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CHAPTER 14: The Feast of The Hunt 3

Kagome smiled over her shoulder at Sango as they walked towards the men. "I think we picked the right kimonos."

Sango rolled her eyes as Kirara jumped to her shoulder. "Sure... if the monk probably wasn't just flirting with that dragon I'd say you were right."


"Sir, a guard was just killed on the wall. It would seem someone scaled the wall and took the guard by surprise." An guard in blue armor bowed as she spoke.

"Double the guard in the den, but tell no one inside the events until we know who did it. Tonight will not be spoiled." Moniru waved the guard away walking to greet Inuyasha and his group, who was being lead towards him by a servant. "You and your wards represent the West's colors well Inuyasha."

"Yeah... Whatever." Inuyasha crossed his arms.

Moniru nodded. "I see that your fathers views on diplomacy was passed to Sesshomaru and not you." Moniru turned waving the group to follow him as he began to walk towards a large door as servant already began to open it for him, His foot steps echoing on the stone floor.

"I'd be in a better in a mood if I had my sword." Inuyasha said with a sneer. "Your guard was lucky Kagome was there when he asked for."

"No one at this event will have a weapon. I am not carrying my blade." Moniru commented over his shoulder.

"You're not surrounded by people who'd rather see you dead." Inuyasha spat back. "And the guard didn't say anything about Miroku's staff."

"When your ward's staff can kill hundreds with a single swipe he will be forced to surrender it." Moniru glanced over his shoulder at Inuyasha. "And I insure I have many enemies here. You know nothing about dragon youkai high royalty. At these event an enemies blood is not spilled. It is a honored celebration." Moniru lead the group through a small hall lit by small floating orbs of blue flame.

"Fox fire..." Shippo whispered from Inuyasha's shoulder. "Its fox magic..."

Sango reached out feeling the cool feel of the air around and orb. "You're right Shippo."

Miroku nodded as the hall way began to slop downward. "I guess a normal torch would taint the air."

Moniru rolled his shoulders shifting the fine blue kimono he wore. "Speaking of the air, Inuyasha I smell that you and your wards indulged in the bath oils."

"Yeah... what about it." Inuyasha asked keeping his arms crossed

"You are aware that normally only females partake in them." Moniru asked with a look of mirth on his face.

"What!" Inuyasha blinked at a lose for ward for a moment.

Moniru chuckled as he continued to walk. "To be offered scented oils during a bath is just a tradition, but I do not believe a male has accepted the oils in at least 100 years."

"Bastered!" Inuyasha thought as ground his teeth.

"Well I sure enjoyed mine." Kagome said as she stepped up next to Inuyasha slipping one arm between his. She leaned closer to Inuyasha reaching up to pull a strand of his hair before inhaling the scent of the oil. "You picked a good one Inuyasha."

Inuyasha exhaled in exasperation, a faith blush on his face as he diverted his eyes from both Kagome and the dragon in front of him that was still chuckling.

"Perhaps you will bring the use of the oils back into popularity." The dragon youkai commented as the group reached the end of the slopping hallway.

As the slop of the floor flattened out, the hall way opened through an arch into a massive cavern. The whole area was lit brightly with even larger floating orbs of blue flame. The size of the room was imposing, The throngs of powerful youkai occupied the room only added to the ominous feeling Inuyasha was battling as the group followed Moniru through the crowds of youkai.

Servants were everywhere walking about both attending to the request of the guest as well as bring in food on large platters. Inuyasha brought his hand over over his nose, as the scent of too many youkai assaulted his nose, placing him even more on edge. Most of the youkai in the room were dragons, but he could pick out the scent of some wolfs and even several fox youkai. "Damn it."

The room seemed to have two a few levels of floors, each wide and massive, and lead gradually to small step that began the next level. Most of the youkai were gather on the second tier of the room, sitting or standing around small tables that had cushions so they could be knelt comfortably by.

Inuyasha was doing all he could to keep his cool as the throng of youkai around his started at his group. His ears twitched, teeth grinned from the comments and slurs he could pick out in the crowds conversation. He had to struggle not to strike a near by dragon who made a comment about Kagome. "Bastards..." Inuyasha's hands were clinched into fist. "This feels like we're being matched into an execution."

Moniru lead the group to one of the tables tables that sat at the front row of the second tier and had an unobstructed view of the few long tables that sat upon third tier. Moniru turned to the group gesturing to the table in front of them. "This is were you will be dinning. The feast will began shortly, but you are welcome to mingle if you wish. Music and dance is common if you are inclined to that. If you have any want please inform a servant. Now if you'll excuses me there is a mater I must attended to."

Kagome was breathless as she looked around. "What now?"

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