Important Notice!

Hello my wonderful readers and reviewers!

I know your all fed up with my lack of updating and I sincerely apologise to all of you...

So your probably wondering if I'll be continuing my stories... well yes and no! Don't shoot me until after I've explained myself!

As a reader of other people's work on fanfic and adult fanfic... I have come to adore erotic homosexual Harry Potter fics. I'm finding that I have so many idea's and insperations for HP and none for Twilight! Thus my problem! I have three Twilight fics that are incomplete!

Now I could put them up for adoption if someone was interested in continuing the stories, but the author would have to be a mature writter with a good outcome for the stories (which I would like to know before handing my story over.) I would also want credit and acknowledgement for the chapters I have wrote. You would be able to tweek chapters and my spelling and puncture which can at times be hideous!

Joshua's Sweet Isabella - Jared / Bella pairing. This story is nearly finished, but you never know, an author could stretch it out if they wanted to.

Painted on Jeans - Seth / Bella. This story is young and only really has a begining, I've basically given you the two main characters history which has led to their current personalities... I think you could have fun with this Bella's character, but that's just my thoughts,

The Alpha, The Wall and The Imprint - Ephraim / Bella. So again, this is 5 chapters long, a fresh story which an author could take to any level of their creativity! This is my favorite story of my Twilight fics so I want to know the author wont abandon or take this to a stupid place... There is a lot of characters involved in this with Ephraims family, but a good author coud take this story on and win!

If your interested in adopting my stories please Private Mail me, Thank you.

Next option! If no one wants to adopt, then they get binned... Simple as! As much as it would hurt me, I wouldn't do the stories justice if I forced myself to continue writting them!

Now my Harry Potter fic!

Dirty Pretty Words - Fenrir / Harry. This story will be updated and continued on by myself so for fans of this fic, you only have a short wait left! I arrive back in the UK in March and will try to update at least by April. BUT! I am moving house with my boyfriend when I get back home and I have a job and go to University, so the updates may be slow but they will happen, just be patient like you have till now! Thanks.

I'll try to put a notice as a chapter onto my stories - which I hate seeing on stories - but not everyone reads your profile!

I think that is everything!

Thanks for your patience and reviews there much welcome!

xx Sarah xx