A/N: This is an idea for a new Twilight story that I have just come up with but am unable to decide if I should go ahead with its continuation. So I am going to put it to the vote. NOT a story for the light hearted, you MUST be over 18 to read.


Isabella Swan is the hottest presenter in Hollywood.

They want her to have the world at her feet but someone doesn't want Bella to have the world.

Someone just wants her!


Third Person's POV

Why won't she come to me?

I know she saw me, how could she not? She signed my picture of her, so why didn't she give me the sign I asked for?

My dear sweet Isabella, why do you continue to stay with those people?

The trees outside her window rustle with an unnaturally gentle breeze for the winter, she was getting ready for the Oscars. She'll be on the red carpet again, talking to them. The celebrities, they don't deserve to talk to her. They don't deserve to even look upon her.

I just couldn't understand it. Isabella has always hated being the centre of attention, so why did she continue to go out in front of the camera like this? If the only reason was so that I could see her, she doesn't need to do it anymore.

Movement on the ground floor catches my attention. I reluctantly take my eyes off of my jewel and see if any of those people are messing with her things.

Her parents.

The mother to be exact, no! She's holding my letter, MY LETTER!

That's why she didn't know me, they are keeping her from me.

No more.

I returned my attention back to Isabella.

Don't worry my love.

They won't hold you prisoner for much longer.

I promise.

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