In the turns following, she'd blame her forgetting that one tiny detail on sleep deprivation.

Caring for a dragonet was no easy task. When Trini wasn't chopping meat, feeding Griffeth, or washing, oiling and scratching the ever-growing beast, she was being trained with the other weyrlings in duties and drills. She had to help bag firestone, learn more healing, and on top of that, there were in-depth lessons in Weyr history and politics.

After all, Dulcea reminded her, she may be Weyrwoman one day.

Nonetheless, Trini had forgotten one very important duty of a dragonrider – and it was her young Queen that brought the worry to her mind one morning when they were crossing the Bowl.

Griffeth bent her head completely backward in one of the strange and supple movements that made Trini giggle.

'When are we gonna do that?'

Trini let her eyes follow her dragonet's gaze... to the wing of dragons that had just risen above the bowl.

Trini blanched. And did what she found herself doing quite often: spilling her concerns to J'son over breakfast. He seemed confused, at first.

"How did you manage to forget that dragons fly?" he wondered when he finally got himself under control. "What else did you think her wings were for?"

"Jase, I don't think you understand! They expect us to fly! In the air!"

The sharding man laughed so hard he cried. He choked, and she appreciated him doing it for her. Then he grinned, tilting his head a bit at the frazzled woman. "That... would normally be where flying takes place, yes. I hear it's difficult to fly on the ground."

Trini hit him. And then hit him again for good measure. "This isn't funny! This is a catastrophe! Here I am, a dragonrider and I'm afraid of heights!"



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