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16. Return of the Parents

SLAP! D'Eon rubbed his sore cheek and stared into the tearful eyes of Anna. "Don't ever do that again… What if you got shot?" Anna sobbed. "I was so scared you were going to be killed…"

"I'm sorry, Anna…" D'Eon apologized. He felt bad. It was the second time in the same day he scared Anna. D'Eon hugged her and wiped away her tears. "Go ahead and kiss," Robin nudged D'Eon with a wink. Durand grabbed the redhead's collar and tugged him away.

"Go on, kiss and make out…" he teased. D'Eon and Anna flushed crimson and pulled away from each other.

Voronstov was cursing under his breath as he struggled against his bonds. Teillagory kept a wary eye on their captives.

"Oh shut up," the old man swatted Voronstov with a rolled-up newspaper as if he were a disobedient dog. The Russian glared at the old man. Teillagory dealt him a kick to the hip when he continued his futile struggles.

"Keep still till the cops come pick you up, will you? Have you called them yet, D'Eon?" Teillagory asked nonchalantly. D'Eon nodded. "But Bernis did not believe me or that you could beat up two mobsters."

"Just dial for the regular emergency line, not Bernis. You should know he is an imbecile at times," Teillagory scoffed. He was no helpless senior and he would appreciate it if some rookie cop would give him and his status as a former soldier of the French Republic some credit. He had, after all, a couple of medals to his name.

Robin picked up the discarded gun. "Yuck! I think someone peed on this!" He dropped the gun in disgust. This time, it went off, sending a bullet through the ceiling, and raining plaster down. D'Eon felt his knees go weak. If it had gone off earlier…

"A gentle reminder, mon ami. Where are the twins?" Durand reminded. There was no sign of the children.

Pytor staggered out of the washroom and was greeted by the pair sitting in the hallway. "What are you doing out here?" he grumbled as he fumbled with his zipper. The twins sucked on their pacifiers and stared at him. With a shrug, they continued playing pat-a-cake.

"Get out of the way!" Pytor hissed and kicked at them. He caught Natalia on the shoulder. The toddler rolled head over heels. She did not cry out. Instead, she rubbed her sore shoulder and glared at Pytor.

"What are you looking at, brat?" Behind Pytor, Max took a baseball bat from the closet under the staircase and crept up behind Pytor. He tugged hard on the back of Pytor's shirt. The Russian spun around.

"What the- OW!"

Max Jr. whacked Pytor in the nuts with all the force he could muster. The Russian mob boss-wannabe squealed like a stuck pig. He bent double in agony. He made an enraged grab for Max but the boy deftly leapfrogged over him. His sister took this chance to grab the bat and smash it into Pytor's face, breaking his nose and bloodying his face.

"Get back here!"

The tots were not going to be caught so easily. They sped into the hall with the Russian in hot pursuit.

"Do you hear something?" Robin asked. D'Eon was busy contacting the police. He was giving them their address now.

"Wait here," Durand motioned to his friends to stay put. Taking the pistol for protection, he peered out of the doorway and chortled. He could see the twins were really giving Pytor the runabout. He really ought to go help them but they were doing such a good job of beating the man up. He winced as Natalia dealt out another punishing blow to the man's nuts with the bat. Max Jr. unlatched the door and he waved to his sister. Natalia tossed aside her weapon.

The pair dashed out. Pytor grabbed the bat and ran after them. This was not good! Durand ran out after them. He could not let Pytor catch them or he would dash their little brains out with that bat.


The command was delivered in that unearthly calmness that defined his friend of many years.

"Argh! Get him off!" Pytor screamed as a huge Rottweiler savaged him. Durand paused at the doorway. The parents were back. The Robespierres stood beside a cab laden with their luggage and new pets

"You're back…" Durand grinned. "Shouldn't you call that pooch off before the cops come?"

"Maybe," Lia said as she hugged and kissed her precious children. A lazy-looking Great Dane showered the pair with eager licks of is tongue. "It's up to you, honey…" she winked at her husband.

"Back off, boy…" Maximilien Sr. commanded. The Rottweiler ceased its attack. "Sit." Pytor yelled as both Rottweiler and Great Dane sat down on top of him.

Natalia walked up to the dogs. She stood on her tiptoes and whispered into the Great Dane's ear. "Pee-pee?"

The large hound gave a woof and stood up and cocked the leg. "No, no… argh!" Pytor howled as the dog unloaded a stream of pee into his face. Natalia giggled, kissed the Dane's snout and went back to her mother's side. Another howl from Pytor announced that the Rottweiler had followed its comrade's example.

"Durand, you have some explaining to do about why my stepbrother and children were hanging off a national landmark in a hot-air balloon," Max smiled icily as he placed a hand on Durand's shoulder. The brunette gulped. He had some serious explaining to do.

"Well, it wasn't as bad as when D'Eon lost them in the park and my kid sister turned them into gypsies for a day…"

"Durand, you will be tutoring D'Eon for the special effect stunts for Le Chevalier de Maison Rouge," Max smiled icily. "You have to prepare a set for Notre Dame Cathedral for the fight sequence. You can work with Robin as well for that."

Durand groaned. His Mediterranean vacation has hit a snag. The work should keep him busy till Christmas.

"Can I keep this, Gramps?" Robin asked Teillagory cheekily as he held the gun they had got from Voronstov. "Definitely not," his grandfather's reply was almost instantaneous. Teillagory took the gun from Robin, emptied the bullets out of it and dumped both gun and bullets into a plastic bag. It was evidence now.

Sirens announced the arrival of the police. Among them was a sheepish Bernis. Bernis apologised for not believing D'Eon the first time. The cops took the mobsters into custody. They would need to get a doctor to take a look at them and treat their wounds. Max Sr. obligingly called his new dogs off Pytor. Voronstov and the other goons were marched out of the house by the cops. A group of paramedics had also arrived to treat the injuries of the victims. Durand wasted no time in chatting up a cute young woman paramedic. Robin resignedly watched as his grandfather handed the pistol to a policeman.

"Sorry they trashed the place, sis…" D'Eon apologised as he let his sister into the house. "There's a bullet in the ceiling of the lounge…"

"Go get those injuries seen to, D'Eon," Lia gently nudged her brother in the direction of the ambulance. Then she turned to Max Sr. "Dearest, I think we need to re-decorate the place," Lia announced as she surveyed the damage. Her husband placed their luggage down in the hall.

"As you wish, mon cherie…" Max Sr. replied and kissed her on the lips.

"Not now, honey. The police would want to interview us… perhaps later… this reminds me of the time in the Caribbean when we got stranded by a hurricane and…" Lia smiled as she slipped her hand down his…

"Mama?" Max Jr. and Natalia tugged at her skirt. They looked at their parents innocently. The parents paused and exchanged knowing glances.

D'Eon groaned as he nursed his bruises. "Let me help, D'Eon…" Anna smiled as she unrolled the bandages. She had taken some time off work to nurse him in his apartment. She sighed as her idea of time spent together was not quite what she had hoped.

"D'Eon, will you please take the twins for a while, so that Max and I can fix up the house a bit?" Lia had asked him. She neglected to mention one Rottweiler, a Great Dane and three cats. Teillagory sent Robin over to check on him. Then Durand volunteered the babysitting services of his gypsy sister and her little menagerie of animals. It was a fair crowd in his apartment now.

Now Anna and D'Eon were surrounded by four cats and a goose while the twins roughhoused with the dogs. The landlord would have a fit if he saw the animals. D'Eon's apartment did not allow pets.

Robin and Yvette had crawled into the tent and it was now shaking suspiciously. "Durand would kill you if you mess with his sister," D'Eon reminded him. The tent quit shaking.

"We need to feed the twins," Yvette crawled out of the tent with her collar undone, "I have my goat downstairs." The gypsy straightened her blouse and smoothed down her skirts. Robin was fumbling with his jeans. The Rottweiler yawned, cocked his leg and peed on a corner of the sofa to D'Eon's dismay. Anna immediately took hold of a mop to soak up the mess.

"I'm going out with Yvette, to walk the dogs…" Robin added. He winked at D'Eon. Yvette took the twins by the hand and Robin took charge of the dogs' leashes. Cats and goose followed the youngsters out of the apartment. The door shut behind them.

Peace at last… Anna kissed D'Eon on the lips as she sat down next to him. D'Eon wondered if his sister was enjoying herself with Max Sr. as much as he was with Anna.

Then there came a sound of screams, bleating and barks. D'Eon and Anna rushed to the window. In the street below, Yvette and Robin were scuffling with some cops while the twins rode the dogs in circles round them. Yvette was screaming something about being a French citizen and not being deported.

"I'm calling Bernis…" D'Eon muttered.

"I'll call Lia," Anna added. She winced as the Rottweiler sank its fangs into a cop's leg at Max Jr.'s command.

Author's Notes:

This is the end of the babysitting fanfic. No prizes for guessing why D'Eon gets unloaded with the twins by Max and Lia.

Even away from D'Eon, the twins can still wreck his date.