As Winston was devoured, the group continued through the pathway relieved.

"Don't worry," panted Harris, "we've lost him. We've lost him."

Then they heard another growl. The group looked behind to see the Baryonyx standing above them.

"Run!" grunted Wilkins.

The Baryonyx chased through the jungle. It roared loudly in the process.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" shouted Harris.

"Quickly now!" shouted Higgins.

"We have to escape this damn thing!" shouted Wilkins.

"Come on, kids! Come on!" shouted Sommers.

The kids held his hands and ran by their uncle. They all galloped away from the Baryonyx.

"Run! Run! Run!" shouted Harris.

"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" shouted Wilkins.

"How are we going to escape from this thing, uncle Jimmy?" cried Molly.

"Just keep running!" he shouted back.

"It's gaining on us!" cried Mike.

"Just run as fast as you can till we escape this thing and we'll be fine!" shouted Sommers, "come on! Come on! Come on!"

The Baryonyx was quite fast. There was no way it was going to let it's prey escape this time. It really meant it now. Big time. It roared again, intimidating the kids.

Sommers held the kids tightly by the hands.

"Run!" shouted Higgins, "come on!"

"We're all running as fast as we can!" shouted Wilkins.

"We can't let this thing get us!" shouted Harris.

They ran like crazy. They finally ran faster then the Baryonyx. Sommers took out the shotgun. Wilkins saw this.

"Jimmy, no!" he shouted but it was too late. Jimmy ran to the Baryonyx who stopped in front of them, eying him.

Everyone held a struggling Wilkins back as the Baryonyx bent down to get Sommers.

"NOOOOOOO!" shouted Wilkins.

Sommers bravely shot a bullet of the gun where it pierced at the Baryonyx's heart before it could get him. Slowly, it's body tipped over. Sommers ran and was pulled into the bushes by Wilkins.

"Make cover!" shouted Harris. Everyone ran as the Baryonyx fell to the ground dead. They all watched the Baryonyx's dead body. Wilkins gave Sommers a pat on the back.


The group heard a buzzing of helicopters.

"They're here," said Harris.

"They're actually here," said Higgins.

"Hurry up," said Wilkins.

"Come on, kids," said Sommers.

And all six of them ran down to the beach. The Costa Rican Government was waiting for them there.

Harris, Higgins, Wilkins, Sommers, Molly and Mike ran quickly into a helicopter.

"Whoa, whoa, take it easy there, amigos," said an agent inside the copter as they arrived.

"Thank you soooo much," said Harris.

"We were waiting for you guys," said Higgins.

"Thank god you're here," said Wilkins.

"Our lives are saved," said Sommers.

"Good then," said the man, "sit down and buckle up for safety, please."

Everyone was seated and buckled up in no time.

The helicopters took off for home.

Inside the helicopter, the survivors heard a little chat.

"So how are we going to do it then?" asked Sommers.

"Do what?" asked Harris.

"You know. Destroy the island and it's inhabitants."

"Oh, that. Well, Jenny and I will do it."

"That's right," continued Higgins, "Riley and I will do it all by ourselves."

"Without any help?" asked Wilkins curiously.

"What? Nah. Are you nuts? We'll ask some professionals to help us," claimed Harris.

"But...but...what about us?" asked Molly.

"Yeah, do we get a part in this, too?" asked Mike.

"Huh? Oh, heavens, no. All of you guys can go home."

"That's right," said Higgins, "you four don't have anything more to do with Isla Niebla."

"Which means Joseph and I can go back to work at the digging site?" asked Sommers.

"That's right," said Harris.

"And we can go back to our parents in Hawaii?" asked Molly and Mike together.

"Precisely," said Harris.

"You may need some help along the way," said Wilkins.

"But I told you that we will have a few professionals help us out," said Harris.

"Oh, okay," said Wilkins.

"That's good news," said Sommers, "I wish you both good luck with that."

"So do I," said Wilkins.

"And so do we?" said the kids.

"Thank you guys," said Higgins, "you've all been good friends to us."

"Guess that means it's time for us all to go home then," said Harris.

And the helicopter took off into the clouds.