Summary : Little boys should never go into the woods alone. Harry's going to know exactly why that is when he runs into the big bad wolf.

Disclaimer : J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter; not me. Wishful thinking though. Then I would be a millionaire.

***Chapter One***

"Come on!" A desperate, coarse, whisper escaped the young boys lips as his panted breath misted before his chilled skin. The rough growls and dark howls haunted his route through the depths of the forbidden forest. His heart escalated to near hyperventilation as his athletic legs strived forward, but even the supposed saviour of the wizarding world had his limits. His body was failing him as his feet stammered and tripped over up grown roots and debris.

He had lost Hermione and Ron in their quick escape from the oncoming wolf that chased him further into the darkness. His friends, unbeknownst to him, had been salvaged by their ally; Firenze. Tonight had not gone how the light had planned. Harry was meant to have found his dad, Remus, and present the Wolfsbane potion to the werewolf. They hadn't suspected that more than one werewolf would be so close to the schools entrance of the forest. A simple mistake that could lead to the death of the prophesised adolescent. Harry being so close to his adoptive father wouldn't have posed a threat tonight since Moony had taken the boy in as well during his transformations as his cub.

Heavy paws cantered behind his slight body as his young lungs burned with effort of escape. Harsh breaths followed his trail with fowl breath of young blood and flesh - his previous meal. Harry's eyes scanned the dark night for a path out of his dilemma, but as he skidded to a stop a gruff chortle from the beast behind him enveloped his senses and sent shivers down his spine as he stared beneath his feet where a sharp edge cascaded down to a rapid river. His breath staggered from his blue tainted lips and trembling figure. All whilst the wolf easily caught up with the frigid boy.

The young boy twirled on his spot, his breath grunted from him as he came face to snout with the intimidating silver animal. The mirth deep in the amber eyes held the boy captive as his body held still in waiting. Watching the animal as steam flared from it's nostrils and washed over Harry's pale face. The wet nose of the animal gently prodded the young boys chest and neck as Harry breathed heavily, but willed himself not to move or make sudden movement that could provoke the wild werewolf.

His whole body quaked as the rough tongue licked at his soft, white, neck. With an appeased grunt from the larger animal, Harry carefully pulled back, only to have the unfamiliar wolf growl warningly as he stilled once more and panted with fear as the wolf nipped at Harry's cloak and tugged him closer, away from the edge of the small cliff. Complying with the oversized creature, Harry stumbled forward, closer to the heat of the animals chest, feeling the pleased vibrations from the animal as it burrowed it's head into Harry's hair and breathed in deeply. The wolf carefully bit around the back of Harry's neck, like a mother would with a pup, he picked him up and ran deeper into the forest with Harry minimally protesting from pain of the wolf's hold on the scruff of the young boys neck.

After hours of mindless running, a confused Harry eventually drifted off to sleep, much to the werewolf's delight as he could finally sprint to the rest of his pack without Harry knowing where he was going, although Fenrir doubted highly that the young boy would find his way out of the forest from where his pack rested. It was too far into the forest that if the boy ran off he'd be quickly hunted by another predator. Harry wouldn't get out of the forbidden forest alive. Not that Fenrir would let his mate run from him.

A strong scent of burning wood - oak - heavy and thick in it's musky scent, woke Harry up from his restless slumber. His eyes heavily opened and blurred, at his loss of spectacles, as the boy rubbed effortlessly at his tired eyes to sharpen his vision that would never come. With a wince of stinging pain at the back of his neck, his nimble fingers attentively reached back to probe the delicate skin where razor teeth had slipped through his skin like a hot knife through butter. A soaring pain rocketed down his spinal cord and in his head as he hissed at the intense feeling that left him panting. Slowly, black spots filled his vision until all he saw was black embracing him in it's dark clutches as he fell, once more, into an uneasy sleep.

Second time the young boy woke, the same smell penetrated the air, but his vision didn't seem to bleed into a sponge of colour as before, but still needing his glasses assistance to focus on objects. Blinking rapidly and staring with an intent glare at the grey, lumpy, walls that surrounded him, a few distant noises could be made out if he strained himself to hear what was going on around his presence. Birds cackling and crowing to one another in annoyance. Rough winds bellowing at the walls of his imprisonment, whistling hauntingly. Echoes of quiet whispers and murmurs that didn't seem all that far away from the boy as he whimpered carelessly and sunk deeper into the heat and comfort of the soft blanket that cradled him. Observing the white fur that cocooned him, Harry breathed in the earthy scent of the animal skin he lay in, the fur seemingly absorbed the richness of the kindling wood of the fire that could be heard crackling and popping close to Harry.

"Not long now Alpha." A husky yet feminine voice filtered into Harry's ears as he crinkled his nose in confusion, before releasing a jaw aching yawn that engulfed his mouth, his heavy body relaxing into the comforting scent of the fur he was swaddled in, his eyes shutting slowly, the young boy was once again in a fit state of slumber.

Fenrir watched his mate with eager eyes below him as he sat placid on the curve of rock that jutted out from the stony cavern his pack rested in. The cave was large and a good fifty yards from the entrance to the forest, but the cave itself was miles from the exit of the forest. The darkness inside forgotten with four large fire pits built and ablaze, heating the autumn air for the small human who wasn't adapt to the packs lifestyle, but even the wolves needed the extra heat as winter crept in. Many curious wolves, cubs and even grown males tried to approach to see what held their Alpha's attention so highly. Only few saw their leader bring the small boy into their den, but the others had been basking in the glow of the fullness of mother moon, but all were highly confused and curious.

Fenrir's temper flared when his pack got to close to his prized possession. Warning all with low rumbling growls deep in his chest as he kept watch over his small mate. After the third day of his still sleeping mate, Fenrir became worrisome and asked the eldest, most experienced, healer in his pack to help settle his qualms.

"There is nothing to fear, Alpha. The little one's body is preparing itself for the change of mother moon. Once his body is healed he will wake." Dahna spoke her wise words as she placed her index finger on Harry's forehead and her thumb on his chin, her chapped lips curved into a smile as her eyes opened. Her black orbs welcomed Fenrir as she nodded. "So much greatness is expected from one so small, but his path is not for others to choose, but himself. He will have a family here, you need to make him see that when the time comes." She inspected the bite Fenrir gave his mate and hummed. "The mark you gave was not intentional and therefore is taking longer to heal him, perhaps re biting would be beneficial?" Fenrir shook his head slowly.

"No. Thank you Dahna, you may resume your post." Her head tilted in a bow of respect to her Alpha as she shuffled to the exit of the cave. Harry's body begun to burn with heat as his body shuddered. Fenrir knew this to be the last, yet vital, stage of the healing of his little mate's body, so he would easily accept the change on the next full moon. With bated breath Fenrir watched with uneasy eyes as his little mate suffered beneficially before him, yet still in pain, which hurt the Alpha to see.

It still amazed the Alpha to think of how his hunt for another prey, was what found his little mate. His animal had eagerly sought out the tantalizing odour that captivated his wolf's senses as his thick muscles burned with adrenaline as he stumbled upon the three young wizards and witch. Finding the owner of the smell was easy to identify. He chased - his prey ran. Watching with amusement as his running dinner came to halt at a cliff's edge, Fenrir believed this to be an easy kill, but breathing that scent in when he was so close seemed fatal. His brain failed him as his nose led him, breathing that smell it empowered him. Forgotten feelings rushed back; want, desire and then love, the most surprising. He didn't know this young wizard, but he did know that he was his and his alone. He had finally found his mate and he wasn't giving him up. Go out for lunch and come home with a mate, Fenrir chuckled to himself quietly.

How easy he could have lost his cub, but his mind refused to go to that dark place. Harry, although he had yet to learn of his mate's name from the source, but easily identifiable by his scar. The young boy would need time to adjust to Fenrir's life, Harry's new life. To adjust to him, to Fenrir, not many people were let into Fenrir's trust to know him personally, his pack the minor few. Harry would have to learn the difference from the Fenrir of myth and scary stories to the man he truly was. But Fenrir knew this would be a struggling journey where patience would be needed, but for his mate he'd wait, even if he was an impatient man, Harry deserved time to come around on his own.

The boy constantly on Fenrir's mind, begrudgingly opened his eyes once more, three days after his last awakening. He sighed happily as he snuggled deeper into the furs, hearing a chuckle close by, his young cheeks flushed crimson as he carefully pried himself away from his safe haven. His vision was sharp and immaculate, startling the boy from whatever stage of sleep he had currently been in as he stared intensely around him. His soft hands searched his face to check if he was wearing his glasses, but with no wire frames obstructing him, he gasped and smiled joyously as he took every surface and texture his own eyes saw.

He was definitely under ground, the stone walls were ragged and rough that surrounded him. The roof was low, possibly only eight feet in height. The dry mud ground had large boulders with flat surfaces scattered on the one side of the large room. Furs were neatly piled in several piles, in a range of colours and sizes on one of the boulders. Four fires alight around the cave, which he assumed he was in, were the only source of light from the four burning pits. His eyes detected movement around him and froze when three small wolf pups barrelled through the tunnel, he assumed was the exit, and began to roughhouse with one another as they barked and yipped happily as they fought with one another. With a gentle smile on his face he watched quietly as the three young cubs acted young and played innocently. He wish he had that when he was young, wish he still had that. But with Voldemort around, his life was never about him, but being used to defeat this wizard who seemed unstoppable, yet the expected a fifteen year old boy to? His dad seemed to be the only one who focused on Harry and now he had lost him too.

He hadn't realised he had been scowling at the wall in front of him, until he heard what sounded like laughter but barking from the young pups. His eyes watched as a large wolf, much larger than any wolf he had ever seen, teased and tackled the youngsters as the three little ones all jumped and attacked the large grey wolf instead. Harry knew that the one wolf could have easily stayed standing and easily taken the little ones down quickly, but with amusement in his eyes he watched the grey wolf fall onto his belly as the three pups all climbed onto his back and nipped at his fur as the rumble from the older wolf echoed in the cave.

With a gasp of shock and fear, Harry's eyes widened as one of the pups shook himself as a wet dog would do to dry itself, but his little body distorted until a nude boy of possibly four grunted and huffed as he giggled and once again tackled the wolf - werewolf? Maybe. But even to Harry, this show of affection from werewolves was unheard of. Remus, he knew, was different to other werewolves, but even he didn't seem as optimistic and carefree and happy as these wolves did, unless with Harry. He watched in even greater shock as the two other cubs phased and then the older wolf too. Harry's heart was beating frantically as he realised why the silver wolf seemed so familiar, then it hit him. Where he was before he fell asleep, what had stalked and chased him before he came to a stand still, who had carried him before he couldn't stay awake from his exhausting day any longer. The same wolf that brought him to this place, wherever this place was.

The silver wolf's human side stood proudly at six foot four. His body thick with dirty flesh that stretched over the vast expanse of muscle. Harry's eyes lingered on the chest that was doubly as wide as his own, possibly triple, with a slight dusting of the same silver hair as his wolf, scattered across his chest, with a thick trail that led between the man's legs, but Harry refused to divulge in looking at the man's personal body parts. Forcing his eyes upwards to see the washboard stomach and pecks, Harry was feeling a huge blow to what was left of his little ego. Broad shoulders and a thick neck with a square jaw attached, the young wizard refused to look into his captors eyes so soon, so instead followed the long arms, which were just as large as the rest of the man. He seemed to be perfectly balanced out. A predator for sure, no wonder Harry couldn't escape from him. Looking down the two long, heavy legs that looked like a Rugby players physique, long and hard with tense muscle. His thighs looked like bloody tree trunks compared to Harry's twigs.

A soft rumble of laughter snapped Harry's eyes up to the strong, masculine face of his captor, who was stood watching the boy take him in. His sky blue eyes, almost grey, watched him. They were beautiful, completely contrasting the rest of this masculine figure, his eyes were soft and simply beautiful. He had strong chiselled cheek bones and full pouty lips, wide almond eyes with thick grey lashes that seemed too long for such a man as this. His hair was rather messy, but long and coloured liquid silver, the way it shined in the dim light. The soft glow of the fire made the man's skin glow handsomely as Harry continued his silent evaluation.

Fenrir was amused that his mate continued to speculate him, like a piece of art, rather than attempt to run away or possibly yell at him for holding the boy against his will. This was much more agreeable for Fenrir though. When Harry had met his eyes, Fenrir was simply stunned. In the lighting of the cave, the emerald jewels glistened hypnotically, beckoning Fenrir to claim his mate, before such an offer was taken from him. Calming his wolf that was screaming 'mine' deafening Fenrir with it's volume, he willed his now throbbing man hood to cease before scaring his little mate away. Fenrir knew he looked intimidating and rough, but he almost begged mother moon to show Harry the other, the better, side of him. The side he wanted to become for his mate.

He watched as Harry timidly rose from his fur pile and slid carefully down the small elevated rock that he slept on, the rock showing stance amongst the pack. Harry's feet unsurely stumbled toward the man as he bit his plump lower lip and looked up from under his lashes to see if his forth coming was acceptable. His head was slightly bowed in submission as Fenrir thought to himself what a perfect mate he had as he watched the submissive posture of Harry's form come to him. With the man un moving, Harry crept up to his side and waited on bated breath.

A presence stirred within Harry's body, a shift in his mind that scared Harry, but his subconscious knew not to be afraid. It felt like two minds conjoining together. Harry could feel the need to submit to the man before him as he acted so and waited. The new presence seemed happy at the lack of rejection from this man, making Harry want to wag his tail - if he had one. Listening to the new voice that encouraged him to bare his neck to the silver haired man before him, he slightly tipped his head to the side in offering as the man smirked and nipped at Harry's exposed skin. The hot breath that rolled onto his skin from this dominant wolf, sent pleasurable shivers through Harry and the newest addition within him.

"It is unusual to have one so young fully embrace his wolf so completely, so quickly. Yet here you stand before your Alpha, the perfect submissive to his dominant." Fenrir shook his head in awe and pride. He expected his mate to be a submissive among than his pack, but this seemed almost too good to be true, yet he didn't want to jinx himself into the boy leaving.

"Do you know what's going on inside of me?" Harry's confused whisper broke their companionable silence. "I feel as if there is another presence inside of me, it's happy of your acceptance, but I'm unsure of what to make of this to be honest." Fenrir chuckled at the boy as he nodded and maintained eye contact with the young male.

"I will explain to you." Harry nodded thankfully. "Last week when I went on a hunt, I came across your scent and hunted you. When I cornered you, your smell, it was unlike anything else I had experienced. I had to have you, but not in an edible way, in a possessive way, a claim. When I brought you here to my pack, the den mother, Dahna, told me you are my mate. You had been in and out of consciousness for the past week, we later found out that I had bitten you too roughly when returning to the den and my saliva got into your bloodstream, my venom slowly changed your human body into one of a werewolf. Your inner presence you feel is your wolf. His call will get stronger the closer to the moon, but since you are so cooperative now, it might mean you will be a docile werewolf, which is a pleasant surprise in one so young."

"I'm a werewolf?" Harry asked dubiously as Fenrir smiled in kind and nodded. "This is nothing that my dad, Remus, said it was like. He said his wolf was unmanageable and a curse, this doesn't feel like that." Harry said in confusion as Fenrir's lips tightened in a straight line as his eyes narrowed.

"Remus Lupin fights his wolf, which is why the wolf fights back. If he embraced the gift bestowed upon him he would be so much more complete. Werewolves like him are a disgrace to our kind. That magic potion he takes is not enough to hinder the call of the moon. You will find that out for yourself soon enough."

"And I'm your mate? Is it you I can smell? It's like a siren that beckons me to it. It's relaxing, yet sensual." He murmured as his eyes drifted closed and breathed in deeply.

"Mmm." Fenrir agreed. "The scent of our mate is the strongest pull we will feel compared to the moon herself. Finding our mates is a gift from mother moon in return for our servitude to her. It is a gift of love and protection." Harry nodded as he felt himself become aroused at the call of Fenrir's scent.

"What is your name?"

"Fenrir, Fenrir Greyback. I am Remus's maker." Harry's eyes darted open as he took note of the grim expression on his Alpha's face and slowly nodded. "Yet, I did not know my chide had a heir." His brows lifted in question as Harry blushed. "I was also aware that your parents were Lily and James Potter who were defeated by the dark lord." Harry nodded slowly as he shrunk into himself.

"My dad adopted me after my godfather passed. Sirius had always been like a brother to me, whilst Remus was paternal. He is the only man to raise me and love me unconditionally, it was easy to call him my dad, although there was a lot of fuss in the papers because of his werewolf, but that never mattered to me. Moony adopted me as his cub just as much as Remus had adopted me as his son." Fenrir felt slight anxiety at this information. A werewolf was very protective and possessive and he had just stolen a cub from an aggressive wolf.

"Remus will come looking for you, especially on the next full moon. Human's may be loving creatures, but their bond to their children is nothing compared to one of a wolfs. For Moony to have even considered taking you in is near unheard of, but to actually accept you as his cub - he will come for you I'm sure." Fenrir watched the fear and hope battle in Harry's eyes as the Alpha nodded and stored the information in his mind for later. "As mates we can't separate, more so since I am Alpha of my pack. Your father will be most welcome to join us, so long as he gives up that magic potion that holds his werewolf back." Harry's hope lit up and shone brightly in his killer-curse eyes of green. "You have two weeks until the next full moon, my wolf will not be able to deny it's urges to claim and mark you, but I will not touch you without your agreement. I suggest you use this time wisely and befriend your pack mates as well as myself. If you choose to leave, we will both die untimely deaths, slowly."

"I don't want to leave." Harry's hoarse whisper was enough to make Fenrir's lips twist into a smile from his previous hard line.

"Good to hear." His eyes went back to the three cubs who were watching on in interest from the entrance of the tunnel to the cave from the forest. He growled threateningly as they scampered away, he chuckled as he shook his head. "Those cubs are our next generation, bloody nosey lot, but curiosity shows strength, no fear, even though they ran off, in time they will not." Harry didn't understand why Fenrir said that, but knew it held some hidden meaning. "You will learn our ways in time, but for now I wish you rest to regain your strength." Fenrir nodded back to his previous sleeping place as Harry nodded obligingly and climbed up the small mount of rock to his furs and curled up in the warmth until once more he was asleep dreaming of his wolf and his human merging as one with Fenrir and his wolf.

However, elsewhere in the forbidden forest, Remus was trembling with anger, fury unlike any he had held before bubbled in his blood as Moony and he merged for the first time to find their lost cub. Once he found whoever stole his son, there would be no stopping or regretting what his animal did to the filth who caused his cub danger. For the first time since his bite, Lupin couldn't wait for the full moon to release his beast. Whoever it was that had taken their son, would be paying heavily with their life.