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Chapter 4

So that's how Donovan and me started dating. I went to his game that Saturday and cheered him on. He played Wide Receiver and we actually won the game (thanks to his 2 touchdowns after which he took off his helmet and pointed at me in the crowd). True to his word he took me out for coffee after.

We sat and we talked and it turned out we had a lot in common. We both liked political movies and hated math. He liked art and was almost certainly going to college, where as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after high school yet. I'll be honest the thought of whatever it was we were doing ending in less than a year did put a little bit of a question mark over whether it was a good idea to get involved with this guy but I really wanted to. Like really wanted to.

I kind of consider that afternoon our first official date. He walked me home and kissed me goodbye on the cheek, which of course made me blush beet red, fumble for the doorknob and almost fall inside the house. He just smiled and walked away down the street.

Mom and Dad weren't all that keen on me dating a senior but after they met him and he became a semi regular visitor to the Duncan household they quickly warmed to him.

It was our third date that he actually kissed me properly for the first time. He was amazing. Once again he'd walked me home, holding hands, and when we got to my front porch he took my other hand in his, looked into my eyes, leaned in slowly and kissed me. It lasted only a few moments but it was absolutely wonderful and my heart was ramming away in my chest with what I swear was enough force to break apart a mountain. His lips were so soft that I'd swear he used a moisturiser of some kind and as soon as it was over it felt like we'd been doing it all our lives. Judging from his smile I think it would be fair to say that he liked it too. He seemed to walk away with an extra spring in his step.

He wasn't your typical 'star of the football team' kind of ass-hole that you seem to find in every high school these days. Coming from a relatively small town he'd been brought up by his Dad and his Grandma after his Mom left them when he was 18 months old. He went to church every Sunday (but hated the bigots that twist the bible to promote their own agenda) and apparently had only kissed two girls before me, both of them turning into somewhat serious relationships. He was a gentleman, holding doors open, pulling out chairs and always made me feel special.

Some other guys on his team ripped it out of him for dating a sophomore who's only just turned 16 but they came around eventually as it became more and more obvious we were serious about each other.

Everyday we'd meet for lunch and every day I'd get an extra jello and he'd let me steal some of his fries. We'd talk about our day or we'd study and just felt better in each others company. After school he'd usually give me a ride home but we generally saved our dates for the weekend so our grades wouldn't suffer and we could still hang out with our other friends too. Every night at 11 we'd call each other just to say goodnight.

For our three month anniversary he made reservations for us at a fancy French restaurant and got us tickets for a comedy gig in Denver. It was amazing.. The acts were awesome and that was the first night that I think we both actually felt like a couple rather than two people who'd been going out for a while.

So you can see why, after us dating for six months and things going great together we started to have 'the talk' with each other.

He was a virgin, like me, but adamant that I was not to feel pressured in any way (which of course just made me want him more!)

Neither of us thought there was anything wrong with sex before marriage but agreed that it was definitely something special, at least the first time anyway, that should be shared with someone you really love and trust. I don't know why but it shocked me that we could talk so openly and honestly about it. I think part of me worried that he thought because I was younger than him i'd have all these unrealistic expectations of how good he'd be but that never crossed my mind. It's a learning curve, getting to know each others body and fitting into each other like a new pair of shoes, they always need wearing in.

"Okay how about this for a plan," he started after desert one night after we'd been sitting on the couch at my place talking for awhile,. "If we're both in the same place in our relationship on prom night, how 'bout I get a hotel room?" It was three weeks away.

My mouth went dry, this was actually going to happen. I must have momentarily spaced out 'cos next thing I know he's waving his hand in front of me.

"Teddy? Ted you okay?" he asked. I shook my head a little.

"Uh yeah, yeah I'm fine"

"You sure? 'Cos you know if that's too soon we can..." I smiled at his rambling and cut him off with a kiss.

"Prom sounds perfect." I say, placing my hand on his cheek. He smiled and seemed a litle relieved.

"Ok good. I was starting to worry that prom night be a little, I duno, cliché?" I laughed

"It's a little cliché but I love it, and I love you." Whoa, where'd that come from! The words came out of my mouth like a tidal wave before I could process or stop them, the natural banter and laughter of a few minutes ago dissappeared in a second, the easy smiles falling from our faces like lead.

He seemed to take a deep breath and looked me in the eyes. That was it. Me and my big mouth had blown it. Anyone whose ever seen a sitcom knows that saying it too soon was an absolute disaster, the only thing worse being the person not saying it back.I was absolutely petrified of what he was about to say. Would he let me down easy? Say he just wasn't there yet but that 'Gosh I sure was a swell girl' ( don't ask why I though he'd use a faux fifties accent to say that but I really wasn't thinking much beyond Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh myGod' at that point). Instead, yet again he surprised me and said seven words that I have never forgotten since.

"I love you too. I really do."

You wanna know what came after that? Lets just say he didn't need to book that hotel room. And we didn't wait 'til prom night.