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A/N: well I took this down a long while back and started to write an original story... but loving this show and wanting to actually get this story back up I decided to do a re-boot of the story... so here it is.


I'm setting this story just after the jewel is completed...ish you'll see... you'll see. But keep in mind this means Kikyo is dead, Rin and Kohaku are with Sess, and as far as I'm concerned for right now the story could even be set in the same fic universe as Chiaztolite's Rulers of Four Directions because let's all face it the girl just writes so damn well for Sesshoumaru and you can't fault the world building she does. GO READ HER FIC... like... NOW!

CHAPTER 1: You What! (edited... like three times... XD)

Kagome looked from stall to stall as the group walked through the center of the village they had just entered. It was a rather large village and the town was more than busy with people buying and trading goods. As she stopped to view some interesting herbs, her mind wandered back to the reason why they were there.

There had been a rumor of a demon destroying towns in the area, but that really wasn't the reason why they were there. One of the refuges who had brought the stories to Kaede's village had claimed the demon held a shard of the jewel.

'How could there still be a shard left... I've looked the jewel over and over... there isn't a single place for another shard.' Kagome unconsciously reached to her neck where the now completed jewel hung from a necklace. She had thought it was odd to hear such a rumor, but Inuyasha had insisted that they should at least look into it; just in case the rumor held some truth.

Kagome leaned into Sango before whispering to her. "Is it just me or has Inuyasha been even more on edge since we beat Naraku."

Sango nodded as she looked around the village they were walking through. "Agreed... do you think he suspects Naraku isn't really gone?" She was enjoying the reprieve from the constant battles and the current village they were in had more than interesting cloth and materials. Sango was mentally note of which stalls to pay a visit to when Inuyasha's voice broke her form her thoughts. sly

"Hey! Would you two stop holding us up and get a move on!" Inuyasha growled out as he continued to walk down the street. 'Why am I rushing to get this done... it's not like there anything else to do...'

Kagome shook her head as she stared at Inuyasha's back. "Naraku never was easy to figure out... I think Inuyasha is just cautious that he might not really be gone." Kagome couldn't help but let a sly smile cross her face. "At least Miroku's Windtunnel is closed, so finding him someone to have his heir shouldn't be much trouble." She cut a glance at Sango who blushed before a soft laugh slipped by her lips.

Miroku shot a glance over his shoulder at the sound of Sango's laughter. 'Wonder what is so funny?'

A pair of green eyes slowly followed the group as they walked. The eyes focused on Inuyasha, watching him as he led his pack through the town. 'Weird pack. I had heard you were traveling with odd company; but a miko, kitsune kit, demon slayer, and a monk was not what I expected. Hmm, and that outfit the miko is wearing... it couldn't be...'

The eyes looked over Inuyasha once again as he walked, noting his build and the sword at his side. 'He doesn't look too strong... wonder if he is really that good of a fighter...'

Inuyasha turned around, an annoyed tone in his voice as he began to speak. "You know, if you guys weren't so slow we could have already found out where this stupid demon is!" Inuyasha crossed his arms as he stared at Kagome. "But you keep stopping at every damn stall to look at crap we don't need!"

"Inuyasha..." Kagome paused, letting the unspoken threat sink in. "Why are you so on edge? Naraku is gone and the jewel is completed; why are we way up here in the north looking for a rumor that couldn't possibly be true? The jewel is complete! There is no way there is another shard!" She stared at Inuyasha with a suspicious glare.

Inuyasha jerked his head away from her gaze as he stammered for a response. "I... I... Keh, I just thought it would be a good idea to check out this rumor, that's all."

Shippou jumped on top of Inuyasha's head as he grinned back at Kagome. "Or was this all just an excuse to keep Kagome on this side of the well for a week or two more?"

Inuyasha grabbed Shippou off his head, holding the kitsune by the back of his neck. "You know, I bet I could throw you far enough you couldn't find your way back, runt."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said, her voice faltering as she stared off to the side of the two.

"Feh, whatever." Inuyasha dropped the kit, who instantly bounded into Kagome arms. "You're lucky shrimp..."

"Shhh..." Kagome said in far more serious a tone than Inuyasha had expected. The two demons watched as Kagome seemed to stare blankly for a second before flinching.

Kagome closed her eyes, trying to focus as best she could. It had only been for a second, but now without the kitsune and the hanyou bickering in front of her she could feel it. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm sensing a shard nearby, a small one..."

"YOU WHAT!" Inuyasha screamed loud enough to literally bring the attention of every nearby villager. Inuyasha glanced around at the people staring before turning his attention back to the girl. "Where... are you sure?" He whispered in a rushed voice, his hand absently reaching for the hilt of his sword.

Miroku leaned between Kagome and Inuyasha, looking at the two. "What is the matter, Kagome?"

She didn't get a chance to open her mouth before Inuyasha spoke over her. "Jewel shard." The half demon glanced around them again as people started to go about their day once again. "Kagome, where it is?"

Sango watched Miroku shoot a worried glance down at his right hand. "This doesn't mean Naraku is alive, Miroku." Sango faked a smile as she put a hand on the monk shoulder, trying to reassure him. 'Just let him be dead... let him still be dead.'

"Shhhhh..." Kagome said again and closed her eyes tighter; trying hard to focus on what she believed was the smallest shard she had ever felt. "It's close... really close. I think I can tell which direction it is in."

The figure sitting on the bench let his shoulder length hair cover his eyes as he took another bite of the skewered fish. 'What the hell is going on with them... they just started whispering... lemon... this fish needs lemon badly.'

Green eyes watched as the girl started walking forward, as if she was looking for something. 'What is going... is she walking this way?' The person sat, frozen as the miko, followed by the rest of the group, turned and slowly walk right towards him. 'They don't know me... did she see me looking at them? No, she is probably just looking for something... there is zero reason to freak, she is just looking for... why she looking right at me!'

Kagome had only walked a few yards before her eyes snapped onto her target. "There!" She raised her hand, pointing at a brown haired teen sitting on a bench with his back to the large stone building. "He has it! It's in his right shoulder."

Inuyasha bolted past Kagome, a growl already forming in his throat as his hand landed on the hilt of Tessaiga. "Who are you... and where did you get a piece of the jewel!"

The teen sitting on the bench raised his head, his green eyes locking with Inuyasha's. The young man smirked as he swallowed the bite of fish he'd been chewing. "My luck is just crap..."

A/N: Yeah so it's not the longest chapter ever but it gets the basic story started... And the last line is so true.

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