His Obsession


'Miss Granger,' he addressed me solemnly; his blue eyes no longer holding the twinkle that I had long come to associate with them. 'I did not call you here for the reasons that you would've thought I would. I have called you here to ask a favour of you.'

I stared politely back at the headmaster, his words leaving me befuddled and none the wiser to any of his many plans.

'Of recent I have come to acquire a peculiar object. It is…similar to a time turner, but with a few minor differences.' From his bright yellow robes he pulled out an odd little ball that spun on its axis, its similarity to Earth uncanny.

'I would like you to have it Miss Granger.' I looked up and was shocked to see the intensity burning within his eyes.

'Me? But what does it do?' I asked, feeling at odds with the greatest wizard of all time.

'Were you not paying attention Miss Granger? I'm afraid I'll have to deduct 10 points from Gryffindor.' I scowled before noticing the laughter in his eyes.

'Let me rephrase then professor.' I asked, matching his cheekiness. 'What do you want me to do with it?'

He chuckled before answering me dutifully. 'It will take you 46 years back into the past. Or should I say to Tom's first year at Hogwarts.' I froze at his words, cold terror gripping my heart as it began to hammer wildly inside.

'And what would you have me do?' I asked him meekly.

'I know I'm asking a great deal out of you Hermione, but I want you to rewrite history to what it should have been.

'I want you to befriend Tom Riddle, to teach him what it's like to have a friend that won't use him, to have a friend that will care for him whenever he needs it and a friend that will keep him away from the dark arts.'

My eyebrows rose in astonishment and I blinked several times as if to prove to myself that I wasn't dreaming and that he had indeed said those words.

'But sir,' I began; speaking as slowly as I would to a child who had trouble understanding. 'Time shouldn't be meddled with. It-'

'I know Hermione,' he said, cutting me off. A minute passed before he yet again whispered 'I know,' more to himself than to me though.

We stayed like that for what seemed like hours before I sighed wearily in defeat.

'I'll do it sir. I'll do it if it means getting rid of Voldemort once and for all.' His jovial smile met my set jaw and for that split second I could've sworn I saw a tear fall from the corner of his eyes.

I hastily tore my eyes away from his and onto my lap, embarrassed at having seen a great man such as him cry.

'Oh, and just one more thing Hermione,' he said and I looked up to see a tear-free Dumbledore.

'Yes, sir?'

'This time turner will not only take you back in time but it will also change you physically into a first year. Only your mind will remain untouched.'

'Oh. So…'

'Your mind will not exceed that of a seventh year during your stay there. Thus, time will only continue when you have reached your seventh year. This means that on this day in your seventh year back there, you will vanish, and time will continue here. Do you understand?'

'Does that mean that I am to leave today sir?' I asked, quickly catching onto what he was saying.

'Yes it does Miss Granger. 10 points to Gryffindor,' his smile was what gave me hope, as ridiculous as it may seem.

'Good luck Miss Granger.'

'What?' I squeaked. 'But… but I don't have anything packed and I haven't even told Harry and Ron and what about my parents and-'

'Relax my child,' his chuckle amazingly enough calmed me down enough to keep a level head.

'To them it would be like you never left in the first place.' I mentally slapped myself as he said it. How could I have been so dumb?

'Are you ready Hermione?' he asked me, holding out the odd contraption. I nodded my head surly, afraid that my voice would betray my fear if I spoke out loud.

'Well then, just one turn should do it,' he added and I twisted the little knob at the side once and everything went black.