A/N - I just thought that I didn't wrap up "Tin" as neatly as I would have liked. I had needed an extension on the fest and tried to wrap it up quickly so while Alastor faced Barty, I thought it lacked a really big finish.

We left Alastor asking Minerva to come to his bed. He had held out his hand and she had reached for it.

She clasped his hand. And the two of them stood like that for a bit too long, like two teenagers gungho for the experience, but terribly uncertain of where everything went.

"Alastor," Minerva began. She wasn't sure what to say, but really, someone needed to break the sexual stalemate.

"I want to make love to you until my strength is gone," he softly informed her. Then Alastor grimaced in embarrassment. "If I can ever get my courage up... Minerva... I'm... scarred... What they did to my face..."

A nervous swallow followed Alastor's stumbling , hesitant exposition and Minerva realized anew, how difficult this... unveiling ... was for Alastor. Yes, she knew what Alastor's body looked like, however this was the first time, the real first time for Alastor. It was one thing to be carried away by their mutual desire in the dark, but this disrobing would be in the light of day. And while they had, together, faced the ramifications of Alastor being in the trunk for nine months, Minerva wasn't a foolish romantic. There would still be significant pitfalls and pratfalls in their relationship.

But she was willing.

And he wasn't sure how she'd react to his blemishes. Yes, Minerva had helped him with his leg, but he had been burned... bit by a chimera... disfigured by the LeStranges... Alastor needed reassurance that she'd find him desirable despite his war wounds. Because as Minerva unexpectedly realized, someone in his past had been repulsed. Someone hadn't been able to see beyond the physical damage to see the steadfast, stalwart soul beneath.

"Alastor..." she softly murmured her protest.

There was a brief brushing of Alastor's fingers against her lips to silence her. Then he kissed Minerva on the top of her head.

The top of her head! Why not her lips?

"It's nothing compared to the rest of me... What I'm saying is... when I make love to you, 'tis alright if you close your eyes... In fact, I'd prefer if you did keep your eyes closed. I'm emotionally stronger than I was... but to see horrified revulsion in your green eyes... when I'm feeling... vulnerable..." Alastor ceased talking and once again, he swallowed. Then a dry quip in the hopes of salvaging his pride. "Naked, if you will."

"Alastor, when we make love," Minerva deliberately stressed the plural. "I don't want you feeling naked as I anticipate that you will be naked. We will both be absolutely, positively starkers. And after we make love until we're absolutely exhausted, only then will we close our eyes as we will both need to sleep."

Moody said not a word and then Minerva put both her hands on his face. Consciously, she peered into his eyes, both eyes. The real and the fake.

"I went into this with my eyes open, Alastor. And you can not seriously expect that I will dampen my enjoyment of our physical relationship by refusing to look at you. I know what type of man you are, I know your soul, Moody. I want to touch you. I need to touch you. I will not close my eyes. I will not look away in disgust or revulsion. I am not fickle in my affections. I will touch you, Alastor, and I want you to enjoy every caress."

That demand delivered to a surprised and yet deeply affected Alastor, Minerva then placed her hands on Moody's broad shoulders.

In a softer tone, she advised him. "You really have only two choices in this, Alastor. I can either undress you in your bedroom..."

"Or?" Alastor asked. He was wearing a crooked grin and his voice was quite soft and affectionate. "Do I get to undress you? I'd much prefer that."

"I undress you here. I'd prefer your bedroom as it's a wee bit brisk."

And Alastor laughed. A belly laugh that seemed to start from his toes.

Undressing Alastor was more than the removal of his clothes. It was an act of faith, a gesture of his belief in her assurance that she wouldn't be repulsed, that she wouldn't look away.

And only after they were both pleasantly exhausted, did they close their eyes.