At 1800 hours B'Elanna chimed the door to Janeway's quarters. The door swished open to reveal the Captain who was beaming from ear to ear "Come to Auntie Kathy" she said opening her arms to the alert youngster in B'Elanna's hands and indicating that the younger woman should come in.

"She's a bit excitable for some reason today" B'Elanna explained as Janeway sat down with the child who was attempting to grab at her hair

"Maybe that's because she's happy for her Mommy.. Isn't it?.. Yes she is" Janeway responded talking in a baby voice to Miral as the baby giggled at her Auntie Kathy's silly behaviour

Grinning B'Elanna simply blushed and looked at the floor. She couldn't believe how nervous she was. Her stomach had been doing flips since the kiss she and Seven had shared in the turbolift. The butterflies made worse by the following 4 hours of having to work side by side with the beautiful blond.

Janeway finally looked up from her young charge to take in B'Elanna's appearance. The half Klingon had decided on a blood red dress that was cut just above her knee. The satin material clung to her figure emphasizing her curves. She had let her hair curl around her shoulders, giving her a wild, untamed look. To finish the outfit B'Elanna had chosen a necklace of Klingon design that rested just above her cleavage, drawing the eye to that area. "You look amazing Lanna.. Seven's a lucky girl" she smiled warmly at her Chief engineer.

"Thanks" B'Elanna breathed "If I can just get the damn butterflies under control I'll be fine" she half laughed

"Butterflies?" Janeway regarded the younger woman, she knew that B'Elanna had never experienced a relationship of the sort you read in romance novels. It pleased her that finally the young woman would be able to experience the real passion she longed for. "Well well my little Lanna has finally found someone who gives her butterflies... I'm pleased for you" the small auburn haired woman said with all sincerity, grinning as B'Elanna blushed a deeper shade of red. "Now shoo Miral and I are gonna make a big old mess" she said indicating the painting equipment she had set out on the floor to keep the youngster entertained.

Nodding B'Elanna left to prepare the holodeck that was to be the setting of their date a huge grin plastered across her face.

Meanwhile in Sam Wildman's quarters an equally nervous Seven was preparing for her date aided by Sam and Naomi. "Seven! Seven! this one!" Naomi said bouncing up and down on the bed excitedly as Sam curled Seven's hair.

"I like the style... But I do not think that color will suit me" Seven replied glancing at the padd Naomi was waving around

"Maybe in an electric blue.. It'll bring out your eyes" Sam smiled down at the young woman sat nervously on the end of her bed. Standing back for a second to admire the loose flowing hairstyle she nodded "Okay now for your make up and we'll be ready"

"I am not sure I will ever be ready" Seven said as Sam brushed light blue powder over her eyelids

"Your just nervous. It'll be fine. I remember my first date with Greskrendtregk. I had butterflies all day, they were so bad I thought I wouldn't be able to eat my meal. But ten minutes into our date everything was fine. And of course we ended up married with munchkin here arriving a little later" Sam smiled warmly at Seven. She was absolutely sure that Seven and B'Elanna's would be a relationship like hers as the two were perfect compliments for each other, even in looks.

"You and Daddy fell in love didn't you? Will Seven and Lanna fall in love?" Naomi piped up causing Seven to blush

"Well maybe but whatever happens I do think they will always be very very good friends" she said winking at Seven

"Can I be bridesmaid?" the young half Ktaran added

"Sweetie this is only their first date don't make the poor woman even more nervous" Sam gently scolded as Seven looked at her in bewilderment, moving to the replicator Sam ordered the dress that they had picked in electric blue. Helping Seven into the floor length velvet dress Sam inspected the young woman "You look amazing.. Don't worry if B'Elanna ends up speechless."

Grinning shyly Seven looked at Sam from under her tumbling blond locks "Thank you Sam I really appreciate how much you've helped me" she said hugging the woman "And you Naomi Wildam your help has been immense also" she said hugging the little girl. "Computer..Time"

[BEEP - The Time is 1847 hours]

"I must leave" Seven panicked "Am I acceptable? Do you think B'Elanna will like what I am wearing? Why didn't I become so nervous with Chakotay? Oh Sam I can't do this!" she babbled as Sam led her to the door.

"You're more than acceptable. B'Elanna will love what your wearing. Your date with Chakotay wasn't as important as this one and of course you can do this" the older blond responded "Now go get her" she added pushing Seven out of the doors "It'll be fine.. Go" Sam made shooing motions with her hands grinning sillily at the stunning woman as she made her way to the holodeck for her date.

Seven arrived at the holodeck at precisely 1900 hours. Not knowing if she should just walk in she chimed the door. After a few seconds the doors swished open to reveal B'Elanna. "Hi" the half Klingon breathed taking in Seven's appearance "Kahless Seven you look.. stunning"

Blushing hotly Seven grinned as she looked at B'Elanna, suddenly overcome with a bout of intense shyness "As do you.." they stood there for what seemed like an age staring and blushing until B'Elanna remembered herself.

"Come on in" the petite brunette said guiding Seven into the interior of the holodeck. B'Elanna had planned the date carefully, making sure to talk to everyone she knew was close to the young woman to get an idea of what she liked. The setting, as suggested by the doctor, was a tropical beach at sunset. On a table dressed with a red cloth was a single stem Klingon Orchid. B'Elanna moved to pull a chair out for Seven and grinned at the amazed look on her face as she took in the surroundings. As she herself took her seat opposite a waiter appeared and placed a meal of fettuccine alfredo in front of the pair before offering a wine to them. "It's low alcohol" B'Elanna explained

"B'Elanna... This is.. I" Seven faltered "How did you know?" she asked brushing her fingertips over the orchid who's petals luminesced briefly where they had been touched

"I.. asked a few people close to you what kind of things you like" B'Elanna blushed [Kahless I feel like a teenager] she thought

Sighing Seven looked happily at B'Elanna for a moment before getting up. Moving quickly round the table she kissed B'Elanna passionately, running her fingers through the smaller woman's raven tresses she broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes "Thank you" she said simply.

B'Elanna looked downwards slightly, her mind only just registering that the blond was sat on her knee and replied breathlessly "No problem" Realizing where she was Seven moved to return to her seat but B'Elanna tightened her hold on the young woman "Your not going anywhere" she said as she pulled the beautiful woman into another fiery kiss.

Two hours later the pair emerged slightly disheveled and very flushed from the holodeck much to the surprise of the crewman waiting to use the room. They walked silently hand in hand through the corridors of Voyager gazing at each other in amazement, not caring who might see or make comment. As they approached B'Elanna's quarters Seven hesitated. She didn't want to leave the woman yet her experience with Chakotay said that it was time to go. Sensing the hesitation and knowing the reason why B'Elanna responded by kissing her lover lightly on the cheek and whispering "You don't think the evenings over do you?" before pulling her unresisting into her quarters.

Once inside B'Elanna pulled Seven into a searing kiss that left them both breathless, pushing her body into the taller blond's she kissed the younger woman's neck as she unzipped the dress that had spent more time off the young woman than on. "Kahless you are so beautiful Seven I wish I'd seen how right you are for me before" she breathed as she ran her hands down the young woman's back

"You wouldn't have Miral if you had 'IH wa'" Seven replied as she pulled B'Elanna's dress off the half Klingon beauty to join with hers on the floor.

"Hmmm... Your right... But still..." B'Elanna replied moving slowly downwards towards Seven's breasts "I do feel as if we've missed out on years of amazing experiences... You know" she continued as she kissed the blond's body "I've never felt this much passion with anyone"

"Ohhh B'Elanna!" Seven moaned as the petite engineer kissed a particularly sensitive spot "yap mu'mey tlhap jIH DaH" she exclaimed and pulled B'Elanna towards the bedroom

Laughing as her lover pulled her down on top of her B'Elanna kissed her passionately "Okay enough words..." she said as a growl rose up in her chest causing her to lose control and bite Seven's cheek. "Kahless Seven I.." she began. But rather that scare the woman as she'd expected she heard a resounding growl from beneath her and felt the sting as the former Borg returned her bite with one of her own. "I love you" she breathed as the night gave way to their passion.