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Third Person POV

"It's almost ready." Pain said in his low, somewhat cold voice as he gazed down at the extraction process going on down below. The extraction of the One-Tailed Shukaku. His pale gray-violet eyes scanned across the cave, taking in the details of every member. That's right, they were all there in person. He had decided to try it like this, to see if it took less time. So far, no such luck.

"We're entering the final stage." He added, chuckling darkly. Konan, as usual, said nothing. Deidara smirked.

"About time. This is getting tiring, hm."

"Quiet, Deidara. Hold your tongues until we're finished." Growled a low, gravelly voice. Said voice came from Sasori, within his puppet Hiruko.

Kisame glanced at Sasori. "Now, now, Sasori-san, don't be such a spoilsport. We're almost finished, so why not relax a bit?"

"It would be foolish to let down our guard, Kisame-san." A monotone voice echoed. Itachi Uchiha, of course. "After all, I'm beginning to think we delayed the enemy not nearly enough."

That's why I told you all, I should go! It would have been SO much easier to delay those friggin' Leaf bastards if I'd been there rather than YOU!" I think you can all guess who said THAT.

"Hidan, shut UP." Another deep voice commanded. Hidan smirked.

"Make me, Kakuzu-baka!" His response was a punch in the side that cracked a couple ribs. "Gah! Son of a bitch! That hurt, you bastard!"

"Hidan-san, Tobi thinks you shouldn't swear!" Piped up a light-hearted voice from across the cave in a disapproving tone.

"Shut up, Tobi, no one cares, hm." Deidara muttered irritably. Tobi pouted…well, he might have, it was hard to tell with the mask.

"But Senpai!"


"Now, now, Deidara-san, you know you shouldn't talk so rudely. Besides, it's impossible to make Tobi be quiet." That was, obviously, Zetsu. The plant man was slightly anxious, despite his teasing comment. He was beginning to detect some familiar chakra patterns outside.

Pain noticed it too, and his infamous Rinnegan eyes widened. "What? But…they shouldn't be here for much longer…" Itachi frowned.

"As I thought. We did not delay them long enough," He murmured, but it was still heard.

To everyone's surprise, Konan spoke up. "We may have a problem then. If they were skilled enough to defeat Kisame and Itachi, even if it was only clones, and there are eight of them…" she didn't finish, all too aware that everyone's eyes were on her. Hidan's eyes and Pain's eyes were the most focused, though.

Deidara sighed. "Wow. They really are annoying, aren't they, un? Although it could be fun to start a fight…albeit, it will be quite bothersome, what with me lacking an arm and all, hm." Sasori flicked his scorpion tail straight up, moving it slightly.


Tobi was excited. "There's going to be a fight? Tobi's going to get to fight? Right, Senpai?"

"Whatever. I hope you die during the fight, yeah." He muttered so that Tobi couldn't hear.

As if on cue, the large boulder blocking the door was smashed. Hidan swore loudly, seeing as he had been hit by some flying debris. "DAMNED #$&%*!" Everyone turned to look at their intruders. Only four out of the eight ninja, probably since the other four would be fighting the trap triggered by the Five Seal Barrier.

Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, and Lady Chiyo of the Sand village were standing there. Sasori gave a low, growling sort of sigh when he saw his grandmother. "As if things weren't difficult enough with the sealing going on…It was considerate not to keep us waiting, though.

"Still as impatient as ever, I see, Sasori." Chiyo remarked. Pain growled.

"Enough! We'll get this over with quickly."

Konan looked in him. "But…Pain-sama, the sealing-"

"We'll keep enough of our chakra focused on it as well. Now…end this!"

Madness broke out the moment he finished speaking. Their four opponents were surprisingly skilled in combat against the ten Akatsuki members. However, they didn't notice that they were technically only fighting three of the ninjas…

Suddenly, one voice rang above above the fighting. "Giant Rasengan!" Every piece of the battle stopped as they all turned to see the orange-wearing ninja sprint forward and drive the large Rasengan against the chakra encasing Gaara.

The force was enough to break through the chakra encasing the Kazekage. A deafening explosion, and a blinding white light…and dead silence. When the Leaf ninja and the Sand elder regained their senses, the Akatsuki had disappeared without a trace.

~fear the line~ fear the line~ fear the line~ fear the line~ fear the line~ fear the line~

Normal POV

"NOO! WHY, WHY, WHY DID I WATCH THIS EPISODE AGAIN?" I bawled as I clicked off my laptop. "I seriously need to remember not to watch that episode anymore…Episode Seven of Fullmetal Alchemist…NINA!" I wailed.

It took my five minutes to calm down from my hysteria. Yeah, in case you haven't guessed, I am COMPLETELY obsessed with anime of ANY kind. Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain, Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater, InuYasha, Fruits Basket…the list goes on and on. But my absolute FAVORITE would be the anime and manga of Naruto: Shippuden.

More specifically, the Akatsuki are my favorites. I won't tell you my number one, that's a secret. Only my friends know it.

I flopped out on the couch with a bored sigh. "Let's see, what should I do today…Mom and dad are going to be gone for the next four months…school doesn't start until Monday…I guess I could call up Shizuka, Haruka, and Kagami, but then we'd need something to DO…

Oh, yeah, I guess I should give you a basic idea of who I am. My name is Yume Hoshi. I'm seventeen years old. I'm about 5'3", about average weight, and I look like an anime girl, same as all of my friends. We're actually the only girls originally from Japan in this lovely neighborhood we live in, somewhere in Los Angeles. There's probably other Japanese girls somewhere in the city, but we don't know them. Whoops, off-track!

Anyway, I have purple hair that's down to my mid-back, and tied back into a pair of twin braids. My eyes don't match-one's light green, the other's light blue. I have a unique way of dressing-a turquoise top with fishnet sleeves that cuts off beneath my ribcage, and turquoise sweats. Teal gloves and sandals to go with. Yeah, I like turquoise a LOT.

So, I look like a weirdo, I'm from Japan along with my three best friends, I'm a junior in high-school, and I'm obsessed with anime and manga. That about covers it.

Suddenly, I had a thought. A beautiful, incredible thought: Kittens! I'm a little bit obsessed with cats, and my parents said I could get a pet while they were gone…why not a large bunch of kittens?

I jumped up, grabbed my favorite jacket-turquoise colored, of course-and headed out the door to the anime shelter. Little did I know just how complicated my life was going to get…

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