the talent. He watched it plummet into nothingness over the years. He watched the downfall of popularity, how it became nothing more than a target for the hockey and football players.

He knew it would be a tough decision for Finn, but he was confident the boy would choose Glee, obviously not wanting to upset his mom and have the detentions-which he didn't even really deserve-on his record.

He watched Finn for an entire minute, watched as the boy looked torn and confused. Finn fidgeted even more, biting his lip and running his hands over his striped sweater, staring at the floor.

His head snapped up when he heard Finn begin to talk.

"Mr. Schue," said Finn, his voice nervous, "I've decided."

Will leaned forward eagerly and smiled, knowing he won.

"I-I choose the detentions Mr. Schue," spoke Finn, his voice still nervous.

Will's smile dropped.

Part Five.

"I tried my best," murmured Will Schuester, looking frustrated and exhausted, "but he absolutely refused. I'm sorry Rachel."

Rachel tightened her hold on her notebooks, feeling angry and hopeless.

"I'm sorry too, Mr. Schue," spoke Rachel. She kept her voice as professional as she could.

And after meeting his eyes briefly, she turned with her head up and walked to the door, grabbing ahold of the doorknob. She turned around.

"I won't make a fool of myself."

As she shut the door, she caught ahold of his look of desperation, of utter hopelessness, and once again a small bout of sympathy rose up. He was honestly just trying to help out the kids, and help achieve a dream of his own. She knew he had sacrificed a lot to be able to take over Glee, and now he only had four members of it. And all of them were hopeless. As much as that sounded rude and conceited, it was true. She wouldn't deny that they have potential and sheer talent, they did, but they didn't even come close to having an organized plan or two leads. Hell, they didn't even have close the amount of students it took to qualify. It takes more than just sheer talent to win a competition, you have to know your competitors and their weaknesses, you have to prepare and be organized and set with two leads, and most of all...you have to put aside personal fears and actually want it. Maybe that had always been Rachel's problem, she wanted everything too much. But one thing she could say about herself in a positive light, is that she didn't need anyone, she could get anything she wanted by herself if she fought hard enough to get it. Which she always did.

But that is what makes her Rachel Berry and she wouldn't change her ambitions for anyone.

She kept thinking over what her next moves were while she trudged slowly to her locker, clutching her notebooks tightly to herself and keeping a second eye out for slush attacks. She really didn't want to get hit today, in an effort to look up sheet music for the very first week of the official new Glee Club, she forgot her spare set of clothes.

Luckily though, she made it to her locker and hurriedly opened it up, wanting to get out of there quickly just in case.

But a conversation behind her stopped her instantly.

"Yeah, he tried to get me to join Glee," spoke a voice, sounding confused.

The next voice was eerily familiar. A voice that spread a sensation down Rachel's spine, and not in a good way.

"You said no, right?" Quinn Fabray. Her voice sounded snide and insulting even when talking to her boyfriend. "Finn, you better have chosen the dete- "

Finn spoke, his voice quickly turning nervous and hurried, "O-of course. I told him there was no way I would choose that club."

Quinn spoke, softening her voice a little to a pitch that Rachel had never heard coming from the Head Cheerio. "Good. You know our reps would have been on the line."

Finn spoke in a reassuring voice, "I know. I wouldn't do that to us."

Rachel squinted into the mirror she had fished out of her locker when the conversation started, carefully watching the two interact and trying to remain inconspicuous.

The blonde nodded her head and gave a soft smile to the boy who was awkwardly shuffling his books in his bag. But suddenly a frown overcame the blonde's features.

"What if he comes and asks you again?" Quinn sounded worried, but Rachel, given her amazing sixth sense, could hear the underlying test in the blonde's words.

Finn looked up at her, and looked slightly confused. He reminded Rachel of a little puppy. A very cute little puppy.

"I would tell him no," spoke Finn, still looking and sounding confused. Bingo, thought Rachel.

Quinn suddenly gave him an approving smile, and leaned up and kissed him softly, causing the boy to get a dopey grin on his face.

Of course all the good ones are taken, grumbled Rachel, watching as he kissed the Cheerio and then walked down the hallway in the opposite direction.

She sighed and was about to put away her mirror, when the blonde's head snapped towards her direction, and the fiery hazel eyes zeroed in on Rachel's with a glare.

Here we go, sighed Rachel, watching as the blonde began walking the few lockers down towards her, looking intimidating in all her HBIC glory.

"Eavesdrop much, Rupaul?" The blonde certainly lost the brief gentleness she exuded before, and was now exuding pure anger. And perhaps hatred. Rachel wouldn't be suprised.

Rachel sighed, she would be the nice one here, even if she wasn't particularly fond of the Cheerio. "I don't know what your talking about Quinn, I was just getting the required class b- "

She jumped as the locker beside her slammed with Quinn's palm.

"Don't mess with me manhands. I know you were listening to our conversation," growled Quinn, her face flushed and her eyes narrowed, "And don't even think about trying to get my boyfriend to join your pathetic excuse for a club, because if you come anywhere near him, I will pe- "

Rachel raised her chin defiantly and cut the girl off. "Or what Quinn? Throw a slushie in my face?"

Quinn seemed to draw closer until Rachel had her back pressed against the lockers. Okay, she was afraid a little bit. Quinn could be downright scary when she wanted to be, and that was right now.

The blonde's eyes were dark with anger, her cheeks red and her breathing harsh and angry. She could see that her fists were clenched, and she could feel her body was tense as a coil as she pressed close to Rachel.

Rachel suddenly feared for her life.

The blonde seemed to sense this, because an all too familiar smirk crossed her face before she pulled away.

That was when Rachel's bravery suddenly came back to her. She wished it hadn't.

As Quinn began to turn and leave her be, she said it before she could really even stop herself. She had never backed down from the Cheerio and she didn't intend to now.

"What, Quinn, afraid of a little competition?" Rachel concluded that wasn't the smartest plan of action. She didn't even know when it went from talking about him joining the club, to them fighting over him.

The blonde twirled around, her Cheerio's skirt twirling with her, as she turned and gave a vivid glare back at Rachel. She walked back with all of her intimidating glory and was about to, in Rachel's opinion, probably kill her, when out of nowhere she felt ice covering her entire head and shoulders. She hurriedly closed her eyes as she felt it begin to slide down over her face even more. She licked her lips and winced. Apple. She hated apple.

She pushed her hands up to her eyes and wiped away the green corn syrup away from her eyes.

She could see a few miling students around laughing, and Quinn was in front of her smirking at Dave Karofsky's disappearing back.

She put her chin up and walked, as dignified as she could, around Quinn and to the nearest restroom, which was right down the hall.

She pushed open the bathroom door, still hearing Quinn's cruel laughter following her.

She trudged over to the sink to begin a now mastered ritual.

She looked up at her reflection.

I won't make a fool of myself.

Too late.

Part Six.

Rachel Berry had become quite adept at ducking between bodies in the hallways.

Over the last two weeks there has really been no choice.

It has turned into an all out slush battle. People were getting hit left and right. It wasn't just the Glee kids anymore, it was the entire school.

Well, excluding the Cheerios and football players.

She had a feeling, no doubt her sixth sense, that she had become Karofsky's favorite target. She could only guess who inspired those attacks. After her confrontation with Quinn two weeks ago, she attempted to avoid the blonde like the plague. She honestly didn't want to spend all her time locked in a confrontation when it is taking valuable time away from her to practice or keep and eye out for a male lead. She had meant what she said to Mr. Schue, she wouldn't return until he had acquired someone who could match her vocally. And from the looks of things, that certainly wasn't happening. Mr. Schue had tried more than once to reason with her, but she stubbornly inquired everytime if he had a male lead she could work with. He didn't. So end of story. And Mercedes and Kurt had come up to her more than once, obviously Mr. Schue's doing seeing as they glared at her the entire time.

Because of this she had been avoiding the very few members of the Glee Club, Karofsky and Azimio, and Quinn Fabray herself.

For the first time in her life Rachel dreaded school every single day.

The losers were getting bullied so much worse than last year, and there practically was no Glee Club for her to be in.

At times she just wanted to shout at how immature they're all being, stomp her foot, and storm out the door with the entire school watching.

She knew that wasn't exactly plausible.

She also wanted to march up to Finn Hudson, and without Quinn breathing down her neck, beg him to join the club. She had never heard the boy sing, so of course she was skeptical, but Mr. Schue said he had a lot of potential. And that was enough for Rachel Berry. It was better than what she had now.

She went rigid as she felt ice cold corn syrup drip down her back.

This year had to get better. Glee Club had to get better.