Chapter 2 the Move

What happened to me? I wandered as I stormed into the room. "What happened to me? Where is my family? Where am I? What do they want with me?" I yelled.

"Brush your hair and I will explain everything at lunch." She said calmly.

I furiously stormed into the bathroom, yanked the brush through my curl wild hair, put it up into a pony tail, and left the bathroom. I was ready to get my answers. "Let's go!" I said while putting black flats on.

She silently stood and walked out of the room leaving me to chase her. I followed her to a dark blue truck. When I got there and put my seat belt on she began to drive. In a few minutes we reached a Chinese restaurant. From what I saw outside I was really in a different city, but I couldn't tell where. I wasn't even sure if I was in the same state. When we sat down I looked at her patently waiting to hear my own story. "Anna," she began in a sigh. "You were in a bad car crash. Your father was driving down an abandoned rode when out of nowhere a freakishly huge wolf ran into the road. You father tried to stop, but the brakes failed. The car is totaled and unfortunately everyone else in the car died. You were taken to a special institute where you woke up. Right now you are in Lyman, Washington. The population is about 420 people. You are now a confirmed legend."